Children Playing Football on Gaza Beach Bombed by Israeli War Ship – Four Died

One of the Children Killed by Indiscriminate Israeli Shelling While Playing on Gaza Beach

Four children, members of the extended Bakr family that’s been fishing in this part of the Mediterranean for generations, were killed as they played on the Gaza Beach after an Israeli warship shelled the area. The overall reported death toll among Palestinians thus rose to 213, 80% of them civilians.

Before killing the children, the Israelis shelled a fisherman’s hut. The shelling was witnessed by many foreign reporters who stay in a hotel nearby. The boys killed were between 9 and 11 years of age.

  • Zakaria Ahed Bakr, 10
  • Ahed Atef Bakr, 10
  • Mohammed Ramez Bakr, 11
  • Ismail Mohammed Bakr, 9

According to the Times of Israel, senior Israeli military spokesperson Moti Almoz blamed the deaths of the boys on Hamas and said “There was a [military] target embedded among civilians“.

AFP also quoted Israeli military source as saying that “based on preliminary results the target of this strike was Hamas terrorist operatives. The reported civilian casualties from this strike are a tragic outcome.

Props to Best Gore member JohnTrololo for the following video filmed by French journalists. Bodies of children are blurred.

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76 thoughts on “Children Playing Football on Gaza Beach Bombed by Israeli War Ship – Four Died”

  1. I just saw this. and on the other half of the page it shows some Jews crying over one Jew being killed like he was everybody’s dad. I hate how the media makes the sheep feel sorry for the kikes. When they are the ones causing this inferno to burn

      1. What a joke. Israelis drop leaflets on Gaza? And what are Gazans supposed to do? Evacuate? Evacuate to where? They are walled in, large number of them within a small confined space from which there is no escape. They can’t even swim for it cause Israeli warships would blow them up.

        1. you get out of the house, walk about 5 minutes, and your safe, these bombs are targeted, not random, plus there are u.n. centers but Hamas threatens anyone who leaves with being shot

          1. You never been in a civil war. what would know? I have. And I can tell you that it’s more cowardly to shoot someone when they arent expecting it, then to shoot them face to face

      2. These Zionists keep murdering children for decades and get away with it since they have shares in most of the news/media corps and wield the 6million jews card everytime someone gets them by their balls while most of the brainswashed american/British people still believe in the holocaust and yell and get mad if someone gives them facts.

    1. Right… Israel didn’t say yes to a cease fire twice only to be broken again by hamas, right…. oh wait…

      and I love your use of kike, very tolerant of you.

      its sad to see children die, but mistakes happen in any war, there isn’t a person on this site who’s country wasn’t in a war and hasn’t done mistakes when targeting the enemy, war is ugly and sad and when terrorist hide out in populated areas even at a 99% accuracy you will still have a 1% where civilians die, at least Israel tried to target terrorists, Hamas just aims anywhere and says fuck it, ironically they’ve hit some Arab towns, do they give a fuck? nope.

      1. @sooti,

        Don’t you think that the death toll difference between Palestinians and Israelis shows just how one sided this conflict is, particularly the civilian death rate.

        I can appreciate that yourself being a Jewish person you would want to protect the Jewish people against any threat perceived and/or real but from our perspective, the perspective of an outsider, we see that Israel illegally occupies the West Bank and regularly punishes the Palestinians.

        We also see that the worlds media gives Russia an hard time for annexing Crimea but seems to allow Israel free reign to annex the West Bank when the Russians at least allowed the Crimean’s to choose whether they wanted to be part of Russia or not, the Israelis never gave any such choice to the Palestinians.

        Therefore, from our perspective, the Palestinians have every right to want to retake their land and from your perspective Israel has every right to defend it’s citizens but the deciding factor from an outsiders viewpoint is that Israel, whilst illegally occupying the West Bank, has no such right to punish the Palestinians for actions relating to that occupied land.

        The end result is that we disagree with Israeli government policy and view their actions with contempt.

        1. so its the jews fault that the muslims don’t have smart missiles is it,just recently muslims were on youtube telling us they dont differentiate between soldiers and civilians in battle,just remember why this battle was started,3 young jews tortured then murdered

        2. Saying a death toll is what counts as which side to take is a bit of a strange thing to say, imagine if your country built an advanced system to defend you and worked hard to use its forces to defend you while your enemy fires away from schools and heavily populated areas and tells people not to leave and uses them as human shields, how is that justice for them? people shouldn’t condemn Israel nore the Palestinian people, they should condemn hamas.
          I see people here going against ISIS which is basically Hamas, they are terrorists, the people need to rise up against them, and if they don’t we will, everyone in the region is suffering from Hamas’s actions.

          regarding occupation, most Israeli’s have no problem with them having a state, heck we offered the 97% of the west bank with the 3% remaining for us due to security concerns, guess what? they said no, they, at any time, can officially request a country status, but they don’t. The fact is, is that they don’t really want peace, they want the entire country, we have offered to share many times, side by side, sadly they have refused time and time again. we are a country recognized by the U.N. there is no reason we can not exist side by side in peace, the Palestinian people need to rise up and bring someone who will seek peace like Jordan has, Egypt back in the day.

