Columbine School Shooting Crime Scene Photos and Video

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold Dead in the Library

Columbine School Shooting Crime Scene Photo

Columbine School Shooting took place on April 20, 1999. That means today is the 10th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre. It’s tragic how the date of the shooting fell on 420. I celebrate 420 every day at 4.20pm and there is only one day of the year when 420 can be celebrated whole day. Sadly, this day also marks one of the darkest days in US history. Forever known as the Columbine School Shooting, April 20, 1999 took entire America and the rest of the world by the storm after Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold – two Columbine High School students unleashed merciless massacre, killing 13 people (victims include 12 students, 1 teacher), wounding 23, then committing suicide. One more quick note about 420 – aside form being the Columbine school shooting anniversary day, April 20th is also the birthday of Adolf Hitler (born April 20, 1889).

Only a few of the Columbine Crime Scene Photos out of thousands taken by Sherriff’s people made it out. They are still frowned upon as they are the reminder of the deadliest high school massacre in US history (fourth deadliest overall school massacre). Even now, 10 years since Columbine School Shooting took place there are more questions than answers. Why did they do it? Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were just a couple of high school students who didn’t seem any different from other students. Their graduation was only two weeks away when they embarked on Columbine School Shooting.

According to videos and journal writings, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were planning the massacre in great detail. Their plan contained such perks as an attempt bombing that would rival Oklahoma City one, there were also plans to hijack an aircraft from the Denver airport, fly it to New York and crash into a building (yes, that was prior to 9/11). There was obviously a lot going on in the background with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, just nobody seemed to have picked up any signs and take action while they could. Next thing you know, 15 people are dead as result of Columbine School Shooting.

Below is the video with footage from the Columbine High School security cameras showing events that took place in the cafeteria during Columbine School Shooting. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are highlighted in the video. The audio tracks contains some of the 911 calls from people who were in the school at time of shooting.

And below here is the gallery with Columbine Crime Scene Photos. It contains photos of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold dead in the library after their simultaneous suicide and a photo of dead Daniel Rohrbough with students hiding behind a car in presence of a police officer who’s aiming his gun at the school. I didn’t include Columbine Crime Scene Photos that just show stressed students running out of the school or the famous photo of Patrick Ireland falling out of the library window as he’s being caught by SWAT team.

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      1. it’s all true, they were anti-racism. Eric Harris said something along the lines off “I hate people who discriminate on other people for being different”. he has a reason for hating the races he did hate, he didn’t just hate them for being different

    1. You need to research your shit. True they weren’t nazis but they were never ever ever bullied and didn’t have mental issues. They were the typical high school students. They went to parties they had friends and they got girls. They had been planning the shooting for over a year and half. Eric hated the people in the school and Dylan did what Eric did. You should really research more in to this before just believing what the media says. Maybe try picking up a book.

      1. They weren’t. They were bullied severely, and both developed social disorders because of it. I developed an interest in this particular case, being of their age and after a great amount of research, watching documentaries etc, found that they were in fact social outcasts.

        However, what they did is disgusting. Their diarys they kept were gruesome. Their parents should have monitored them. Teachers should have paid more attention.

      2. This is somewhat true. Someone who had read through Eric’s journal concluded that he was probably clinically psychotic and Dylan was possible a depressive and interviews with students said that they were liked by the other kids as a majority.
        Eric on the other hand, was maybe a nazi-wannabe (not the politically correct term but whatevs) who had planned on getting a swastika tattoo, if Alice Cooper’s song was correct.

  1. YAY DISCRIMINATORY SLURS! Uncivilized idiots #1 and 3 don’t realize people like them helped these kids snap. Dumbasses…

    Schools these days aren’t doing shit to stop bullying in schools. I realize this is also the parents’ fault, but still… This could be prevented with a little school intervention when bullying, name-calling, and physical abuse are observed.

    Unless this wasn’t the reason these psychos embarked upon an unnecessary murder spree. Then…um…fuck you, mental illnesses.

  2. lol i love how the words fag and homo are used as an insult.. it’s really nothing to be ashamed of bt i digress. this was a very sad event in history and i shouldn’t be using this as an excuse to vent my feelings

  3. I’ve only watched a couple of programs about eric n dylan…one said they were bullied, the other said they weren’t. which to believe? I have 3 kids in secondary (high) school and can easily believe that they were bullied and that any present mental illness could have pushed one over the top and that the other went willingly along. Hell, there were people at my school I would love to have wiped out had I had the chance….

