Citizen Prevents Cop from Murdering Him by Filming the Encounter

Citizen Prevents Cop from Murdering Him by Filming the Encounter

In Rohnert Park, California, a citizen killer assaulted a citizen who was just standing on his private property, for no apparent reason, other than because he was itching to murder someone that day. The cop threatened the citizen with an unholstered weapon, and if it wasn’t for the citizen filming the entire encounter on his cell phone camera, he probably wouldn’t be alive today.

Why do I believe the cop would have killed the citizen if not for the video? Because he kept repeating the “justify murder” phrase that the citizen had his hand in his pocket.

You can see the citizen pull his items out of his pocket and throw them on the car just to show the cop that he had no weapon. You can also clearly see the citizen pointing with the hand that was not holding the camera, which clearly proves that both his hands were visible to the cop, yet the cop was still saying the justify murder phrase over and over again. Bottom line – unless the citizen has three hands, the cop was seriously considering murdering the guy.

The cops routinely use the false phrases when they are in the process of violating the citizens’ rights, and use them to justify the abuses. The frequent “Stop Resisting” phrase is used to justify citizen torture. Even if the victim is restrained, non combative, and battered by half a dozen citizen killers, they would still parrot the “Stop Resisting” phrase because it manufactures the impression that the victim was resisting. Once they’ve said it so many times, that’s all the eye witnesses will recall about the incident.

Of course, whereas “Stop Resisting” is useful in justifying citizen torture, it’s not suitable for citizen murder. For that, the cops use “He’s Reaching…“, or “He’s Got Something In His Pocket…“, or whatever alternative seems suitable.

This video clearly shows that the citizen did not have his hands in his pocket, that his hands were in the cop’s plain sight, yet the cop still pulled out his gun and uttered phrases that’d have no other purpose, but to justify citizen murder. The citizen killer’s demeanor changed only when he realized that the guy might be livestreaming directly to YouTube. Clearly upset he didn’t get to kill the guy, the cop walked away kicking the floor.

And then there is this part:

Are you one of the constitutionalists, like a crazy person?

Because a person who doesn’t immediately submit to cops’ authority, and licks their boots unconditionally, must automatically be a trouble maker. Life is grand in the Land of the Sheep, Home of the Slave.

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        1. U must have a selective memory or a mental disability to say the rest of the world is safe except America on this website. 90% of all the content on bestgore is filmed outside of the U.S. ur lack of intelligence is beyond stupifying

          1. I feel safe in the U.K! The most a cop would do here is smile and say hello to the camara..thank fuck they are not armed in this country! Here’s a perfect example of a cop whose far too twitchy and nervous to be in charge of a weapon!!

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            You sound like a little bitch and I would be more than happy to stuff your hole with my nose.


      1. Do you know that American cops are trained by the jewish army ?? By the way don’t talk shit about jews.. Obli will erase your profile… To you other goyims and shiksas keep fearing muslims while the cops and jews rapes you

    1. has anyone actually watched this? i don’t blame the cop in the slightest. the guy/his family obviously have some previous, and unfortunately in the US you have to be so cautious, a huge percentage of the population are armed. in the UK the copper would have got straight out the car and probably diffused the whole situation, knowing there was essentially no risk to his life, you can’t be so sure in america. so many accidents due to these bizarre gun laws.

    2. A piece of shit cop like that deserves a bullet of two in his law-breaking, bully, pussy skull! He is the reason why US citizens HATE fucking cops! First off, pulling his handgun on a non-aggressive, non-threatening, law-abiding citizen for the purpose of intimidation should not have a gun and badge! Clearly this piece of shit cop has some anger issues, and those issues will get a good cop or civilian killed! This asshole cop needs to get fired. If this fucker is allowed to continue his harrassing and hateful ways his Police Commisioner needs to get dumped as well!

