Citizen Murder of Sandra Bland by Texas Authorities

Sandra Bland Mugshot Discussion

According to the website Killed by Police, as of this post, 651 people have been killed by police in the USA since the beginning of this year. Given the accelerated pace at which citizen killers murder the people, the number will likely grow to 4 digits by the end of the year.

In comparison, in England and Wales, there have been 55 fatal police shooting in the last 24 years. In 71 years of its existence, there has only been 1 fatal police shooting in Iceland.

The only other developed (lol @ developed) country that’s similarly off the hook with citizen murder by police is Canada. Except that when it comes to Canada, unlike in the USA, there are no reliable nationwide statistics on police shootings. All we have are estimates by an investigative journalist from The Independent who concluded that on average 25 people are killed by police in Canada each year. Real numbers are probably much higher, because as we know, a monster hides behind the friendly mask of Canada. It is therefore not surprising that of all countries, Canada would be the one to keep the populace hoodwinked about the state of citizen oppression by the regime. Keep in mind that Canada has 1/10 of the population of the USA, so with estimated 25 citizen murders by police per year, while still less per capita than its neighbor, Canada is hella ahead of the rest of the developed world in how dangerous life there is.

A few hundred years ago, the only difference between pirates and privateers, was that pirates weren’t officially sanctioned by a government. Other than that, they both engaged in the same criminal activities.

Nowadays, the only difference between terrorists and police, is that terrorists are not officially sanctioned by a government. In modern day police states, terrorists don’t kill nearly as many people as police. Unlike police, terrorists also have certain degree of honor and don’t pretend they are trying to protect us.

Citizen Murder of Sandra Blank by Texas Authorities

On July 10, 2015, 28 year old Sandra Bland was pulled over by Texas Department of Public Safety Officer Brian Encinia for failing to signal the lane change. On July 13, 2015, Sandra Bland was allegedly found dead in a jail cell in Waller County, Texas.

According to police, Sandra Bland committed suicide by self asphyxiation (hanged herself). Officer Brian Encinia alleged that he tried to deescalate the situation after he pulled the woman over, and that Sandra Bland assaulted him.

The controversy surrounds the release of the 50 minutes long video which had obviously been doctored (watch the tow truck driver leaving the cab of his truck multiple times, without going back to it), and the mugshot of the woman, which appears to have been taken after she had died.

While it does look like the photo was taken with Sandra Bland laid down on the ground, the most suspicious part is that it was taken with her wearing prison clothes on. All of the other mugshots from the same county, and from other counties, all have people in their own clothes, that they were wearing at the time of the arrest. You are arrested, you get processed – which includes the mugshot, and then you are put in a holding cell until your transfer to prison. Only when you are there you get told to shower and put the prison clothes on.

Divide and Conquer

It is clear that if Sandra Bland was white, there wouldn’t be much outrage. Which is why it’s necessary for us to recognize the Divide and Conquer tactics by the mainstream media, and focus on the bigger picture.

Death of Sandra Bland is not a race issue. Officer Brian Encinia is Hispanic. The real issue is the police state we are forced to live in. People of all races are targets of police brutality and citizen murder. Let us not let them divide us and fight with one another, because we are not one another’s problem in this.

The pro regime mainstream media and their enablers – the sheeple – make it sound like it is a race issue, because race is the easiest to see, and therefore easiest to fall for. And while the public is caught up arguing among themselves about race, even fighting with each other, the police terrorists murder us indiscriminately regardless of race.

A people divided, is a people easily conquered. If you can’t see the real enemy, you’re fighting an illusion.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

~ Abraham Lincoln

Props to Best Gore member IveGotYouUnderMySkin for the video:

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  1. Let’s also not forget people, that according to this video, had she simply followed the trooper’s LAWFUL orders, she would be alive today. She was going to get a written warning and she and ONLY she excalated the situation by acting like an ignorant uneducated uncooperative hardheaded substandard subject. A lit cigarette when flung in one’s face could cause serious injury. Case Law Mimms Vs. Pennsylvania concluded that an officer DOES have the right AND authority to ask a person to exit vehicle or remove that person. You can disagree with law all you want and if you don’t like it your more than welcome to move to another country and see how well your rights are observed elsewhere.

    1. Totally agreed. If people would stop disrespecting police officers and be hardheaded and ignorant , hoping someone might record that officer using his power over someone who had to listed to two simple commands, failed miserably on doing so and being a dick while at it

    2. Got to admit it. This officer gave two warnings to two different people. He wasn’t looking to be an ass. I had a cop ask me to put out my smoke and i did and left that night with a warning. case done.

      1. Same here, i was pulled over when i just let a smoke, and the cops asked me to put it out, so i did and gave a warning and off i went. We all know that some people think they can do and act any way they want (mouth off, run from cops, lie out right ect ect. ) and get away with it.

        1. Why do some cops insist on being dick heads? The woman forgot her turn signal. Write her a damn ticket and refrain from being a tyrant. No wonder some cops die in the line of duty. It’s karma. Sooner or later there’s payback for abusing the public.

          1. Exactly right.

            What we see in the video is Sandra finally meeting her pay-back time. Now what was that pay-back for ? Gee, if the video is anything to go by, she sure had a big mouth on her, and she sure would have exercised it at any authority figure that she had to deal with.

            Actually I would say, her mother caused her death, by failing to rear the child properly, such that she eventually go to prison, and get killed, either in prison or getting there.

