Charlie Hebdo Shooting Video – Masked Islamists Attack Satirical Magazine HQ in Paris, France

Charlie Hebdo Shooting Video - Masked Islamists Attack Satirical Magazine HQ in Paris, France

On January 7, 2015, masked men, alleged to be Islamic extremists, stormed the headquarters of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France and opened fire. So far, 12 people have been confirmed killed. At least two police officers, and the newspaper’s top editor are said to be among the dead.

One of the officers killed was assigned to guard the newspaper’s offices. The other was shot and killed in boulevard Richard-Lenoir. Video of said shooting is below. It appears to show the gunmen, armed with automatic weapons, shooting the cop as he lay on the ground.

Predictably, French president FranΓ§ois Hollande said the attack on Charlie Hebdo was “without a doubt” an act of terrorism. What better way to keep the public in a perpetual state of fear than by the constant use of the dreaded “terror” derivatives.

The gunmen escaped in a getaway vehicle and hours after the shooting, remain at large. The vehicle was discovered abandoned in the 20th Arrondissement of Paris.

Some of the cartoons and articles published in Charlie Hebdo weekly mocked or lampooned the Prophet Muhammad. In 2011, after publishing a spoof issue “guest edited” by the Prophet Muhammad, the newspaper’s office was damaged in a firebomb attack.

A lawyer for Charlie Hebdo said that three “black-hooded” gunmen stormed the headquarters of the newspaper and started firing indiscriminately. Among the confirmed killed are the cartoonists StΓ©phane Charbonnier, Jean Cabut, Georges Wolinski and Bernard Verlhac.

A very convenient event to keep the hatred toward Muslims alive, and to distract from the pedophile scandals involving top ranking politicians and royals. American lawyer and Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz was scheduled to receive the Israel Defender award, but now that he was named as a child sex abuser, and so were Israeli spies Jeffrey Epstein and Robert Maxwell, something was needed to take focus away from them disgusting pedos. Prince Andrew and his co-pedophiles are now so yesterday’s news.

According to The Guardian – the shooters spoke perfect French. Just like the beheading in Woolwich was done by men speaking perfect English.

In the video, a gunman appears to deliver a close range shot to a person, presumably one of the killed police officers. Though to me it looks like he missed the guy, and the bullet hit the sidewalk just past his head. The officer perhaps played dead to avoid further shots?


Looks like Charlie Hebdo is a hypocritical sell-out. Anti Muslim cartoons are OK, but when cartoonist Maurice Sinet (alias SinΓ©) mentioned in his article that Jean Sarkozy, son of then president Nicolas Sarkozy married a Jewess, he was labelled “anti-semitic” and was fired over it.

After a few hours of searching, I’ve given up on finding cartoons published in Charlie Hebdo satirizing Israel.


The attack was professionally executed – attackers were wearing masks, had full body armor, and were equipped with multiple weapons that are nearly impossible to get, even illegally. They were using their guns with professional precision (according to police), had two getaway cars (one was a decoy) and had a well planned out escape route that allowed them to get away in a city overrun by police. Yet all this professional execution, training and meticulous preparation was good for nothing because they decided to leave their ID cards behind in the decoy car? They should’ve made the WTC towers out of passport paper.

Charlie Hebdo office was protected by a permanent police patrol for years, but this security measure was lifted only a few weeks before the attack, and downsized to just one cop inside the office.

The journalists from Charlie Hebdo only gather in their Paris office once per week – otherwise there are not many people on the premises. Somehow these “Islamists” had inside knowledge that the editorial meeting was taking place on the day of the attack.

The cartoon on Twitter that reportedly prompted to attack was posted minutes before the attack. Then the narrative was changed to hours. Then it was blamed on a different pic which was older to avoid blatant inconsistencies in the story.

The woman that drew the old cartoon to which the blame shifted was the one who punched in the door code to let them in. They were killing cartoonists by name, but let her live.

Suspect number three (Mourad Hamyd) was at school during the event. Emergency services were reported at the scene in waiting. How the hell were they allowed to get away? Where was the chase?

And let’s not forget about the bigger picture – the French, Australian, Canadian connection:

An Australian Patriot Act needs the push to go through and… Surprise! Worldwide news coverage of a few random acts of violence.

A Canadian version of the patriot act is up for the vote and needs the push and… Surprise! The parliament is under attack just in time to sway the opinion of the fence sitters.

The French version of the patriot act was crammed through at the very end of a parliamentary session while nobody was watching. Then the French started mobilizing to protest and… Surprise! Islamic terrorists strike again.

Indian publication IBTimes published an article exposing blatant involvement of Mossad in the Charlie Hebdo attack, but the article was quickly pulled. The original was HERE, Google cached version is still available HERE.