      1. The author jumps way high to conclusions holy shit. For one, someone had to have called the police on this guy or something police usually don’t patrol neighborhoods like that unless there is a reason to. This guy could be a dealer or something. Or have prior that warranted the officer to be extremely cautious. Also wasn’t helpful that this guy filming was erratic as wasn’t listening to simple requests.

    3. According to the man filming, the police has been harrassing his family also. I honestly think that it would have ended badly if it wasnt for the video. Also I noticed that the asshole hole officer was a little quicker about leaving when he was was warned about you tube. Ha ha.

    4. Do we know the history of the cop? Has he killed before? How long has he been a cop? People are making a lot of assumptions here.
      The dude went out of his way to make a Kodak “victimization” moment from the start. If the dude didn’t hate cops so much, there wouldn’t have even been an encounter and the cop wouldn’t have stopped in the first place.

      A lot of people, rather, the vast majority of people who have bad experiences with cops are dumb asses who bring it on themselves. Preventing it from happening isn’t rocket science. You just have to be a little smarter than a box of rocks.

          1. I used to know a girl, in school, named Princess Kelly. I remember one time over the intercom… “Princess Kelly to the main office, please. Princess Kelly to the main office.”

    1. I believe he is with CopBlock, a national group of independent journalists watching cops and videoing them as they abuse their authority.

      There are LOTS of new stories every day from Cop Block, Reddit Bad Cop No Donut,

      Look at all the different news feeds at:

      Go down the page a little to the News Feeds Updated Hourly, to look up the breaking stories.

    2. Don McComas noticed the “nameless pig” driving around slowly while loading his boat. The pig came around a second time and that’s when he pulled out the camera. Don didn’t elaborate on the family thing. The pig pen has been under scrutiny for shady shit and has since shut down its Face Fuck page.

        1. @ Rayf – While ours certainly aren’t perfect & always professional, I can’t imagine cops in most of our state who would instantly pull a gun out in a situation like this. There was a temp out of state rent-a-cop hired for the Sturgis rally who made an improper lane change without looking (to turn around and go after a speeding cyclist) and mowed down a bunch of bikers. I guess one was recording things as the other bikers stopped to try to help their fellow downed brothers which freaked the cop out so he pulled his gun. The biker told him it was going on Utube which further freaked him out – ‘hands up, put the phone down’. Luckily a Meade county sheriff pulled up & deescalated the situation. Just something I heard from a friend of a friend but can’t find a video yet. 😐

          1. Gotta be honest the only mistreatment I ever hear about is our State Trooper boys loving those out of state plates…with the out of state money that comes with it.
            No our cops aren’t perfect but they don’t act like this.

          2. Any time you get pulled over in a caravan, always pull over until you are passed the cop car. If you pull over to wait for the rest of the caravan behind the cop it indicates a possible ambush situation to him. This means immediate defensive stance. It isn’t an isolated incident of cops being murdered in this way. So always pull ahead of the person being pulled over to wait for your travel buddy who got pulled over. CHP can be real pricks if they feel threatened, this is one of the ways to avoid prick cops.

  1. Virtually every law in this country is designed to punish, their is no boundary, no stepping stone to criminality the country is designed to elicit it. That’s why 50% of all males see a jail cell once in their life

  2. You know it gets really bad, when you see an elderly cop who obviously, is not too far away from retirement, making an issue like that with this citizen.

    One would think, that he would be looking for a nice quiet place to bury all the dead bodies that he has accumulated all these years, collect his pension and bask in the glow of the Florida sun but no.

    Now, he’s curious if the guy with the camera, is rubbing his balls threw his pockets, while he’s filming this dick.

    Who makes this shit up anyway?

      1. @village
        Well I must say, that he’s got a lot of catching up to do, if that’s the case. Time appears not to be on his side anymore. And if he has to deal with any more courageous individuals such as this guy, it’ll probably be a long shot in getting a large amount of human hooves over his fireplace anytime soon.

