Chest of Decapitated Inmate Cut Open, Heart Ripped Out

Chest of Decapitated Inmate Cut Open, Heart Ripped Out

Brazilian prisons had a brutal start to the year 2017, and the trend continues.

In this video, a corpse of a fat, decapitated inmate is being dismembered. The killers cut up his chest open with a machete, and rip out his heart and other internal organs.

Props to Best Gore member @melsticom for the video:

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160 thoughts on “Chest of Decapitated Inmate Cut Open, Heart Ripped Out”

  1. Jesus fucking christ! I watch beheading videos and shit worse than this… but holy fuck that is some fucking sick shit. Just twisting and ripping apart that guy’s heart with his bare hands. Fucking brutality level 100… Like some real life Mortal Kombat shit.
    If there was a Hell, I’d imagine it’d be something like this… Demons carving into your torso, reaching their filthy hands in twisting up your internal organs and ripping them out.
    This one definitely turned my stomach a little bit.

      1. I just finished eating pizza and wings. Not the dessert I would have wanted but it doesn’t even bother me knowing it happened to a Brazilian prisoner. Bet he was just an outstanding citizen. Time to put on an old vinyl Heart album and smoke a doobie!!!

    1. All these prisoners need killing, they’re Just taking up space at a prison.
      all these South American savages need to be bordered off.
      Then ppl fret n fuss when the president chooses to build a wall.
      Imagine 500 of those idiots migrate to the US and start indoctrinating the youth of the our country.

    2. I agree one hundred percent. All the beading’s and brain matter…but this was pure insanity. Im just holding my stomach and heart to make sure they’re there still.
      HOLY SHIT! (ECW fans yelling)

    3. You and I BOTH!!!! THAT WAS SOME CRAZY SHIT!! I’ve watched the Mexican Cartels dismember entire families, on video of coarse! But the “foot” pounding the chest, I can hear the chest cavity cracking! I thought for sure they were gonna start eating his heart!!! Fucken OMG!! I would imagine the BRAZILIAN PRISONS ARE HELL!

      1. This shit is out of fucking control! I swear those people are crazy as fuck! Men cruelty will never end! I can’t even understand why all this shit! The dude was definitely dead, why ripped off his heart and guts!? That’s an insanely stuff that us normal people can’t understand

    1. Off topic but you had me cracking up in “the name shame” forum..”sitting here in a bathtub with no water talking shit on FB yardsale sites, while my kids are screaming in the next room…” Story of my freaking life!!!

    1. They just want you to know what it’s like “inside”. And we should know that if you lock a man up long enough, he’ll try to carve through anything to get his hearts desire. Most of them are gonna end up as hollow shells, with their spirits torn: empty tore-souls, if you will.

    1. Man, inmates won’t kill you for do nothing. That guy that was fucked up in the video was some member of a rival gang. My guess is he was a PCC member and those guys that fucked him are CV and FDN members. I am 90% sure of that by listening the audio of the video. “Aqui é Cê-vê!”, what means “Here we are CV!”. We brazilians honest people feel happy when they kill each other in prisons. One less motherfucker in the world.

      I have two cousins that were in prision, but now they are free and they are good, were not violented, because they are not gang member, just criminals that act lonely (drug dealer and robber). My uncle killed a nigga with some thick log with poundings a head’s nigga and he is fucking free. I could put the link for you see the dead body on the floor, that shit was on the TV in my city. Welcome to Brazil.

  2. If they had tried that when he was alive, I’d agree that it was brutal. This is really just abuse of a corpse. And let’s face it, we’ve all seen worse things in here. This was just pointless posturing for the camera. That being said, the whole site should be nuked from orbit.

  3. They must be homophobic there, as I can understand cutting the victim’s manhood off first – if degrading and humiliating him was their goal. This butchering a dead corpse is just sociopathic anatomy 101.

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