Chaos in Paris Streets Following Terrorist Attack on Bataclan Concert Hall

Chaos in Paris Streets Following Terrorist Attack on Bataclan Concert Hall

Video released from the streets and apartments of Saint-Pierre Amelot , in the 11th district, Paris. Video was shot by journalist, Daniel Pseny, from his window before going down to the street to help the injured. he was shot in the arm, but was tended to by local firefighters. We see people panicking, hanging from the windows and taking to the streets. Someone drags what appears to be a dead body amidst the sounds of gun fire. The Inside of the concert hall being described as a blood bath.

As of this writing, there are 129 confirmed dead and 352 injured. 99 of whom are in serious, life-threatening condition.

Mad props to Best Gore member, zackary, for this footage.

Remember, Remember, the 13th November.

97 thoughts on “Chaos in Paris Streets Following Terrorist Attack on Bataclan Concert Hall”

    1. They need to stop letting muslims in, that’s what’ll really stop this shit from happening. But no, Europe just needs “diversity” and “tolerance”

      But until then, I totally agree that Europeans need guns. At least then they’d have a chance to fight back against the invaders and terrorists.

      1. I hate the notion that on a time like this all we can be is fucking sitting ducks while this shit happens… We cant fight them back with letterboards and fucking megaphones and protests… The blood is in the hands of pro-multiculturalist politicians and cultural marxist libetards…

          1. It will do as much as the “Je suis Charlie!” bollocks… 😆 I bet ISIS were seeing all that sad figure they were making and just saying “LOL! What the fuck is wrong with this people?”

          1. “Our way” (at least the way of our commie fucking politicians) is to sit back and wait for something like this to happen so we can all whine about it like a bunch of little bitches and still fail to do what needs to be done- a full-scale invasion of the Middle East combined with closing the UK’s borders to refugees.

      1. That felt like a loaded question lol.

        On a side note @obli, France is now In the middle of fast tracking a piece of legislation allowing massive amounts of surveillance on the population, very similar to the patriot act after 9/11. They never let a good crisis go to waste.

  1. Fuck them all, they are fucking sick hell dogs. fuck you Isis, Taliban, Alqaida, Boko Haram and all your believers and supporters! Its time the European people get their heads out of their ass & give these killers some of their own medicine Geeez!!

  2. all the pricks that say “don’t blame muslims”, or all these re-tweets that say “my name is goat-fucking mohammed and I am one of the 1 billion muslims that condems fridays attack in Paris”, I say to them FUCK OFF. This is exactly related to that shit religion and we all need to be separated from those goat fuckers.

    1. I agree. It doesn’t matter how many violent terrorist attacks there are, people are always going to be saying “No, don’t blame muslims! Islam is a religion of peace, these terrorists are just a few bad apples!” even though that’s completely wrong on so many levels.

      I would love it if all of humanity could get along, but when you’re dealing with people like this, tolerance will only get you killed. Sad but true.

  3. Although it has been reported that the attackers seemed very calm and “professional”, I wonder if some of the bombs were remotely detonated…and why the fuck there were no strikes on the government?
    On a side note :
    Merkel anounced on the 11.11 that there will be no cap for the influx of immigrants to Germany.

  4. I love it! This is the shit that happens when you don’t have the 2nd amendment! The American government (OBAMA) wants to destroy the 2nd amendment and the stupid democratic liberals will vote for it! Shame on you! I carry to protect myself!

  5. well the question that keeps popping into my mind whenever a terrorist atack takes place…. what if isis gets their hands on nukes? a marching army of well equipped soldiers from all over the world is required to stop this fucking sand niggers from wasting more lives.. its becoming serious issue . enough is enough

    1. And it’s not new…
      We’re just screwing up all that Charles Martel did, Centuries ago…What a fucking waste…
      He must be sooo proud of our beautiful France, now (irony intended…).
      No wonder that they’re trying to eliminate us now. It was written, some tried to stop this from happening, but we were too na?ve “No, this is not gonna happen, come on…”. Ok, so what is it, today? We should have reacted long ago. I’m tired…

    1. All these retards on social media are saying “you can’t blame the refugees because this is what they’re fleeing from!” Maybe some of them are OK (I even question that) but some of them are also extremists seeking to cause harm. My thought is if you can’t trust even a few of them, none of them should get through.