  3. Live stream recording, whether real or a bluff in this instance, saved this man and is a CK’s worst nightmare. They can’t illegally confiscate or intimidate when it’s going directly to the cloud or they believe it is. Notice how he backed down quickly once made aware of that, even with his sidearm drawn. He knew he went too far and had to disengage.

    In Colorado, a bill has been submitted such that if passed, any member of the state’s LE could be fined up to $15,000.00 USD for preventing citizens from recording them anywhere in public, even during an arrest.

    Their corrupt days are numbered because they cannot kill us all. And every day more and more of us are becoming aware.

    In the meantime, they run vehicle tags, even on private property, during their witch hunts.

    Many have gained the supreme wisdom of filing suits in Federal Court for these consistent violations of inalienable rights, and won, which hits them precisely where it hurts them the most, financially. In addition, such actions ruin their credit rating. When a few more judges, prosecutors, and LE get this treatment, and they will, they will have learned. Until then, please record every interaction you may have with them, all of them. The more redundant devices, the better.

    Oh, and most importantly, never talk to LE without legal counsel present, ever. You have that right, no matter what they tell you. They are permitted by the SCOTUS to lie to you and they will always use whatever you say against you, even during a traffic stop, which is always a custodial arrest, whether they deny it to make you comfortable enough to talk, or not.

    On YouTube, search “What The Government Doesn’t Want You To Know About Your Drivers License”. It perfectly explains their purpose and objectives and provides a script to follow of how to survive and handle a traffic stop properly, even through their feeble attempts to escalate the encounter.

    Please take the time to watch this. It’s quite long, but more than worth it if you take your inalienable rights seriously and wish to fight any alleged traffic violations. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll be shocked and enlightened, too.

      1. In England it’s la about the right to travel. It is also all about what to say and when to say it.
        You’ll notice on your vehicle registration document that you are the current registered ” Keeper ” of the vehicle, not the owner of the vehicle, a point most people are not aware of.
        Basically, when registering anything, we hand over the ultimate control to the registrar, or government, but, there are ways and means.

        1. That is spot on, ewestomper! The government may argue that as semantics, but that is exactly what law is about, the letter of it. Case law proves this time after time. In fact, in the U.S., any speed limit sign is exclusively there for regulatory commerce, which is also the basis for all other traffic ordinances and statutes, and not for unencumbered travel on public roads for personal purposes where no harm or accidents occur, felonies notwithstanding. LE fully exploits the citizenry’s ignorance of this to the tune of billions of dollars in stolen monies annually and countless ruined lives under color of law ever since the SCOTUS ruled they all may lie during questioning, or interviewing potential suspects, or those detained in custodial arrest, in order to further incriminate the citizen so detained. This is why it is never good to talk with police, ever. You have the right not to do so, no matter what they tell you.

      2. It does not apply in England to my knowledge Truth Teller, as while you indeed have rights under the Magna Carta’s 39th Clause, you do not have guarantees to Due Process in your country, as legally defined here, which is one of our inalienable rights in the U.S. A Due Process Clause is mentioned twice in our Constitution, once in the Fifth Amendment, and again in the Fourteenth Amendment. This is why in case after case, LE and their facilitators are being sued today in Federal Court, particularly when there is video evidence that is not allowed to be suppressed, as is frequently done in state or local jurisdictions.

        Due Process of Law, whenever sparsely mentioned in English Law, does not limit the power of government, when that is precisely what it does here in the U.S.

  4. Way to go! This citizen is one of those few people who got balls, knows what to say to a cop, and knows how to defend himself. If you understand your own rights (and if the cop is not too aggressive or too stupid – just like this one), then you can clearly stand up for yourself. BTW, still remember one surprising video which was posted here. It’s about a black man who taunted the cop. I think the cop wanted to check his car, but the man taunted the cop and he just walked away. It was so amazing!!

