Chubby Woman Stands Up to Man Killing People on Street with Hatchet

Chubby Woman Stands Up to Man Killing People on Street with Hatchet

We’re 998 pages of gore big, but we pale in comparison to the size of this woman’s cojones. She’s hands down one of the ballsiest people we may have ever seen.

According to the information I got, this happened in China. The CCTV footage shows a man murdering at least three people by bashing their heads with a hatchet. Both victims are incapacitated on the ground as the killer keeps hitting them.

A chubby woman on some kind of a scooter buggy rides by and instead of playing ignorant like everybody else, pulls over and tries to reason with the attacker. He’s too involved in his murder in progress, and while focused primarily on killing his targets, also hits the woman because she’s getting in his way, and thus on his nerves.

The woman’s balls are bigger than that, though, so despite being hit, she keeps trying to stop the attacker until she’s knocked down, and then she gets hammered on the head a few times.

Not sure what this guy’s problem was, but I sure hope the brass balls lady pulls through. I wonder if she maybe knew the couple being beaten and that’s why she was so defensive of them? Either way, she gets major props and the guy a major boooo.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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215 thoughts on “Chubby Woman Stands Up to Man Killing People on Street with Hatchet”

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          1. Oberleutnant has pretty much retracted everything he said to me here.

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        1. *************
          Im almost positive Mr. Hatchetman is the same guy driving the car that hits the two people riding scooters together at the very beginning of the video to the bottom left of the screen.

          If I took a stab in the dark, he probably caught up to his wife and her lover, or something related to that situation.

          Plus looked more like he was hitting with back of hatchet.

    1. First, I would re-title the BG video and change “chubby” to “Heroic”.
      Second, fuk all you Best Gore members who made sicko type comment on the lady.
      In Best Gore, once in a great while we are “privileged” to see a fellow human being soar to the highest levels of humanity.
      This Chinese “hero” confronted great evil and paid the ultimate price because she is probably dead now Also, I am guessing she was someone’s mom, grandmother, or otherwise “good” citizen.
      So fuk all you BG haters here. Tonight, I am praying for this hero and her loved ones.
      I hope China honors her in some public way.

      1. I agree with you 100%. A lot of these disrespectful little ass-wipes are the type of people that usually end up here on BG. Just the most sick, twisted, lowlife fucks who only come here to mock the dead and the selfless, who learn nothing from what they see. This women literally stopped in the middle of the road to come to their aid, it’s a shame she wasnt strong enough to stop him. Her courage certainly cost her, if there were more people like this in the world maybe it wouldn’t be more fucked up than ever. I could not have said it much better Meteor, we are PRIVLEGED to see such a thing. I hope she survived as well, people like her are so few and far between, quite literally too. Most of the Earth is covered in scum.

        1. No it’ll make the world more fucked up as there would be an extra victim or more for each incident like this who’ll try to save other victims not realizing that you might end up becoming one 😆

          1. I watched the video more closely. The man was hitting her with the back end of the cleaver, so the blows were blunt force, not flesh-chopping blows. I think she will live.

            I agree what she did was very brave, but she was relying on a semi pussy pass, i.e. the notion that that he won’t attack an unarmed woman acting as the voice of reason. In fact she did get that semi pass, i.e. he didn’t give her sharp end.

            If I was her, I’d say fuck that shit. I’m not risking my life over an aggressive and violent situation I know very little about. I don’t want to be dead. I want to see the sun every morning, go on nice holidays, meet women, climb the career ladder, and all that jazz.

            Now if it was that disabled guy drowning in the lake, I’d have taken my shirt off and swam to save him.

          2. @mrspock
            As a grappler, is much easier to face an ax than a knife. Step inside and the ax is no more. She may not have my skills but, as a landwhale, jump on him and would be very easy for anyone else to take his ax, wile she is on top. She did rely on a pussy pass, but it wasn’t granted. The blunt part is a hammer and is actually more efficient to break a skull. Fucking landwhale is a hero! Very rude for people to offend her.
            As far as I know, every fucking pond in Florida is full of crocks. And ponds are no pools… the mud in the bottom can easily get you stuck. If it was my backward (like it seem the case of those fucking nigger) I’m probably stepping in, since I’m a good swimmer… But if I’m there only visiting aunt Sally… No way! Have you ever heard of Schistosomiasis?? It should keep you away from ponds.

          3. MasterPlan As a grappler I agree with you. Axe or any blunt weapon is way easier to deal with. Knife is a bitch and nearly impossible to defend. Everything fail against knife or similar blade. Here we have elderly woman without any fucking training. Huge respect. I like best gore , but level of comments is below fucking anything including the owner who disrespect even guy like Dakota Mayers. Fucking pathetic.

