Chinese Cop Brutally Stabs Colleague to Death at Police Station

Chinese Cop Brutally Stabs Colleague to Death at Police Station

Police officer in China brutally stabbed his colleague to death at a police station. Allegedly, the stabbing was sparked by a job related dispute, but the viciousness of the attack seems to suggest a deeper underlying issue at play. This was pure hatred.

The stabbing was caught on a CCTV camera. Seeing as this allegedly happened within a police station, I’m surprised (or maybe not) nobody intervened. Though at one point you can see somebody standing on top of the stairs and watching the massacre, but no guts to stop the raging knife man.

Props to Best Gore member @ruzzky for the video:

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  1. I’m going to take a bet that the dead cop reported the other one for abuse of power. These scum don’t react well to having limits imposed on their powers. I hope they fry him sloooooowly.

    1. It’d be cool if they literally found a microwave big enough for him to fit inside, stuck pins and needles into various parts of his body, shoved him in the microwave and put him in for ten minutes on the lowest power. The pins and needles would probably spark and sizzle burning like hell in addition to him being cooked from the inside out.

  2. Wow! I was so fixated on the two, that I didn’t see the third person on the stairs. That victim hung in a long time. Now that I watch it again, I bet the third person may have been able to jump in and saved a life. Maybe the attacker would not have been able to hurt someone innocent. Or even a kick to the face of the attacker from the stairs. Idk, it’s close. I was really surprised how long that victim resisted and stayed conscious

      1. Me to fred, not when I got a family at home, it’s all good people saying “I’d jump in” but really when it comes to it most wouldn’t! Wonder what it feels like to stab someone or be stabbed, the knife goes in so easy!

          1. Who can be trusted these days? Now We gotta worry about a coworker attacking us without warning? *stabbing the shit out of Fred throughout post*

        1. I got stabbed a couple times and they didnt hurt when it happened maybe because of the adrenilene is what covered up the pain, but you feel everything the next day haha i couldnt even move the next day at the hospital, Now thats a bitch.
          But from personal experience it didnt hurt when i got stabbed at the moment

          1. That sucks. That is the one weapon I pray I never experience. My luck I would feel every slice in slow motion, feel every bone it grazes and Every organ it punctured. Glad you didn’t while it was happening! Worst fear!!!

        1. Look at the day, this shit just happen a few days ago, this video should be a highly restricted information, guess recording it will leave a trace or the leaker simply dont have the authority

    1. ‘chink, chink, chink’ that is the noise of him trying to slowly dig his way through the jail cell wall/flor. Sort of like El Chapo but he probably didn’t dig himself, he pays others to dig, lol.

      1. @tas-tiger I wonder if he will use the same knife as his tool to do that digging. The materials for the prison structure must have been manufactured in China, so he just has to wait until the equipment failures lead to unlocked cells and collapsing elevators to take out the guards.

        Btw, how have you been? I’ve been AWOL due to running my business, but I always remember the Gore family.

  3. I can smell a pussy when I see one……..
    Ps: at some very point a pussy and a dick are involved……
    Some money too…….and voila ……a ” recette pour un desastre “……

  4. Cop on cop brutality? I’m addicted. As much as lesbian porn is sometime more satisfying than hetero porn, pig assaulting another pig is oddly way more satisfying than any other gore video I’ve seen recently. Asians on top of that, surprised he didn’t perform a splendid flying kick or something.

    1. Wow, he got all stabby on his coworker, good job! Surprising cop on cop cause everyone should be carrying. More workplace disputes chould be handled this way. It sure would shut up your know-it-all, butt into everybody’s conversation, leaving an empty coffee pot, brown nosing, stinking up the restroom, bragging, coming in late, leaving early, cubical mate.

  5. Stupid fuck…….how you gonna look when ” they ”
    Ask your papa and mama to pay for the bullet that
    Killed their son……you fucker……think of that……!!!!!
    You lost it…….and they lost their retirement…….
    Ps: I think I can hear him screaming his lungs off……
    Alaakbarrrrrr………it may be a terrorist attack tho…..after all.

