Chilean Teacher Murdered and Dismembered by Wife, Body Dumped in River

Chilean Teacher Murdered and Dismembered by Wife, Body Dumped in River

Chilean Teacher Murdered and Dismembered by Wife, Body Dumped in River

In Valparaíso, Chile, a teacher named Nibaldo Villegas suddenly went missing. A few days later, a group of tourists on a boat tour noticed something floating in the river and thought it was a dead animal. When the boat got closer, they realized it was a dismembered torso of a man.

The police identified the torso as that of the missing teacher, and arrested his wife Johana Hernández, who confessed to murdering and dismembering her husband. She would have also lured her sidekick boyfriend Francisco Silva to assist her in the evil deed.

Hernandez is the victim’s ex-wife, though she did not live with him anymore, having left him to ride a cock carousel.

Prosecutor José Luis Subiabre indicated that everything began on Friday, August 10 when Johana convinced her estranged husband to come see her to talk about how to save their marriage. Two years after the cessation of cohabitation, they had already begun the divorce proceedings.

When Nibaldo Villegas showed up for the meeting, the woman clubbed him in the head and along with her boyfriend, dragged his immobilized body to Francisco’s house, where they dismembered him.

Johana and Francisco were arrested by the police after they were caught on a CCTV camera taking money from an ATM using a card of the deceased.

Here’s the video of tourists getting the surprise while on a bout tour. Props to Best Gore member @nofuture:

The pic of the killers. The woman’s face is pure fucking evil:

Murderer Johana Hernández and Her Accompice Francisco Silva

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  1. Ha! Never ceases to amaze me that these killers will use the victims ATM card after a murder… thats how one of the smartest, most methodical serial killers in recent American history, maybe of of all time, Isreal Keyes fucked himself over after a 14 year killing spree (and drove around the States in the deceased car, got a little full of himself towards the end) without ever leaving a clue behind.

    Also watch his police interrogations on a rainy day, they’re easy to find on youtube.

      1. Lol, fair enough, I’ve actually just heard of him myself, he’s fairly new, early 2000’s to like 2014 were the years of his crimes, though he only gave up a few to investigators before commiting suicide in prison, but look into that doc or one of the others (I just picked that one randomly) and see how he operated, pretty intersting shit, imo. Just the way he planned his murders and executed them was pretty brilliant/clever.

        1. Yeah just had a quick skim, I love that sort of stuff, it certainly is interesting.

          Leaving a ‘murder kit’ near an address TWO YEARS prior to the murder!?

          Pretty crazy how obsessive and – as you say – methodical he was. Mormon upbringing and childhood neighbour of a triple murderer apparently?

          1. Ha! You Wiki’d him didn’t cha? 😉 told you it was cool shit, I’m fascinated with the minds of serial killers and this guy really got my attention recently. Like I said, watch the interrogations and how he calmly toys with the investigators. It’s like 4 or 5 hours in different segments (different dates) but I get hooked on that shit.

            Found ’em on here, they’ve just recently been released. This is part one…


    1. The story is wrong. Using the ATM was part of the plan, the man was looking down to not show his face to the camera and was also wearing a parka that Nibaldo used to wear. To make people think it was actually the teacher.
      They didn’t get caught because of the video, they confessed a couple of days ago.

      1. Obviously that plan didn’t work ‘cus it was stupid af. Of course they got caught, thinking everyone is a fuckin’ idiot besides them will do you in. Slip up one time and your fucked, shit makes me laugh. You got a link or not?

        1. I don’t have a specific link but I’m Chilean and they’ve been running the story for days. To my knowledge they did confess, that’s what’s been told on TV, but I can’t find a single article with precise information. I’d guess it’s because investigation’s police here in Chile doesn’t frequently release a whole lot of information about on going cases and therefore a lot of it is speculative.
          And this is still pretty fresh, hell, a couple of days ago she was being interviewed on TV as innocent.

          1. Oh, you noticed?… hey, where are you from if you don’t mind me asking? Not trying to be a dick or anything but your grammer/English is broken af. I can barely understand your comments, especially the longer ones. Just hoping you don’t say the states. I was gonna guess Middle East or Central Asia.

    2. Thanks for the link. I haven’t reached the letter K yet on but I read that stuff pretty thoroughly and methodically when I’m in the zone.

      Here’s another pretty popular (634k views) interrogation video, of Russel Williams –>
      He was a canadian army base commander (in Trenton) who raped and killed lower-ranking females.

      It’s fascinating to see how a grown man, well-established into society, can turn into a killer and then showcase naivete and childish behavior when the long arm of the law closes in on him.

      1. Ha! I’ve seen the Russel Williams interrogation. That’s one of my favorites…. he was an idiot to commit those crimes so close to home. He could’ve learned a thing or two from Israel Keyes, in that sense. He was as smart as he was stupid.

  2. If anything I’d get on a plane to the UAE a non extradition country after emptying the ATM and upon arrival to Dubai I’d change my name to Mabeh Al-Suq Yadeek. It’s no questions asked on any amount of cash upon arrival to any Emirate. Hell you can arrive with a private jet full of it.

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            Nah, I don’t hate my lass, I’m just pissed at her at the moment. Women and their words and guessing games, putting myself in the shoes of this poor chap who was, for all intentions, bent on doing the right thing and fixing his marriage. There’s no fucked up shit a woman can’t do.

    1. @devirginizer

      They probably needed to move him from the crime scene to the water without it being obvious that they’re hauling a corpse around. A dismembered torso would fit nicely into a large suitcase, wheeled curbside trash bin, or 30+ gallon garbage bag. Of course, it’s still very possible that he did something really bad to a crazy bitch as well!

  5. They missed a couple of seasons of CSI to know unless they take out the guts and fill it with rocks a torso is just a creepy floater. Not to mention they fucked royally by getting caught on the ATM cameras using a dead man card.

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