Haha, Jews running Google went right ahead and deleted the cache immediately. Good thing I anticipated it and saved the screenshot of the article. Check it out in the gallery below. How predictable… Too scared the sheeple would find out Mossad was behind Charlie Hebdo attacks.

By the looks of it, after assassinating cartoonists in France, Mossad agents flew to India and made CEO of the International Business Times an offer he couldn’t refuse. They didn’t have to bother with Google cause their Jewish leadership and the Sayanim working for the company were all too happy to assist the cause.

Here are a few pics:

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        1. Assume what you like. I very much doubt that the opinion of Muslims would matter to you. With all due respect, but people who say similar to the above have already made up their mind. Kill ’em all eh? ::winks::

          1. Mossad operation .. This attack did not come after drawing cartoons .. But after France accepted a palastinian State .. Isreal checking France like a lap dog .. Don’t believe the Zionist controlled media .. Don’t drink the kool aid ..

          2. Sorry pal but this is real Islam. This so called “religion of peace” teaches hate for any non Muslim. Read the Quaranand the Hadith the traditions of Muhammed and you will know what a real Muslim is, not this fairy tell moderate Muslim shit!

          1. Relax. Then why aren’t you killing Catholic pedophile priests? Or Jewish baby dick sucking rabbis? If you’re so fucken tough. Yeah that’s what I though you fucken keyboard warrior. Your momma should have swallowed you.

    1. Update! The french authorities have said that one of the suspects dropped their id card at the scene of the shooting! Hahaha thats almost as unbelievable as an indistructable paper passport surviving a 500 mph crash into a solid steel structure and a massive fireball. Think its safe to say that a false flag attack has been confirmed with this revelation I knew the reason would be laughable as no one was giving an explanation as to why these two guys were suspects. What kind of military trained terrorist hoping to get away with this crime would have his passport on his person and in such a way that it could fall out of his pocket fuck the media and who ever came up with this bullshit story

      1. The “terrorists” wore masks, but thought to bring their ID’s (and leave the IDs in the car)? Pah-lease. It’s 2015! Are we still that gullible? I guess the real perpetrators hope we are.

        It’s truly precious. We are supposed to believe that 2 (or 3) Muslims meticulously planned a mass murder (complete with an illegal weapons cache and a list of targets), wore masks to hide their identity, but brought their ID’s which they “accidentally left in the car” – LOL?

        I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that France recently supported Palestine as a State:

        Nah! nothing to do with that πŸ˜‰

        Note: Watch for France to back-off it’s support of Palestine.

        Also watch for France to back off of their sentiments regarding the Russian Federation.

        MOSCOW – Western nations should stop threatening Russia with new sanctions and instead offer to ease off on existing restrictions in exchange for progress in the peace process in Ukraine, President Fran?ois Hollande of France said in an interview on Monday.

        I can’t help but laugh my ass off at conspiracy theorists who believe this was done by some Muslims who conspired to kill cartoonists. What a bunch of witless twats, seriously.

        1. At first I thought they had id’d the suspects because of the 18 year old handing himself in and ratting them out but according to a lot of people that person handed himself in to clear his name not because he was involved so now they are focusing all of their vast police actions on these patsies(lets not beat around the bush they are not trained to special forces standards and dont look capable of carrying out even a suicide bombing successfully let alone getting away with mass murder in the middle of a built up city notorious for dreadful traffic) up in calais while the real culprits will slip off into the sunset back to their masters. Yes I shall be on the look out for furious back peddling of france’s support for palestine in the coming days @acneska you hit the nail on the head with your reasons for france being butch slapped by the zio over lords great post and insight well done I take my hat off to you (if I had one which I don’t πŸ™ )

  1. They look white to me. Possibly white nationalists who done it to stir up hatred for the muslamics. I applaud them if it was – very well planned and done. Possibly Israelis aswell (?). Although many Arabs are light skinned. These guys look white with skin heads. Whoever done it has military training and experience for sure.

    1. @ackneska : I’m not sure what point you are trying to make about the perfect English (England) and the perfect French (in Paris) with these gunmen ?

      Nearly all the Muslim scum that have left Australia and headed for Syria or Iraq and joined ISIS are Australian born (aka home grown psychopaths) Muslim extremists who are most likely bilingual but do speak perfect English. Well, the English probably don’t agree that Australians speak perfect English, but that is besides the point I am trying to make.

      1. @Dutchy

        I heard the news channel talking about this also. I guess the witness’s heard the gunmen speak to each other and they were speaking French perfectly with no accent. So they think they could be from France and not some other country.

        Funny how they jump to conclusions right off the bat just like 911.