            Great video: pay-back time!

            (That does not mean that we don’t have a police state; cops shouldn’t kill people during arrests; etc. Alll that remains true, *and* people should respect authority figures.)

    3. Ha ha, great you got it in 1st reply.
      It’s the great big stinky elephant in the room for a lot of cop ‘murders’ posted here on Best Gore. It didn’t need to happen if the victim hadn’t acted up.

      Yep, the cop is a real cunt but ms. nigger here would be alive today and paying a fine if she had used reasonable sense and co-operation. She had just jumped a signal I believe.

      1. Why DOES it have to be this way. Why does the public need to bow down before glorified security guards for fear of death. As I stated, write the woman her ticket and and stop with being a bully. Rotten pig.

        1. same thing i’m saying but people have been tricked from citizens with a constitution and rights to fearfully and blindly obeying a police officer when the police officer doesn’t say y even after she asks him several times y. She still complied regardless. Or are we supposed to smile now when being told to do something or the officer is gonna get emotionally hurt and tell us to get down. Did you notice the military style orders he was giving her without telling her what for? men America is Gone.

        2. Why DOES it have to be this way. Why does the public need to bow down before fruitloops with big mouths for fear of death. As I stated, accept the ticket and stop with being a rebel. Rotten feminist.

    4. I commented earlier without watching the footage well. She’s clearly at fault for acting such way so I agree with you up here. She went apeshit because of her own conviction possibly because she thought she was victimized usual conception with these kind of people.

      They always feel superior…

    5. The difference is he didn’t “order” her to put it out or even tell her to. He “asked” her if she would put it out. That’s a question. You don’t ask a yes or no question or if the only acceptable answer to you is “yes”.

          1. I know what you’re saying, but I just don’t agree. Being rude to a cop does not warrant how she was treated. Officers are no better than us. It’s like if we were both at the same place, I approached you & you were smoking and I asked you to if you minded putting it out. I’m sure you’d tell me to fuck off. And rightfully so. I wouldn’t start trying trying to fight you over it (though I’ve seen some douche-bag fratboys in my life that have ;)).
            Either way, differing opinions are what makes conversations fun.

          2. Police shouldn’t be in the positions they hold if they can not deal with unruly citizens in a professional manner.
            She would be alive had this happened over here.

          3. I believe that 100% @Ewe. I have a few cops in my family & a couple feds, and the stories they’ve told are unbelievable sometimes. They’ve admitted pulling people over & taking their drugs & cash and letting them go to little stuff, like fucking with people they just didn’t like. Police are human. They have the same emotions and make the same mistakes we all do.

          4. but he’s giving her a fine and a ticket he still won why press on. I’ve seen videos where this crazy guy got a ticket from the cop and the guy starts freaking out like a mad scientist to the point I thought he would get mad and shoot the cop the cop remains polite because people are supposed to ged angry when given a ticket or fine but this ass cop asks her if she’s irritated…he was trying to instigate a confrontation. I think she got killed there and she never went to jail and the mugshot looks like a dude I don’t think it’s her. RIP

    6. Ive notoced something really fucking odd here , imgo on quite a few sites , glp godlike production sonspiricy sites , this one and a few other and when i mention the truth about jews and zionists i get banned from every site , all the time , all these sites are owned by zionists or jews .. Its scary to think everything you watch , see , and hear is controlled by these devils and theres an agenda to destroy usa

    7. Disappointingly, few people are perceptive enough to understand why she became indignant over the officer’s orders.

      Think about it for a sec. Remember Eliot Spitzer, the NY politician who got caught fucking prostitutes? He’s a TV commentator today. NY has it on the books that you can be labeled a sex offender if you fuck a prostitute but he’s fine. I guarantee that most of the BG commentors would not have enough money to buy themselves off that list if they got caught doing what he did, but he does and he’s fine.

      Big deal? How is it connected? Well think about all the other cases where rich, powerful, (usually white, but no always) people can do whatever the fuck they want and never be charged with anything or strongly prosecuted. How about that affluenza kid Ethan Couch who ran over a bunch of civilians? Yelled at? Threatened with a tazer? No. Money.

      Blacks in the US have an open history of police abuse. Of wrongful accusations and hangings and lynching. So when they encounter police, the injustice that is the unfair law system weighs more heavily on their minds, though it effects POOR whites in a similar fashion (though, not nearly as much). So Blacks are more likely to be indignant when they’re ordered to do something as ridiculous as to put out your own cigarette in your own car or to step out of your car when there’s no reason and the stop is basically over.

      And it IS an injustice. Because the idea that she can be threatened with a tazer, slammed on the ground, thrown in jail, all that shit for something as tiny as not stepping out of her car when there was no reason for her to is unjust when powerful, wealthy people face NO consequence for far worse actions every fucking day.

      She knows this because she’s black and she raises hell about it accordingly. But the real joke is on all the poor and middle class whites on here slamming her not realizing that in the eyes of the wealthy, they’re niggers too. 🙂

    8. Your right and she deserved to die for that right? I mean if you disrespect a officer you deserve to go to jail and be killed. We should all kiss the police ass’s and suck there cocks because they put their lives on the line for US not just to feed their family no they do it for you guys, so show some respect N bend over when the cops stop you!

