Compilation of Jaysh al-Islam Attacking Syria with Armored Vehicles

Compilation of Jaysh al-Islam Attacking Syria with Armored Vehicles

Jaysh al-Islam (جيش الإسلام‎) – a well funded group of Salafist extremists, paid and trained to ethnically cleansed Syria of non Sunni population, released a compilation of their attacks on Syrian targets using armored vehicles. I’d call them tanks, but I’m not very well versed in proper military terminology so while some of them may be tanks, other may not so I’m just gonna refer to them as “armored vehicles“.

Jaysh al-Islam, meaning the Army of Islam, is part of the Islamic Front. It is headed by Saudi radical Zahran Aloush and receives millions of dollars in funding from Saudi Arabia.

Intro to the video uses THX music, which is either pretty funny, or pretty lame. I did however like the music (nasheeds) used throughout the compilation, especially the tune that starts at 3:27. While there is no lack of badassness in the video, like the jump off the trench at 2:07, overall Jaysh al-Islam has nothing on ISIS and their Clanking of the Swords. Most of the time it looked like they’re just randomly shooting at shit.

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  1. although the multi-barreled vehicles are obviously AA tanks…the only thing theyd be good against is cars, infantry and air units. so just get a tank to kill it, or a grenade on top of it, its very lightly armoured

  2. fuck… im having my fucking anxiety episode and that just sucks, i fucking hate living liike this, every motherfucking day i lose a little bit of the ones i love, i just cant stop being depressed and i woukd love to be in a video from here, twisted, torn, broken, exploded, smeared the shit out, i really hope you never ever have this mogherfucking condition i have buddies, i fucking hate me, i fucking hate life, i fucking hate the voice inside my sick twisted and derranged useless head screaming betrayal from my beloved, i cant trust neither her nor anyone else, i dont wanna go back to the fucking mental asylum but i dont wanna feel like killing my family to be free to commit suicide… fuck, sorry about this, just wanted to share it with somebody as my therapist and my books always recomend… i know by tomorrow i would be the same piece of shit, but a little less stinky i hope. have a nice night fellas.

    1. Tomorrow always brings a new day.
      Nothing stays the same my friend. Chin up.

      I like the saying (although I’m not into religion )
      Every sinner has a future, every saint has a past.

      Perhaps dabbing into the negative sites are adding to your anxiety too.

      1. i really apreciate your support, i have found more helping hands here than in any other site, this mental condition sometimes breaks my mind as it sucks when it happens, plus all this year has been a shitty one for me, but now im feeling better, thats the problem, i have episodes of depression with a lot of anxiety, but then im ok, whatreally sucks is that one of those episodes could trigger my stupid self to do something maybe i really dont want to do. but thanks, thank you very much for your kind words, all of you.

    2. @CharlesMelmoth,

      There is no such thing as the thought police, yet, so you are free to think about killing whoever you want to just so long as you keep it within the realms of thought.

      If we could be arrested for thinking about murder I would be in jail for thinking about killing half my work colleagues and the asshole who parked across my driveway the other day.

      Anyway why hate yourself?, you live in a world where people will hate you for anything and any reason so why give them a helping hand by joining in.

      I recommend booze and cannabis in regular but low doses, it will keep you sane in this insane world.

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      1. hahaha thanks buddy, i really appreciate your support,@BOASP, @Bat Shit Crazy and @Empty_Soul, im in debt. now that is a new day, i cant remember why i felt that way last night… that kinda sucks but, everytime those episodes are shorter..and yep im gonna consider cannabis dude!! haha take care

        1. Take care @charles. Depression is a terrible thing as is anxiety. One more thing to consider – if you don’t work outside, take at least 5,000-7,000 IU vitamin D3 a day. It will not harm you and your body flushes out what it doesn’t need. Has helped me tremendously and works best if taken daily and you need no prescription. Good luck.

          1. great [email protected] but it is so much betta 2 just get some real shine son !
            unless you live in uk. or portland or seattle then your fukt & wet !

            p.s. a little weed or brandy/wine duz hep all tings in Moder-A-shun`….
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          1. thank you very much buddy, i know about this symptoms, ironically im psychologist, but a psychologist is like a hair dresser, they cant work on themselves hahaha i will take those vitamins, thats something i didnt know, thanks buddy

    4. just had an episode myself mate,have you been hitting the drink?that brings it on pal,if not two double vodka’s help but dont over do it or you’ll be pacing up and down the hall tomorrow,10mg of valium help too,and watching gore will fuck u up mate,its a nasty fucking thing too have,your not alone

  3. What a joke. This video should be renamed IDIOTS WITH TANKS.

    This is like street thugs with tanks. Get in and do stupid things.

    I say this often, but these people cant build tanks. They have no idea. Like niggers with mobile phones, they are using other peoples technology.

    I doubt they can even maintain the tanks. Making the tank do jumps is a pretty good way to damage it. Wasting fuel and amunition is pointless.

    This is a stupid video.

    They think they are clever, but their entire nation has yet to evolve out of the hunter gather stage. A nation that can build tanks requires massive social infrastructure that requires sad worker bees that go to work each day in a stable social climate and go home to jerk off to porn. It needs ore refining, casting, machining, hydraulics, electrics and electronics and more and more these days hi-technology that requires clean rooms that just dont exist in the desert.

    When america flexes its muscles its at least say ‘we are a country with a stable social regime and this tank is a product of this regime and its policy decisions’. These people have no idea what they are doing. Even the idea of supply chain logistics is probably alien to them, the idea of stock spares and fuel and amunition etc etc.

    As said, IDIOTS IN TANKS – this video just shows what a bunch of war crazy jerks they are. Lets see how well they do at building a stable society, economy and a curreny that people will trust. Seriously if Islam want to be technophobes fine, i’ll allow AK47’s because bows and arrows are clearly last century, but tanks? That just says HYPOCRITS

    1. Israel is a global threat. If ISIS considers Israel the enemy, then they are the greatest thing to happen to mankind as a whole. History shows that Muslims can be reasoned with. History also shows that Yahoodi cannot.

      Muslims want their Caliphate to get back what was taken away from them after 1,300 years of living their way. I see nothing wrong with Muslims ruling over themselves the way they want to be ruled.

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