Cold Blooded, Broad Daylight Murder Caught on CCTV in the Philippines

Cold Blooded, Broad Daylight Murder Caught on CCTV in the Philippines

Try as I could, I was unable to find any background information about this cold blooded, broad daylight murder that was caught on CCTV in the Philippines. I even asked a few Filipino friends if they could point me to an article about it as it surely would have been covered extensively in their media, but none has heard about it nor could find a beep in their press about it.

The killer appears to be on good terms with the cops, possibly a cop himself, so I suspect there was a coverup at work, which would explain why the whole case remains so under the radar. The killer probably got completely away with it. Considering the way he carried himself while he snuffed out the life, one can tell he’s a psychopath who has either done that before, or will do it again.

Watch first video for just the moment of murder:

Second video is an extended footage of the same murder. It’s 12 minutes long. Murder starts at around 4:25.

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          1. Hope he didn’t get a room at the Graystone motel. Let’s just hope he snorted his internet bill this month. Whatever the reason I’m sure there will be one hell of a story behind it when he returns. Love the Judge. No homo though. πŸ˜‰

          2. @Ewe I was Thinking that, the Graystone motel is what I refer to prisons as. The prisons in the U.S. that are older, some built before our civil war even kinda look like castle gray skull. Cheers my brother. πŸ˜‰

  1. Here in Canada were trying to get rid of all the foreign workers from Philippines. The women are home wreckers just to get a pass to stay (they only in for the white men. they seem to be the only ones that fall for their kids). and the men drop the Labour rates so low. It’s hard to compete and make a living. companies rather hire these monkeys because they happily work for less and kiss ass. they buy $2000 purses and still ride the bus lol

    1. try to get rid? so why others prefer pinoys to work? couz they work hard and get less salary?

      and base on what youve said..

      “It?s hard to compete and make a living.”
      so you cant beat a pinoy on a job.. zzzzzzzz…

      1. I hard to compete and when you got 10 of these monkeys living in one apartment and I have a family to take care off. I cant have room mates. when my people came here. we didnt do that. so I hardly doubt you’re hard workers. I left my country for a better life. so I worked my way up the ladder. I wasn’t gonna be cut throat. dropping prices ruins quality in work and our economy. they don’t spend or invest money here. It’s all sent back to their shit hole. buying a 2000 purse doesn’t support our economy. I buy everything based on our economy. A house is still the same price. These monkeys have to work 3 jobs to buy materials things. better living you say? I hardly call being materialistic better living.

        1. @elmaspison..
          Whats wrong with buying a $2000 purse? As long as he/she worked hard for it why not?
          “I hardly call being materialistic better living” ..
          Maybe they are just rewarding theirselves.. don’t jump into conclusions..
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    2. Ive got alot of friends over there.. particularly in Calgary..
      Personally I aim to work over there too, im a licensed caregiver.. can you blame us? Canada offers higher salary compared to other countries.. We are just aiming for a better job and a better living condition for our family back home..
      As for the home wrecker part.. white men have their choices.. they are lured because they want to.. don’t put all the blame on filipina women..

      1. Cheeky my mum used to be a nurse and work nights. she said she loved working with the fillipino’s, if it was quiet they would always find something to do instead of sitting down. Their mentality was they were being paid for 8 hours so they would work for 8 hours. She also said they were the nicest people to work with, always really kind with the patients and if she saw them on the street they would always come over and give her a big hug.

          1. nati, irene, diane, i worked with these, and other philipina nurses in a catholic hospital. these weren’t just some of the sweetest and nicest nurses i ever worked with, these were some of the nicest women i have ever worked with. i worked in many hospitals, in different large cities and worked with a lot of nurses. all of the philipinas were sweet, nice looking, happily married and faithful. a lot of women should take after these nurses. i don’t have their back, this is merely an observation, a reflection of these women. their deeds speak louder than my words ever could.