  4. Eric harris was basically just a psycopath, dylan klebold was depressed & wanted his life & others to end, being eric’s best friend, eric influenced him to go with him to shoot up the school. I know this was a horrible event in history, but they sure did teach those assholes a lesson.

  5. Ohh I am sorry Dickweed I didn’t know that if I got bullied to much that I have the right to take peoples lifes. I am so sorry that normal people don’t respect your no existent rights.

  6. Ha ha ha. Those lowlife dipshits at Columbine deserved it! Hell, Eric & Dylan should have knifed more losers on the library for added fun! 😀 Where’s the ANFO bombs when you needed them? Especially for the other fuckheads who posted such words “FAG” and “HOMO” here in this page, hmm? I bet y’all lose your goddamn cojones faster than you could sing the Star-Spangled Banner when you see Eric and Dylan with their weapons pointed at you LOLOLOLOL!!!

    Okay people, I know y’all bitch and whine when you read this, but acting like a dick (esp. that one kid I know, roflzorz) WILL NOT bring the lives of 15 people who got slaughtered like pigs in a slaughterhouse. Kudos to Cassie Bernall (who got shot in the face with a freakin 12-gauge sawed-off shottie anyways) for saying “YES” when asked if she believed in God, because I’m a Roman Catholic too 😀 Go girl!

    1. Um sorry but Cassie Bernall did not say that. She didn’t have any verbal interactions with the shooters. There was another girl, Val Schumer, I think was her name. She was taunted by the shooters and said yes to believing in god. She was not killed. The girl that was right next to Cassie when she was shot even said Cassie didn’t have time to talk to the shooters. The brother of Cassie was in the library that day too. He thought he heard Cassie, but he really heard Val. It’s all on the 911 tapes.

  7. these guys were not complete outcasts or losers, they were very troubled and no one wanted to help them….im not condoning what they did by any means but they became psychopaths over time, they werent born this way its unfortunate that it came to what it did.

    Moral of the Story: Treat others as you would want others to treat you.. you dont know a ticking timebomb when you see one, things like Columbine happen and then you realize that they were crying out for help.

  8. Your just like them “fry in hell homos”? You fucking loud mouth prick why dont you go through what they went through and see how u would end it. why dont you read up about what happned and then you might see just how fucked up they were treated. And it wasnt all “them” they were on anti depressent meds that were later found out to give the user HOMICIDE and SUICIDAL thoughts. You are ignorant shit bag who just says what he wants about shit hes never even done research on.

  9. What so you hate gay ppl? Huh? Wow you know who els hates gay ppl skinheads, nazis you one of them? If not shut your god damn fat mouth. I mean if your trying to cover the whole they were pushed to snap and kill with OMG THEY WERE FAGS AND THEY WERE NAZIS then your a fucking ignorant shit. I mean your just to god damn lazy to think wow maybe it wasnt just them…. maybe it was the people around them who were preppy shit fucks who shoved them aorund all day and never said hi or anything. IM sick of you and all the other ignorant fucks that just say they were fags and nazis they should have just killed them selvs.

  10. I am currently reading a book on the Columbine Masscare and I have to say that these boys were not gay, and were not bullies, if anything they were bullied, but all that aside, having a mental illness is a tough thing to go through, its hard to imagine that this consumed these boys’ lives for song long, and then they snapped, and its very dusgusting to hear some of the comments on here, some of u should rethink your comments because the way you treat people may someday come back to bite you in the ass….or shoot you in the face!!! Think about!!!

  11. Ha! No one who looks at beheading and gore websites is gonna do anything in real life. That’s why they’re here, to get a thrill from looking at dead bodies as they can’t get a thrill from smooching a girlfriend. Most people on websites like this lead very bitter lives and raise their children badly. The other people are garden variety psychopaths and need to advertise that to the world, because they feel lonely deep down inside. Ha fucking ha.

  12. Glad you took time to explain why you’re here. But really, what makes you think anyone gives a damn about your personal reasons to end up on a gore site?

  13. dosnt give those stupid ass hole to go on a killin spree killin inisoent people bet thry didnt even kno some stupid dick heads were gonna take ther lives if ur beaing teased so bad steal dat syht iz not an exsaptable

  14. If they were being bullied like I have heard, I know what that feels like. Given the chance at my age I would go back and do the same to the girls that bullied me in High School.