  2. I really don’t care that she died after assaulting police.

    I say yes sir no sir. Get a ticket or most often a warning and then I go home. Yall keep antagonizing cops with your bullshit speeches, Google research about rights, and overall shitty attitude and keep dieing.

    I however will get to work, make some money, buy a few steaks and grill at home without the police.

    They have a tough job because most people suck at parenting. Don’t get mad when a cop has had enough of the bullshit.

    1. By most people suck at parenting,,, I mean your kids are little shits and they learn it from you. This is not to BG members but yall know these kids are problems today. Anyway just wanted to clarify that. Most police problems are with blacks. Yall better learn some parenting and some manners.

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

      1. ahhh here we have the classic sheep. goes to work like the little drone he is slaving his meaningless life away thinking because he a gud wikkle boy and pays his taxes and doesnt shout back to big bad mister officer that hes some tip top fella. you nobhead are the reason the world is fucked. you measle on with your drone life and your drone attitude and just because you can afford some steaks on ‘payday’ then all is good in the world.we are all slaves to the jew banking system ,this world is getting shittier by the minute because we are all mindless slaves to money and work is just another form of control like religion. you tell me why the bank lends money and we pay back in interest meanwhile slogging our meaningless lives away to pay our debts i.e rent,gas,electric yadayadayada and they sit back and get richer as we get poorer. the world is full of meaningless brainless little usless sheep like yourselves and it infuriates me because we need to break the shackles of modern existence cos its complete and utter slavery. school is your first taste of slavery and brainwashing then you enter the bigbad rat race where you then become a debt slave till your dieing day. what a pitiful existence us humans lead. you need to open your eyes and wake up and see the beast is right in front of you and it slowly sucks your very existence away. religion is poison and money is control. we have to eliminate both and start over.

        1. Fucking sheeple just love being slaves, hey herd animals that commented here are you people even aware America has the highest prison population in the world? of course not, because you bend over backwards for any unjust laws, as long as you get your stupid ass slave pay check you’re happy, once again i want to thank you people for your apathy, and ignorance, be proud you ruined America, no one deserves to die for a stupid reason like that, you people should be ashamed.

        2. I’m not going to live to 1000. Why am I gonna waste my time arguing with a cop? My entire life is useless because I don’t have legal problems?

          Because I go to work daily I’m a sheep?

          Do you hear yourself? My point was don’t fuck with cops and they don’t fuck with you. You can do whatever you want but if you run into a cop its best to shut your mouth.

          Yet you think you should tell every cop how it is? Go to a courthouse and tell the judge what you decide is your punishment instead of him. Fuck out of here.

          It’s people like YOU that is why the world is tucked. Not the family men that got shit to do so that they “got shit to do”.

          1. btw everyone has bad days, you people are not perfect, you would care if this person was close to you. Heartless and you people are proud of it, fucking really?

    2. I totally agree.
      I think the cop showed more patience than most would when dealing with her when she started acting like a fucking moron. If she would have acted like a normal person with a little self control instead of an entitled bitch she would have been on her way with a warning. I can’t speak to what happened to her in the jail not having seen it, but her behavior with the officer when she was stopped was clearly ridiculous and unnecessary.

    1. I didn’t pay attention to the exact time, but it didn’t take her long before she was already referencing other shit in the media and taking the cop to court, (the cop writing her a fucking warning 10 second before).

    1. go to the ync. you will get malware and viruses and zero intellect on there but they have gore. if you really want to be enlightened then stay here. if not disappear unless you have anything meaningful. this site is different it aims to teach aswel as provide hard hitting reality.

    2. @ai_jin
      like the site rules part on the right says “in so many words” , if you are going to bitch about the site, then offer some content yourself…. get your webcam recording…stick a knife into you throat and film while your hot blood sprays onto the lens and your computer. upload (or get another to upload) the video to BG, or to someone who will post it on BG.
      Voila!… GORE.
      failing this…follow site rules, and fuck off – and stop bitching?

  3. ?The real issue is the police state we are forced to live in?
    WTF! Unless you?re in jail and can?t leave what the hell is forcing you to live here? Leave.

    I?m starting the think BG is becoming like the mainstream media jumping to conclusions. People die every day at home. So to die in jail or even committed suicide it’s not uncommon.

    1. It’s becoming the complete opposite of the media now, to the point that anyone speaking what they consider to be common sense or going about their life, (having a job, not fighting a cop when giving you a warning, etc.) makes you one of the “sheeple”.

      1. Peer pressure is a drug for many.

        The USA is yelling fight back but I ain’t got shit to fight for cause my life is just fine.

        Government may affect my pay from bullshit but they aren’t on my doorstop or physically in my prescience hardly ever unless I did something wrong.

        So fight what? Let them get mad we say we go to work and go home. Fuck them. Let them go riot and die and cry and sue and I’ll be at home laughing about it as usual.

        1. I feel pretty much the same way. People are going nuts over things that don’t affect them. It seems like the internet and cell phones are making people overwhelmed and a little crazy. People are so upset and worried about things that don’t pertain to them that they don’t notice the things that are in front of them. We were not made to carry the worries of the whole world.

    2. This site has multiple writers so the intelligence seems to vary… This kind of article needs to go because it spreads complete ignorance. This woman was not murdered, she got thrown in jail for kicking a cop after ignoring his lawful order to get her stupid ass out of the car. Yes, lawful order, meaning she HAD to comply. She was ignorant and arrogant and ended up in jail for three days with nobody in her life who cared enough to spend $500 to bail her out. That’s why she offered herself. Sad but not murder: it’s called suicide.