          No one is punishing them, they get 100’s of millions of dollars + free electric (my tax dollars hard at work) + free gas and more every month, guess what those things are used for, to make rockets, we are trying to help them but their goverment is a radical islamic terrorist group, this isn’t Ireland or S. Africa, this is Muslims who hate us and Allah tells them to kill all Jews.

          Last thing, everyone bashing zionists, and Israel and jews.
          There isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t use something developed here in Israel, Intel chips, Phone updates in Android (my company and my QA testing done on it), defense systems, software and more, we have more startups per capita then anywhere in the world, what have arabs done in the last 50 years?

          I’m done, I have been on this site for a long time and never commented but got since of one sided propoganda against Israel with heavy use of racism and no research before publishing anything.

          I will keep enjoying the site just wish it wasn’t so political all the time, why not a title like “israeli bombs Gaza, children die” and that’s it no “crazy kike Yahudi kills and drinks arab blood, they all need to die!”

          Just saying πŸ˜‰

          1. For the future when you denounce anti Jewish propaganda and then follow it up with pro Jewish propaganda it makes all those eloquently formed sentences that might have good meaning completely void.

            It makes it sound like you are regurgitating what someone feeds you. Don’t let the emotions get to you, just keep with the facts.

            Just trying to help.

          2. @sooti,

            I don’t actually like Palestinians or Arabs in general for that matter but I still understand the concept of indigenous rights therefore Arabs in my country are a problem because they shouldn’t even be here but Arabs in Palestine are not a problem because they are indigenous to that area.

            Israel is a new country created right in the middle of their indigenous land so of course they are not going to accept you and will try to fight you and no I don’t believe in Religious book fairytales that the land belonged to the Jews of past hence belongs to the Jews of present.

            My conclusion, the conflict will never end between you because you both speak of peace but neither of your governments wants it.

            You also don’t need to stop posting just because some disagree with you, that’s life, you put your own opinion out there and defend it whilst attacking your opponents argument, that’s what debating is all about.

          3. I see where you are coming from and you aren’t wrong for standing up for what you believe but, when you look at it from different aspects its way different, for one this constant war against Israel, this will never die as long there are followers of Islam and the reason is ofcourse religion. This dates back before even christ himself. Anyway the land was once settled by Palestinians before the genocide of the Jews in WW2, and thus the Jews claiming the land (now Israel) because of religious belief, with the help of the west like supplies ofcourse Israel became a strong nation and basically a sidekick of America. Im not sure if Israel ever offered the Palestinians a place to stay but it doesn’t matter because they feel it doesn’t belong to the Jews and it shouldn’t be them being the special ones. You feel me? It’s just something that will never die, there will always be violence and death in the Middle East. As far as Israel being in danger, you will be perfectly fine, because not only can Israel fight for themselves and probably whoop ass, you know America will be there along with other NATO allies. But the moral of the story is there will never be peace, sorry but it’s the reality.

      2. You know what I see? A bunch of blood thirsty jews who realy wan’t to go to war… and this again proves that the holocaust was nothing but a lie, some race is trying to destroy your’s and they failed to do so than I think that the only thing you wan’t is to make shure that other people won’t suffer the same fait
        Zionism brought nothing but death, pain, war and misery to this world! And we can miss them as the plague

        1. Blood thirsty on both sides – it’s not unilateral. Over 100 missles fired into Israel last night, and you’re surprised that Israel is going to shoot back? WTH?
          You can’t negotiate with fanatics that have been raised to kill you just because you believe in a different invisible man in the sky.

    2. I like the leaflets that were dropped by the Russians, telling the Evil Ones ( JEWS ) to register themselves, and all their property, including banks accounts, in Ukraine better! πŸ™‚

  2. I saw this on the news internet earlier. Four paleastinanian boys being killed playing on the beach. Do I think it[s an absolute disgrace? Yes I fucking do. I donlt believe for one second the Zionist Jews have any claim to Palestine. But I also don[t trust those Hamas for a second. They are quite ready to see they’re own children being blown apart for their own P.R.