    1. I completely agree. Especially Eric Harris. He wanted to blow up the school. That’s not targeting bullies. Eric Harris was a textbook psychopath and Dylan was depressed. If Columbine hadn’t happened, i.e. they’d been stopped, Eric would’ve gone on to hurt people anyway. He had rape and dismemberment fantasies. This wasn’t about bullies.

  15. being from the uk this type of thing is happening here,
    to me people knew thease guys where in need of help ,but like everythin the system failed them.
    this was the only way left to make anyone take notice
    those who are left behind are living the nightmare even now,just hope this never happens again by by not failng kids who need support

  16. I grew up in Colorado, and I remember exactly what happend on that day…it was horrible. I wasn’t there but the ripple effect it had on the city, the state, and the country…2 weeks (yes two weeks) after this happend death threats were showing up at my junior high school, by a kid who was constantly harrassed. This is an issue that many people don’t see their kids going through… talk to your children, or your friends. This cannot happen again.

  17. I think Eric and Dylan should have driven a Ryder rental truck filled up with drums of ammonium nitrate and Tovex, just like Timothy McVeigh did back in 1995. “Once you bloody the bully’s nose, you know he’s not going back again” – TMV.

    Again, it will be jocks and cheerleader scum killed at Columbine High School. Trenchcoat Mafia International…Beidh an l

  18. alright, this is my thoughts on the shooting it should have never happened. wether or not dylan and eric were bullied they killed people that didnt even bully them. for all of u that say these two teens got pushed to far by being bullied is bullshit! i watched a movie about the whole shooting and thats when i started looking stuff up i literally got obssesed with it i kept thinking in my head what made these guys do this i kept reading and reading i stayed up late at night thinking about being one of the students in the school or being a parent and hearing and see this go on, on the news and waiting to find out if ur kid made it out or not. i still think about how scared the kids must have been. i was once reading and there was a witness that was telling about how he saw a girl get shot in the head, she was in the library hiding under a desk and all the sudden eric peeks under and says to her face “peek-a-boo” and shot her. everytime i think of that my eyes water my hands get sweaty and i feel sick to my stomach. and no matter what anybody says this could not have been prevented. no one had any idea what eric and dylan were planning no one had any idea what wa going to happen until they came through those doors with guns in their hands and started to shoot people. i am not going to sit here and call dylan and eric fags or homos, i will call them what they are and thats two very very sick young men it not only makes me sad for the people that lost their lives and the families that lost them but i am sad for dylan and eric just knowing how bad the must of been hurting inside to do something like this i feel for these families as well. people everywhere will have their own opinions and thoughts on this but that is mine and it will not change. the columbine shooting was tragic and a very sad day for alot of people.
    R.I.P- Rachel Scott, Daniel Rohrbough, Dave Sanders, Kyle Velasquez, Steven Curnow, Cassie Bernall, Isaiah Shoels, Matthew Kechter, Lauren Townsend, John Tomlin, Kelly Fleming, Daniel Mauser, Corey DePooter, and Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. and god bless their families!

  19. Weak ass no life faggots,it’s a shame no good person had a gun to kill these losers first.I’d kill them just like they want to kill us,jealous faggot losers go shoot yourselves in your own homes.It’s not the victims fault your dumb,poor,gay,ugly,and can’t get laid,drop dead butt fucking queers.Couple of butt buddy losers.

    1. angrey spacequeer? i mean guy, ever hold cold steel in your hand or just your boyfriends cock? it give one power. its how and what you do with that power that seperates us from cold blooded killers and humans..theres a few people id like to take out. no not you get over it.

