Chinese Girl Hacked to Death by a Scavenger with Meat Cleaver

Victim Was Near Decapitated in the Attack

This just happened – very hot off the press. On June 23, 2012 at 5:30pm local time, a young girl in her early 20’s was walking down a street pulling a luggage on wheels along when in a bid to squeeze through busy street, she came face to face with a man in his 30’s. The man had a wooden cart full of empty bottles he collected on his rounds around town in his tow.

Since both had stuff to drag, neither was willing to get off each other’s way. Being Chinese didn’t make it any better. An altercation quickly escalated into a fight which the man resolved with a meat cleaver he had in his cart.

In a rage, the man directed several blows to the girl’s neck, hacking her up to near decapitation. The girl quickly bled out in the street. The man was arrested and is in police custody.

The report I got said that the man was a scavenger. Though I think that’s a bit of a strong word for a man who probably couldn’t score a job and ended up having to collect empty bottles to at least get some change, I stuck with it cause I don’t think I’ve called anyone a scavenger on Best Gore before.

Many thanks to DriftingDay for the pics:

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    2. Chinese dudes I think are naturally more violent and aggressive during attacks on women because they have to over compensate for having the worlds smallest winkies… Funny cause I half expected to see this chic wearing white bootie style socks like the chic in the “dead chinese girl with hymen intact” post,so I could comment something smart assy about dude being pissed that he couldn’t even pop a cherry so he made up for it with the clever…. Would of been cool though if those posts were connected. If only she’d of worn socks. We could of pretended…

      1. True, if she had been smart she would have just stepped off to the side and let the “scavenger” move on. I always thought most people would obey that rule where everyone walks to their right, that way conflict might be averted. Then again if the street was really crowded she should have just called for a taxi because of all the luggage she was dragging along.

    1. You have to hand it to the “red” Chinese. They frown upon murder in their fair country and they will kill a murderer in kind (unless you’re a high government official, in which case you just “disappear”). No lingering jury trial and wasteful years in prison there.

  1. i enjoy this gore for several reasons. #1 i was not the victim. #2 it teaches me not to engage strangers in the street over something as stupid as the right of way. #3 the chinese population will soon be reduced by 2. the victim and the perp. #4 some nameless gook will get reach selling their organs. i could go on. bewytched would call me a psycho and a sicko but i keep to myself and have never harmed anyone.

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  2. This could have happened in some western countries too. These two could have solved the problem easily with some politeness, a smile or a joke but they must have been pissed off already to begin with.
    It looks like the general attitude has changed a lot in some places, since some 10 years or so. People really don’t care about each other and rudeness has become custom. It seems the ruder the language, the better; ignoring traffic rules is normal; respect for women is history; being kind or helpful is not done. And don’t you dare saying something about it , because you can expect verbal abuse or a fist in your face rightaway.

  3. I love ancient Chinese history, particularly the Late Han Dynasty through the Three Kingdoms period from about 184 AD to 280 AD. A time ravaged by war, strife, oppression, betrayal, and all out slaughter by numerous regional rulers vying to take over the Imperial throne. It’s nice to see that all of the violence is still around, despite the lack of political machinations and desires to rule, there only remains the murderous intent and contempt for human life.

          1. according to Google Fucking Translate:

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            This conversation made me laugh long time.

  4. Something came to mind which i had forgotten about, i remember it now. A guy i know from our town told me one day he found himself in a situation where the pavement was blocked, only one pedestrian at a time could pass, and on the other side was a fellow with a hostile face, looking for an argument. Who would go first now. My guy said to him: “Would you make way for an idiot?” “No, of course not”, the second one replied. “Well, I would”, the first guy said and stepped aside. It was not until he was 50 yards away when the second guy understood and started yelling in rage.

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