Chinese Shop Owner Hacks African Man to Death in Suriname

Chinese Shop Owner Hacks African Man to Death in Suriname

You may recall Best Gore member mac-enik for his contributions from little talked about, Dutch speaking South American country of Suriname, such as this casino robbery.

Today, mac-enik brings you a video of a large number of African descent people getting angry at a Chinese shop owner who killed an African man. Mac-enik explains the background the best:

Saramacca street is in the heart of the city of Paramaribo. There is a big market there, and it is where the maroons go to do their shopping. It is something like a big assembly point for all those Africans (I call them Africans because they are miserable, live like Africans, and also their language sounds like a mafu ma bwe bwe language).

Saramacca is also where they meet to catch a ride back into the jungle. Most of these people don’t have cars, nor they have proper clothing or tooth brushes, so that means they have to all carpool in one bus. Man can you imagine the
smell sitting with 20 of those guys in a single bus for a 6 hour drive into the bushes?

But anyway, to come back to the story – this is about a Chinese shop owner who hacked an African client (and all of the Africans always say: “it wasn’t me“). The African probably stole a chocolate bar, or a watermelon, or something like that.

But now all the people outside the store want to kick that Chinese ass, but China man is not afraid, and says he got 6 more machetes and 8 family members inside. So it started to turn to a riot, and the police arrived at the scene to take the China man to the police station where he could give a statement, because it was getting to hot in front of the shop.

At one point in the video, one of them blacks is getting interviewed, but it’s hard for me to understand what he says, because they have some kind of mix African language. But he says something like:

“The China man did wrong shit to my bushnigger (djoeka) friend. Now all we bushniggers is going to do bad shit to China man. We fuck up China man when he comes out. The boy was my friend, I tell you truth, no lies. He was my bushnigger friend from long time. Now China man fuck him up. We gonna hit china man for fucking up our bushnigger…”

As I said, I am not familiar with this language. I am mixed race Surinamese not African.

These people are hot heads, when they are with a shitload of them. But when they are by themselves, they won’t do you no trouble.

As I told you, this place is a meeting point for these people, so when this China man hacked the black guy, all the blacks joined together to fuck that China man up.

When the police took the China man away, they had to fire some warning shots, because all the blacks tried to jump the China man, and block the police car to not let him drive away.

But in a sad way, one the warning shots did hit an innocent bystander. This was a guy walking down the street with his baby in his arms.

As you probably noticed, the police men were not Djoekas. They were regular creoles and Indian officers. Djoekas are hated by all kind of Surinamese people, because they only fuck and make babies. They never work, are lazy and
only bring crime and poverty along with them. Maybe that’s why one of the officers didn’t fire the warning shot in the air, but straight into the crowd (in the past there used to be a war in the jungle – we Surinamese fought against them Djoekas, my uncle was one the jungle commandos and our president was the head of our army, so maybe you understand the tensions between the different ethnic groups).

The baby luckily was not got hurt, but for the poor guy – it was game over. That’s how cheap life is in South America. Perhaps not in those pussy countries like Chile, Bolivia, or Argentina.

Enjoy the video and the weird African Language spoken in south America.

Thanks a lot for this awesome write up and the video, mac-enik:

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          1. Well… I like restoring to original specs myself… But to each his/her own…

            It just depends what you want…
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    1. For those who promote multiculturalism are a bunch of naive faggots and women who never been to the jungle. The world was divided into countries many thousand years ago based on skin colors, body odors, food, habits, voice pitch etc, and the planet was peaceful then. Recent 90s globalization led the world to more violence and wars, both domestic and foreign.

      1. I couldn’t agree more. Since globalization, we, each faced our own domestic problems. Now we have multicultural problems. Its all common fucking sense, when a society consists of many a language/culture, there won’t be any unison. How can there be peace if unison is lacked. Damn

  1. That reporter sounded like she was desperate to birp or fart or something.

    Niggers being niggers, loud, animated , and acting as if the human race has regressed.

    Shame about the baby being eithout a father 🙁

    1. Did you not read the goddamn announcement at the top of the page? That’s Suriname – Latin America…not Afrik(c)a!

      Strange enough though, for a latina american country, i only see african people in this video 😕

  2. ?and all of the Africans always say: ?it wasn?t me??

    So even in small, little known South American countries black people still call each other Niggers and when caught committing crimes say ?I din du nuffins?.

    They really are all the same no matter where they live on this planet. They truly are biologically predisposed towards acts of impulse and violence.

    1. their average iq falls way below average apparently. they probably have brains of 13 year olds in adult bodys so have difficulty in adjusting to the modern world. the one us whites created and are letting go to shit.

      1. @smellyoldminge,

        Yes, their average iq is incredibly low. If it were not for Affirmative Action(and European equivalents)they would never be able to compete and survive in the first world.

        The UK in particular is bad in this respect because the state sector seems to employ solely based upon politically correct box ticking and so blacks are extremely over-represented in these areas.