          4. @pat27
            Oh please, stop acting like you’re morally superior than everyone in here, you clicked on this site despite many warning, even signed up for this too! You enjoy watching people dying and murdering, don’t try virtual signaling in here.

        2. So,….what the fuck are you doing here!? You must be scum aswell! Remember where you are,I’m sure you ended up here by accident,……….didn’t you? Oh yeah, Fuck You! Goddamn snowflake bitch. Go cry your eyes out elsewhere and stop trying to be some kind of white knight faggot! This IS BEST GORE! Sparta is down the lane. Hahaha LOL LOL LOL. That was a joke, but the rest was not.

      2. Agree with you on that Meteor too many haters that make sick comments just for likes. This is by far the bravest person ive seen on this site
        Big ups to her for trying to save someone’s life rather than getting her phone out and recording it.
        Hope she survives

      3. we don’t know the full story. so save your homo shit for another day. if i was smashing someones skull in with a hammer, it would be for a good reason. anyone that tried to stop me would be a filthy piece of shit and justice would swiftly move to their head.

        1. You’re retarded, and you know what? I’m actually excited to see what you say next, I’m in a bit of awe right now. How could you be so fucking daft to assume that if someone is attacking multiple people with the flat end of a hatchet , it would automatically be for a good justified reason, you fucking moron. That’s exactly what I meant when I said before those who don’t learn from what they see.

        2. If confronting you makes me a piece of shit, here I am! WTF is wrong with you?? I know you don’t lose point for being a retarded, since there are no points to be earned… But that woman is clearly a hero. I stand up for her, specially when she is dead! Asshole.

          1. @masterplan
            I looked up Schistosomiasis.
            It’s snail fever from parasites in water. Probably not that safe to rescue that disabled guy. Assuming you don’t get a leg bitten off by gators.

            Well I agree the lady was very brave, braver than most men would be. Hope she didn’t die because of that shithead.

      4. Well, I think she was stupid as well. To confront an armed maniac with nothing at least to defend herself with let alone save the others ? Her actions were in vain & not only she failed to save the other victims/make a difference, she made herself a victim. She should’ve stayed away after he almost hit her with the damn thing but nope. Stupid heroes are useless. I’d stay away from the maniac and stay conscious enough to make an emergency call rather than getting my skull bashed in with a hatchet trying to be a hero in that situation 😛

      5. This was a strange video. It’s either a fugazi or a snapshot of the moment somebody snapped and took extreme measures. For reasons we know not. The fat woman may have been a relative of this psycho nip. Either way she was pretty determined. Hats off to wank. Hooray! For Frank.

      6. Chinks are dog and cat eating scum, they are responsible for wiping out species like rhinos and elephants for their ivory. Their killing millions of sharks for their fin soup, tigers for their tiger balm.
        They are a savage race and I think the guy doing the killing also recognises this and so decided to kill some of em, the fat bitch was trying to prevent this guy doing a good deed for the endangered species.

      7. Poor lady, that’s exactly what i felt when i was watching her; as if she were my mom or aunt..defenetly my respects. But fuck your prayers, prayers don’t do shit for anyone other than making you feel better about actually doing nothing.

      8. While I understand the many comments here about women (mothers in particular) teaching violent and manipulative ways …there ARE some of us who had solid fathers. Men who taught us the value of being the best co-pilot we can be to deserving men. This lady is a great example!

      9. I totally understand what your trying to express…but ya know there’s a fine line between succeeding and failure….between brave and foolish. She failed to be a hero. She fell victim too. Her heart was in a good place,and seeing her take them hits was sad. BUT this is gore,and reality. ‘Twas definitely one of those times to be like every other Gook and give no fucks.
        Moral of story (from ax man point of view) “let no one stand in the way of your vengeance”

        1. You’re spot on. Her heart is def in the right place, but her brain wasn’t. Like i said in my previous comment, know your limit, if you know you won’t be able to stop the attack then don’t, if you really want to help, call the police and record it from distance and let Justice handle that murderer later.

    1. BellaZonbe, A.K.A. BloatedShitass, I’m pretty sure this chink hoe accomplished WAY more than you would have in the same situation. Especially since I’ve heard you’re a worthless shitass that doesn’t even have a job and sits at home on the internet all day. Didn’t you tell me you don’t even have a cell phone when I asked you about some computer shit? What a worthless fuck you are.

