Cold Blooded Killing of Car Occupants with Pistols and Rifle

Cold Blooded Killing of Car Occupants with Pistols and Rifle

Cold Blooded Killing of Car Occupants with Pistols and Rifle

I got no backinfo, but my best guess is Thailand. Not only do they use the weird font for typing, they also drive on the left, so I’m guessing this happened in Thailand. Though could also be another South East Asian country.

The nighttime CCTV video shows cold blooded killing of car occupants. It starts almost like a case of road rage, but the side of the altercation with firepower goes quite all out, which makes me wonder if there could have been more to it.

They first gun down one guy who got off the vehicle. Later on, another guy gets off and runs for his life. After that, the shooters return to the target vehicle several times apparently to also finish off the occupants on the back seats.

While the killing is in progress, other vehicles pass by as if nothing was happening. Definitely feels like Thailand – the most dangerous country for foreigners in the world bar none. If you know what this was all about, please let us know in the comments.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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58 thoughts on “Cold Blooded Killing of Car Occupants with Pistols and Rifle”

        1. Maybe they just wanted to die. I don’t blame them. Why run when you have nothing to live for?

          It’s like the thousands of young Mexican men who join cartels to be soldiers, knowing there’s a 90% they’re going to Aztec & Taco Heavan. You just accept the shit situation you’re in and wait until your demise. It’s a very natural part of life.

      1. Wow you’re right I didn’t notice that the first time, Hamburger….I take it back. But in the Philly Floyd riots this past spring, NO ONE wore one. Didn’t matter, I guess. Different narrative altogether.

  1. Looks like a gang execution to me. That gun needs cleaning, and a little oil. Paraphrasing Irving the negro lad mentioned in a previous video “that gun be dusty, you gotsa keeps that shit clean“

  2. Gang related or murder for hire the one guy in the right back seat opens the door instead of fleeing like his buddy did he went back in like he’s going to be safe inside of the car and got shot multiple times somehow he’s still moving instead of playing dead he starts moving they came back and finished him off unbelievable stuff.

    1. After watching the video for the 8th time, it now looks like they were leaving after executing the first guy, but then the driver opened his door and started firing at them.
      If that’s indeed a shotgun of some kind that he tossed before fleeing.

      I guess he thought running from the shooters and leaving his homies to die was better than driving away and keeping the rest of them alive. What a friend!

      1. Went back and watch it again at first i didn’t notice the driver throw a shotgun you’re right.
        to me it looks like the killers didn’t notice the driver run away they walked quite a distance. they thought the one that shot at them is the one remaining in the car so they came back and killed him he and the driver had plenty of time to drive away stupidity at its finest.

  3. Makes you wonder why the guy that ran off didn’t just drive away, same for the ones in the back seat.
    Kinda surprised they let some random guy drive up to check on the passengers and then take off, unless he was with the shooters.

  4. What a bunch of idiots every single occupant of the black car.
    It looks to me as if they knew wtf they were getting into and once they saw first guy go down they got overwhelmed with fear,
    the scary bitch type of shit.
    I don’t understand why driver didn’t just floor the pedal and zig zag his ass out of sight as soon as first shot got fired rather than making a run for it
    And like if that wasn’t stupid enough the back seat passenger tries making a getaway in foot as well instead of hopping in the fucking front seat and stepping on the accelerator like if he had more chances at getting away in foot than on 4 wheels, but who knows maybe the driver did got away.

      1. That was a possibility I entertained but as the video was about to end we can see that wasn’t the case Mr. Spock.
        It appears that the black sedan had the engine running all along cause the main perpetrator hops in the driver side and moves the car as if he was going to park it properly or maybe just take off with two passenger corpses.
        This guys all had a chance to cheat death that night but didn’t see it, didn’t act on it, I mean the car is clearly ready to take off but there was nobody to take it.

  5. ” While the killing is in progress, other vehicles pass by as if nothing was happening. Definitely feels like Thailand – the most dangerous country for foreigners in the world bar none ” ……………………… I have been on this site for almost over a decade now. I saw many bloody, gorey and disgusting act of human being all over the world on this site. And its fine really, I witnessing them in a name of unfiltered events, A truth, An uncensored news. And I am quite very greatful for all the hard work this site have been through in order to show us the “real world”. But that quota up there, Tell me, Did you write that out of spitefulness or perhaps you only just want to spice your article with something catchy? Perhaps to make it look like those “Sheeple” news on mainstream media? Because we all know quite very well at this point consider from amount of videoes we have lying around here, That was not entirely true at all.

  6. 100% shithole, one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Already blacklisted, would never go to that shithole. That was the country where that serial killer shot dead a kid and some other people on a mall, right?

  7. Yes, this happen in Thailand in Phatthalung Province. They happen to meet each other at the bar and they got into an argument, the guy in black pull a gun at the white shirt as a warning not to mess with him. White shirt left the bar call his bro and ask the the guy in black to meet him in front of the bank. I still don’t know what the guy in black expect to happen walking up to that dude without a weapon. The only one with a brain just GTFO. The shooters don’t want to leave any witness but they’re too stupid to realize that the bank has a surveillance camera on 24/7. Probably a rival gang or something so the guy that got away know all the suspect.

  8. Why didn’t the driver drive away you say? You snowflakes never been in a shoot out its pretty obvious. Just look at his front window when the driver is shooting. You dumb asses don’t know bullets go through a car? THe car doesn’t protect you from bullets. Hes being shot and you can see bullet go through front window. You think hes just gonna turn around and start driving after he been shot and more bullets are coming? There is 2 shooters shooting at him and bullets are going through seat and window and hes been shot. You think you guys can turn and start driving with bullets coming at you from every angle? running is all he could do. The guy in the backseat has also been shot. He is a done deal too. Its funny you guys think a car stops bullets. Car doesn’t protect you like the movies you snow flakes watch. Its hilarious you guys think you can just drive away haha.

    ANd its funny guys would leave your dead homie and dive off like manginas when you got a gun in your car. Woman do that didn’t know their was so many manginas in here. Makes sense though. IF your afraid to die after someones killed your brother or best friend just go to a nursing home and look at the manginas who ran like you dying slowly with bed sores that put them in a life of hell until their death.

    1. These are muy thai martial arts faggot fighters trying to pick fights with people at bars cause they are trained for fighting In thailand they target mangina white people usually. Reality is this is the result when you run into savages who are trained by their alpha male father to kill. I tell these faggot mma guys all the time don’t step on the tracks cause a trains about to come through when you run into a street guy trained to kill who dont play by your mma mangina rules. Killers don’t care if you shoot at them either. They don’t play games or argue with you like a woman does. They only have one focus and thats to kill you. Killer will always beat a trained fighter with 100% success and take out all the snow flakes with ease.

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