    1. There are no Israeli’s in Gaza nor would anyone (including Arabs living in Israel) want to move there, they are governed by their own terrorist islamic goverment who controls their every move, at least the PLO have become civilized and look at them, they are doing much better then the Gaza strip people, its the Hamas who are oppressing their people, no Israel, Israel has no presence inside and moved 1000’s of people who called it their home so Israel could have some peace and quite but Hamas got bored again and now starts a war every few years. We just want peace, I have nothing against Arabs, I have some very good arab friends and we both agree its their government that is to blame, it has done nothing to bring peace, only terror.

      1. I think we have an infiltrator. If you’re so educated then you would notice how the country of Palestine has evolved since Israel began its war on palestine and how it looks now. I doubt hamas is the one giving away their own land just to have a war.

        1. First off, there is no war on Palestine, there are Palestinian people, and in recent history their government the PLO and Hamas in Gaza

          second I don’t understand the question, how has “the country of Palistine” evolved?” in the last 15 years they went we back

          did you know they had a nice casino in Jericho, lots of Israeli’s gambled there, they were making bank, then they started to bomb Israel and everyone got scared, they ruined their own economy and its sad… My family used to visit a great Palestinian restaurant and my father was a good friend of the owner’s, now no one goes there anymore since you get murdered (like many of the videos here) if you dare get into Gaza, Jericho or any places controlled by the PLO or Hamas

          1. Palestine hasn’t evolved is my point. They keep losing ground to people that wanna build high rise apartments. and keep closing the wall you have build around them till disappear. But they will never disappear. The more you want them dead. The more they will fight back. Their religion sees your death as a prize and theirs marked as a martyr. All Jews care about is money and control.

    2. Hamas has nothing to do with this. This was began before Hamas started. they don’t get money and weapons from the USA daily to keep them isolated. you keep any animal hungry, physically and mentally abused and deprived and they will eventually turn violent.

      1. Actually they do get money, and weapons, and much more then I get.
        What you wrote is exactly what they DO get, from both the USA and Israel, and I’ll gladly provide figures and sources unlike your random throwing facts around mentality.

        Hamas did not rise from “Israel’s oppression” they rose the same way any terrorist group rises, radical Islamic teachings of hate against the west, america and Jews, you are confusing the PLO which was more political and have signed peace contracts (which they mostly broke but are all around OK) and Hamas which is a Religious group aimed at the destruction of Israel.

        People If you guys want to actually discuss this topic lets keep it civil and please bring sources instead of yelling “Jews killed millions of Palestinian children”

        1. Would like to see those figures you were mentioning. You bring a very strong argument. How is Hamas given the money, weapons, etc? And why?

          I also agree with something you said in an earlier post and I cannot emphasize it enough. Most civilians just want peace, but I would like to get to the bottom of what the governments are actually fighting for and how it is funded etc. If we stand up beside our nations and fund them based on nationalism/patriotism but they push that $$$ into the military, how do we stop this. How does a society choke their own military. And, should they? It is very delicate.

          1. No Problem:

            Free Gas:

            Free electric (well technicaly they get cheap rates but they are in debt of over 62 million USD and no one collects)


            (I can bring more sources but its a known fact, and guess who covers the debt)

            440 million USD a year from the USA (which is spent on salaries and terrorism activities, especially in Gaza)


            UK 80 million pounds a year


            Building supplies


            and I don’t think I really need to post a link to food and water and other stuff since every body knows that (unless you insist)

            Israel indeed uses its money (most of it its own) for military spending but national aid is used mostly to develop no technology (such as Iron dome) so its more of an investment for the US, since they basicly own the patents after and can use them later.

            Our military is a defense force, we really do want peace, Judiasm is peacful, and I think that there are many Christian palistinians who are peaceful to (some are my friends) and suffer from Islam too, its not just jews who suffer from terror, as the behading post here earlier clearly showed, christians are hated by muslims and so are jews.

            Trust me that if any one of your countries were their neighbors, you would all be bombed to hell.

            I lived in the states for 3 years (i’m an israeli born american), I know how things look on the media and from far, but when your here, you understand reality, I was in the IDF, I’m not saying we are perfect, but it was mandatory to carry a human rights card around all the time and read it, I served in a non-combat position in the border of Gaza before it was cleared of settlers, we always had arrested Palestinians in my station, we all treated them very nice, fed them, gave them water, helped them to the bathroom (they were hand cuffed), joked with them.
            No one beat up, let alone murder arabs, nor have I ever met anyone who did this on purpose, we just want to defend our home we are not monsters nor are they, its the terrorists that ruin everything.