          1. Watch out sand niggers , the frenchies are gonna make you bleed more than Aisha did when the paedophile prophet fucked her for the first time when she was 9 and he was 54 years old

      1. @ dutchy I looked closely at the vid and when they turn around to run back to the car the one that didnt shoot (or miss) the cop has his face towards the camera and it can be seen that he is either fair skinned or has something white under his balaclava, cant be sure but definitely looked like he was fair skinned not that that means much as you don’t need to be a paki to be muslim

      1. How do they know they are arabs though? None of the sites I went on gave an explanation for why these two names have been plucked out of thin air this whole situation has a massive air of boston bombings about it and ironically the trial of the younger boston patsy just began

          1. @tranel112 the older was a known supporter and was being watched but not the younger and to say that finding someones id card at the scene means they are the perp is jumping the gun a bit but don’t you think its a bit suspect that these professionals (because even the msm agree this was a precision operation carried out by professionals) would make such a massive cock up like that? Reminds me of the passport found at 9/11 that survived something that not even 6 tons of solid titanium and steel could survive, this is too suspect to be taken as proof of their involvement, if it was my passport that was found does that make me a suspect even though I was miles away sitting at my desk? I dont believe this story one bit

      1. I see you wanna get ad hominem here, so…. fuck you, asshole.
        I bet you’re muslim.
        And I bet you’re defending them, because you’re such.
        Honestly, there should be an Hitler-like guy doing the same Hitler wanted to do to Jews, to Muslims.

        1. I’m not Muslim. I don’t defend any religion. All religions are bad when you have extremist as their leader. And by me using the quote of santa not being real. Is that he believes what he sees, when war and terrorism goes deeper then Muslims, the middle east, multiculturalism, etc etc.
          There’s money to be made off this shit. And we are left with fear and hate for the wrong people.

    1. fuck those dirty carpet sniffin’ muzzies. I mean the extremist ones of course who are intolerant murderers… Demanding respect when they give none. Fuck Islam. I hope someone does a cartoon of mohamad getting fucked by a pig. oink oink

  2. I get how we shouldn’t judge them on their religion or culture. But they actually believe they are fighting for a cause, in a country they dragged them selves into and most abuse welfare by having 5 or more children.
    I only feel sorry for the ones that still live in their homeland.

    1. Yes, a Western country that is welcoming this terrorism. If this is MUSLIM on MUSLIM violence, I don’t give a fuck. Especially if it happened in a MUSLIM country. It doesn’t mean I’m a sheep. I just hope they all kill each other before we turn them into a glass parking lot. Thankfully we do still see MUSLIMS executing innocent White people with Kalashnikov rifles as something that’s just not a good thing. We are just barely getting by and this will get worse and worse.

    1. muslims ARE the problem – the extremeists and the rest who fail to condemn them. Anyway, how can you tell the difference. Even UK doctors have gone to fight with isis. Mustards can turn just like that, because of their suggestible small wog brains.

      Time for forced repatriation of ALL the camel-humping, backwards sand niggers – back to the shitholes they came from.

      1. I agree. If muslims want the war they’ve started, time to deport them, kill those who won’t go, and nuke the arab countries. Blast them and their fucking sandhills into a radioactive sheet of glass.

        1. So what’s the difference between you, a paper tiger and an ISIS fighter? That’s right! They have balls and you’re just a little pussy hiding behind his computer monitor spouting pure shite. If that’s how you feel then go fight a good fight if you’re man enough that is. Advocating the mass slaughter of men, women and children is hardly civilised is it? So what’s the difference between people like you and ISIS? Same fucked mentality but they have balls and you don’t.

        2. Don’t you see that this is exactly what they want to do, make you think that this is not a minority but all Muslims who are terrorist, so that their points about western societies being the Evil is right in the mind of more Muslims?

    2. but the extremists are all muslims.. how you gonna sort that one out? Thats a pretty glib statement. It says too much, and yet to little at the same time. Or is poor Islam the PERPETUAL Fucking VICTIM again???? its the people not the religion… its socio-economical, not religion.. its geo-political, not religion… blah blah blah Fuck all of it.

    3. Extremists ? Who invented this word ?
      Muslims are muslims, They all read from the same book and they all believe Mohammad to be the prophet of Allah. Now, do a little research on this chap Mohammad.
      Anyone that believes him to be the perfect man needs to Fuck off. Name me a Muslim country that you would like to live in and tell me why.

      1. Yea, I guess Americans are just Americans, they all elect Jews to run their country, Jews who inicidently believe that the death of half a millions kids is a price worth paying. Americans who call the mass slaughter of 20000 retreating soldiers a turkey shoot. Let us not kid ourselves here. Look in the mirror and tell us who the real monsters are.