      1. The guy was on his private property, minding his own private business. He was not causing trouble, not asking for trouble, nothing. He did not walk up to the cop to harass him, the cop drove up to him to harass him, and threaten him with a gun. The cop escalated the situation and never tried to de-escalate it. Only the citizen tried to de-escalate it. The cop was itching to score a kill. The way he pulled the gun suggests he wanted to provoke the citizen to make some form of move so he could shoot him. But was stopped in his tracks by the citizen not responding, and by being hinted that the video could be livestreamed so he wouldn’t be able to erase it after murdering the citizen.

        Had the citizen not had the camera, he’d be dead, and there’d be no MSM coverage, because he’s white.

        1. Yea cops are outta fuckin control period.
          Do ya know what it’s like,(props to Everlast) to not have a gun and someone with a gun,AND a license to kill give you shit? If you take a few seconds to think about its very threatening and frightening. This ain’t the Wild West days. And apparently having ur hand in your pocket,or scratching your balls is a major crime punishable by death now.
          And lastly are cops basically told to be insanely Nazi and aggressively retarded even when there’s a camera at the morning meetings before start of shift now?

    1. I agree. I was set to watch a one-sided bit of footage showing clear harassment. The douchebag behind the camera was waiting to bait, a prime example of entitled shit heads who think they can pick and choose which laws they want to follow. The cop told him to take his hand out of his pocket, which apparently was enough excuse to send the guy into a screaming tantrum, and into a scolding fit, trying to order the cop around like a spoiled child(“you put that gun away!”) , instead of, oh say, simply taking his hand out of his pocket. I literally lol’d and lost any sympathy I had for the camera douchebag when he was all like, “what do you think you’re doing??”, as if he was so offended that the cop DARE approach and question his royal ass-holiness.

      1. Camera dude was doing some rather unnecessary things, but he was on the right grounds. I mean, he was standing in his own yard, and when he walked out, it was to his own vehicle, which was also his property and the cop tried to box him in for no other reason beside the fact that the guy was recording the cop on video. And I have seen cops handle far more riled up victims with their tasers before try drew their guns. This cop pulled that gun out pretty quick, don’t you think? If the cameraman turns out to be a known violent criminal, I would imagine room for argument, but this looks like full blown power tripping. Did you see his chest pop out after that gun came loose? I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a hard on. After you laugh at that thought, consider he actually did have a hard on when he drew.

    2. @iris

      I respectfully disagree. Yes, I think the guy may have appeared a little suspicious. However, he picked a great place to emphasize a point about the police state.

      Do you think a cop would of reacted this way if, let’s say, this happened at a baseball game, or any community event?

      I think the message would of lacked clarity if it did. And the message is, “everyone’s a suspected terrorist in a police state.”

      Another thing to consider…

      I imagine this cop already had pulled up some information about this guy, before he dealt with him. Sure, I guess he could of been a suicidal cop killer. However again, I believe everyone’s a suicidal cop killer, when big brother has access to all our private information, and how to manipulate it.

        1. @Harumph
          Been a long time since I’ve been to the Smithsonian buildings…but I remember them telling me that if you spent 1 minute at every exhibit in all the buildings it would take 100 yrs to see it all…it is impressive.

      1. @tas Aussie right? How’s the Dominion all across the planet? Montreal Canada here.

        I don’t think I’ll ever go to the USA, I was arrested once in a protest in Montreal, anti riot just sacked the mob and only a few escaped in time, we were a crowd of 100 surrounded by shielded bullies, said the protest was illegal. We were tightly tie wrapped, placed in city buses (see the cooperation?), no drink no food no toilet for 4 hours, we were searched and pictured…all that for ”disturbing peace”…I’m sure our armed bullies shares those kind of information to our USA neighbours…the odds of an interaction with police in the USA are too high for my nervous system.

        Why would you want to go to the USA, except for seeing infrastructures/architectures tas?

        1. @Village, New York, Las Vegas, etc. all looks so exciting, plus I’d like to see the manatee’s in Florida! 😉 I could rattle off shit I’d want to see all day, mostly natural places, you know, where the buffalo used to roam.

