CCTV Videos of Shooter Who Killed 4 People in Brussels Jewish Museum

CCTV Videos of Shooter Who Killed 4 People in Brussels Jewish Museum

It’s sad the see the blatant double standard all over the mainstream media and teh interweb (including some commenters on Best Gore).

A gunman kills 4 people in Brussels, but the entire focus is on the fact that the targets may have been Jews and the attacker was an anti-Semite. But when a Jew kills 6 people while specifically and admittedly targeting white females, the focus in on the fact that he was just some psycho, or a kid with problems who needed help. Why is the same not said about the Brussels shooter?

Thus far, 4 people have been confirmed dead and 1 seriously wounded after a shooter opened fire at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels on Saturday May 24, 2014.

The shooter arrived by car, parked at the museum, quickly entered, opened fire and fled less than 2 minutes later. The motive has not been officially determined, but that did not stop the Jewish media from calling it an anti-Semitic terrorist attack.

According to Belgian public broadcaster RTBF which quoted Brussels Mayor Yvan Mayeur, two of the dead were Israelis – a couple in their 50’s from Tel Aviv. Israel’s foreign ministry also confirmed that an Israeli couple died in the attack.

Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress said in a statement:

While we don’t not yet have full information regarding the background to this attack, we are acutely aware of the permanent threat to Jewish targets in Belgium and across the whole of Europe.

I found this to be a typical case of Jewish supremacism whereby Jewish life is considered more valuable than life of a non Jew. How about also mentioning the permanent threat to non Jewish targets in Belgium and elsewhere by talking about the people as a whole?

Further example of doublespeak by Moshe Kantor:

This is once again, much like the savage murders in Toulouse, a clear example of where hate and anti-Semitism leads. European governments must send out a clear message of zero tolerance towards any manifestation of anti-Semitism.

How about demanding that European governments send out a clear message of zero tolerance towards all manifestations of violence? Why stop at Jewish exclusivity?

Here’s CCTV video of the shooter entering the Brussels Jewish Center and opening fire

CCTV video of the shooter running away after the attack:

And CCTV video of the shooter approaching the Jewish Museum carrying bags:

Plus a gallery of a few photos:

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  1. That pussy-ass bitch was not a fucking jew.

    See, now this is a case thats an actual double standard of actual Khazar manipulation. Its like shooting a black is automatically a hate crime before the facts are even known.

    Stop letting your anger get to you, it makes your articles incredibly biased and is only breaking up the community.

      1. Havent seen a songle long nosed money loving scum (jews) go on protest or anything to show that they are infact good people, but not a single demonstration is seen. Fuck the zionists and all theyre ancestors. Only thing they have brought us is lies and bloodshed!

          1. @gutofalk, which people are committing suicede, the Brits ore the Americans? Life is hard everywhere now, but compared to how things were in the UK for me, I am much happier now in the USA.

          2. @gunkgirl
            both, but I talked about the British. you a white girl with (I think)racially conscience, think that not be easy to see their country and people being destroyed !

            the U.S. is not more a European nation. is not a good place for British as you!

  2. That guy, whoever he was, knew where the cameras were? I’m so sceptical about so called random nutters shooting people. But it works, people get angry about it and communities start hating each other. A few years down the road, hey presto a civil war for the military industrial complex to sell bombs to.

  3. I agree with Acneska, whether you like it or not agendas are always present and are used to socially engineer the population.

    A white man kills a black man and it is racist but a black man kills a white man and it is not, a male kills a female and it is sexist but a female kills a male and it is not, a poor man kills a rich man and it is elitist but a rich man kills a poor man and it is not.

    If you vote against mass uncontrolled immigration you are a racist and a bigot, if you vote against extreme capitalism you are a Russian sympathising commie spy, the list goes on.

    The truth is that your government wishes to categorise you so as to force you into a corner, so as to destroy your free will via social arrangement, in other words your government wishes to undermine your rights and free will by making you an enemy.

    I personally take any insult as a badge of honour, you say I am racist so be it, you say I am bigoted so be it, you say I am elitist so be it, fuck you in the stupid ass you fucking traitors, I am what I am, I am a human being with a mind and a spirit, I am free and I choose to have my own opinions.