        Lebanon is a fine country, so is Morocco, Egypt is great too, have you been? Thought not!
        Funny enough , even Iraq and Syria were find countries too until your facist leaderships decided to intervene and screw things up.

          1. Buddhism has blood on its hands too, folks. It has been pretty violent for centuries. Ever heard of a Shaolin Monk? I wouldn’t fuck with one! They are all still just as awesome as they have ever been. They can also get fairly hot under the collar like our recent burning man from Miami. πŸ˜‰

          2. Buddhists aren’t known for killing in the name of Buddha. Unlike the catholics, Christians, Muslims and our favorites the JEWS. They have killed in order to convert you.

          3. Can you give me link to what you just said even Christians kill just to convert people? I mean seriously dude if thats true was it still happening nowadays just like most of this Muslim scumbag does?

  3. That was pretty cold blooded to execute that policeman while he was begging for his life.
    What kind of world do we live in where a Frenchmen can’t surrender ?

      1. the police officer is dead following the injury. the first suspect 18 years was killed in the evening, the other two are (a what was said ) caught.

        the country is bereaved .

        If you have any questions (I have sources) I would answer .

        there are 12 dead and 11 injured.

        Long life Europe .
        Long life America.

  4. The accuracy of shots were superb, the police car windscreen showed that the automatic rifles were fired in burst with the bullet group extremely concentrated and on target.

    The whole thing was extremely well planned, they hit their marks and escaped the building and armed police by using covering fire further avoiding detection by using multiple getaway vehicles at different locations.

    If the above had been done by highly trained soldiers I would be impressed by their excellence under battlefield conditions however since this was said to have been done by Islamic terrorists I will have to maintain my sense of disbelief because you do not get trained to that standard in some desert based training camp.

    My conclusion, I doubt the official story on this one.

    There are a few of these Islamic training camp videos here on BG and they most definitely are not creating soldiers of this standard in them.

  5. Talk about thin skin! Rediculous to Kill even 1 Person over a satirical cartoon these Extremest Justify their own Deaths by giving the western world an excuse to Bomb them into oblivion and sad fact is they Even call themselves Holy and Make every other Good Muslim (uuuhhh) look complicit and in reality I believe that the Muslim community should be a LOT more vocal and loudly proclaiming that this is shameful and start excommunicating these Fucks and the Fact they don’t speaks volumes so when it comes down to that How can We argue that the worlds not Justified in its Opinion! These Guys need to Grow up and get a Grip bunch of Whiny Brats without Honor.

    1. They secretly support terrorism. You think they came to Europe to live a better life? No! They go there and make the country change for them. Basically they want everything their old country had except for the bombings.

        1. To make the country change for them, but it’s not Muslims the country is changing for. It’s not Muslim that forced multiculturalism on Europe. It’s not Muslim that lobbied to open up borders so white countries can get flooded and overwhelmed with immigrants. It’s not Muslims that formulated the “Divide and Conquer” strategy and rely on huge influx of Muslim and other uncompatibles to keep tensions high.

          Time and time again, whenever masked men whom Jewish media and ZOG puppets instantly label “Muslims” carry out an attack, Mossad ends up being the perpetrators after some investigation. This is what they do. They commit atrocities and blame them on somebody else.

          The number one red flag is that Muslims are already being blamed, yet the shooters wore masks so nobody at this stage can tell who they were. Muslims are not out trying to make life even harder for themselves than it already is. But, Israel is and has been doing this act for decades.

          @manowar96 has exposed himself as Zionist agent on a number of occasions. He’s desperate to ensure Zio agendas move forward unchallenged.

          1. I applaud you. Well said. I swear in the coming week there will be a conspiracy telling that all this stir in France was in fact from Zio-Mossad.

          2. Absolutely correct. Time and time again too many people automatically focus on the effect, in this case Muslims, when they should really be focusing on the cause, their own governments.

            Europe is absolutely flooded with immigrants of every variety and whereas it is perfectly fine to hate the immigrants it does no good to focus on nothing but the immigrants because they are only doing what your own government has allowed them to do.

            It is the corporations who wanted to employ immigrant workers on low pay rather than employ and pay the indigenous population a living wage.

            It is your own government who wanted to undermine the indigenous population by introducing immigrants by the millions and guess what, you let it happen. That?s right, by continuing to buy goods and services from those greedy immigrant loving corporations you have given them the green light to continue.

            By continuously voting for the same political parties over and over again you have given them the green light to continue to undermine and destroy you.

            If the people honestly wanted to change things they would be more proactive about it. They would vote with their wallets and refuse to buy from immigrant staffed companies, they would instead buy from and further promote indigenous owned and staffed companies.

            They would vote for less immigration and if they did not get it they would get out on the streets and make themselves heard.

