Civilian Supplies Trucks Attacked by Terrorists in Syria

Civilian Supplies Trucks Attacked by Terrorists in Syria

Video from Syria shows what appears to be a group of terrorists stationed by a major throughway and shooting up and bombing civilian supplies trucks. Cities under government’s control, albeit distressed, still have civilians living whatever normal lives they can pull off, and part of their survival revolves around getting supplies they need. Business in these areas is hard and slow, but it still exists. And businesses need supplies to survive.

Apparently, the rebels don’t like the fact that there are people in Syria, outside of their reach, who still live somewhat normal lives. So if they can’t get to them, at least they try to cut them off by attacking trucks and drivers who despite all dangers, risk their lives to keep the communities supplied. The terrorists just reached a new low.

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  1. Although I dislike terrorists as much as the next person, you have to admit it’s a smart tactic.
    If you can’t get to them personally, you just starve them out of basic necessities.
    Just like in chess-force your opponent to move the piece he doesn’t want to…

    1. The Plantagenet dynasty applied a similar tactic hundreds of years ago . They captured Anglesey , which was the gateway via which the Welsh ruling dynasty … they had ruled Wales autonomously for hundreds of years , brought in their supplies .

      The tactic worked and the long reign of the Welsh Kings ended just like that .

  2. I’m becoming more and more disillusioned with the people who write the descriptions for every video here on BG 🙁

    Cutting off supply routes is not a novel tactic and it makes tactical sense to the rebels. The exact opposite has been done by the SAA, enforcing blockades around rebel held cities.

    The difference is that the rebels do not stop the trucks and politely ask the drivers to make their own way home, as is going on with Ukrainian soldiers entering East Ukraine as I type. Rather, they shoot them up from a distance.

    That’s a war crime. But the SAA are no better. And we have no confirmation of whether the drivers are civilians in the video. Pakistani Taliban commonly employ the same technique to prevent supplies reaching US forces in Afghanistan. In those cases, the drivers are usually non-civilians.

    A picture might speak a million words, but videos arising from syria just raise more questions.

  3. Well looks like it’s time to use some fortified vehicles for supply transport now. I feel bad for the drivers families, those drivers were risking their lives to bring in supplies and to get paid to support their families.

        1. Yeah, wish we weren’t 🙁 .

          And WTF is with the rebels for not taking the supplies, seems like the smart think would to be take supplies and maybe use the truck to at leas cause destruction in the cities.

          1. as odgoso says…..

            happy snackbars would rather cause big bang, jump around “snackbar-ing” ……. then scratch their dumb heads and consider the mistakes theyve made later

      1. The rebel’s make these ‘hit & run’ attacks just outside the limits of there territorial control, they know that if they get too close or try to jack the trucks they’ll get made into mince meat……..and a great video for us.

  4. Did you see in the video those big ass bullets flying all over that field? Probably way too much to ask for when you tell them they have to “aim” at the shit they shoot. And on a side note did they kill the little fellow that goes door to door asking if you need your knife or fucking sword sharpened, for all the beheadings they like to do. Sometimes it just amazes me to no end that these dune coons manage to kill anybody.

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