Combat Footage of Syrian Arab Army Battling Terrorists in Jubar

Combat Footage of Syrian Arab Army Battling Terrorists in Jubar

As the battle of Jubar neighborhood in Damascus rages on, a group of Syrian news reporters put their lives on the line and accompanied their soldiers to capture footage of live combat on video.

It is unfortunate that the terrorists took over neighborhoods that used to house thousands of families as these are ultimately turned to wastelands as the defenders of Syria battle the invading forces.

Props to Best Gore member Syrian_Boy for the video:

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        1. War ends when people refuse collectivly to fight in them. Thats why theres so many lies involved and religions to conflict eachother. Deception and fear are the reasons we fight wars. Besides when you already own everything money simply is not the point just another excuse. If i owned the bank that owns the corporations and governments. Than war could only cost me money. The sheeple remains the only point. And the sheeple are doing exactly what is wanted……..FIGHTING NOT UNITING. Change your focus take thier power. Or sit here and fucking whine about all the lies and injustice. They built a society they can control us with. Stop supporting it. There are 7 billion broke hungry angry oppressed and abused children on this planet who dont stand a chance if they dont unite. A friend of mine maintains the only way to unite people is to give them a common enemy i maintain we already have one. Recognize it.

          1. people can’t refuse to fight. they get sent to jail or killed.
            If it’s a town that was against the war, they will have the water being slowly poisoned. they will bomb that town to prove a point. and fool you to believe that the people trying to protect you are the enemy.
            they will try to portray capitalist us and Israel as the saviors of the world. “The world police” “team America”
            but for the bottom feeders it’s about money. for the ones on top of the food chain. it’s about control and playing with people’s lives.

    1. Curiouse!!! Theres no enemy in this footage just a bunch of civillian homes. How many videos we seen where they dont show vanquished enemies. I seem to recall a few with your boot on thier faces syrianboy wheres your victims? Id reckon you didnt have any spare enemy uniforms to throw on some civis so you didnt bother. And whos that fuck face trying to look like he respects thier homes. Kiss the fucking book and put it on shelf…… The only thing standing. In the whole fucking neighbourhood. Tell me… Was the director jewish? I mean ive seen alot of heartwarming bullshit sentiment in jew made movies aimed at subjegation. But seriously that takes the cake.

      1. @ dulph
        In a country that is over 80% Muslim you’re gonna find a quran everywhere. There is a reason why they make hard copy books, so they can withstand abuse. to this people being Muslim is the most holy reward. so they kiss their sacred book. catholics kiss their books too. so stop assuming everything in this world is controlled by Jews. stop pulling conspiracies out of your ass with out having solid proof.
        a soldier that is scared and prays to his god to be safe another day so he can go back to see family is far from jewish propaganda.

  1. It’s not necessary to drop a nuke on them, just an anthrax gassing. They are cockroaches and need to be sprayed. This could be achieved by use of a drone and release it into the wind. They would be dropping like the cockroaches they are

    1. They do some damage but they can still be taken out if there is no infantry supporting it. Im sure There is plenty ways of pining one down. Perhaps a basic grenade thrown into the tractors, I’m sure a stone would work too… Lol maybe even throw some mud on the the visors of the tank crew and when they get out ya kill them. Something to pin them down so they have no choice but to abandon the tank.

      Have you seen that phosphorus anti tank missile in action?

      1. Water is hard to come by in a desert i geuss but its the most explosive weapon a person with no wepons could employ. You can seperate enough hydrogen from a 500ml bottle to suck the air from 100 cubic ft of space. Give me enough water i could flash suffocate a whole army. Combustion engines included. War has changed and weapons are everywhere and everything.

    1. Watch the opening to metal gear solid 5. Opening line. War has changed. Then he goes on to describe the proxy war and nwo machine. Its all very….. apt Considering the current state of affairs. You even have a black market arms dealer named drebin selling you the weapons being shot at you. Lol

  2. send them some euthanasian food…let them kill themself…nobody dont give a shit about this…frankly…its really boring to see them make war, again and again.. for no reason, for god, for play or simply for pleasure to kill somebody..
    some say they protect their country … ya…maybe, good then, i protect mine then , and i dont give a shit about them…

    more media talk of them, more they make war, more they kill, more they make barbaric shit…they are all same than al qaida or else..thanks media for kill these people without reason..fucking propaganda

    1. True brother! Get this guys, & gals, the U.S. is thinking of arming the Free Syrian Army to fight against I.S.I.S. What a mockery! What the hell do the think we are STUPID ? This is their way back into Syria, to get rid of Assad, and their Government. Their need to install a Zionist Puppet President, has never been greater, because right now, their Natural Gas Supply flows from Russia, and through Ukraine, at a much higher price. This is one of the reasons that Ukraine, and Syria, is so important to advance Israels cause to run a much shorter, and cheaper pipeline through Syria! Bastards!

          1. @ Boozer, yep a carpenter, i am. But in the last 20 years, or so, i have been a construction Foreman, for a residential tract builder, and for the last six months, or so, as a Granite shop Supervisor. I am also glad to say that i am back at work, three days a week, and all is going well, as far as the arm goes! 🙂 I was going stir crazy, not working, and sitting on my ass at home.

      1. There is a German politician on YouTube asking his own govt why are they training syrians in govt affairs in Germany to replace the current govt in Syria…Assad has Russia and china backing and I don’t see him leaving any time soon….

      2. @Dre that’s exactly what’s happening in this whole situation and everyone’s too stupid or stubborn to accept that as the truth.

        I’m just waiting for the big day, preparing home defenses and stockpiling ammo.

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  3. General Wesely Clark read memo two weeks after 9/11 that USA was to take down 7 countries within 5 years…Iraq, afghan, Libya, Syria, Sudan, somalia and Iran ….Most Americans haven’t a clue how dirty and bloody our hands really are with the very long list of regime changes…Our CIA protects the top 4 lobbyist groups interest and the military are the enforcers…Former Sect of State Henry Kissinger (German Jew) private remarks about military men speaks for itself….dumb, stupid animals used as pawns for foreign policy….the stupid monkey in the WH is just another Zionist puppet and the only thing he controls is his girly golf swing….

    1. first they have to build a powerful empire and then they will wipe the stain of the Zionist Invaders off the map of Asia Minor. the Islamic Caliphate is in the process of forming that empire as we speak

  4. I really hope the Syrian army win’s before someone intervenes.

    I mean…. look at Libya, it might not have been the best country in the world to live. Yet it was pretty good, a lot of university’s, a good economy. But now its just a shit hole of terrorists.

    Everyone’s life has been ruined there… Well except if you are ISIS.

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