            Simple really, either the indigenous Europeans fight for their future or they bend over and take it in the ass, it shouldn?t be that difficult a choice to make.

            Change starts with understanding the difference between cause and effect and there is no point in treating the effect without first dealing with the cause.

          3. Mister Acneska, what goes on in your head? If you read my comments on other videos you will know that i am actually a normal person. Not a Jewish spy.

          4. Acneska is secretly a shill for ISIS. He gets paid every time he uploads a pro ISIS video and anti Jew video.

            Also in case you didnt realize the sarcasm.A word used by conspiracy theorists when they are losing an argument. The word originally referred to an accomplice of a travelling salesman selling quack remedies or similar items of dubious value. The conspiracy theorist calls their opponent a “shill” in an attempt to discredit them by implying that they are paid agents working for the government, the Bilderbergers, reptilian overlords, the Rotshschilds etc, because of course only such people could possibly disagree with them.

          5. @manowar96

            I get your point, but comon man. Of all the possible organizations you could have used to make your point, you chose the Zionist one? Do I sound like someone who would associate with pro Israel groups like ISIS?

          6. @Acneska, @empty – yes, I know what you say is true. I’m just wondering why you replied specifically to me when there were all kinds of comments in this post and previous posts saying about the same thing. I’m hoping it’s an attempt to educate and not to just condemn. I do know Zionists are the puppet masters

      1. Muslim immigrants (or any other immigrant communities) to Canada, USA, Europe or where will push the boundaries as far as the host country allows them . It is human nature to try to get away with as much as you can
        Blame European governments for allowing their citizens to migrate after WW2. Those countries needed labour,
        They opened their borders to Muslims and other communities. I’ll speak about Britain (I lived there for years). Britain did very little to assimilate the Asians (Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Indians) that arrived in the post WW2 years. They were allowed to keep their languages and cultures. There are third generation British people of Asian descent who feel more Asian than British.

      1. The video has been removed due to it violating hate speech, LOL. There must be a lot of them trolling the internet looking to remove any mention of their crimes. Same thing on Acneska’s update, even the archive had it removed. 😯

  6. Those guys were not terrorists,they are secret is agents and their mission was to inflict fear to public in order to justify troop presence on to sam’s wars.Paris is full of CCTV and an army of cops.And with the traffic it was a piece of cake to get them if intended by the law enforcement.An interesting fact is that their car was known…from the guy filming the scene, colour, type and even the licence plate…it must have taken them an awful lot of traffic time to reach 20th arondisment which from my knowledge is at the outskirts of Paris…so think twice about the terrorist propaganda.

    1. I’ve looked at the offending cartoons. Some are funny Some seem drawn to get a rise out of the angry muslims and some ….well they’re French so I just don’t get it. πŸ˜‰
      Regardless it’s a petty reason to take a life over. I hope any surviving cartoonists from that publication avenge they’re fallen brethren with some of the BEST work they’ve ever done.

  7. Can’t help but notice this vid is without sound.

    Here’s a link to the same vid with sound, except censored :
    It can also be found at the bottom of this page :
    Hope you don’t mind the link, BG.

    As a reminder, this seems to have happened after the main shooting, after the attackers escaped and got stopped by a police car (see pictures in link above).

    For those of you interested, here’s a transcript :

    0:06 –> “c’est bon, c’est bon” –> could be translated as fine, or alright, as in “alright you won, I give up.”

    0:16 –> “t’as voulu nous tuer?” –> literally means “did you mean to kill us?”. Actually means something along the lines of “you tried to kill us, didn’t you?”
    A pretty good line if you ask me, coming from a guy who probably just shot about half a dozen others and still finds a need to justify that one more kill. I wonder what he said to the first he killed today. One can only assume the wounded cop is now disarmed yet shot at his attackers earlier, along with his partner who is probably lying dead nearby (it’s unlikely he was alone in his patrol car to begin with).

    0:17 –> “Nan c’est bon, chef.” –> Literally means “Nah that’s alright, boss”. Actually means something along the lines of “Nah, I’m fine/good, boss”, as in “I’ve had enough, i’m calling you my boss, maybe you don’t need to finish me off now.”

    0:28 –> “On a veng? le proph?te Mohamed” –> “We avenged the prophet, Mohamed”.
    This is in reference to the 2001 caricatures published by Danish newspaper Jyllands posten and relayed by Charlie Hebdo. Death threats ensued and were the reason why their office was under police protection. That didn’t prove too effective by the way, and raises questions in terms police gearing, and the state of preparedness of the attackers.