    2. I Guess That is What Happens When You Keep Oppressing People, Taking People’s Belongings & Picking on People, They End Up Picking All of You & Themselves Off.
      I Can Only Imagine What is Going to Happen to Our Leaders Who Keep Oppressing The People.
      All of The Republicans & The Democrats Are Done For, Along With Everyone Who is in Control & on TV -They Never Learn From History to Not Oppress The People You Ruleover or Keep Them Poor in Order to Control Them.
      Money & Private-Property/Business Are The ONLY Things That Make Each Person Free, And, They Make Each Person Poor in Order to All Worship Their One Flag, Symbol, Statue, National-Anthem & God -They Know The People Are Easier to Control When Each Person is Poor, $tuck & on The Edge of Their Dollar.
      Everyone is Oppressed & Poor Because of Them, They All Sunk The Nation into Trillions of Debt & Lost America’s Triple-AAA Rating -America is in Trillions of Debt & Sinking Faster Than The Titanic Because of Them Who Are in Control; America is Going to Sink Like a Rock Real Soon.
      Decades of Their Combined Leadership Has Caused Nothing But Chaos, Destruction, Death & Debt For All People They Ruleover.
      They Use Us All Against Eachother, After All, Who Else is Going to Entertain The Entertainers.
      You, The People, You Are The Entertainer’s Entertainment.

  20. They were bullied to a certain extent but not as much as some people make out, Eric Harris was a psychopath in the making and Dylan was on a suicide mission,it could have been stopped had the police listened to Brooks Browns parents and if they had checked the house, seen the notes that Eric’s own dad had kept about his son.

    Whatever excuse they used for doing what they did, it’s a crock of s**t. they killed because they wanted to and because they could

  21. first off i would like to say i dofeel sorry for the families of the victums and the injured.
    my view on this is wow they had guts i myself have thought of shooting up a school i went to and in saying this i do realise how many bad messages i will get from this but bullying is an issue and also even if these kids wernt bullied i do have a slight idea as to why they did it.
    my reasons for wanting to kill people are not imaginary, i’m just so angry at the world, i see and hear of milions of people who hate the way their life and the world is but they dont bother to try and change the things they can instead they just complain about it hoping some one else will fix it.
    i see the world in a way few others do, i see what really goes on and the injustices of the world.
    abusers that get away with their crimes, bullys who think they are superior to everyone else when it is them that they really hate deep down in some small unseen way they are insecure and make themselves feel better by making others feel worse.
    i hate that the worldrevolves around money and that there are so many selfish people in this world and not only to do with wanting money all for them selves but many other acts of selfishness.
    you people all say how can some one do this to “innocent” people.
    i say that in this world NO_ONE is innocent not even me.
    and the fucken groups or “clicks” in society make things worse.
    people who we (meaning you) dont understand you isolate them tourment them and even lock them up because you are affraid of abnormalitys and the things they may know that you dont.
    how many times have you seen someone cry and not even thought to stop and ask why they are crying, or you see some one who has scars on their wrists i bet the first thing most of you think is ” oohhh what an attention seeker” or “what a freak” but few of you realise that many people who self harm may be suffering either physical,emotional or psycological pain and that it may be a cry for help.
    i’ve seen more than many of you and not meaning murder or shootings i’m talking about the main things that cause individuals more pain then a gun shot.
    its sad to see that there have been two main school shooting that i know of, one which had a clear message to send and yet no one gets it no one changes anything.
    the only thing you think of is increasing security in schools where i mean it doesnt change the main cause it most certainly doesent prevent anyone of thinking of murder or suicide or both. all you do is cover up and ignor the underlying cause.
    any way i’m done if anyone shares my view feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

  22. First of all, Eric and Dylan were NOT fags. They hated gays and Eric did have girl friends and crushes on girls, which shows the ignorance around here. Secondly, Eric was so fucking hot. While most of the victims were butt ugly, and even Rachel was plain and short and chubby. Nothing to ride home about. Eric was so hot. Dylan was not
    which most guys only wish they could look that hot. Dylan was not all the great in the looks dept. but either were his bullies and victims. Poor? Dylan’s family lived in a big expensive home and just like all other 17 year olds, they would not have big money. Just like any other student at Columbine who worked a low scale job because they were so young without tons of big experience. It’s not Eric and Dylan’s fault they were pushed to the edge by jealous losers who have to bully others because they feel so horrible about themselves. Ever hear of bullycide? Hundreds kill themselves each year because of bullies. Eric and Dylan gave some justice in shooting out their school before their suicide. That’s all for now.

    1. Yea kids kill themselves cause they’re being bullied, but these guy’s didn’t just kill themselves they killed 13 other people. They didn’t even kill bullies, they killed normal kids who were just bored at school. One of the kids they killed had down snydrome which isn’t surprising since Eric wanted kids which disabilities to die. He say’s himself they’re useless. Where this justice you speak of? Unless you view killing handicapped kids justice.

