Chinese Man Stabbed to Death by Love Hotel Owner

Chinese Man Stabbed to Death by Love Hotel Owner

This Chinese dude really needed to bust his nut into his girlfriend butt, but she wasn’t feeling a sΓ©ance behind a bush so he took her to a Love Hotel – a short stay hotel where they charge on a per hour basis. Love Hotels specifically cater to clientele looking to have sex and get the hell out of there. The Love Hotel where this couple went had a 2 hour minimum policy. They charge on a per hour basis but you must stay for at least 2 hours. It’s as if a regular hotel told you that this is how much it costs per night, but you must stay 2 nights.

The man really needed to let that sperm flow down that fine woman’s throat and checked in, but the need to bust that nut was satisfied quickly so they were both out of there well before 2 hours were over. The hotel owner was not having any of the man’s excuses that they had only used up a few minutes and insisted that he pays for 2 hours no matter how quickly he was able to facialize his girlfriend.

The argument between the two escalated into a fight in which the hotel owner stabbed the just-nut-emptied guy several times. People gathered round to take a look at the stabbed man but nobody moved a finger to try to stop bleeding or otherwise save his life. As a result, the man died.

You don’t fuck with Chinese Love Hotel owners. They’re all one big fucking mafia, buddies with the cops so the victim would have been on the losing side one way or another. The murderer will likely get off without a charge. He runs a Love Hotel, he’s got money to bribe authorities with.

RIP empty nut guy. Last act of valor – diving to shield his girlfriend from a long tailed reptilian with a pointy end.

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54 thoughts on “Chinese Man Stabbed to Death by Love Hotel Owner”

  1. Why would anyone want to stop the bleeding? People don’t make a habit of walking around with surgical gloves. He’s in a ‘love hotel’, clearly he makes a habit of having sex with street walkers. As far as I’m concerned that puts him into a high risk catagory for blood borne diseases. I don’t want to seem harsh but he chose to have sex with a street walker and then he choose to argue over paying an extra hour hotel bill when if he had any sense at all he would have paid the bill and put it down to experience. I hope that if I was there I wouldn’t be overcome by compassion and risk contracting hiv or hep c when his bad judgement had put him in that postiion.

  2. I love the way they were treating the womans cut on her arm and just letting the guy with multiples in his chest roll around in agony. Assuming that the woman is his jizzgobbler she didn’t really seem too cut up about the whole situation

  3. Typical cheap fuckin chink , fuck man , tally up pal , you want to play , you have to pay. That is like me renting a car for a day (the minimum) ,going around the block , to the beer store . I then bring the car back in 15 minutes & wont pay for the daily rental ? FUCK OFF & pay like everybody else. Look at ya now you stupid fuck…

    1. Aint that the truth.
      I routinely have people bitchin to me about prices of certain things. I reply in two ways. First, i tell them you gotta pay the cost to be the boss. That one always makes them look like a pussy ass bitch if they dont buy it.(especially if theyre with a girl)
      Secondly, i ask them “so last time you filled up with gas, did you bitch to the clerk about the price? Bet not. Fuck off.”

          1. Haha you might think so judging by the way i look. But ive learned that if you say things with no hesitation in your voice, people dont question it.
            PS ill show you my ballz if you want babydoll.

          2. I might add that in the area where i live we have a large population of what Mark and other would refer to as gypsies. They work very hard to be intimidating in order to strongarm people into giving them deals on things. They try to haggle all the time and after enough of it, you’ll find yourself telling them to eat dicks after about 3 seconds of conversation.

  4. Why don’t they just call the 2 hour minimum what it really is. Cleaning up your shit! No matter how long it takes its all just as disgusting. Dude thought he could be quick and just jizz all over everything but no… he misunderstood. Kudos to the shopkeeper.

      1. tulio! lol! Yea, we got fucking turds in the pizza down here, so that is why I make my own.

        I know from experience, working at Little Caesars. Pizza would come right out of the oven with roaches just chilling on them. Like Miss Lovette’s Pie shop.

      2. around here, there’s actually a good wooden fired pizza called bricks. It can almost pass as italian, if not for the jalapenios, pseudo-parmesan cheese , aceto balsamico (aceto balsamico in a pizza wtf?) that comes with some of them.
        It also seems that america fuck yea learned how to make good wines in the last 10 years

  5. the bitch kneeling beside him looked pretty fuckable. Well, almost everything looks fuckable to Tulio nowadays.
    So, Banana Republic and China are the only places in the world where these kind of “TELOS” are widespread? Tulio was quite the connoussieur of buenos aires love hotels, prefering the most bizarre and cheesiest ones, sadly in the last years, the real estate bubble made many love hotel owners (usually old spanish inmigrants or their seedspawns)located in nice neighboors sell their properties for evil reptilian luxury condos and tower building.
    Let me tell you these gooks are really the bottom of the bottom of cheesiness, you took a 2 hour turn and cum earlier, just pay for it you dirty cheap selfish gook!…or continue fucking (well thats not an option if the girl was a whore, and chinese are known for loving brothel houses everywhere they go)
    Tulio always rented the room until breakfast the next day, it kinda sucks being in the middle of the DEMON SEEDING exercise and have the fuckin old galician spaniard knocking your door “you gotta 15 minutes left, hurry up”

  6. Ok. I havent checked out the site in a week or so. Wtf is with the dived to shield his girlfriend thing about? Also after seeing this im gonna be hell of a lot nicer to the chinks next door lol πŸ˜‰

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