    0:31 –> “On a tu? Charlie Hebdo.” –> “We killed Charlie Hebdo”. So they killed a newspaper. Doesn’t make any literal sense and kinda shows the moronic nature of the attackers, or at least their lack of proper grammar knowledge/education. Maybe a hint towards the fact they might have been somewhat easy to manipulate. Or maybe that’s a bit of a longshot.

          1. It is the sign of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.

            ~ Aristotle

            I pity those too afraid to even consider their owners would fuck them over.

          2. I entertain your theory but don’t accept it. Its isn’t a stretch that extremists killed a guy who was posted as ‘most wanted’ by al Qaeda not long ago. To me it is common sense

    1. And people all over the world are gradually hating ALL muslims, extremist, terrorist, or otherwise. The stupid fucks keep pushing until the whole world shits on their heads, then they’ll be crying the blues about how no one understands them.

          1. well that changes everything,even though I haven’t read to much manga it isn’t so popular in Japan like everyone thinks,not even my cousins read them,but if he makes a manga then someone will make a anime and I’m gonna watch it πŸ˜†

      1. Why don’t you become a contributer @empty? Would love to read a full blown article of yours your comments and insights bring me back to MM’s publishings and tbh I only really look through comments these days to hear your view on whatever subject is at hand

          1. Empty will be forever immortalised in the BG hall of fame someday. Fucking legend.

            And I’m not surprised at all he’s into his liquor. So was Jack Kerouac, and it was the death of him. The cause of death many great minds succumb to.

    1. Sorry but islam and all these “terrorist” attacks are the result of the problem we will never solve these problems by attacking the tail the head needs to be loped off for a real change to be made all these issues with race and religion only blind and distract us from the real threat just remember the easiest way to find the culprits of any given attack is to see who prospers from it not who is blamed for it

    2. @crazy_dutch21

      The question to ask is “Cui Bono?” Who really benefits from all this?

      Behind the plan – that’s it. There is a whole army of Muslims fighting other Muslims in Syria. They are mercenaries trained and paid by Zionists through their puppets. But just because they get someone to do their dirty work, it doesn’t make it any less for their own benefit.

      1. Sadly and for the most part, such events only lead to further antagonization of muslims in France in general.

        Cui bono ?
        Whoever is pushing for the clash of civilization and eventually, civil war in France, and the destruction of nations in general until Jerusalem becomes world capital.

        As the update indicates, Charlie Hebdo was not much of a subsersive media. Quite the opposite actually. For some reason they got sacrificed and that’s the price they pay for siding with the ZOG.
        Can’t say they deserved such a death but karma’s a bitch I guess.

        Even though Charlie Hebdo is officially and falsely endorsed as a beacon of freedom of expression and always mentioned as such, I’m doubtful people will fall for the tsunami of mainstream bullshit analysis coming their way.

      1. Yes!!! lets blame the Zio, and Jews and Israelis for all the wrong in the world.

        Get your god damn head out of the sand.
        A Muslim will kill you in a sec.

        you are so full of hatred that you are so blind to what is really going on.

        One day all of you will sing
        “I once was lost, but now am found; was blind, but now I see.”

        but maybe it will be late.
        infact i hope it will.

        1. So am I (well I don’t practice it neither do I practice or believe in any religion and if I had my way I definitely wouldn’t of been born a jew) and I dont tow the zio line I dispise jews as a whole never met a nice jew who treated everyone fairly they all have a sense of entitlement and “look down their nose” syndrome which I detest but what was the point behind your point (not starting anything just would like to know if you were trying to insinuate anything? )

          1. I wouldn’t take it personally. I’m an Irish/German who practices hedge and shadow witchcraft, but sooner or later something will make me a Jew I’m sure to someone. It’s sort of a rite of passage; trial by ordeal. Set you on fire; if you burn, you’re a Jew. If the flames go out, you really are a bedeviled Jew and must be killed… off with her head, after all! πŸ™‚

  8. And let the fear mongering and further civil liberty suppression begin… It was about time for another few poison drops into the basket. Time to get all riled up kick arbitrary ass! Death to all Muslims! That’s the right response, right, dear leaders?

    1. Convenient timing with all these jewish peados being uncovered…. oh wait we’re not talking about them anymore are we, just like the trillions that went “missing” the day before 9/11 that no one talked about after 9/11….. hmmmm very convenient

        1. Exactly! And with all the Zionist, Baby Kosher-Dill Cleansing, Pedophiles absent from The Twin Towers on 9 -11, how the fuck can anyone (Mass Media included, ) not question their motives,or excuses for being absent that fateful day, is beyond me. And how could they EVER trust them,and their multiple Worldwide, Secret Agenda,s again baffles me!

  9. La FRANCE sur BESTGORE ?a fait toujours plaisir !!!

    Snackbariste 1 – Il t’a touch? ?!?
    Snackbariste 2 – Nan, c’est bon chef !!!