          2. I used to work with two girls from the Philippines and they were the two most compassionate nurses I’ve ever worked with. My best friend is also Filipino. Definitely not “bottom of the Asian food chain”.

          3. All the Filipinos I have met that were nurses went above and beyond in their care and compassion of their patients. I had Filipino neighbors who when my mom passed were the first to come over offer condolences, bring food over and everyday made it a point to check on my fathers well being until the day he died. Too bad more people can’t be like them. If I have had personal dealings with 20 or 30 Filipinos in my life I can say I’ve never come across a single one who I didn’t like or admire. I can’t even come close to that with any other race including my own.

    3. Philippines is a dirt hole, shit hole, I admit. But so is Canada, even Mark Marek himself can attest to that. Fact is the whole world is a shit hole. You like to watch shithole videos like these, which make you a shit yourself, and so am I, and all of us here. So relax and don’t be hypocrite about it, Filipinos are indeed monkeys, and you are one big hairy fucking gorilla πŸ™‚

          1. they are shit holes. but some people that live in the country side aka rednecks, think other wise. I never travel to the US for fun. been there and it’s dumb. whether it’s the immigrants that make it worse or just their stupid blind patriotism. it’s not a cool hang out. and I won’t visit the UK as long as the monarchy is around as a power source. but I will visit Scotland if they split up. I will happily spend my money anywhere that isn’t part of that monarchy.

          2. I’m a red neck because I live in the countryside ? , or does the term only apply to U.S residents of the countryside ?.
            I have seen a fair few foreign countries in my time, hence I never get too complacent about life at home. In all honesty, we don’t realise how lucky we are.

  2. Wow, that was bizarre.. Dude that gets killed walks into the building at 1:15, gets shot in the back once at 4:20,and is still alive when he gets picked up at around 9:00.. I am very curious as to the circumstances leading to this. Fascinating world this is.

  3. It’s the Filipino version of the Sonny Corleone toll booth scene.

    I’m really way passed weary with the popularity of remakes these days. They are the worst! Every jackoff with a camera thinks they’re Coppola, ffs!

  4. For sure this world is filled with psychopates of all kind whos protected by civilian killers.
    There is something…This will pass here maybe, but when spirit leave the vehicle-this shooter will cry out in great fear.

  5. Beyond weird, but for a guy who supposedly got shot 2 or 3xs where’s the blood ? Unless his shirt is made out of the same material as a maxi pad, there should be a few drops if not a pool on the ground.

  6. The PHO PHO (police) in 3 worlds countries are sick and fed up of catching criminals only to see them getting released right before their eyes because those criminals always always always have political backing from higher ups so, JUST FOR FUN sometimes they just decide to kill these cockroaches when they have the chance, its called encounter, a term very popular in indian cinema (yes it happens a lot in india)

  7. The scene looks like it happened in front of a city jail.. I dont know what happened there but its a cold blooded murder in deed.. Sad to say.. there are lots of “gun for hire” back in Philippines.. they will kill if the price is right..

  8. Cold blooded and self indulgent
    I may love you for the moment
    But you’re the epitome of a dead heart
    Turning what you do into an art

    Cold blooded and self indulgent
    Used to be in my own world
    Then you killed it with evanescence
    Like yin and yang into one twirled

    Cold blooded and self indulgent
    The reason for my dead thoughts
    Always taking ostentatious shots
    Now I’m mentally gone, It’s absent

    Cold blooded and self indulgent
    Hate that I love you, I loathe it
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    Demon spawn, Cold blooded torment
    Gianni Vespucci

  9. I heard they do this sort of justice to rapist murderers because their justice system is very weak and it’s very hard to convict them in the court.
    My ex girlfriends father was a policeman in philippines long time ago and she told me once they let go a guy who raped and killed a young girl then they shot him in the back.
    Now I saw the video it reminds me of that story.
    Of course I can’t be sure but it might be the case.

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