          1. Come visit the right places @tas…the Buffalo…they still roam….just not everywhere they used to.

  5. The cop might have been a bit abrasive here, but I’m not sure why this guy is randomly recording a police car making rounds in a neighborhood — and the cop is probably wondering the same thing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was making rounds because of complaints about some guy randomly recording people.

    But the whole “you know I don’t have a weapon” part was the epitome of stupidity. Of course he doesn’t know whether you have a God damn weapon and he’s going to take precautions, not doing that is literally how officers get killed. You should ALWAYS have your hands outside of your pockets and visible around an officer.

    The officer did get a little too confrontational, but the guy filming this was obviously looking for a conflict and was completely baiting him.

  6. Has the guy got some cam on his forehead or something? You see him put his phone on the car but he clearly has his hand in his pocket, he keeps saying I don”t have to take my hand out of my pocket. If a police officer tells you take your hand out of your pocket, take your hand out of your pocket. It’s perfectly reasonable for the cop to get out and talk to him, that guy could have been casing the street to do a burglary, he seemed suspcious as hell. What happened was exactly what that guy wanted to happen, I bet he had a hard on thinking about uploading it onto youtube. All that bullshit, ‘you know I don’t have a gun in my pocket’, silly twat how does the cop know. I have a great idea why don’t police just ask people ‘are you doing anything illegal

    1. cop was ready to go there so this man is an idiot. we are all aware of the increasingly militarized police force in America, but this man was deliberately trying to start an incident just so he could catch police brutality on tape.

  7. That was one douche bag of a pig!! The more I watch videos like this the more I’m becoming one of those Constitutionalist. Lol! Like a crazy person! Yep that’s what we are all becoming.. Fucking pigs are starting to make me soooo sick now a days. I think I’ve lost my appetite for bacon and that sucks…

  8. Did that guy have a hidden cam on him? You clearly see him put his phone on the bonnet. It’s not unreasonable for a cop to get out of a car if someone is acting really suspicious, that guy could have been casing to do a burglary or be a stalker, possible child molester etc. It’s certainly not unreasonable for the cop to ask someone to take their hand out of their pocket which he clearly has as he keeps refusing to do so. The guy was obviously praying for this sort of response and was baiting the cop by acting so suspiciously and dicking around with the cop. I bet he had a hard on thinking about uploading this to youtube, the cop hadn’t even got out of his car before he makes a point of going over and filming his registration number, what the fuck does he need that for apart from wanting to be a provocative arsehole? Then there’s the classic line when the cop quite reasonably asks him to take his hand out of his pocket says ‘You know I don’t have anything’, how the fuck does the cop know? Even the most retarded people know if a cop approaches you and tells you to take your hand out of your pocket you do so, how does the cop know what’s in your pocket? I have an idea , why don’t cops just ask people ‘Are you doing anything criminal’? then people can say, ‘No, now don’t bother me’, and the cops can say ‘Ok, sorry for disturbing you sir’.

  9. Fuck that was some creepy shit, like watching ganstas in goodfellas/casino or something! The way he slowly creeps up, steps out of his car and casually draws his gun LOL. Was expecting that guy to get fucked up! But that will be the case soon, when they illegalize filming cops, imagine that? Reaching for your phone to film a dodgy cop and BANG he shoots your hand AND phone, then fires the rest in your head because he ‘feared for his life’. Feared he was going to get video’d to death!

  10. Seriously, fucker looks like he belongs in the village people haha. Wtf was he thinking, walking g around with his side arm unholstered?? It’s not a toy there officer…that cop was seriously looking to shoot that guy, and I bet the way it would have gone down would end with the cop justifying deadly force and getting paid vacation.

    What a fucking scumbag. So why are you recording me? Bc you were recording g me first! What a little kid response. If I say no hand in your pocket i ean it or I’ll shoot you!