    Head Shot !!! Biim Baam Boom la chatte a Mc Doom !!!

    (Yes the PIG is dead…)

    SnackBariste 1- On a veng? le proph?te Mahomet !!!
    Snackbariste 2 – On a tu? CHARLIE HEBDO !!!!

    Vrrrooooommmm in the CITROEN C4 (because they are FRENCH Snackbaristes)

    Vive BESTGORE et que tout ceux qui parlent mal des Muslim ou des autres d?s qu’il y a un attentat, alors qu’ils ne comprennent m?me pas pourquoi ces gens en arrivent l?, ben je leur dis “Biatch swallow me” et retourne sur ton canap? pour rager devant TF1…

    From Paris, with my fucking 47’zer in your asshole…

    PS: HOLLANDE vas donc enculer Sarkozy !!!

      1. That’s the sort of comment that also makes someone sound like a dumb fuck. I suggest you refrain from expressing them.

        @FREY_1989 please double check your facts. “Non, c’est bon, chef” are the last words spoken by the cop, in vain. Check out how the cop sees it coming, raises his left arm, and turns his head away right before the shot.

        I feel it’s an interesting fact to notice since we rarely get to hear any sort of supplication on BG. Most victims we get to see here are either gagged or blindfolded, and don’t see it coming, or they know better than to beg and expect the quickest death they can be given.
        It’s gotta take some nerve when you know the quickest death will be a hack job to your throat though.

        1. If I was about to be beheaded I would try and make a run for it do anything you can to either get away or make the shoot you its a win win either you make it and escape or you die slightly faster than by beheading plus it would make for a more exciting post on BG πŸ™‚ Triple win can’t compete with that

          1. I believe this has already been discussed on BG.

            If you were about to be beheaded the hard way (front to back instead of the opposite), you would be warned not to try anything of the sort and most likely would comply.

            Any threat of any fate worse than that which already awaits you would do the trick. Unless you really want them to start with your balls, or eyes… You get the idea.

  10. the policeman shot on the video was Amed, 42y.o no kids.

    at the end of your description admin, @0:10 the terrorist say ” tu as voulus nous tuer” -> “you wanted to kill us !”

    @0:12 cop reply “c’est bon chef” -> “it’s ok Chef”

    @0:23 terrorist say “on a veng? le proph?te Mohamed, on a tu? Charlie Hebdo” -> we revenge the Prophet, we killed Charlie Hebdo”

    and @ 0:28 there is a shoes on the road, the other terrorist picked up…..

  11. The template for what is going on can be found in the book NATO’s Secret Armies By Daniele Ganser. This is the work of one or more intelligence agencies.The Israelis want us to treat our Muslims as they treat theirs, i.e., ‘we are in the same boat.’ Lots of pressure on Israel lately, not least in terms of the Palestinian push for statehood. Add to these the factors already mentioned i Acneska’s excellent article, and you can bet your arse that this is indeed a false flag operation.

  12. Guys, i have sense that this is False Flag Operation.

    -We will know:
    1. If police fail to catch them
    2. If they “flee” but authorities knows “who they are” and reveal fictional Muslim characters on tell_evil_sion.

    It smells like creating road for another war in line: Muslims against “Infidels”.

    In Sweden(according to RT) 40% of inhabitants in Sweden are Muslims!
    Now that’s totally irresponsible immigrant policy. Jesus.. How many they have it in France?

    1. @SrbijaBgd
      The actors have been identified…Maybe you’re right. They are actors.

      “We need to find the actors of this terrorist ACT, they must be arrested and brought before judges, France is shocked today.”
      -French President Francois Hollande

      1. Remember that president of France, few days ago give statement about removing sanctions against Russia and now they have this. Also, look this cop: Not a single drop of blood from cop.
        I’m afraid that we going to very dangerous times. I believe USA trying to burn Europe in great flame.

  13. Muslims don’t belong in Europe and are not compatible with White European cultures.
    Considering that the Jews have convinced European nations to support military campaigns against Muslims in the Middle East… they especially don’t belong in Europe.

    That this didn’t happen sooner… it is surprising… with this mix.

    The French President wanted to make fighting “racism” one of his top priorities for 2015… he has close to a 10% approval rating.
    He needs to focus in on kicking out all of these Muslim invaders from the country… he should consider this.

    1. It’s all gonna end up in a carnage……I know these french guys……Monday they feed you……Tuesday they give you clothes…….
      Wednesday they ” guillotine” you….lol……
      It’s all going to end up in a carnage…..
      Plus the french government fears ” the people “…so it won’t interfere excessively. I just knew it…..
      I saw it coming 25 years ago….you had to be a little slow …..not to!!!