  4. ?The real issue is the police state we are forced to live in?
    WTF! Unless you?re in jail and can?t leave what the hell is forcing you to live here? Leave.

    I?m starting the think BG is becoming like the mainstream media jumping to conclusions. People die every day at home. So to die in jail or even committed suicide it’s not uncommon.

  5. This really isnt that difficult. You were getting a warning, officer asked you if you were ok… and then it starts.. shut the fuck up and follow the commands. That goes for everybody and every color!

    Anybody notice the other vehicles changing lanes without using a turn signal? oopppies! Remember this.. “If blinkers were optional they wouldnt be standard on EVERY vehicle.

    1. Black people and a lot of other but MAINLY NIGGERS don’t understand that.

      They feel owed because 5 generations ago they MIGHT be branched from a slave.

      They fight for rights. They get them. Now they fight for equality? Until they act equal they’ll be treated unequal. They got a lot of learning to do.


      they leave that part out. But they make sure to tell the cops it’s their fault great great great uncle QUANFOSHO BYRON MALIKE was a slave.

      Fuck them all.

  6. Oh no don’t fear the cops, fear the muslim terrorists.. United states of israel, land of the free.. You Americans are fucked, and I mean fucked.. The jews are fucking you so hard from behind that you can only see the “muslim” puppet in front of you.. And you Yankee sheep deserve it.. You have to work 9-5 jobs 6 times a week and more just to exist, not live just exist, and your hard earned tax dollars goes to israel, so that they have free education and healthcare, whilst the good American has to sell his fucking blood to put his kids through college.. But oh no look at the muslims they wanna take our freedom, they don’t like us because we are free ?? The Rothschilds own your birth certificate and your lives, but oh no, blame Mohammad and Abdullah.. Soon they, and by they I don’t mean the muslims so wake up and smell the fucking coffe, but soon they will come to your homes and take your weapons away from you, and tell you don’t worry we will protect you from those damn muslims, you yanks are history, you are goyims, slaves for jewish masters. And your mothers,girlfriends and sisters are shiksas.. The middle east will soon be free and then you kikes will be illegal immigrants

  7. This has nothing to do with the colour of her skin.

    She made mistakes in the way she acted toward the police initially and they made mistakes by potentially doctoring her mugshot.

    This shit spark turned into a shit bonfire.

  8. thing is that most of the cops try and profile you just based on your skin and how you talk I myself look almost like a Mexican but I’m not.

    Personally I’m not going to let the police try and over run my constatutional rights.

  9. ?Which is why it?s necessary for us to recognize the Divide and Conquer tactics by the mainstream media, and focus on the bigger picture?.

    I both agree and disagree with this in that we need to separate the neutral from the non-neutral when it comes to social/economic quagmires however it would be suicidal of us not to recognise and take measures against real social ills of which race related issues are the precursor.

    Police brutality is most definitely an issue that effects us all and therefore is a neutral problem. As such, race needs to stay out of it so as to not confuse matters and legal measures put in place and actually enforced to prevent such occurrences from further taking place.

    Crime(the perpetrator and their chosen victims) however tends to be very much a race related issue. For example the rape statistics where the perpetrator is black shows that white women are almost exclusively targeted. Also, in Britain the recent Muslim child rape scandal was so explosive because the victims were exclusively white children, the list of examples goes on.

    My point being that divide and conquer tactics is a coin with two sides, on one side is the intentional inflaming of racial tensions in order to facilitate an angered response from the public in order to further an agenda and on the other side is the intentional downplaying of racial issues in order to quell public anger and reduce the likelihood of a response from taking place so as to further an agenda.

    To see through and recognize divide and conquer tactics we must first understand the issue at hand so as to understand why each group wishes to address it differently because some groups wish to hide the truth in order to protect their own interests whilst other groups wish to push forward certain scenarios in order to further their own agendas.

    My conclusion, everybody needs to engage in long term thinking rather than short term reactionary behaviour in order to see the bigger picture but the bigger picture itself consists of both neutral/non-neutral issues and therefore the notion of divide and conquer cannot ever be singular in it?s interpretation.

    All groups must work together on the neutral issues whilst also facing up to and dealing with the non-neutral issues as well, this, in my opinion, is the bigger picture.

      1. @CountryTX

        well, it was the shortest novel ive ever read.
        How would you know if you “want a comment or a novel” – dont tell us youve ever read a novel!

        personally, what I want here is a well presented, pertinent and complete view/opinion, which is ended with a conclusion by the commenter.

        And NOT a fucking stupid, factually incorrect ” jibe” at the length of anothers comment – with no actually content that relates in ANY WAY to the video or subjuct we are discussing

      1. As I look out over this beautiful land..
        I can`t help but realise that I am alone…….
        Why am I able to waste my energy??
        To notice life being so beautiful !!
        What of the people that don`t have what I have???
        They`re victims of my leisure…
        To fail is to be a victim,a victim of my choice.
        Maybe partying will help!

    1. Thankfully and not before time, we appear to have turned the corner with regards to the playing down of certain racial group’s disgraceful actions.
      Taking responsibility on both sides of the coin in terms of the powers that be and the minority public at large, is of paramount importance.
      Copping out by sweeping these issues under the carpet due to PC, needs to become a thing of the past.