    Fucking insane….I’m sure they know who the guy is, I bet once they ran his plates they checked to see if he was a legal owner of firearms, so maybe that’s why the cop got out with his gun in hand..

    They love to go after regged gun owners. They treated me like a serial killer when I was arrested and charged with poss of cds to wit marijuana less than ten grams and paraphernalia. Fucked thing was I didn’t have any weed. They were able to scrape a little rez from the. Roken pipe. It got tossed and I’m sure the prosecutor could care less, but when they found out I have a few pistols rifles, they were extra aggressive and even had a special team to come and verify the guns..I said they are in a locked safe in a different country, call the state police if you want..

    Nothing happened, but they want to be the only ones with guns…police state indeed. The sheeple need to wake up…sure some of them aren’t corrupt power tripping ass faces, but most of them are, and that’s good enough for me to distrust all of them. They just think they are so fucking clever..and hate to be one upped. Fuck the police. Serve and protect nothing….ok end rant.

  11. I dont normally throw around numbers like a lot of members do. But i thought you might find this interesting.

    From 1791-2014 a total of 20,538 policemen have been killed in the line of duty.

    However, in the last 35 yrs, 324,000+ Blacks have been killed by other blacks.

    Hell, the cops should just stop now and save the ammo

  12. No offense, but if you’re going to film the police it’s going to give you unwarranted attention, also I’m sure there are more productive ways of spending your time other than doing that. But, there’s no crime and instead of investigating this officer threw a real power trip attempt, by pulling that gun. Seeing this I realize the immense difference between my own community and the US.

    It’s two extremes, in the US you fear the police, where I live police doesn’t even dare to walk the pavement, or get out of their armored cars in fear of being shot. To be honest, there’s a certain privilege when the legitimate force of repression fears you, it puts the police in line by doing what’s supposed to do, and that’s a subservient position:serve and protect.

  13. There was obviously no need for the cop to even un-holster his weapon, let alone stand there for as long as he did with his weapon in his hand. That being said, regardless of the situation, if a cop asks you to take your hands out of your pockets, it’s not against “your rights”. I don’t get why that is such a big fucking ordeal, and people turn non-hostile situations into worse ones by getting stupid over things like that.
    I say again, I think that cop was wrong to have his weapon out like that and never should have removed it from his holster to begin with.

  14. Guy with the camera is a paranoid fucktard. Cop should have tazed, and pepper-sprayed him just so I’d have a better video to watch. Fuck, I wanted to shoot him.
    Paranoid tweeker.
    Go dig a hole in your fucking front yard til you reach China.

  15. Fucking scumbag cop thinks he’s Clint Eastwood pulling his piece out like that. Kind of reminds of the time a pig tried to run me over crossing the street, with me having the right of way. Unfortunately, there were no cars around me or pedestrians to see it. Cops love doing this bullshit when they think they can’t get exposed FYI. Keep those cell phones handy.

    1. So the victim is taking action apparently, which is VERY good. I hear a lot of citizens turn down taking action simply because of corruption. Here is more on the story [] if you are interested.

  16. > Land of the Sheep, Home of the Slave.

    Ouch. I hate to say that about America, but it is true. They don’t even realise that they’ve been enslaved, financially first, mentally, second, and now the system is taking away the only weapons they have, to defend themselves against slavery.

    If I were American, I would suit up, load up, and head for the hills, and make that last stand count. Are we Lincolns or slaves ?

    God bless America.

  17. I would’ve shot that fucking pig. That badge don’t mean shit once you threaten my life for absolutely no reason. You pull your gun I pull mine no hesitation and guess what I’m quicker. Nice mustache also I’m sure the guys love it

  18. I read up more about this incident, apparently his department is “conducting” an internal investigation, and now officer friendly is currently on vacation, paid vacation to be exact. Very sad state of affairs these days, this is just a vicious circle that may never be broken, unless drastic measures are taken, only then will these fine officers of the law will continue to act with complete disregard to the public safety.

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