        The amusing part though is that blacks blame poverty and lack of opportunity for their failings and massive crime rates when in reality blacks are given far more opportunities than working class white kids and even get chosen for jobs over better qualified people based solely upon their racial profile.

        Despite all this help they still insist that the white man is evil and keeps the black man down. They love the white women though, so much so that many of them refuse to even consider a black woman as relationship material.

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        1. watch mohammed ali on youtube when asked about dating white women.its really moving actually and makes you think hard about interracial relationships. it is like he says a kick in your own face when you reject your own. and theres no shame in wanting to only breed with your own. if a great man like mohammed ali has the vision and intelligence to see this then thats good enough for me but he was a one off. a groid with humour and self observance and knowledge of his true heritage is ok with me because he doesnt play the victim card he sucks it up and says im proud to be african and i will be with an african woman. they was all surprised when he said that and tried to sway him but he wouldnt budge and good on him. its not racist to want to breed with your own its fucking natural.

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  3. Im dutch. I understood the newsreporter completly but when the 2 males in the video started talking i got no clue what language they were speaking, anyone know what language that was? (Also some of the words the newsreporter used aren’t words you hear everyday. Its like some words that only old or too classy dutch people sometimes use. Pretty funny to hear from such a young lady)

    1. yep we still speak medieval dutch, because the pirates you guys sent over here to rule our country weren’t the most smartest people from their time 😛 / but anyway the small guy is talking i think Aucaans thats what tribe they from and the Snoop Dogg looking guy is just talking Sranan tongo (surinam tongue) its just our street talk a mix of different languages. but most of the djoekas are very short like small monkeys, thats mostly how you can recognize them the long black people are just normal citizens ( creoles )

  4. Had the accompanying write-up not said that this took place in Suriname, I would have guessed it to be Haiti. Great video and a very entertaining written description from mac-enik.

    My first thought was that Suriname is in desperate need for attractive women. Generally female news reporters are quite attractive yet this one looked as if she had just crawled out of bed wearing the same clothes as the day before. Hair still encrusted with jungle bunny JIZZ.

    To expand on what member @Empty soul was saying, I’d say it is a proven fact that Africans turn every place that they inhabit into shit. A reverse King Midas as it were.
    It is, however, my observation that a very small number of Africans (in the city I live in) are here on school visas and are very quiet and polite and stay out of trouble. All are nursing students and all leave upon graduation. It’s worth noting too that these students have not one nice thing to say to, or about our domestic niggers. In fact, they might hate them as much as the rest of us.

    Last: A horizontal “warning shot”. LoL!!! Priceless! Police in Suriname simply call that, “Bushnigger Bingo”.

        1. well i really like her that news reporter, she never scared for anything to say against anyone or to go anywhere. we used to had a newsreporter here she worked for a dutch company RTL4 and since she grown up in holland but was a surinamese, she worked for the dutch company as a surinamese correspondent. but the thing was she also had a white dutch boyfriend, so the guy thought he was a big time player. you know when white dudes walking around with black girls they feel themselves black as well so he thought he was slick rick or something like that. but at 1 giving moment they were walking in the city during night time when a car pulled over next to them and they demanded the girls purse, so she wanted to give it. but the gangster eminem looking guy was playing his gangster role ( he felt he was black like one of them bandits ), and he was talking to the girl no dont give the purse i will fuck them all up. the bandits pulled out a 12guage shotgun out of the window and blew his whole head off. after that i never seen that girl anymore. but i bet if something happened to this newsreporter she wouldnt give a fuck, i remember a newsreport a couple years ago. she went into the jungle because there was some heavy fighting going on between 2 illigal goldmining camps 1 camp were brasileiros and the other camp were djoekas (bushniggers) and you could hear the brasileiros shoot at the djoeka camp but she didnt left she just kept interviewing. she is a good newsreporter

      1. I think there are separate continents for a reason. While I don’t consider myself to be racist, one has to be a complete, utter fool of a sheep to ignore the facts laid out in front of us. I am not perfect in any way, but I don’t go around acting like my shit doesn’t stink while trying to convince others they should indulge in a sniff too.
        The problems of the world are clearly spelled out for us, but since some of us can’t even spell our own names properly, the rose colored sunglasses just get darker and darker.

      2. I think there are separate continents for a reason. While I don’t consider myself to be racist, one can’t help but see the infallible truth of ethnic melting pots like the US; It doesn’t work!!!
        The problems of the world such as religious fanaticism and tyrannical governments, are blatantly obvious to those of us who take off the rose colored sunglasses of society. But since the masses are beaten down with oppression and some too unfortunate and/or lazy/stupid to be able to even think of a proper name for their umpteenth illegitimate child, we’re just pulled along like a dog on a leash where ever Big Brother says we’ll go.
        That’s what I think…

    1. hehehe mostly its seems like thats true, i always was thinking about that as well. but after seeing this video i had to change my mind, maybe they use some other form of identification because @2.20 min i clearly see a white african albino. so maybe they dont identify by colour only by the size of their lips, you know like them banana lips thats how they identify them

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