Colombia – Armed Robber Accidentally Kills His Accomplice and Clerk

Colombia - Armed Robber Accidentally Kills His Accomplice and Clerk

Trigger happy armed robber accidentally squeezes the trigger when messing with the clerk of a shop he was trying to rob and shoots his accomplice dead. The clerk – either brave or stupid – didn’t get it that the robber had real gun with real bullets and continued messing with the robber until the robber popped a few bullets in him and killed the clerk too. Happened in Colombia. Instant karma for the accomplice, but very unfortunate for the clerk who was just working a shift. CCTV video of the incident is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Colombia – Armed Robber Accidentally Kills His Accomplice and Clerk”

    1. yeah play it cool in that split second after having someone shoot at your head, miss, and it drops someone else! he was gonna kill him anyway, he just missed with the 1st shot, it shouldnt be dangerous, working in a grocery store!

      1. The illusion of a lack of death-laced danger, even when humans swarm all around.
        You give WAY too much credit.
        No, it’s not something that happens everwhere, all the time.
        But, often enough.
        Things will get worse. These are just humans dealing with an average day.
        Just wait until something VERY big and VERY encumpassing happens and the masses turn on each other.
        THAT, is why I call us The Students OF Best Gore.
        This site REALLY WILL teach the reality of what people are, and how they are, and what they do. Under fairly NORMAL circumstances.

        Pay Attention And Learn!

  1. the moral of the story is: when you’re employed as a cashier in some shithole in colombia, and a 4’10” thief points a gun at you asking for the
    cash, you don’t just give him the cash,
    you give the midget the fucking cash register

  2. Wow. He shot the guy in the ear, it passed through the center of his head without touching anything, and the bullet hit his buddy with no fucking problem.
    The clerk took multipal shots to the body, which seems to do the trick on him.
    Intresting chain of events.
    Wonder how much money he got. Most likely about $45.

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