  6. I chewed on my fingers eating chips and guacamole…….
    When the ” gruyère” cop stand up and walked away……
    I thought he’ll kick the killercop ” a la Georges st Pierre”….…
    But no …..nothing at all……sounds like suicide by cop…..
    He may be a woman after all ……can somebody tell……?????
    Cuz the total lack of self defense is hallucinating…….
    The shorts …….too are weird for a guy…..??!?!!!

  7. Turns out it was over a driving dispute. – The fuzz from this station stopped this bald piglet the day before for riding a motorbike without a licence.

    So enraged this little piggie was, he did not go to the market, he did not go home, nor did he have roast beef. But went WEEE WEEE WEEEEEEEEE all over this poor sod with a sharp pointy thing. SLICE OF FRIED GOLD RIGHT THERE.


      1. That’s not what I read. First, it just said this was the latest in a series of attacks. It never says it was the same guy. Second, I don’t think the article refers to this incident because the perpetrator was in a police officer’s uniform. He was also extremely focused on one target. The article said he injured three others. The guy in this video did not seem out to injure anyone but the poor sap he succeeded in murdering. Just my opinion. No offense meant.

        1. Interesting twist on hanging, only problem is if someone finds you in the process they can easily cut you down. I know of “instant” ways which on paper are sound but still get the heebie jebbies when I think about it, im afraid in case suicide takes our spirits to a much worse place than this.

          1. The zip-tie would dig deep into my neck making it impossible to cut without cutting my neck open. I could also cinch up my hands in case I had second thoughts. And I wouldn’t be found for weeks. Hypothetically.

          2. There are better ways. If you ever need someone to talk to im here, about anything. I won’t judge you no matter who you are or the circumstances.

      1. I think choking would be pretty fuckin grim, just breathe out all the air in your lungs and see how long you can stand it (it’s completely different than just holding your breath), it’s fuckin horrible to think of not being able to breathe in.

  8. The cops were on their way to the station when they were forced to take a detour through a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop.

    By the time that they arrived to the station, the dead cop had already been buried and the other cop had been given a promotion.

    With nothing to do, the cops headed back to Krispy Kreme to finish off two dozen more doughnuts.

    Cops have the hardest job. Not!

  9. Baldy must have really really really hated the guy or had a rot-in-prison wish. His swings are very forceful and sloppy. I mean if he wanted to kill him he’d just stab the guy in the neck or slit his throat from behind…had the chance. He would also know about the security camera, so…he’s one hateful mofo.

  10. I wish the video had continued because that victim was starting to seize due to lack of oxygen to the brain. His leg went up and his head went back, and he had agonal breathing. I have seen that many times on Bestgore when the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen due to low blood volume. Also, notice how much blood there was at the scene and how quickly this all went down. The killer was exhausted and had to stand there for a while and just rest. Now imagine this similar scenario happening back in June 1994 with O.J. Simpson and how fast this can all happen. O.J. was as guilty as hell. Too bad there were no security cameras to show it.

    Stabbing is one of the scariest crimes, and it’s also one of the most personal. Technically you are poking holes in the body where there should be none, and allowing precious life-giving blood to escape! It seems that many people would rather chance getting shot than endure being stabbed.

    1. How did no one hear a man and woman getting slaughtered? As evidenced by the memorabilia fiasco, OJ rolls deep. Ron and Nicole were probably slaughtered at gunpoint by multiple assailants. OJ then gets scared and runs, not so much from the cops but rather the heavy hitters he did Ron and Nicole with, thinking they’ll kill OJ to shut him up. Lucky for OJ, being in police custody then getting off in court, and then writing a book saying he’d’ve done it alone appeases the hitters he had with him (Mafiosos, [nose press] )

  11. Nice hatred style murder, 9/10

    Wrong country to commite such a crime, if he did this at Brazil, he will get 12 years and can go out the jail in only three if he show good behavior and work at prison…

    In china he will get a death sentence and the bullet bill will be sent to his family…

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