  23. Eric was so fucking hot and had different interests and losers at that school felt intimidated and had to bully him for years.

  24. thats what happens when you get bullied at school. i could never kill someone intentually but i know how they feel. considering Eric and Dylan’s feelings could help prevent it happening again.
    that movie Elephant was good though.

    it’s so easy to respect each other, but so many fail to do so, people who are less popular and bullied… seek revenge. vice versa.

  25. It might sound extreme but there had to be cost to a school that systematically reinforced the jock supremacy and allowed and even cheered on bullying by jocks against everybody else that didn’t ‘excel’ in some way. After the incident it became public knowledge that teachers actively participated in some of the bullying at Columbine, and that non-Christians (like Dylan and Klebold) were heavily discriminated against. Their defense of forming the trenchcoat mafia is a psychology textbook method of dealing with an unbearable situation that has gone so far out and where other cries for help have been unheard and even ridiculed as it was the custom at Columbine. Now, you have some outcasts that sees the entire school as the enemy, that are psychopaths in the making, with access to guns and knowledge of making bombs, and how exactly should that story end, except as it did?

    Thankfully many schools have realized that bullying in any form can be extremely deadly if the wrong people are bullied, so instead of the usual jock rule mentality there’s a respect for everyone mentality where nobody is allowed to become outcasts (even voluntary) and where counseling is offered (mandated) in order to avoid more school shootings. This seems to be working.

  26. I really don’t understand the people who post shit like “COWARD NAZI FAGS.
    fry in hell homos” If your going to make a post, have a think about it first. You just make yourself look like a moron.
    As for the Columbine shooting, this was a tragic event. It goes to show the way the mind can react to treatment from others. That some people can just snap. The obvious victims here are the families of those who died, and the families of the two boys. I just find it amazing that this is how some people respond to bullying/metal tormenting.

  27. “Weak ass no life faggots,it?s a shame no good person had a gun to kill these losers first.I?d kill them just like they want to kill us,jealous faggot losers go shoot yourselves in your own homes.It?s not the victims fault your dumb,poor,gay,ugly,and can?t get laid,drop dead butt fucking queers.Couple of butt buddy losers”

    This is the kind of comment that annoys me. A bunch of generalised, idiotic insults, but you offer no valid or intelliget opinion. Pointless.

  28. Oh, Dylan and Eric, we would miss you, but alot of people are right you guys are pussies. You couldn’t even pull of a massacre right! You killed 13 people (15 including yourselves), thats not a massacre. I’m sorry but I’m sick of the word massacre being thrown around every time more than 3 people die on american soil. The boston massacre! BULLSHIT! It was 5! 5! Thats pitiful! A good massacre should be about 35 confirmed kills minimum. Just because the people are unarmed does not a massacre make.

  29. they didn’t kill just 13 people. There are 24 others who were fatally shot in the head, face, chest and managed to survive so you’re forgetting there are 38 victims, so stop saying they were only able to get 13 people. They fatally shot 24 others, so it was a massacre. What does looks have to do with it? Those who are calling Eric and Dylan names, Eric was drop dead gorgeous, have you’ve seen what most of the victims look like? the victims were the ugly ones with the exception of about 2. And the boys they shot looked like the homos so LOL. and poor? It was Rachel Scott who needed financial aid with her school lunches and you’re calling Eric and Dylan poor? double lol. It’s the bitches and fags at Columbine who were jealous of Eric and Dylan and so they had to torment them. HA!

  30. added to above message. The only uglies and poor were the victims. Rachel Scott needed financial aid card for her school lunches while Eric and Dylan ate out mostly every day. And did you see what MOST of the victims look like? GROSS. Eric on the other hand was so gorgeous.

