Chinese Man Brutally Kills His Pretty Wife for Cheating

Chinese Man Brutally Kills His Pretty Wife for Cheating

This Chinese man learned that his pretty wife was cheating on him and brutally killed her, slicing up her pretty face. Stupid idea if you ask me cause China has an unfavorable cock to pussy ratio due to decades of the destructive one child policy. Too many parents killed their newborn daughters and kept killing until they had a boy so now there are too many men for not enough women. He scored himself a cute one, should have pampered her. But then again, if she was a cheater…

It happened in Nanjing, China. I only have this one collage of photos but it shows the damage to the victim’s face pretty well.

Props to Best Gore member GY Power for the pic.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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150 thoughts on “Chinese Man Brutally Kills His Pretty Wife for Cheating”

  1. She must have got bored with the same old noodle soup and decided to help herself to the cream of sum yung gai.

    Her right eye seems to have moved slightly more to the right which is not surprising since it was her wandering eyes that got her into this mess to begin with.

    1. That broad was fugly, looked too much like a little girl for my tastes…I’d rather that mature look, like those older chinese women you see in gambling parlor…or even Czech women like milena…@empty are you stoned, because I am on some lemon haze…what kinda gear do you guys get over on your side of the pond?

      1. I’ve been on Northern Lights recently, we can get pretty much most kinds here, I usually like to holiday in Amsterdam though for my stoned holidays, the choice is remarkable, I have heard that the Amsterdam government want to put an end to foreigners being able to do this, I will cry if this happens even though my bank balance will be happier.

        1. Never been to Amsterdam but I hear Arjan from the Greenhouse Co has been stirring up a bunch of shit to get the law put down…Northern Lights very nice old school shit…I wanna grow it myself one day, oh and is it true in England when you buy grass it is really parsley or something of that nature?

        2. @ Empty.; Amsterdam government has all sorts of insane plans for the coffeeshops. It’s part of what they call ‘Project 1012’. Last year, they wanted to introduce the “weed pass” in coffeeshops nationwide. Customers would have to be an ( ID-) registered ‘member’ of the coffeeshop, and foreigners wouldn’t be allowed to buy weed. Of course there was a lot of protest, and for now that plan is cancelled. But there’s more. The A’dam government now feels that coffeeshops within 250 m. of a school should be closed so as not to bring the youth into temptation…Yeah right! Also they want to prohibit smoking ( weed) in schoolyards. And they want to close 26 coffeehops in the Red Light District ‘in order to diminish criminality in the area’…Yeah right! They really want to make the RLD into a ‘economically upgraded’ yuppie zone. In the whole of A’dam, they want to shut down70 coffeeshops.
          I wish politicians did something useful instead, like stopping health insurance companies making billions of profit by sucking the population dry.

    2. Oke this may be off topic but,i hope mark does read did.the reason why i post this here is because this is the only place im being heard,since the world became a place full of sheeps.So please make an anti-zio post mark and open everyones eyes once again

        1. For whatever reason, Asian women who are overtly Westernized and hang out with White/Black women, tend to be built in the shape of Black women.

          It’s kind of like White women, I guess. Where now-adays White women have builds like Black women (big asses and so on)

          1. guess maybe it’s lifestyle then, less green tea and more soda or whatever, as long as the butts is big in an athletic way, no complaints

          2. You these foreign guy you know the truth? Her husband, is a S. B. in the gathering of friends because friends. She listened to his wife, her husband killed his wife, he never did anything wrong, you S, B! Despise you.

          1. It is possible that the husband visited Best Gore and thought his wife was the Asian chick on the Punish Tube ad.

      1. You are not born in China, of course you don’t know the truth. That’s true. Her husband was an idiotic. His wife is not wrong, wrong is her husband and her husband refuse friend.

      1. I have asian hair nice and straight and black haha but its not that long sadly 馃檨 so sad I’m still growing it out its more than halfway down my back I’m trying to grow it down to my bellybutton atleast. I’d say 6 more months 馃榾 woo!

    1. I doubt she cheated, if you read the link further down it explains what happened.
      She was only 22 and had a 3 month old baby. If she was married at 20 it’s unlikely she is going to start cheating within months and get pregnant with another mans baby . The guy was just a jealous paranoid loon.

      1. Bullshit.lots of women change guys after giving birth. Post partum depression.
        Sounds like she used him for sperm and now child support and his house while the cunt returns to her previous boyfriend.

  2. Husband always locked her up at home and yet club, gets drunk and fuck around with STD fluffy pussies. Even this girl was also transmitted by her husband sex disease. Now left a 100 day old son.

