Censored, But Incredibly Brutal Murder Attempt in Brazil

Censored, But Incredibly Brutal Murder Attempt in Brazil

Dude, Brazil is fucked up – everybody knows that – but seeing this dude shoot a man on the ground in the face at such close range, in complete cold blood seemed a bit over the top even for Brazil. Well, maybe not for Brazil…

I’m guessing the man who took the shot was beat up first – perhaps that’s why he was unable to get off the ground. Than the guy in white baseball hat cocks his handgun, stoops over the victim and presses the trigger. The first attempt doesn’t fire, but the second puts a bullet straight in the man’s face. Despite the severity and sheer brutality of the attempted murder, the wounded man allegedly survived the headshot.

The best part about this video – the victim has no flip flops. LMFAO!

Brazil, you’ve just outdone yourself. Perhaps it’s because the attacker did not even winch, perhaps it’s because he was completely unfazed by a rolling camera – whatever it is, it makes the video super brutal despite the censorship. I’m never going to Brazil, that’s for fucking sure. The incident happened before a bar in Joao Pessoa.


Some additional information resurfaced regarding this murder attempt: the victim’s name is Rodrigo Ferreira da Silva (like there was any doubt). He was shot on Sunday March 18, 2012 in front of Jardim Veneza (Venice Garden) in João Pessoa. Rodrigo Ferreira da Silva said that a fellow with whom he used to have encounters in various bars had a beef with him for over a year. On the night of the attack, the fellow hired a contract killer to do the dirty work. Since victim survived, all I can say is that even though cold bloodied, the hitman is otherwise pretty useless as a contract killer.


My Brazilian gore connection, the same Brazilian da Silva who brought us this video provided further information about what happened here:

The man on the ground was trapped by six other men who came back for revenge on an old trivial struggle, they shot him four times and he was still able to run a few meters and jump a few walls to get to the actual place where this is filmed and ask for help. What he did not know is that the cold killer would came back to finish the job for the sheer panic of the reporter. This fact occurred in city of João Pessoa in the state of Paraíba, poor (and metropolitan!) region of northeastern Brazil.

Thank you so much, Brazilian da Silva:


I now have full version of the video and it’s uncensored so I’m replacing the original, censored version with it. It’s complete, including aftermath when an ambulance comes and the shot dude moves, proving that he’s not dead. You can see the paid assassin ask whom to off and once pointed, he pulls the gun out and without hesitation fires. Well, actually, fires a blank first, but the next shot lets the bullet out. People standing around, watching the dying man completely unfazed are… well, so Brazilian it doesn’t even surprise me. Today it was him who got shot, tomorrow somebody else. Brazil will be Brazil.

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73 thoughts on “Censored, But Incredibly Brutal Murder Attempt in Brazil”

    1. I f the bullet was inside the victim’s head and then hit the concrete on its way out, it will bounce off the concrete back into the head doing more damage internally. I heard that on Cold Case Files the other night.

  1. Best Gore took my childhood away from me as far as Brazil goes. When I used to hear about that country, I used to think of Blanka from Street Fighter 2, but now it’s all da Silvas, and flip flops… Gah…

    1. Same here. Rio, Carnaval, Christ of the Andes, the Bossa Nova … now … a shithole with big flip flop factories and cheap guns for guys to shoot their families with. Oh, as far as Rio goes, a bunch of fat women in bikinis and dead bodies washing up on the beach like dead seals.

      1. Oh and if any body wants to know why Brazil is like this watch the movie “CITY of GOD” its one best movies I’ve ever seen I recommend it to everyone it’s a must see the only problem is its in the Brazilian language Portuguese but it comes with subtitles and is way worth it you’d be getting a glimpse into the history of brazils favela drug gangs

          1. @Suicide, I just watched city of god by your suggestion, very good movie. To anyone who wants to see an awsomely sick torture movie watch martyrs on 1channel.ch, great movie.

  2. I am not sure if I consider this brutal. Just seems well ‘executed’. HA. But really, I don’t recall most murders being a guns’a’blazin gang fight every time. Seems about right actually. Good vid nonetheless.

          1. Is it still working bidity? I dunno if my snes still works, its been a at least a decade since i last played with it. I love the gore in the game that is one of the badass games in its class that time.

    1. could be tiger, or he creates trouble inside the bar, got mob beaten probably , then dragged outside. And then some guy he apparently pissed went back armed with a gun, almost went inside for him but saw him sprawled in the sidewalk. just my 2 cents though.

  3. Probably, while they were in the bar, the guy laying down knocked over the other guys beer. I used to bar hop in my younger years and it was insane to see what people got pissed over.

    ahhh….how i’d love to be young again 😛

  4. Dumb motherfucker somebody sold him one of them air guns they use in the marathons, As soon as the video was played a bunch of kenyans could be seen running down the streets of Nairobi…lol victim look like he was just drunk and this thug wannabe wanted to show off in front of his buddies but Damn in a country full of murderous kids with automatic rifles this little 6 shooter ain’t gonna get you far…he couldn’t kill a still target….Fucking Moron…

  5. youd think murder runs in his brazilian blood but this tard can’t hit a target a foot away. and why shoot him in the face? he makes an effort to be directly over the top of him so he can see it coming #TheWorstHitmanAlive/ProbablyDead

  6. dude with gun: well he better wake up so we can go to the cock fight! (Walks over with gun)
    Dude on ground: holy shit dude im awake waait what u (BANG)
    dude with gun: should have woken up we just missed the first half of the cock fight

  7. it all seemed pretty planned -_-
    and people are acting like its something thats done every friday night…
    thou its not the most fashionable way to do execution or do a hit
    but i guess when you pay the crappy minimum for a hit you get the same crappy results.. 😛

  8. Lol, all the hitman had to do was lean down and put it to the guy’s head point blank. Its just that much more embarrassing to know he got filmed while botching up his murder. As to the survivor… congrats dude. Might as well get outta town or country before they try to finish the job and cut loose ends.

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