    2. I apologise CountryTX and peachmuncher. I should have written an idiots guide to rational, that way your tiny little fuckwitted brains might have understood my point.

      I truly do blame myself for overestimating you on this matter, a mistake I will not be making ever again.

      1. Empty Soul they are just idiots, I love reading your well thought out comments and I learn a lot from them. Don’t stop writing because some low life don’t want to read more then 4 words at a time.


        1. I’d skip every comment on BG if I had to choose between @empty’s and everyone else’s put together (including my own). So whoever doesn’t like reading “novels” can skip his and move along. Asshole…

      2. Kids got short attention spans nowadays @Empty they still read the classics that begin Once Upon a time. It’ll be a few years before they can handle your and that’s no shit endings.

    3. Hey empty.
      You are 100% correct on getting everyone on board with these police abuse issues. However, i feel as though most blacks have their minds made up on all white people, thanks to the media’s style of covering Zimmerman & D.Wilson: We have always and continue to get as*fucked by whites

  10. chris rock has a great video on how to act in front of police. I will tell you that im a goodie goodie perfect record and paid insurance and if I ever get pulled over I would be ultra respectful and have both hands on steeringwheel. I must suck to not know if your gonna get shot if you stop someone all the time.

  11. When I was 22 I was arrested after a bar fight. Shirt was torn off. They put me in a jumpsuit before my mug shot. It happens. And believe me after that night I probably looked dead as all hell in my photo.
    Not saying that’s what happened here, but that it’s POSSIBLE.

      1. Mikey looks more like Hanover Fiste from the movie Heavy Metal now. In fact, I would tell chicks I was in that movie, if I were him. Morphing into steroid rage Hanover Fiste more accurately explains the bar fight and his lost shirt.

        He’s lucky to be alive! 😛

    1. Yeah, that doesn’t really mean too much that she was in a jumpsuit. I got arrested for punching a cop a couple years ago because he called me a cunt, and i was put in a pretty orange jumpsuit before anything. I looked awesome in my mugshot though. Black eyeliner all over my face/messed up hair/a big cut on my arm. Same as a fun night out.

          1. No hate whatsoever, just pure fascination because we only have one around here and it’s in an all negro neighborhood so I’ve never been. One more question, did it happen in the shotgun aisle? It did didn’t it?

    2. @Mikey graves – Britain? not one of those hooded white “paper” jumpsuits by any chance?.

      if not – then there WILL be some british guys here who know exactly what i mean!

      MY GOD, they were uncomforable – imagine being dressed in the glass-fibre loft lagging that comes on rolls, and we use between our rafters up in the loft for insulation.
      had to walk 25miles home in one once, starting at 3,30 am …. complete with 3mm thick foam slippers they give you when they confiscate youre clothes.
      “you can imagine how long the slippers lasted on that cold,wet, morning walk!

  12. So the msm over there have played the race card with this one ?, is that the gist of?it ?.
    If so, I’m not sure why, as I’m damned sure the majority of people must have realised the Police are not particular about who they wantonly murder over there.
    Having said that, the black folks probably jumped on this in s flash. If they did they better jump off and get real.

  13. weird shit the scarrs on her arm from before the police detainment may signify she was suicidal in the first place and she might have wanted to struggle with police outwith the police car dashcam. then somehow dies in jail in a way the coroner doesnt know….something is afoot dear watson

  14. If you decide to get into a pissing contest contest with the cops in this country you will wind up on the shit end of the stick 9 times out of 10. They can fuck with you six ways to Sunday. Their job isn’t to debate your constitutional rights or listen to people telling them how taxes pays their salary. The cops here are well insulated against being fucked with. It’s almost impossible to cause one any meaningful amount of trouble. They can’t be sued. About the only viable legal recourse is to file a complaint against them, but nothing will come of it.

  15. wow look at all the comments from so called Americans, it’s unbelievable. You have all fallen for the police state trickery. Blind obedience won’t save you from tyranny. So you think blind obedience to cops at this stage in the game is gonna stop all the Walmart shebang going on and the madness up ahead. Hell no. it’s even going to make things go smoother. The pig that attempts to escape has a chance. The obedient ones ate all headed for the slaughter house. You fuckers. You’ve forgotten that this ass holes shit cops weren’t always like this and arent’t supposed to be like this because the constitution has been discarded and now our rights have been stripped off us on the daily and carefully orchestrated laws have been passed through carefully orchestrated events to justify those shitty laws that put police officers lives in danger and any move now should be deemed as if you are trying to kill the officer so he has to protect himself. Y only in the united states? and to make this all bullshit most of the people police kill are innocent. 99 percent of those killed are innocent and here are ass holes saying that oh just obey the cop. she obeyed him but these cops are usually like “okay I know you’re obeying me and all but while you’re at it can you just suck my cock” then you start sucking and they go ” okay I know you’re obeying me and all and doing a great job sucking my cock but can you just suck my balls, my cock, eat my ass and answering my questions at the same time?

    this is the case most of the time obeying doesn’t cut it. in her case she obeyed him but he wanted more he wanted the confrontation. Do they teach these cops customer service? Being a police is a job because the department is a corporation not some holier than thou service as people think it is and since it’s a job do they teach them customer service and how to deal with shitty customers? that’s why you’re being paid to deal with shitty customers…but these ass holes get paid and still have immunity from the government.

