Citizen Murder of Sandra Bland by Texas Authorities

Sandra Bland Mugshot Discussion

According to the website Killed by Police, as of this post, 651 people have been killed by police in the USA since the beginning of this year. Given the accelerated pace at which citizen killers murder the people, the number will likely grow to 4 digits by the end of the year.

In comparison, in England and Wales, there have been 55 fatal police shooting in the last 24 years. In 71 years of its existence, there has only been 1 fatal police shooting in Iceland.

The only other developed (lol @ developed) country that’s similarly off the hook with citizen murder by police is Canada. Except that when it comes to Canada, unlike in the USA, there are no reliable nationwide statistics on police shootings. All we have are estimates by an investigative journalist from The Independent who concluded that on average 25 people are killed by police in Canada each year. Real numbers are probably much higher, because as we know, a monster hides behind the friendly mask of Canada. It is therefore not surprising that of all countries, Canada would be the one to keep the populace hoodwinked about the state of citizen oppression by the regime. Keep in mind that Canada has 1/10 of the population of the USA, so with estimated 25 citizen murders by police per year, while still less per capita than its neighbor, Canada is hella ahead of the rest of the developed world in how dangerous life there is.

A few hundred years ago, the only difference between pirates and privateers, was that pirates weren’t officially sanctioned by a government. Other than that, they both engaged in the same criminal activities.

Nowadays, the only difference between terrorists and police, is that terrorists are not officially sanctioned by a government. In modern day police states, terrorists don’t kill nearly as many people as police. Unlike police, terrorists also have certain degree of honor and don’t pretend they are trying to protect us.

Citizen Murder of Sandra Blank by Texas Authorities

On July 10, 2015, 28 year old Sandra Bland was pulled over by Texas Department of Public Safety Officer Brian Encinia for failing to signal the lane change. On July 13, 2015, Sandra Bland was allegedly found dead in a jail cell in Waller County, Texas.

According to police, Sandra Bland committed suicide by self asphyxiation (hanged herself). Officer Brian Encinia alleged that he tried to deescalate the situation after he pulled the woman over, and that Sandra Bland assaulted him.

The controversy surrounds the release of the 50 minutes long video which had obviously been doctored (watch the tow truck driver leaving the cab of his truck multiple times, without going back to it), and the mugshot of the woman, which appears to have been taken after she had died.

While it does look like the photo was taken with Sandra Bland laid down on the ground, the most suspicious part is that it was taken with her wearing prison clothes on. All of the other mugshots from the same county, and from other counties, all have people in their own clothes, that they were wearing at the time of the arrest. You are arrested, you get processed – which includes the mugshot, and then you are put in a holding cell until your transfer to prison. Only when you are there you get told to shower and put the prison clothes on.

Divide and Conquer

It is clear that if Sandra Bland was white, there wouldn’t be much outrage. Which is why it’s necessary for us to recognize the Divide and Conquer tactics by the mainstream media, and focus on the bigger picture.

Death of Sandra Bland is not a race issue. Officer Brian Encinia is Hispanic. The real issue is the police state we are forced to live in. People of all races are targets of police brutality and citizen murder. Let us not let them divide us and fight with one another, because we are not one another’s problem in this.

The pro regime mainstream media and their enablers – the sheeple – make it sound like it is a race issue, because race is the easiest to see, and therefore easiest to fall for. And while the public is caught up arguing among themselves about race, even fighting with each other, the police terrorists murder us indiscriminately regardless of race.

A people divided, is a people easily conquered. If you can’t see the real enemy, you’re fighting an illusion.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

~ Abraham Lincoln

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  1. I need to correct your post. I live in Texas and, from experience, the order of process, after arrest, does not work like you state.
    Using my own experience, here is how it went, from initial encounter, to bail, (charges later dropped and case was dismissed)
    1) Fellow makes a left turn from a right lane and runs me off the road.
    2) I pull over and fellow stops and gets out of vehicle, approaches me, and taunts me in front of his 3 friends/ passengers. ( I am alone)
    3) I put said fellow on his ass, for a nice nap.
    4) Police get called, I stick around, in my vehicle and wait for them.
    5) Police show up- ask me what happened. I state it just as it happened.,
    6) Deputy goes and talks to other fellow and his THREE other ‘witnesses’….
    7) I am arrested for assault causing bodily injury…because I am a ROAD RAGING CRIMINAL.
    8) I am taken to County, processed in so far as being acknowledged that I am there because I am a ROAD RAGING CRIMINAL…
    9) At 6:45PM I am stripped of my foot wear, my belt, and given an Army blanket…then carted off to a holding cell, filled with 23 gangsta dope niggers….all wearing orange jump suits. I NEVER was given a jumpsuit. (This cause some contention from the other cell dwellers)
    10) At approximately 10:30pm I am retrieved from that holding cell, taken up to the front and THEN I am processed- mug shot, finger prints, made aware of the fact that I am a ROAD RAGING CRIMINAL.. I am THEN allowed to make ‘my phone call’…at fucking 11pm at night.
    11) I sit in that stank infested cell untill 9am the next morning, at which time the bailiff brings me before a 55″ Flat Panel HD TV that is to be a video representation of my ‘judge’….. I am then instructed to stand on the foot print stickers on the floor and address my superior with ‘yes ma’am, no ma’am, thank you ma’am, may I have another ma’am’…etc etc…
    12) After being reminded of how big of a ROAD RAGING CRIMINAL I am for the fourth time, my bail is set and I am released to the custody of my bail bondsman….

    After 7 months of delay, FROM the prosecution…they finally got to see the surveillance footage from the local quiki-mart, where it happened, and that I provided….Plus the fact that their poor ‘victim’ of my CRIMINAL ROAD RAGE incident..did indeed have a 10 page rap sheet, that contained no less than 15 counts of ‘assault’ over the years….They decided to dismiss the case and drop the charges. And I STILL have to pay an attorney $1700 to get the arrest off my record.

    ‘Murica…..gottta love it.

  2. As iv’e stated in previous posts (stupid should hurt).I’m stupid myself,driving on a suspended license for an aggrevated dui(.21),4 months after my wife passed away,got caught,spent 30 days(10 weekends during football seaon),and I still drive(ya gotta work and pay taxes),but if I get caught again,i’ll pay the consequences,not by fleeing and alluding,but probably doing more time.One last comment,Muck Fichigan,GO BUCKS!!!.

  3. This is another hoax. If you are in debt and you need money, what do you do? You stage a hoax go into hiding, change your name, and your looks, and have a relative put up a go fund me page on the internet. All you have to do is to wait for the money to poor in. It is interesting that even in this case everything is hidden, and nothing really explained. It was staged. Sandra Bland is very much alive.

  4. I’m that kind of white trash that is and has always gotten myself arrested,crazy thing is I’ve been arrested by a group of Asian cops (there was at least 6of them)multiple black cops white cops homo cops lesbo cops and cops that if they dropped their pants you wouldn’t know what they were and I’ve never been beaten up… why, how do I manage to survive all of these arrests I will tell you my good friends because every time I’ve been arrested I’ve been f****** around doing s*** that makes it unsafe not only to myself and to other people,but to the cops who are supposed to keep shit safe an it’s my job as a criminal to admit when wrong and once i get caught just do what I’m supposed to do it ain’t fucking hard to save your own life …if you can’t handle basic direction maybe we are all better off without the dumbfucks… I give cops credit they do a job that they know people hate them for why do people hate cops cuz a lot of cops are dirty a lot of cops abuse power but if you aren’t breaking the law in the first place bad shit probably wouldn’t happen… Now there are bad cops but there is a lot more bad people

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