Colombian Man Chopped Up with Machete

Colombian Man Chopped Up with Machete

When it comes to non organized crime in Latin America and South East Asia, machete seems to be the weapon of choice. Afterall, they are easy to come by and can deliver pretty severe damage. This large set of photos is from Colombia where organized crime and guerrilla warfare have pretty deep roots. People who are outside of these large scale operations settle disputes their own way. Machete works.

The victim got chopped up pretty badly. But since most cuts are only moderately deep lacerations, we could assume that the killer doesn’t have very strong arms. He must have taken advantage of a moment of surprise cause under normal circumstances he would likely be the one to get beat up. He must have been in a rage though cause there appear to have been several dozen slashes taken.

Regardless, he won this fight, delivered some lethal blows (ones to the neck did it), chopped the opponent up and when all was said and done, got captured by Colombian police.

Props to Best Gore reader AL for sending this whole set in.

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14 thoughts on “Colombian Man Chopped Up with Machete”

  1. wow. I live here, and even when we have worst cases, this one is fucked up. I think the killer had an oxidized machete, that’s the why of the low-deep injuries and the amount of injuries. and by the way, I must admit the number of caught killers have increased here in Colombia, but it’s pretty low compared to countries like USA.

  2. Back in the day in Colombia they’d kidnap your kids and send you a ransom note with his finger, as proof that they had him.

    If you didn’t have the money after 48 hours, you got an ear. After a week, you got a hand. And if two weeks went by and you refused to pay, you’d get the head in a box.

    Those guys had style. In Mexico, though, we lack control: we just kill the bugger and cut him into little pieces. A la mierda con el rescate.

        1. “No one is a good person.There are only those who benefit from life, and those who don’t.” Typical narco mindset, it’s like “worry only for survive, no matter if you kill 100 in order to do it”. I guess if I talk about honor or ethics you would laugh.

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