Chicken Thief Hacked to Death Kenya

Chicken Thief Hacked to Death Kenya
Chicken Thief Hacked to Death Kenya
Chicken Thief Hacked to Death Kenya

In the town of Kakamega, West Kenya an alleged “chicken Thief” was cornered and attacked by a man with a machete. Apparently the machete wielding African was the owner of the chickens that were stolen. The video surfaced on social media July 28th, but was shortly taken down, to protect the sheep, not the chickens.

The thief sits on the sidewalk, looking pretty defeated, as the man hacks at him with what looks to be minimal effort, it is clear we are catching the end of the attack. The machete man is tired and the chicken thief is nearly down to one hand. Blood splatters over the dirt as a woman in the background cringes at each chop.

The Thief later succumbs to his injuries and the attacker along with three other men are arrested after the incident. Investigations are on going.

Props to Best Gore members @african-angel, @honkeykong, @real_nigger and @agentforty7 for the video and back info:

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    1. This is just a small town..rural area almost bordering Uganda. One thing there is you don’t mess with someones food. They love their “ugali” n chicken. Not the 1st time somebody has been killed over it.

      1. I’ve driven through Kakamega a few times in the past and used it as a stop for fruit and soda.

        As I’ve said in previous posts; the locals tend you leave you alone when they see you carrying a fighting kukri, a military rifle and sidearm.

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          1. Bitchute is not that great either. I appreciate that it’s hosted the lastest BG videos, but you never get any BG video on Bitchute front page ever, the BG channel is never in the recommendations or features. They are a huge step up from YouTube, but they also filter search results and manipulate who gets seen, so unless you have a direct link to the video you want to see, if it’s not something they wish to promote, you won’t find it on Bitchute. Which is essentially what YouTube does.

    1. The chicken thief has probably seen this kind of thing happen before to other thieves. If you get caught stealing over there you’re fucked. That was a risk he was apparently willing to take when he took the chicken. He was probably not expecting quite this severe of a punishment though. Lol

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        Unfortunately, I think they’ll have twigged on now.
        It’s herd mentality.!!.. The large groups seem to learn from their mistakes better & quicker than the individual does.
        Oh well… Just keep chipping away around the edges, you never know.. A weakness might unexpectedly be found that brings the whole thing down.!
        But, Hey.. At least we got that saying about..
        “Drinking the Kool-Aid”. Eh..
        (As a Brit, I’ve never actually “Drunk the Kool-Aid”, we don’t get it here… Probably a good thing.!

    1. Yeah, I know right? If I caught someone stealing my (1) chicken, I would then tell him to come by any time for I will offer him free food. I mean come on, one missing chicken can’t hugely impact a farmer, right lol?

          1. Your welcome my good man, as we both have big hearts, and just cabnot watch somebody needlessly suffer and die, if we can do something to help save his life. And there is no better felling and rush in the world when you realise that you have jusaved st some poor guy’s life. Like Nothing can even come close to it.

            We are are a *Rare* & *Special Breed* of People who without even thinking twice, would jump-in, put our own lives in danger, and help-out a fellow man in dire need, & help a complete stranger. 🙂

  7. After watching all these videos where people are hacked to death,I ask myself why the fuck don’t they fight back?
    Especially if they are able to move freely.
    I know they are outnumbered usually with people carrying guns, but wouldn’t fighting back and getting shot be a lot better then sitting there and getting slowly hacked to pieces?

  8. Chicken thief is taking some serious hit point damage. What sucks is that machete swinger’s blade isn’t keen enough to chop through bro’s bones. That would have been epic to see.

  9. never be the fucking victim, you fucking fools.

    cunts are reading best gore posts… like government agents etc… they dont get it, its about survival not about keeping a job………….

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