Colombian Taxi Driver Takes Revenge on Young Thieves

Colombian Taxi Driver Takes Revenge on Young Thieves

Colombian Taxi Driver Takes Revenge on Young Thieves

The incident in the video was initially reported as a traffic accident.

The images of the CCTV camera show how a taxi driver runs over two people in reverse, and drags one of them under his vehicle in a dish-out of justice on thieves that had robbed him moments earlier.

The incident happened in the Guayabal neighborhood in the south of Medellín, Colombia. According to unofficial information, the people who were run over were two underage women, aged 15 and 16. They, along with two underage men who were also injured, have assaulted the taxi driver.

One of the girls died and the other is in a serious condition. The taxi driver surrendered to the police.

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45 thoughts on “Colombian Taxi Driver Takes Revenge on Young Thieves”

  1. He was just practicing his reverse parking for a test the next day. Those little shits will think twice before trying that stunt again.The girl who died paid a very high price for being a little shit though.

  2. Judging by how casually these suspected robbers walked away, im likely to assume they have done this on many occasion, they act like seasoned vets who have done this so often that its normality, i guess theres only so many times you can fuck with people before you rustle the wrong jimmies, or sanjays in this case.

  3. Interesting, so there were 2 guys and 2 girls. Both girls got fucked up, devil’s in the details. If you pay attention, one of the girls fell down before the car even got to them. I wonder if she just tripped due to being high on something or drunk or if someone accidentally pushed her as they ran out of the way. Anyway, I bet she’s the one in critical condition. Because if you look at the second girl who got dragged along, she got here spine absolutely destroyed right when she got under the damn car. Look at that, she’s sort of in a sitting position as she goes under the car. AND SNAP. You can kiss goodbye to your spine, and to your life I suppose. This turned into an essay, didn’t it.

  4. After all the mayhem, ,running over the pedestrians, killing some and injuring the others the big question is whether the Taxi Driver got all of his belongings which he was robbed off. ……….I think may be not .
    He must rehearse reversing also try killing and injuring few others , a couple of times more to get to know where’s all that stuff the robber managed to hide, from everyone’s eye.

  5. seems weird that execution videos are so hard to come by here, but murder videos never seem to get taken down. not complaining, but I’m also not not complaining, cuz the best isis videos(the ones with kids shooting people lol) are always gone and I can’t be fucked to spend an hour to find a single video anymore. cctv doesn’t fulfill my bloodlust haha i need close up

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