    1. I agree. Once again people either ponce on race or “just obey” program. They obviously don’t care that the majority of killed citizens are white – something they’ll realize when it’s one of their own who dies.

      And what about the doctored tape. While the cops talks without interruption, the tape replays itself 4 or more times with the tow truck driver and same 2 cars going by over and over. So it can’t be in real time like they’re trying to make us believe. If it was a simple stop & arrest why fake part of the video. Screams of some sort of cover-up.

      @Acneska is trying to wake people up but once again people in the US and BG fail miserably to see the big picture. Sad 😐

    2. Hey megaboy, so basically would it be fair to say that following the LAWFUL orders of a law enforcement officer whom you were stopped by for a VIOLATION OF THE LAW is dumb and should not be done?…that everyone from now on should just do as they please? You think a “police state” is bad, wait till you see an anarchy state…yes that’s when the movie The Purge becomes reality! OMG I would love to see you on a street corner somewhere if and when that ever happens…. “oh no, what should I do, no cops to protect me and murder is legal for 12 hours”. Wake up!!!!!!

      1. Seriously, among the sheep, you shine bright like a diamond.

        In an anarchy, you actually stand a chance at defending yourself. In a police state, you don’t.

        The abusive individual in the video was not giving any lawful orders. He was simply abusing his authority to bully a citizen. When asked what he was detaining her for, he never replied. Because there was n reason, other than his itch to terrorize the public.

        You sheeple really came out of the woodwork to impress, didn’t you? Good obedient goy, doing exactly what you were trained to do, and fighting for your right to be oppressed.

        1. And like I said above, he didn’t ORDER her to put out her cigarette, he ASKED her if she would. He asked, she answered no. He flipped out. Just because he shouted “I’m giving you a lawful order!” doesn’t make it so. It’s the new “Stop resisting!”

  16. wow this is deep cause she complied but he wasn’t responding when she was asking for what? and he took her away from the field of view of the mirror and began to give her military orders. this is really deep and all the cowards on here are blaming her. the law never said you should be happy when dealing with an officer as far as I’m concerned after the ticket it’s done with. she should just give her the ticket and go on cause he won already she’s gonna pay. all these cowards blaming her I hope this happens to you or someone you know and care for.

  17. The problem was she was not from Texas because everybody here knows to act subservient to a cop. Pigs are just waiting for you to “escalate”, or in this case, act super annoying so their little egos can get hurt. They are not sociable.

    Peoples first impression or shall I say their core belief is that you should never small talk a cop. Women talked too much. It’s yes sir and no sir. Unless you want to fight a cop, be my guest.

    1. Did he not say yes ma’am and no ma’am? Maybe at first and then came the uneducated insults normally expected from substandard subjects thinking they can whatever they well please. This could have all been avoided had she cooperated but she chose to act “normal”…you know, like ” they” all do…obnoxious, loud, unrealistic, irresponsible, animalistic, reckless, disrespectful, rude, ghetto and just plain ignorant. Well guess what, do what you’re told not to and end up in cuffs. Easier path is keep your mouth shut and deal with it later…..IN COURT!

      1. Oh you’re absolutely correct! We all know citizens always win whenever they try to take an officer to court right? Wait, what’s that you say? They don’t win?? 99% of the time the judges don’t even let it go to trial?? Well I’ll be damned, I dun learnt sumthin’ new today!

  18. She shouldn’t have ended up dead. She was a fighter, she wouldn’t have killed herself. She would be more likely to jump on someone else or fight back/resist. I think maybe too much force was used on her at some point and they’re blaming it on her.

  19. We do give the cops in this country a certain amount of latitude when it comes to dealing with assholes. We are willing to turn a blind eye towards cops who infringe upon the rights of others, provided there’s some justification in doing so. It’s not a perfect system, but it works well enough to suit our needs. (Although it can be a bit of a pisser if you’re the one with your tit caught in the wringer.)

  20. The bitch killed herself. i dont like cops at all. but the truth is she did this one to herself. she was a real wierdo anyway . she didnt have to do it. Her bail was only 5,000 dollars. what kind of idiot would kill themselves over that.

  21. My gut instincts say there is foul play here. She doesn’t seem like someone who would commit suicide over some trivial charge and being kept over night in a county jail. She looks to be fit and strong so even resisting with reasonable force she should’ve have had a heart attack It all smells wrong to me.

    1. I can’t get my head round the cop stopping her for such a trivial reason in the first place. Bloody traffic cop laying the law down like the pathetic little weasel he is. Get a fucking life Mr. Also, I can’t believe people can get locked up for three days for something so ridiculous. Any sane cop would probably have turned a blind eye to the oh so very slight misdemeanor, never mind banging her up in an 8 by 6 and fucking choking her the fuck to death.

      This is getting a little repetitive, but the cops over there have totally and utterly lost the plot.

  22. I’m prepared to accept the official explanation as being the truth. The idea she was dead for the mug shot is ridiculous. There would be too many moving parts to that conspiracy theory. Too many people in on the secret. The probability of someone blabbing increases exponentially with the number of people involved. The medical examiner claims all the evidence supports the cause of death as being a suicide. That sounds about right to me.