    1. From the sound of it the guy was a spoiled rich boy bastard. She was too innocent to see it coming. She was so innocent that she believed he could change him by loving her more.

      People should read this story first before judging her so harshly.

      RIP Qi

    1. know what you mean obli ,them ‘trout pout duck face oh look im so dumb and innocent yet im enticing you sexually all in one look’ bitches really get my forehead veins throbbing. hope he smashed that little lovepie of hers between her legs before he wasted her though.

      1. That’s my take on it, also. The guy your wife/girlfriend is cheating on you with owes you no loyalty, and chances are if he’s screwing a married/attached woman, he doesn’t have a shred of loyalty, honor or anything worthwhile anyway.

        No – Your partner is the one who is at fault. She’s the one who owed you loyalty (as you owed her) and she spit on that by taking another dudes dick inside her.

        This situation changes if the other guy was a family member/friend, though. Then you got to handle your business and blotch out his face.

        This comment is going to cause an uproar among the female members on this site, but that’s not new: I’ve heard it said a Female Infidelity is to a man as rape is to a woman.

        I’m not sure there is a more vicious attack a woman can use against a man.. (Well.. cutting off his Twig and Berries has to be up there..)

        That said, killing a cheating woman is dumb, but I can kind of understand it happening in the West. Nah, hear me out: Think about it – if you file for Divorce, chances are she’s getting at least half your money, your home, cars, children (if you have any) life-long alimony and so on. You basically end up paying her to cheat on you, and then she uses your money to, essentially, buy other dicks to fuck her in your house. And all this at an extremely emotional time where your life is turned upside down, and right is left, left is up, and up is diagonal.

        In that instance, filled with such rage, hatred, indignation, humiliation and frustration, bad shit happens.

        Then you end up in Jail for the rest of your life. You are basically screwed either way.

        This is why I’ll never get married in the West. Fuck that.

          1. I agree on not dating single-mothers, getting married or having kids bit.

            Well, I’d amend it to “Don’t date single-mothers, get married or have kids in the West”.

            90% of Single-Mothers are skanks, over 60% of the Marriages in the West end in Divorce, and generally end up with the man getting robbed in Divorce court, and have you seen the type of Women and Men the West churns out? I’d not raise my son or daughter here.

            You’d probably end up with a whore for a Daughter and/or a self-hating idiot for a Son.

        1. silenced I agree with every post you make my friend, don’t bend for anybody buddy ,no matter how many ‘sisters’ and their pointless ranting come at you there are people out there who agree with you . I mean it is so easy for a woman to get sex ,even the ugly ones could if they wanted show their pussy and most men would stick it in once its their in front of your eyes ,whereas men its not easy for us to get it . so yes when a woman cheats by using her enticing vagina and its power then it is a major headfuck for the man and shows a scumminess level of the woman ,I also agree western women especially in the uk where im from are complete tramps and not worth anything .how sad that women are becoming worthless ,such creatures of beauty yet so evil when they choose to be.

  3. Get over yourself Hung Luong or whatever your name is. You should have shaved your dragon ballz like she asked. If you didn’t work all day and night and leave your chic alone she wouldn’t have strayed to another chink who is more available and liked computer porn like her.

  4. An ancient, but wise Chinese man once said, “If you can’t live with her, Kill that bitch.”
    I mean, what did Lu Chan and Chao-xing expected? He was obviously born in the year of the rat, and she was conceived in the year of the unicorn…nothing good could have come out of this.

  5. The murderer is the son of a rich filthy corrupted official, the couple has a 2 month old infant and the guy has a strong delusion that the baby is not his.
    Rich spoilt fleshy virus who could not bear the stress of becoming a father (oops no longer the spoilt son of the family) and blown some fuses.

    1. You got something against bow-legged folks? I’m bow-legged and that’s not because my ancestors were Cherokee, nor because my dad was a fucking psychopath, nor even for the simple reason that I started running before I knew how to walk, no I’m bow-legged so that I can easily best knock-kneed people like yourself, fuck your chics, and wipe your lazy ass race off planet earth.

      1. No man I got nothing against the bow legged folks in general. It’s those runts that I despise i’ve met a lot of Chinese in different places and theyact like they own the world. But in their own country they were slaves. Ask every Chinese who lives in another countries if they would go back to to China. 8 out of 10 would say no.

  6. Now that’s a real waste of a nice hot fuck doll. I don’t care what the rest of you say, that girl was good to go…and in bout 5 years time, she would’ve turned into a nice mature fuck machine. Hot firm round ass, tight bod, ripe perky, tight tits, firmed up lips…. Man this is one of those times I wish I had my Batmobile.

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