  6. If you bring the Middle East into your country, your country will turn into the Middle East. This is not rocket science. At least in the middle east people have guns to defend themselves with. Every marxist member of the French government that supported letting these sand roaches into the country should be executed. Hung with piano wire and shot.

  7. Impressed with how long that woman was just hanging there by her (looks like) fingertips! How many videos have we seen where most of the people hanging outside of buildings, quickly drop like flies after a minute or less…

    1. The link i gave keeps getting updated. In case it won’t work, here’s another one, with 5 videos:
      Video of start of the shooting ( shame, even the music sounded nice ):
      Chaos after the shooting:
      Chaos in the football stadium:

      At the moment, a manhunt is going on after one shooter called Abdesham Salah.

  8. I don’t even live in Europe and it was always my dream to travel to such amazing countries and see the beautiful scenery and architecture, but these past few years with all the immigrants flowing into these countries I’m far from encouraged in making plans to visit them 🙁 RIP to all the (NATIVE) French people who died for nothing other than multiculturalism=poison for everyone.
    Good job to those who rule the world, I feel so enculturated by these Muslim, Jewish, etc. barbarians 🙂

    1. I don’t believe that. First she doesn’t look pregnant, second of all a pregnant woman could NOT hang on like that. Third of all, a pregnant woman at a rock concert? I don’t think so….

          1. I just find it hard to believe that a “heavily pregnant” woman would be at a death metal concert…

  9. Okay I’m calling some bullshit on this. At 2:15 when the footage zooms in, you can see a person on their mobile phone before quickly closing it and laying their head back down to continue acting dead. Like seriously, what the fuck?

      1. Oh I’m very serious sheep. Do you really think someone would stay there lying on the ground when they could have tried to run away like the other people in the beginning of the video? Get real. If they passed out of consciousness do you really think they would have turned their phone off? Wake up. This is a false flag operation to get France to go against Syria and Palestine and side with Israel.

        1. So you know exactly where he was shot and the extent of his injury? It also sounds like you have been in this exact position before, I haven’t. And where does he turn his phone off? I’m all for calling bullshit, but you are clutching at straws. Do you think he was shot or that he was acting?

  10. Maybe the French upset someone?

    “France to vote for symbolic recognition of Palestine”

    On November 8, the French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, said it was only a matter of time before Palestine?s statehood was confirmed.

    A few days later we have incidents in Paris which “focus the mind”. On Saturday, Europe’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, called for a Palestinian state to share Jerusalem as its capital with Israel.

    The vote to recognise the State of Palestine goes before France?s National Assembly on November 28 .

  11. Man, that guy on the floor, bleeding out, on his phone presumably informing loved ones he’s been shot and is dying. What do you do if you’re one of them running out, stop and help or keep running? All logic is saying run as there’s a reasonable chance one of the gunmen is chasing you. I’d like to think I would stop, but I guess until you’re in that situation, you can’t say.

    I fucking despise Muslim’s, as I despise humanity. We are the cancer of this amazing planet. But Muslim’s are the thorn in my side. I wish we could send everyone back to their native country, and see them fucking destroy each other. Whilst in England we got on with our lives with religion playing no part. Or better still eradicate Muslim’s from the face of this planet.

    1. Idiot. You are the perfect example of brainwashed Zionist sheep. Either you are a JIDFag or the above. Muslims at fault? Try your zio cock sucker Netanyahudi who is behind this. After all, he made the statement to France that “if you recognise Palestine, you will be making a grave mistake”. And then look what goes and happens. Wake up.

      1. Its nice to see you think you know me from one post. Can you tell me where I said Muslims are at fault? I’ve been visiting this site for years, I read the majority of articles, I know exactly what is going on, so please don’t patronise me. I’m anything but a ‘Zionist sheep’ I just fucking hate Islam, as do a lot of people on here.

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