CCTV Video of Woman Getting Stabbed by Man on the Street

CCTV Video of Woman Getting Stabbed by Man on the Street

I don’t have any background information about this video, but it looks to me like it happened in either China or Taiwan.

The CCTV video shows a man approaching a young woman, and attacking her with a knife. At first, the two disappear into an entrance to the building, but quickly emerge and the woman collapses on the floor, while the man buries the blade in her body several times.

After the few stabs, the man casually walks to the side of the road, wipes blood off the knife and quenches his thirst with a beverage from a container. He then sits next to the dying woman and leans against the wall, like he was taking a breather after a hard day’s work.

People who witness the stabbing act very Chinese in response, by pretending it didn’t involve them.

Props to Best Gore member ClitorisMassager for the video:

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      1. @jasper12345
        the girl must be screaming these words in his ears “No, I will not let you anally fist me. I don’t participate in such faggotry”
        I dare you to go get a knife if you are a man enough and and and
        Its not the ‘THE END’

  1. Thats an odd way to use a knife to stab someone… 😆 Thats an odd way to go away and snatch a drink to glup it down the throat and recieve brain freezes… And last but not least, thats an odd way do die, lifting the legs like if she was an insect… 😆

  2. Looks to be some kinda lunatic .But that chick ‘s luck stayed with her as all the stabs were to the back of her and I am sure ,she wouldn’t be dying .But I guess even the knife was as blunt as his fucked up insane self .
    And later what we see him doing is ,recline against the wall feeling remorseful ready to court arrest to his having acted that way. But the onlookers on the scene though were there but felt it unnecessary throwing any glances at the scene or even coming to victim’s rescue.

    1. @mouse, It’s called piquerism. When a person uses a knife to thrust into another persons body, and they imagine it’s their penis, either because the can’t ‘get it up’ or they are a sexual sadist.

    1. @Little Foot
      She kept kicking her legs cause she had too much ” cum “on her and there was more of it that she wanted .maybe a blowjob or something or some anal pleasure.
      And remember when Chinese roll their butts up and kick that way , they are merely gesturing to the passersby that that they hadn’t had … that good of an orgasm.
      but talking about the crime committed ; I suppose this one was committed somewhere in or around some brothel area
      But the pussy may have survived those blunt stabs from a fucking rusted knife anyway.
      He looks to be more of a fucker than a killer crying sorrily thereafter as you can see.

    2. Yeah…she did kind of convey that “Might be too little too late, but ok, I submit the pussy now” posture…
      If she were here, I would’ve repeatedly stabbed her with a 10″ Italian sausage…she might not have even bled…lol

  3. First chink being interview: My eyes are too slanted and could not see a dam thing.
    Second chink being interview: me so horny, me love you long time.
    Third chink being interview: wai so dim! Translation: it’s very dark in here.
    Interviewer: sum Ting wong. Translation: that’s not right.

  4. The way the dude in the white tee-shirt just walked over her like she was a half-dead insect was scary, but somehow NOT at all a shocker…
    “Third world regions (Asia, Africa etc…) revere less value for life than the rest of the world”
    You can paraphrase this “older than the hills” quote any fucking way you want, but it’s still basically true…

    1. The body wants to survive and will always try to survive instinctively.

      First aid teaches to raise all limbs so that all blood can go to the core.

      Interesting video as it looks like her body was attempting that as an automatic reflex to survive.

      Massive blood loss. Dying. Try to survive. Sad.

      Dude should have just killed himself or at least gone vigilante and killed someone who truly deserved it.

    1. I found vthat to be quite disgusting myself. Also when someone’s seriously injured which as a viewer I find to be a ok however people just stand around taking pictures, no bubble space, and no kind of emotional response on their face

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