    1. Her death is being investigated as murder. That alone tells me a lot about how and why the suicide story doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

      Her mugshot was taken with orange jail clothes on. The side shot is blurry as hell. She’s leaning against a wall for the mugshot… In other pics at the same place there are concrete blocks with lines in them. The wall doesn’t even seem to be the same shade of gray as is in the other pics and it is without lines, as if photoshopped. The video they released was edited… I mean…

      The most ridiculous part of your argument is the probability of someone blabbing. Cops have been murdering people at unprecedented levels, yet the entire structure supports them in covering these murders up – from correctional officers, through district attorneys, to investigators dealing with complaints. They follow their buddy system, and the code of silence like the greatest commandment ever given.

      How many videos have we seen of cops executing citizens in presence of other cops, yet those other cops never arrest them. To the contrary, they always back up each others lies.

      I’m truly horrified by the sheeple who constantly insist that we submit to cops, surrender your liberties, kneel, live in fear, and when they execute one of us, just shrug and cower.

      1. And your solution is… what?Anarchy? Kill the pigs? Overthrow the government?

        I don’t surrender my liberties, kneel, live in fear, or just shrug and cower. What I do is avoid putting myself into a situation where I become a target of the police. It’s called obeying the law.

        If following the rules which allow me to function and flourish in one of the more advanced and civilized societies on the planet, then call me a sheeple. Baaaah.

        1. But that’s the whole point. Apart from failing to indicate a lane change… please, do me a favour. She wasn’t breaking any law, because as far as I’m aware, smoking a cigarette in one’s own vehicle is not an offence ( watch this space ). So, when he requested she extinguish her cigarette, she was well within her rights to decline to do so.

          What we have here is a jumped up cop not liking being, in his mind, disobeyed, regardless of any crime being committed or not. And that pathetically trivial little fact is what got the ball rolling in this situation, which, unbelievably, lead to the woman’s murder.

          Absolutely scandalous.

  23. Are all you “cop lovers” here at BG really believing that crap about “listening to the cops orders”? First, the state troopers have said that he the trooper violated procedure in stopping her. Second, why would it matter if a person is smoking a cigarette in their “own” vehicle. My vehicle is my personal space. Unless your inside of a parking structure, you can smoke in your vehicle regardless. He then tells her to get out of her vehicle… What is the reason for him telling her to get out… THERE ISN’T ONE LEGALLY. cops or leo’s are a bunch of thugs who kill who they want when they want. I hate them plain and simple. I have no criminal history but here in Hawaii they SUCK just as badly as anywhere else in the U.S. Giving them a badge and a gun to carry around make them feel like they can do anything they want especially when they are the ones breaking the laws. I like to think of law enforcement as terrorists because thats what they are. Would like to see them go and fight in the middle east against the IS and get beheaded. That would be a great video to see them in their cop uniform getting beheaded. I would laugh my ass off…

  24. Cops are assholes. They are narrow minded and dim witted. They are bullies who exult in their authority. They are also trained from day one not to let weenie citizens get the upper hand. Everyone already knows this.

    Knowing this, why would anyone in their right mind deliberately choose to provoke some power tripping dickhead with a badge and an itchy trigger finger. In what way is it productive? You might win the debate, but your ass will still end up in jail. I mean, they will tazer a black person just to check the battery.

    The cops aren’t out there arbitrarily and unilaterally attacking citizens at random. Do they racially profile? You bet your black ass they do. Do cops bully, provoke, and otherwise fuck with people just because they can? Abso-fucking-lutely! They’ll make a career out of turning your life into a legal and financial nightmare if you piss them off.

    So again, already knowing all of this, if a cop asks you to put your cigarette out, what are you going to do? Doing what the prick asks costs you very little. If your ass is chapped enough that you decide to tell the oinker where to get off, then more power to you. I hope it turns out better for you than it did this woman.

  25. Around here we’ve had a good job of hearing about police conduct for several years now. I guess it’s more convenient for the press to pretty much lump it all together. Equal opportunity chickenshit. The news here doesn’t dwell on what race you are, they just like fucking everyone over.

  26. Disclaimer: – My first reply. I know very little about US law, so no idea if this information I’m quoting is accurate. It does however, sound reasonable, not that I believe laws and reason always go together of course:

    “Jim Harrington, director of the Texas Civil Rights Project, speaks with Texas Standard about the footage of the arrest, point-by-point. Here?s a transcript of the conversation, edited for brevity and clarity:

    The trooper asks, ?You mind putting out your cigarette please?? And Ms. Bland says, ?Well, I?m in my car ? why do I have to put out my cigarette?? Does she have to put out her cigarette?

    ?No, she doesn?t have to put out her cigarette. And you wonder why the officer is even bothering with that. This is part of his escalation of the whole event that unfolded, unfortunately.?

    The next part: ?Step out of the car.? Ms. Bland says, ?You do not have the right.? He interrupts ? ?I do have the right, step out of the car or I will remove you.? Does he have the right, first, to order her to step out of the car, and second, to actually physically remove her from the car?

    ?He does not have the right to say get out of the car. He has to express some reason. ?I need to search your car,? or, whatever; he needs to give a reason. He can?t just say ?get out of the car? for a traffic offense.?

    It?s one thing to say he has a reason; it?s another to say he has to give a reason. He may have had probable cause, or thought he had it, we don?t know. Does he have to state it?

    ?He doesn?t have to state probable cause; he has to state some reason ? And that?s part of the training that he should have had about how to de-escalate a situation. She?s clearly upset about what happened, particularly ? as we know later on ? that she moved over because he was tailing her. ? He should be working on de-escalation. That?s the key. ?