  14. Yeah, nice shot to ” Execute ” the cop !. He may have just missed, but why are the msm saying he was executed !?.
    That small fact alone makes me smell a rat.
    Who has the most to gain from an incident like this ?. I believe if we answer that question, we will have our perpetrators of this incident.

    1. We must enect more suppressive security measures you’ll gladly accept. We must set the stage for further censorship and fear. The Jews are right. I guess all those who question them and try and expose their BS are just crazy, and it’s all just racist anti semitism. Their extreme atrocities are definitely excusable. Look what were dealing with. It’s so horrible; forget the real issues.

      1. Also. For those leaders, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande etc, to come out saying that this was an attack on free speech, is beyond ridiculous.
        They have presided over the stripping away of free speech via their politically correct, dogma filled agendas for many years.

        Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    1. You said it. Its pretty much bad staged attack. Why was the cameraguy filming at this fast paced incident? πŸ˜€ I bet you my life this is so staged even the French there calls this a staged event. Pretty much a Mossad operation after France accepted Palestine as country.

    1. Dammit you took the big titty avatar I was talking to away and now it looks like I’m talking to the pig !!
      Fuck I hope it’s not a boar.
      The pig or the user of that avatar.

  15. Shit. I might sound quite racist, but If I was the big head of the European Union, I wouldn’t let those muslims fuckwits inside my continent.
    Those fuckers shouldn’t be able to get in here.
    Hell, I feel unsafe in my own land.
    Those fucking muslims deserve a special treatment…. a Nuke in the face.

    1. Lol you want them out. But yet you love using their oil and diamonds and other pretty metals you wear or your bitch wears. You love wearing brand clothes that was made in their countries. You are the source of the problem.
      the European countries you talk about go into these countries backing usa and England when it comes to war and “peace keeping” so you fuck with them and they are gonna fuck with you.
      If you fuck with a beehive you’re gonna get bit. all your people do is go into other countries and stir shit up for resources. Even if people die from the wars that it causes. You are ignorant. You only look at the problem from the comfort of your living room. You have no idea what they are going through.
      You think you are being invaded?
      Hahaha dumb ass.
      This is nothing compared to how many men, women and children your leaders and brothers kill in their land on daily basis.

      1. of course what you say is true but what a load of have to be careful with a beehive I have one ..they are nasty inside but yes we need what they make and they also need us just as much …what with an eye for an eye mentality we would all be blind…. Ps what size rims are on your hoarse and cart….

        1. I don’t know what a hoarse is. But if you mean horse and carriage, then it uses 42 inch royal wheels. But I also have a open carriage to carry people when there is a parade too. Ps. This is in canada too.

  16. I see comments from both sides. I wouldn’t put it past the extremist Muslims or a false flag. But I see people saying there white. Muslim/Islam whatever you want to call it, is not a race it’s a religion.

    1. Lack of gore does point toward 0 possibility of a headshot.
      The deflected bullet does ricochet off the pavement on the same level as the head, which makes things slighly confusing.

      It seems likely however that the shot entered through the shoulder or something of the sort, before being deflected back towards the head. Take a close look at the barrel exclusively and you’ll probably see things differently.

      Based on the attitude of thecop, what he says, and his whole body twitching and losing all strenght (see his hand falling onto his chest) as the shot is fired, I’d say he was shot and killed indeed.
      Most of the blood could have soaked his clothes (notice the bomber-like jacket and the few extra layers he was probably wearing underneath – Paris is slightly above 0 degrees celsius atm) with very little spilling on the pavement.

  17. Come on guys wake up and smell the coffee the only good extremist is a dead one..hit back and hit hard and don’t stop hitting.. Softy nations like ours in the uk would only find the perpetraters then pander to their human rights and beliefs then serve up a warm meal and bed at night .these fuckers make me sick

  18. Check out the following documentary:

    ‘Death in Rome – The Case of Aldo Moro’

    It should be easy enough to find plenty of patsies in the Muslim ghettos. The most interesting fact is that this template is so old. Today the Muslim is the boogeyman, whereas during the 70s and the 80s bogus far left movements served that purpose.

  19. hello everybody

    I’m french, I buy sometimes Charlie Hebdo (max 2 times a year). It is totally unfair to suspect Charlie from being a friend of Isreal. Search better. For instance, there is this cartoon where you see a palestinian with a palestinian flag in ass, and a jew saying him “isn’t cool to have your own country ?”

    The case with Sin? was a very complex case, far from the black & white situation you describe.

    As a conclusion, I would say to all of you, Bestgore, the same thing I would have said to Charlie.

    I cannot always agree with you, but I’m very happy you exist.
    To defend freedom of speech

    Je suis Charlie

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