            Look at Jordan, after two wars with us they signed a peace treaty, I can go visit Jordan and feel safe, we have high tech projects together and share water, we love each other, If only hamas would clear out and a sane government would rise up to make peace.

            enough ranting πŸ™‚

        2. Your sources are ones from your own country. it’s not your fault that even it’s own citizens are blinded by your own politicians. food convoys and international aid can’t even get into the Gaza Strip. because you control another country’s borders. you have nothing to offer in resources. so all your money comes from the USA and the UK. you were never a province of the country. then had a fall out and decided to split. you just took away illegally. land that was owned for many generations paid for with sweat and history were taken away because your people decided that in a book your god told you to come back. by Any means necessary It’s complete nonsense. Jews are sneaky snakes that can never be trusted. and so are the government’s that they have as allies

        3. @sooti
          I have close friends all over the world, none in Palestine, but I have many in Israel. Very similar to your situation. They speak of very similar agendas.

          Thanks for the info I have not read it all yet, but will in due time.

          1. @ Sooti. Why is it that the Jewish are only about 1 to 2 % of the worlds population, yet they control most of the worlds wealth ? Also, why do they control most of the Mass Media ? Why do they control most of Hollywood ? Why do 97 % of contracts given to the re building of Countries destroyed by war given to Jewish controlled Corporations ? Why is the Jewish Talmud full of hate related writings against the Gentiles, but NOT removed from book stores ? Why do the Jews have Holocaust Museums when they were proven responsible for 130 million deaths of gentiles in the Gulags of Russia by the Bolshevik Jews ? Why is it that Israel has 200 + nukes, but dictates to other Countries who should, and should NOT have them ? I could continue until this page would be completely full, but i think this is a good start to why the common people dislike the Jewish Race.

        4. Holy shit sooti. You have turned me. Jews are peace loving humanitarians who want peace throughout the globe.

          After all the suffering and persecution they suffered throughout the centuries all they want to do is live in peace.

          I’m booking an appointment at my local cock lopping clinic asap to get the end of this thing cut off, and getting fitted for a yalmuke (it gets cold here in winter. Great idea for keeping the head warm)

          BTW, how many shekels do you get paid per post, or is it per word.

          Hit me up with the site name so i can sign up as a shill and call myself an Irish Israeli. (beer money, eh!)

  3. Sick fucks! Bastards will pay dearly for this i,m sure. Most of the world is slowly waking up to the Garbage Zionist Agenda, and their murderous ways. But the next step for them, is to NOT be afraid to talk about it, and stick together. This way, with NO violence on their part, and ours, only then, with growing numbers speaking out, one day they will have to listen, and own up to their atrocities!

  4. The Jews do a lot, almost everything by secret. The one thing we can learn about how ruthless they are is with the war on the Palestinians. Keep your eyes fucking peeled because is the true nature of what they are like.

    1. Agreed mate , but the way in which the mass media reports the conflict , gives a skewed and biased viewpoint in favour of Israel as we all know. Sadly, the masses believe most things they see on mainstream TV / media , so , Israel usually comes up smelling of roses.

      It would be brilliant if their grip on the media could be quashed somehow.

    2. And while that, they will carry on acting like the “victims” every liberal anencephalic failed abortion thinks they are… “Ohhh boohooo, im a jew, and i suffered so much during WW2… we must “defend” ourselves from evil Palestine, they are attacking us… boohoo”

  5. saw this on ch4 news (in my opinion, the most reliable msn we have here in england)

    apparently, 1st missle hit hut – then children ran away up the beach, and second missile targeted them further up beach as they ran.
    there was NO denying, ch4 had the whole incident filmed, and showed it on air last night (16th july 14)

    reporter confronted the israeli “director of operations” (bloke with an english accent, forget his name but he was obviously educated here in england) – and to my suprise, reporter was extremely brusk with him…words to the effect of –
    Q. ” your systems are very advanced, you can see exactly what you are targeting, how could you mistake these children for hamas?”
    A. ” i cannot comment at the moment, an investigation is ongoing” (with a sickening wry smile)
    reporter repeated and reworded the question a couple of times, but to same reply

  6. That’s definitely NOT a coincident. That’s was a murder on children, nothing more. The Nazi-regime of Israel cannot tell us, that they are bombing terrorists.
    I hate this motherfucking regime of IsraHell, really, all of them should be tortured and executed.

  7. There is nothing in this world I LOATH More than JEW’S & MUSLIMS.. Both are the Scum of the earth, and BOTH are Great at Playing the Victim as opposed to the VICTIMIZER. They both can enjoy watching their Mothers Suck Big Black Cocks In Hell.

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