China – Armed Robber Turned Murderer Caught by Sneaky Police

Chine - Armed Robber Turned Murderer Caught by Sneaky Police

Knife wielding robber picked on a victim who wasn’t willing to let go of his possessions lightly, but by doing so he signed his own death sentence. The would be robber utilized his weapon and knifed the victim to death. This time around, despite it taking place in China, the public responded by cornering the robber turned murderer who, in a bid to save his own skin, took a nearby woman hostage. He must not have seen many hostage taking movies cause he made several fundamental mistakes which lost the standoff for him quickly.

First of all – he was not aware of his surroundings and allowed lots of activity to take place behind his back. Secondly, he kept the hostage far away from himself and having been armed with only a knife, he posed no immediate threat to her life should a sniper decide to shoot him.

The police who were at the scene quickly, realized these mistakes and took fast advantage of them. They snuck up on the attacker from behind and stormed him before he could put a knife on the hostage. Towards the end of the video, at around 2 minute mark you can see the victim of the armed robbery bleeding out on the ground.

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