  31. added on from my two messages right above. Before you name call you better check into things better. The only poor and uglies were the victims. Rachel Scott could not even afford school lunch money and was given financial aid lunch card to take half the price off her school lunches every day she ate while Eric and Dylan went out for lunch at REd Lobster, and restaurants for lunch while Rachel Scott could not even afford school lunch money. Most of the victims were so ugly they could be mistaken for inbreds and one had a lop sided face and Kyle Valesquez and Mauser? LMFAO ruff ruff and all the guys Eric and DYlan shot were ugly, dweebs with glasses, or gross and nerdy. Eric on the other hand was gorgeous. The victims including the ones who were only injured but didn’t die are gross with the exception of about 2 while Eric was gorgeous so learn what the hell you’re talking about. And Eric and Dylan had better clothes then the victims and lived in good expensive homes TRIPLE LOL

  32. Added on from my 3 messages right above. of course because the ugly, and poor fat slobs losers were so jealous of Eric and Dylan that they had to bully them to suicidal actions and the others with their god like Christian attitudes who think there is really a god hahaha and who thought if you didn’t follow their holy rollers beliefs that u were garbage. and Craig Scott the fag ” I was so so scared then god spoke to me” talking about queer LMFAO LMFAO while ERic and Dylan on the other hand hated fags like Craig Scott and like the victims I love You Eric and Dylan <333

  33. Added on from my 3 messages right above. of course because the ugly, and poor fat slobs losers were so jealous of Eric and Dylan that they had to bully them to suicidal actions and the others with their god like Added on from my 3 messages right above. of course because the ugly, and poor fat slobs losers were so jealous of Eric and Dylan that they had to bully them to suicidal actions and the others with their god like Christian attitudes who think there is really a god hahaha and who thought if you didn’t follow their holy rollers beliefs that u were garbage. and Craig Scott the fag ” I was so so scared then god spoke to me” talking about queer LMFAO LMFAO while ERic and Dylan on the other hand hated fags like Craig Scott and like the victims I love You Eric and Dylan <333

    1. I am sorry but you are truly one of the dumbest and most ignorant people on this website. I did read the one book that was actually factual. Columbine by Dave Cullen he did his homework. He interviewed Eric and dylans parents and friends. He interviewed the victims parents he interviewed the police and everyone virtually possible. Even people who weren’t friends with them. Eric and Dylan had more friends then the average adolescent.He worked years on this book. You do not know shit about columbine. Your not even from Colorado. Your just some crazy bitch from California. I actually know people that went to columbine that year. My cousin was there that day. So you should really really really learn your shit first before saying ” you know allll about columbine” because I know for a fact you don’t. You don’t even know the correct amount of people who were injured. I doubt you can even tell me the victims who died without looking on the Internet. Get your shit straight because you sound like the biggest fucking idiot when you post all your comments. You really think you know all about it? Come to Colorado and find out for yourself. So it’s probably a good idea to just shut up because your digging yourself deeper and deeper into this dumbshit hole of yours. Oh and I Highly doubt Eric would want to fuck stupid white trash like yourself.

    1. Dont even start with saying it was Dylan because it was nottttttt! He wouldn’t have even considered it without Eric. Eric was the psychopath not Dylan. Dylan was suicidal not a murderer. Do research buddy and this argument will go by a lot smoother.

  34. I still have no idea why I constantly check out these Columbine threads because I know I’m going to rage. Every single time I read the comments its the same kind of people. These disgusting, liberal, nut-cases who blindly follow anything Micheal Moore tells them. The same kind of people who believe the world is a very peaceful place and the only reason its bad is because of white people and America. Stop basing your opinions of emotions idiots and lets get real here.

    As much as you hate it guys, these assholes were Nazis. I know you don’t want to believe that because Nazis go against everything you liberals stand for and these boys are like heroes to you. So you blame the victims and say they all deserve it and these kids would have been fine if it weren’t for bullying. Do you really believe that? Why because Marlyn Manson said so? Bullying has been around schools since schools began. It always has and always be. So if your little theory is correct, then we should have had a whole lot more school shootings amiright? Furthermore, why do you fools insist on saying things like, “they got whats coming to them.” and, “This really needed to happen.”? Were their killings justified? Did they really do a number on bullying across America? Oh wait what?! There is still bullying in school?! Oh my god! We need another school shooting!!

    Your views are flawed my liberal friends. In this case its not the schools fault, it’s not the parents fault, it’s not their fellow classmates fault. It’s the disgusting, murderous, neo-Nazi idiots who pulled the triggers fault. They were old enough to be responsible for their own actions; no matter what Micheal Moore or System of a Down tell you.

    1. The reason no one had ever done it before is because no one had the guts too it’s like stealing candy from a store your scared to do it at first but if you see someone else do it you feel more comfortable doing it same goes with the shootings that’s why when you see one you see multiple spark off not saying it’s right that’s just how the brain works

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