War in Syria – Combat Footage Compilation

War in Syria - Combat Footage Compilation

Here’s 17 minutes of combat footage from Syria. With war in full swing and no intention on behalf of the jihadists to seek peaceful resolution, the country has been a steady supplier of gore for over 2 years.

The compilation contains various clips mostly from the side of the jihadists. One of the clips however has nothing to do with Syria so I’m not sure why it is included, but who cares. Also, many of the individual videos we’ve had featured on Best Gore but it’s always nice to have them pasted together in one compilation.

Props to Best Gore member Buffsmom for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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57 thoughts on “War in Syria – Combat Footage Compilation”

  1. Great footage compilation.
    Love the guy who is shot in the belly at 14:50. Love the trebuchet they made to throw bombs at the Syrian army.
    One of the best compilations I’ve ever seen. I wish everyone in Syria had a helmet cam, that way I could stay all day watching this awesome combat stuff.

  2. In many sequences , the snackbarists recite a particular verse before shooting missiles which has this meaning
    “it was not you who launched when you did, but it was God who launched”

    Buy how come they never thought a different scenario.. when they get ripped by a syrian missile, was it their Allah who made it too ? lol

  3. Last 2 clips are the best I would say…was anyone else completely gripped when they were all sitting round that weapon stash, I mean, I was practically cheering on them explosives…karma delivered at the very right moment, I think she had enough of that ‘singing’…

    1. Exactly as I predicted when I said “how convenient…” When the first guy was reported shot dead, I already said that they would find the way to make sure the other guy is silenced too. And I suspected they would pull shenanigans so as not to make it look like they murdered him. This works. Now people are used to and willingly accept Martial Law and will voluntarily accept and submit to regular pat downs by Jewish agents (DHS) during all larger gatherings, whether it be sporting or musical events or whatever else.

      And in the meantime, because the sheeple were tricked to think Islam was responsible, Israel doesn’t even cross their mind. For as long as the sheeple fear and suspect some mysterious adversary, the actual evil doers can continue terrorizing them without being suspected. The sheeple will be caught in a deadlock fearing a nonexistent enemy while embracing the real him in their midst.

  4. 1:01 look like Bollywood. That sniper had every single one of those Jihadists ass. No fucking way would a dedicated sniper allow counter fire. You know what I find funny? In my spell check the word “Jihadists” is spelled wrong. When I go to correct it, it suggests I use the word “Sadist” Good ole spell check hates fucking towel headed jihadists as well.! 😀

  5. LOVED the overall evenhanded showing of things!!!!! Each side having their victories and losses. All the same, it shows as best as it can the sheer brutality of war, from each side’s soldier’s perspective. Kill or be killed when diplomacy & policies cannot mesh.

    Regardless of who you may advocate for in this (or any other) conflict, war is the very most nasty of business that mankind may engage in when these things will not align. I think this vid well shows just how nasty it is, mostly something that only genuine veterans from either side know first hand for the most part.

  6. This is one of the greatest videos on this site. There is so much excitement and laughs. If you look at the first tank being blown up around 0:17 it looks like they used that old crumbling wall which is perpendicular to the walls along the road as a sort of x-hairs to aim with. Had to laugh at the truck burned up by the rocket launcher going off in the back. Nobody thought about the excessive flames that would be coming out of those launchers? Hilarious. Also in the Muslim karaoke video in which they all get blown up, one guy seems to put out his cigarette against an explosive which causes their deaths. Good shit. Keep it up Best gore.

  7. That was great!! at about 15:30 when the guy gets shot in the head & his hat flys off! haaa… and the guy gets his arm blown off!! so great!!! fucking akbars!! I hope they all just kill each other off!!! – then on to the Jews!!!

  8. Why do they repeat ” allah snack bar” over and over and over again when they kill other muslims .
    It’s like a Texan longhorn fan going to a Texan longhorn game and killing longhorn fans while screaming “longhorns are greater”
    I could maybe understand if they were killing hindus or buddists O.o

  9. The last group killed it, literally.How intelligent their are not,smohing next to a pile of ammo whilst oh so happily sining their praises to fucking allah before doing us all a favour and blowing them selves to bits.Do you feel like singing now.lol.

  10. Awesome footage! Bunch of aloha snackbars blowing the shit outta themselves and each other. The rag head with the RPG in the beginning was priceless. RPG 1000.00$, RPG rounds 350.00$, not knowing the first god damn thing about how to use it or deploy it…. Fucking priceless.

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