Chunky Head Residue, Shooters Tear Dead Man New Asshole

Gunmen Tear Dead Man New Asshole, Chunky Head Residue

In Latin America, a gunman unloads an excessive amount of bullets into the head of an already dead man. The overkill scatters chunky brain matter. The residue of emptied brain matter leaves a bloody mess.

Finished giving excessive head, the shooter is joined by gunmen whom go down on the man -south of the border- tearing the victim a new asshole or two.

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104 thoughts on “Chunky Head Residue, Shooters Tear Dead Man New Asshole”

  1. Ha ! The dickheads went euphorical emptying their bullet chambers on a target , which already was lain offed .
    The demented heads romped around feeling pleased first seeing the gray mater blown by them , in it to smithereens patting and lauding their own indisposed efforts just entertaining the videoing guy.

    Further up just hang in on ………& guess what ? another scene unfolds .if that was not all ; the duo goes a step further to the extent of holing up the victims butt rendering multiple holes around his ass cheeks giving , “HOLE OF AN ASS” …..a new meaning .

    I wonder what rewards KARMA has in store for these sick lives . There’s no telling how KARMA will leave them butchered when their time will come, I bet its gonna be worse than the worst .

      1. There’s no way I can get judgmental cause I know these Beaner Culturists are cut out to be the way their ancestors have raised them to be . What their forefathers the grand grand fathers were back then is what these bastards are chiseled out to be today.

        1. That’s right. They’re doomed to their previous destinies. Imagine how pathetic that would be. They don’t even try to get out of that by moving on to hobbies like surfing, instead they head chop.

          1. Its a pity that their breed is forever caught in a rut and there’s no way they strive to escape which reminds me of a fable about a little frog living in an old well , satisfied and happy , he thought; that’s his entire world, beyond which ,there exists nothing .

            And these zombies have nowhere to look to , beside , they know not what its to be , feeling hopeful and vibrant about .
            For them the hobbies mean …………. the count of kills they can score , the stacks of drugs they can peddle and the quick bucks they can make at the cost of others .

            Their births and deaths have no meaning ,theirs is a vicious circle the one that disallows coming out from to live a purposeful life.

        1. Same here. Faggot stomping, coffee, work, eat, repeat.
          Your good friend plaster seems to have vanished. Don’t worry, nobody’s gonna ask about the muddy shovel in your trunk.

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