Champion of Uzbekistan in MMA Jamshid Kenzhayev Killed at Nightclub in Tashkent

Champion of Uzbekistan in MMA Jamshid Kenzhayev Killed at Nightclub in Tashkent

Champion of Uzbekistan in MMA Jamshid Kenzhayev Killed at Nightclub in Tashkent

The incident occurred shortly after midnight on August 9, 2018 in the Yunusabad district of Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan.

At the entrance to the nightclub “Aurum 898”, the champion of Uzbekistan in MMA Jamshid Kenzhayev tried to enter with a kitchen knife. A bouncer who noticed it forbade him entry, sparking physical confrontation between Kenzhayev and bouncers. During the course of the fight, the bouncers clubbed Kenzhaev with bats and chairs, inflicting wounds from which he died in the hospital.

Three bouncers were detained in relation to the killing of the champ. Two more participants in the incident are in the hospital.

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        1. Well spotted Polluted , but I think it’s one of those
          “fuck me my wife’s ugly , my only solace is the club downtown where like-minded poor ugly wife having raven haired gentlemen can gather and exchange experiences in a similar type of lifestyle” hangouts , I’ve heard of them before … not personally, obv !

          1. And incidentally, being an MMA champ , although impressive, only pays off in a one-on-one , controlled scenario where there’s an official waiting to stop you being basically , legally killed.
            This guy obviously thinks his reputation will precede him and the crowd will part for him .
            Soft cunt got it wrong

          2. And he looks like a featherweight, they never mentioned what weight class he categorizes as. Also mma has a fuck ton of rules that real world hostiles don’t abide by.

          1. Someone told me years ago that they went to a party for the queen’s guards. They went through the wrong door and saw the whole regiment up each others asses one behind the other. That’s what this lot are like. Too much machismo usually points to something raging faggotism

          1. Brenda , it’s mob mentality, I bet half of them didn’t even know why they were beating him , and did you see the big dozy fucker with the chair ? He didn’t even know who it was he was supposed to hit

          2. Yeah Brenda I was gunna say, they beat him way too much, he was obviously no longer a threat. Unfortunately this is mob mentality. I wonder what has to happen in the mind for the ppl doing the beating to make them continuously nail someone in the head with a bat tho… I do know much about mma and it is definitely not useless, as some others are making it seem ineffective. It’s actually the most effective physical art to date. However if 10 massive dudes are beating you, you ain’t the champ of shit.

      1. I loved the chairs coming out after the bats..what were the chairs really going to do???. Then throwing out all the napkins was that to soak up the blood and show they tried to save the guy???? What an awful fight…oh where did the mma guy’s crew scatter off too??

        1. Where i was working there was these two wankers who used to do that tough guy hug bounce thing, looked like a couple of fukkin queers dancing. it’s pathetic cos you know they really hate each other

          1. you can bet they spend all their time juicing up on the roids and watching scarface fukkin fools hate the west yet always choose holywood characters as their role models

  1. Fuck that some Uzbek terrorist tries to take a fucking knife into a crowded club and the bouncer won’t let him, so he starts the “don’t you know who I am” bullshit and to even the fight with a professional they use bats and he loses and now the bouncers are in trouble?

    It’s just like with the police. No, you cannot bring a fucking knife into a crowded club so then he escalates a nothing incident into a brawl because he is who he is and bouncers react in defense of themselves and the public and now they’re in the shit? Fucking joke.

    When angry, violent, arrogant assholes get what they deserve from police or anyone else it’s a good thing.

    You know why when some fuck escalates a situation with police he gets jumped by five of them? It’s because it’s not meant to be a fair fucking fight. It’s about controlling the situation as quickly and safely as possible. It’s about meeting violence with greater violence, just like being in war. You don’t respond a little bit to hopefully get them to back down you respond with maximum force to end it fast. The asshole escalated it himself so if you don’t like the response you get then do what’s right in the fucking beginning!

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            Hecklers beware

          1. its an iphone live photo that was 1.5 seconds long and ive slowed it down to 10 seconds on an app on my phone.

            if you look closely on my profile pic you see a white triangular “tooth” like shape.. on my right temple, left as you look at my head.

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            i doubt mark would put it up as its such a short video….. but if you check out my instagram page:
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  2. Bouncers were like…

    … “Hey.. You Tashkent come into the club with that knife.. Uzbekistan off..!”

    Dude was like..


    … Needless to say, he DID get into the exclusive club.. When the bouncers started clubbin his ass exclusively…!

  3. This is one of the most deserved beat downs to the death. If they let him go he would be back for revenge. Now, bouncers and their families may die because of MMA guys guards but again, deserved because of arrogance and lack of respect for the clubs rules. I did feel though it was too far that he had head down and on his knees then the bouncer tossed him on his back after a moment. The MMA guy may have stabbed the bouncer so it could have been that he attempted murder to the bouncer and MMA Champion had to meet his fate.

  4. The biggest man in the group has to hold a chair above his head to strike a man who’s on the ground with the chair.

    That segment alone makes my point valid. He’s not only the physically largest ‘man’ present, but equally the biggest PUSSY present, hence the chair.

    You mean to tell me the largest fella there needs to use a chair? Wow, what a real man.

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