          1. Someone’s panties are in a bunch, and its not me cause I don’t wear any.

            Taking time out of your day to express such concern on me and my life and what I may or may not be able to do, well I’d say you were a fan. Sorry, It happens so easily. But please find a better way to spend your time than worrying about me 😉

            Actions speak louder than words, think about that before replying and proving my point 😉

          2. “Not your fault your lame and no one likes you.”
            “Taking time out of your day to express such concern on me and my life”
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          3. Kisses bitch 😉 they always say negative attention is better than no attention. Sorry you felt the need to “lash out” so someone would pay attention to you for five minutes. Goodbye 😉

          4. No it isn’t and stop paying attention to what “they say”. It’ll improve your life immensely. I’ve never wanted attention, it’s not my thing. Whenever a friend saw me in a crowd they’d always said they could pick me out right away. I don’t need anymore attention than I already have.

          5. Fuck it, someone obviously isn’t seeing my sarcasm in every god damn reply.

            If my “comments” were effecting you personally you could have said something about it without making some bullshit remark. It would make more sense to me if I understood where you were coming from, but I don’t even recall ever having a conversation with you. So to base assumptions about people based on what you read around without contributing is kind of fucked up. Make up your own mind about me once you’ve actually spoken to me. Otherwise your bull shit out of the blue comments on me and my character make no sense. I’d have been inclined to respect your opinion, if it came from something of substance. Say what you want, that’s what were all here for anyways, but if you want to come at someone directly at least have a good reason. Your “outburst” still looks just like that. A random outburst as if something I said offended you.

            Next time you want to talk shit about me all I ask is be creative, I at least want to be entertained if I have to read the shit.

          6. Not really seeing as my comment is for the miss use of wording in the title. As in its BG the woman hating put us in our places bullshit that would title her as “standing up” for something when in reality her ass gets beat the fuck down.

        1. I just did a quick research & found out that the world’s first cell phone was made in 1973. Which is well before you were born in the 80s. So technically, cell phones outexist you lol 😆 Just FYI 😛 😛

          1. I like Google too. You know as well as I this lame fuck is talking about those waste of money computers in peoples pockets not how cell phones were in the 70s-80s-90s or even early 2000s. I had those kind of “cell phones” but once technology made a “cell phone” everything but a fucking way to make phone calls I backed out. I don’t see the point. I save hundreds on cell phone bills and paying for new screens or the next new phone. I’m happy with what I have and see no purpose for what is considered a “cell phone” these days.

        1. Just tell me that you don’t find an 18 year old man these days who doesn’t own a cell phone as non-creepy. Just own that reality for a change. And then mix it against a female who is over 14 that doesn’t own a cell phone. You can’t be fucking serious you plaster person.

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          2. Why would I find a guy with no phone to be creepy? I literally never think a person without a phone is “creepy” or worthless. That has never entered my mind at all.

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            I have better things to do now toots, so I’ll catch you around. Thanks for being a hater 😉 love me or hate me its still an obsession and until you keep my name out your mouth I feel sorry for you 😉

          5. Haha plaster, just because I don’t have a cell phone now doesn’t mean I’ve never owned one. I swear some people read other peoples conversations here and think they are entitled to an opinion about something that has nothing to do with them. Now doesn’t that sound sad? Poor guy.

          1. You’re on the same level; you would have probably pulled out your cellphone instead hahaha… @bellazombe i didn’t own a cell myself for a while when i was a brand new mom, and my husband tried not to own one to stay away from social media and stupid people lol anyone here know what a landline is?

          2. Exactly, I have house phone. What I don’t understand is why he’s so concerned with it to begin with. He’s referencing a conversation I had months ago and he wasn’t even apart of it. Goes to show how many lurkers this site actually has.

        2. Plaster, you really annoy me sometimes more than anyone else. Because it seems like you are a female that sometimes thrives on logic, and yet at the same time feels the need to defend retarded females on this site just because the owner seems to hate women.. Oh shit I said it…. This is why you don’t argue with women. Arguing with women and arguing with idiots is basically the same thing, they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
          But SHIT..

          They don’t use logic or even laugh about logical things.
          Men should never argue with women. It’s pointless.

          1. Well, if I annoy you, I can’t help it. You’re allowed your opinion. I’m allowed mine. But really, this whole conversation will be a distant memory within a day. So, why give a shit?

          2. Good point, why give a shit about anything? I’m certain that the assholes I’ve seen around t0wn the past few days might not recognize me in mugshots. Not that I have any or give a shit about the people that see me walking down the street thinking I’m privileged or something.

          1. Yeah, I think you read one sentence and don’t know the context. So, kindly shut the hell up until you know what you’re commenting about.