    I am what I am and I will not be ashamed, you will not categorise me you fucks, I will make my own decisions based upon my own experience and research, I will be an individual until the day I die.

    My conclusion, do not be afraid of condemnation, you will be hated by the feeble minded and that is something to be proud of, you are you, you are the sum of you parts, you are the sum of your experiences and you will hated by those who wish to categorise everyone and everything.

    Stand tall my friends, no one person can be said to be right and fair, you will never enjoy life if you live according to other peoples ideals and rules, stay true to your selves and learn to adapt to your external reality and you will travel through life in a respectable manner.

    A life lived to other peoples standards is a life wasted, learn to bring your self into a world that denies your existence and you will be happy I guarantee it.

    I live, I feel, I experience, and I say fuck you to those that deny me such life.

    I will never be controlled and as a result my life is my own, I live and I die and that is my story, the end.

    1. Fear has a big part to play in people’s inability to speak out against or in favour of what they really feel. It’s the majority decision which categorises the good and bad in this world and the mainstream influences them massively in my opinion.

      What you say is true empty, if people could decide not to let themselves be overruled into acting or saying things a certain way then diversity would prevail. Unfortunately this is not the case. But if you just concern yourself with your own life and focus on your own ways of dealing with it, I’m sure you can find peace and learn to live in a world with so many problems.

  4. I?m German. Since we were the nazis a few generations ago we still have the asshole-card and can pay for just about everything until today. One foul word from a politician and there goes the central counsil for jews. It?s like they are just waiting for someone to say something that could be understood in more than one way. We pay for freakin everything. Jewish monuments, America bombs Afghanistan and Iraq and we have to give money to rebuild it, we pay for any country in the european union that is not able to stand on its own feet. Hell, we even pay social welfare for people that don?t even live in Germany. People who live in some country where they are housing in clay-huts just need to come over here. We stick it all in your ass. A flat, monthly pay, whatever. Now go ahead and buy yourself a car…

    Sorry in case someone had a feeling that I needed to let off some steam.

    Thanks a lot

      1. @boozer:
        Wei?t du was das beste ist? Ich habe kurz vor meinem drei?igsten ein Vollzeitstudium begonnen und habe keinen Anspruch auf staatliche Unterst?tzung. Ich muss meine Krankenversicherung aus eigener Tasche zahlen und kann zusehen, dass ich mir in der wenigen verbliebenen Freizeit den Arsch abmaloche, um was zu Essen auf den Tisch zu bekommen und Miete etc zu zahlen. Ich hab schon 20 Kilo runter und pfeiffe auf?m letzten Loch. Gottseidank gibt?s diese Seite. So kann ich mir wenigstens regelm??ig vor Augen f?hren, dass Andere noch beschissener dran sind als ich. Ich mache drei Kreuze wenn ich das Studium abgeschlossen habe… ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. @Stuntman mike: Da hast du vollkommen recht, Deutschland ist ein haufen scheisse geworden! Ich bin schon 3 jahre arbeitslos, gebe alles um ein job zu bekommen, aber nix da! Das schlimmste ist das die wichser in Berlin immer mehr Auslander hier rein holen! Ich frage mich wann werden die Deutsche endlich mal wach!! Ich w?nsch Dir alles gute, und das du es bald geschafft hast mit dein studium! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. @stuntman- my husband is half German and he took me from the U.S. to meet his relatives. All of my interactions with Germans went very well and everyone was very kind to me whenever we went out (to a beer tent and restaurants to name a few). You have a beautiful country and don’t deserve to be treated the way you have been treated! I hope someday, somehow the truth will come out. Best wishes to you!

    1. the whole world cares due to mass media indoctrination. therein lies the problem. it was JEWS and god knows they are the most beautiful things to ever grace the earth, why, 500 years of slavery, 666million murdered in gas chambers oy vey! how could anyone harm such godly beings.

  5. surely a false flag operation by the zionist kikes. just to keep the “jews are always victims, never offenders” fable alive. i give wet muck on these kikes who were killed in this holohoax museum.

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