    Ms. Bland says, ?I refuse to talk to you other than to identify myself.? Is she right or wrong?

    ?She?s right. Unfortunately, officers don?t like it when you know the law. In this case, even if you are right, you are still in danger. And that?s what we see unfolding here.?

    The trooper says, ?I am giving you a lawful order.? Now, is the is the lawful order to extinguish the cigarette, or to get out of the car, or neither?

    ?You can?t tell why. Certainly, telling her to put out the cig was not a lawful order. Just saying ?Get out of the car,? in and of itself, without an explanation, is not lawful. And you see him say that throughout the video without ever saying why [or] what?s going on here. It?s clear to me that he?s trying to assert authority that he probably does not have under the law, and he?s escalating the situation because he is upset. [He] doesn?t exercise the training that he needs to be exercising to de-escalate this situation.?

    ?I?m gonna yank you out of here,? is what the trooper says. Can he physically ?yank? her out of her vehicle?

    ?He can?t do that either, unless she?s posing a threat to his welfare and safety. What he should have done was just wait for backup, if he couldn?t de-escalate it himself. But you don?t just pull somebody out of the car, and point that taser in her face. What if it had gone off? She?d have permanent brain damage.?

    She says, ?Dont touch me, I?m not under arrest.? Trooper says, ?You are under arrest. She says, ?Under arrest for what?? He then turns to his shoulder mounted radio, and asks for another unit. Does he have an obligation as a law enforcement officer to tell her why she is under arrest?

    ?Yes. He needs to ? it?s not clear to her what?s going on. He needs to tell her, ?You?re under arrest because ?,? but you can?t really tell her that. Because you can?t tell from the video that there?s any reason to have her under arrest.

    She asserts her right to record this with her cell phone. That?s a right that has been clearly established. Is that true?

    ?She has a right to do that. But that?s another example where the officer perceives this as a challenge to his authority ? and it further escalates the whole scenario.?

    When he says ?get out of the car, or I will light you up,? he is apparently referring to the use of a taser. Is that a legitimate threat? Is that something that?s okay for officers to do in that situation?

    ?No ? here?s the situation where he is clearly violating her constitutional rights. This is excessive force on the part of the officer ? to take that taser and point it in her face and say, ?I?m going to harm you.? Taser is the last recourse to a gun. And if he can?t get her out, he can?t de-escalate it, he?s got to wait for another officer to come and talk through this.?

    Right now, the trooper has been placed on administrative duty. He?s not on leave, he?s still working for DPS. It?s our understanding that there is a violation of policy here ? he should not have allowed it to escalate.”

    1. Sorry, fishnchips, but you’re missing the point. This isn’t about who was in the right. This is about how people respond to the police.

      No, she probably didn’t have to put her cigarette out, or get out of her car, or be threatened with the taser, or be arrested. It shouldn’t have escalated to that point, but it did, didn’t it?

      The point I’m trying to make is: When is the best time to debate your constitutional rights? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not when you’re alone on the side of the road with an armed and possibly out of control member of law enforcement.

      Ms. Bland may very well be in the right on every single point you’ve touched on, but at the end of the day she’s still going to be as dead as free lunch. The only difference it can make now is if her relatives file suit against TxDPS.

  27. Keep puffing away on that cigarette. Tell that pussy cop to go fuck himself when he tells you to get out of the car. Call someone on your cell phone and talk to them; ignore the cop. Oh, and be sure to resist arrest when the pig tries to handcuff you. Let me know how all of that works out for you.

    1. Hi Taterface,

      I feel like I’m mostly in agreement with you to be honest, with certain reservations. With the benefit of hindsight, knowing that this chain of events lead where it did, of course I’d agree it was not the time to stand up for her rights, you are absolutely correct.

      What bothers me though is that people are blaming her, instead of seeing what to me appears obvious – a power-tripping cop, one who evidently knew less about the law in that situation than his victim, going out of control simply because he was irritated. He escalated the situation and not her, exactly the opposite of his duty in that scenario.

      It seems to me that until he tried to yank her out of the car, she was actually quite polite and not unreasonable at all. She could have been more compliant, for sure, but I don’t think she started swearing or insulting until after he hurt her. The cop saying, ‘I’m giving you a legal order,’ didn’t make it so.

      I would say that morally that pig is responsible for the death, legally is another question, but it appears like he was acting outside his remit in arresting her in the first place. They are supposed to be working for the citizens, not their masters. You can’t arrest someone (merely because you find them irritating), then call your collegues at the station to ask on what legal grounds, later on!

      1. You’re damned right he was acting beyond his remit. Most people seem to overlook what the Police’ role in society is.
        They are not there to pass judgement on anyone, or to punish anyone.
        The cops in the States need to go back to academy to be schooled in proper police work. ( like that’s gunna happen I know ), but for fucks sake, do people not understand the prospective ramifications of these prick’s actions !?.

        1. This happened in Texas. The civil rights movement for black people in Texas is 20 years behind what Sandra Bland was used to in Chicago. She might have had a voice up north, but in Texas she’s just an uppity troublemaker.

          The funny is, she is likely to make a greater impact for her cause by being a martyr than what she would had she lived.

  28. why she stop talking in the video?where did they take her?Why was the ambulance there?I didn’t see her get into the ambulance?why was they back in fourth in her car like there planting something?The other cop is acceessory to the fact because i didn’t see her kick her by the car!!!!!!!!

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