          2. Sheee-it. Immaturity never goes away, I swear it just depends on the ignorant fucks that can bring it out of you >.< lol

          3. @bellazombe. Do I smell a wedding in the near future ?? A BG WEDDING. HOW AWESOME. Zombies , APES, DONKEYS, SKINNED HEADS!! all in the wedding party. Yessssss. Lmfao. Call me w the date. I mean email me!! Ha.
            Ps. You have always. Been alright in my eyes.

          4. PIGgray is awesome! Attention galore for him! @sanbeagle I hope that’s enough. I would do all caps but Mark’s not keen on that. 😉
            Actually Mark probably isn’t keen on this whole fucking thread. Sorry.

  1. She should have gone for gold and ran his ass over. She was way too delicate. Punch him in the throat, grab his balls and twist them. Kick him in the balls and then stomp on his head a couple of times after he goes down.

    I feel bad for the gal. Hope she survived.

    Looks to me like he was a jilted lover.

    1. Well you learn so much from Best Gore.

      That woman doesn’t watch BG so she would find this stuff all extremely scary.
      But a Best Gorean here, who efficiently watches all the shit that happens in this website here, will know that he/she has to be ruthless and my guess is that a BG person would have run the stupid bunt down with a car.

  2. I watched the video and trying to figure out why she would play the hero , compassion for the victims? Just an act of bravery? It looks to me she just wanted her favorite hatchet back…” give it back to me its mine , it’s mine! “这是我的斧头

  3. One of the funniest videos I’ve seen. From the ploughing into the 2 motorcyclists to the whacking multiple people with the weapon. Send it to You’ve Been Framed and claim the £250.

  4. It’s just cool to see a video that is not the “women do nothing” as whatever tragedy unfolds. She tried talking and it didn’t work. I doubt she could have overpowered him as big doesn’t equal strong. But she tried something at least.

  5. That lady is tougher then all those dudes just riding on by. I hope it didn’t cost her to lose her life for it. We need more people like her, if it were a group they could have stopped him. Don’t know the story but it seems like something a jealous ex would do or busted cheater.

    1. From my observation, most cyclists are aggressive cunts towards other people in their way.
      And when I’m driving, they lycra clad nobodies on bikes ride so slowly, I just want to mow them down.

        1. GoPro is stopping him. A guy in Tennessee just got caught getting pissed and hitting a cyclist. Another guy’s GoPro caught his plate number and now he’s in deep shit. Will probably lose his job at a University and go to jail.

          And what if the fat person is cycling to lose weight? Lol

          1. The fat person will lose it’s 21grams. Success and champers for all.

            The man caught on GoPro made a mistake . Let’s hope it learns how to drive over cyclists properly and I miss you so much I will be fine

      1. Was walking to the shops a few months back and there were a few rich arsehole cyclists riding on the side of road and one of the dickheads started yelling at me even though i was on the footpath, cheeky bastard was lucky i wasn’t a metre closer to a big broken up piece of brick otherwise i would’ve pelted it at the cunt’s neck

  6. Maybe the hatchet guy has a micropenis and he is really hacked off that 99% of the male population has a bigger penis. He hasn’t seen the other guys’ dicks, but he is sure as hell certain they are luckier. So what the hell. He wants to go on a killing spree with a cleaver.

    That woman thought she was going to get pussy pass, but she was wrong. Respect to her though.
    A psycho bastard is a psycho bastard, and there is no telling what a psycho bastard will do next.

    1. Noticed he wasn’t using the sharp edge of that farm tool.
      I think he is the husband who foundout his wife having affair with the other guy and so wanted to kill both..but what s the point in wasting own life any further and another innocent . may be due to society humiliation is much deeper in eastern cultures.
      Any way I hope the heroic lady survived

  7. Scheduled pay-per-view rematch.
    The Rage of the Road, Dispatch It with a Hatchet, Yu Chop Miiiiii
    The Toughest Vagyner in All of Chiner, The Uranium Cranium, Xiuuuuuu

  8. Courage is not enough for a hero. This was stupid, unnecessary and as poorly executed “help” as it could be. As they say, there are brave cops and there are old cops, but there are no brave old cops. She could have backed down, then charge him with her moped at full speed, pedal to the metal… Instead she decided to simply become his next victim. No heroic deeds here, just plain old stupidity.

    May she rest in peace.

  9. How many cats and dogs has that fat Chinese shit cunt eaten in her life time. Good riddance to the fat cunt, the guy who smashed her skull should get an award from the RSPCA.

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