Compilation of Stabbings by The Cleaners – Russian Neo Nazi Group

Compilation of Stabbings by The Cleaners - Russian Neo Nazi Group

Compilation of Stabbings by The Cleaners - Russian Neo Nazi Group

The Cleaners were a so-called Neo Nazi group from Russia. They were infamous for stabbing people to death. In Moscow, they killed more than 15 people, even in public and during daylight hours. They only got caught by chance.

We had an upload featuring The Cleaners in the past, though at the time it was not known that it involved The Cleaners.

I wonder whose idea it was to label the group “Neo Nazi“. Attacking, murdering and mutilating own countrymen – it doesn’t get more Neo Nazi than that, does it? It’s almost like when bootlickers bitch at black people, when the primary targets of the police brutality are white people.

In active police states like America, for each thousand white people arrested by police, four die, whereas for each thousand black people arrested by police, three die. Likewise, the police take more private property from citizens than all the burglars combined, most of it from white people.

Thus, worshiping police is the most anti-white thing a white person can do. Which should also be apparent from the fact that the cops worship Dear Leader Trump, who himself is as anti-white as they get. Multiculturalism is the problem because the police protect the people who make it the problem. Nothing says opposition to multiculturalism like support for oppression of white people, just as nothing says Neo Nazism like killing one’s own countrymen.


Some members suggested in the comments that the killings, albeit from Russia, may be by other killer groups, not The Cleaners.

Props to Best Gore member @foxtailedcritter for the video. It also contains the footage of the girl we saw before:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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244 thoughts on “Compilation of Stabbings by The Cleaners – Russian Neo Nazi Group”

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        1. In The People’s Republik Of Kalifornistan where I live, there are approximately 120,000 homeless adults. Actual on the street homeless.
          They are zombies. Nothing can fix them. Their brains are fried from drug use.

          1. Kalifuckistan could use some of these psychos to clean up the streets. Move onto the governor next.

          1. These 120,000 people I am speaking of are not temporarily displaced people. They are fried. They cannot be rehabilitated. They can only be confined and essentially kept on life support until they expire.
            I did watch a documentary last ear where NJ state government – I think it’s tied in with their Department Of Corrections – has a successful program. They have a decent handle on providing a landing place after detox as well as maintenance.
            We don’t have that in CA.
            Places like SF are giving tents, drugs and alcohol to addicts and homeless. I’m not passing on Interweb social media fiction. They actually do this and come up with all kinds of bullshit “logic.”
            CA is batshit crazy.
            I have 5 years until retirement. CA is a lost cause

        2. @The Captain

          Not before we get people to clean up heartless worms like yourself bub ! Trust me kiddo I’ve met “Homeless” junkies who you are not worthy to walk in their shadow ! I’ve also met “Homeless” junkies who have pulled themselves out of their cursed place in life and now own businesses , beautiful homes, families and more money you could dream of ! They possess something special that losers like you could never attain . So I say to you Captain crunchy boy , the day for honoring yourself is almost at its end ! Keep watching because wether or not you believe in karma it is invisible just like the air you breath but it still exists. Keep watching kiddo.

          1. I believe that…. I’m former drug user @addict (morphine via intravenous )..after first try and 1 relapse,,i’m now 15 year “clean” with some achievement…wife,kids,house, quarter mil. Business n etc

          2. Ya i lost my ranch, horses all that because of a freakn weird zoning law.couldnt live on my land or have horses there. It was zoned for trucking. This after successfully recovering from heroin addiction ( me n hubby were punk rockers)
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          3. Ya i lost my ranch, horses all that because of a freakn weird zoning law.couldnt live on my land or have horses there. It was zoned for trucking. This after successfully recovering from heroin addiction ( me n hubby were punk rockers)
            My horses n ponies were my living . i gave lessons n rides. My nebors were zoned for ranching. Nice no? After 10 years we were broke n on the streets. My husband diagnosed with liver cancer. He passed away since. Gods good n gave me n my kids a home, but it was rough for a few

          1. Or what? Are you going to saddle up the family mule and deliver the Lomo Saltado your mother made for me. I don’t have anything to worry about from a Peruvian peasant like you.

    1. Its amazing how they talk about black and brown ppl on this sight but just completely ignore their own kind killing and slashing innocent victims, much of which seem to be their ELDERS!!!! Smh, these ppl are the real scum of the earth. U get no respect doing this type of shit to ppl u know u can get away with this shit to. Fucking lames. Why don’t they come to Baltimore or Chicago with this type of shit? They dont have the heart to bring it to the ones they truly hate. Lol……….. Clowns

        1. Socrates said ‘When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.’

          I’ve seen you around the posts loser and it’s the same old same old, you try and insult/degrade others to give yourself a false sense of self worth and self esteem. BTW- I had to humor myself and clicked the link you posted- PFFFFF only a freak would navigate sick websites like that, don’t you realize people aren’t as stupid as you kid ? You’re as transparent as they get you fucking parasite.

    2. these look like indiscriminate killings of elderly ppl and a woman ppl that don’t have the ability to protect themselves from the attack. these don’t seem like planned out attacks or specific hits or assassinations of ppl by ppl being paid to do so. seems like a straight up punk ass thug who gets high off of killing ppl who can’t protect themselves. hopefully the ppl doing all the stabbings and killings of these ppl die a slow painful horrendous death and then burn in hell for eternity they deserve nothing less than exactly the same punishment and death they put these indefensible ppl through!

          1. @mia-2
            Fallen Angel, that is how animals survive in the wild and get to reproduce. And if you’re suggesting that you shouldn’t be prepared for something, just because you can’t always be prepared for something, you are a clown.

      1. Lol, military training? I carry a p220 in the small of my back, hands up back away reach for wallet give him 8 45’s in 4 seconds.
        Not hard, seem defenseless make your self a smaller target and burn it down.
        Know your weapon, know your surroundings.

      2. What I mean is, if someone sneaked and stabbed you a few times in the neck, let me see what would you with a gun. Are you expecting him to come out and tell you, lets fight a man to man?? what a joke.

          1. @fighterjeff Why are you called John are you some undercover ISIS terrorist? You son of the bitch. “In the name of Allah, the great, I shall let the jihad come over your incredulous family, because you insulted me on the Internet! Never forget that the islam is the religion of peace and equality!”

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      1. Your response indicates that the truth HURT. Good. Not just good that you are hurt by that reference to one of the countless Muslim atrocities but good that you are at least aware that those atrocities were/are something to be ashamed of. At least you didn’t give us the old “Allahu Akhbar” celebration of Islamist atrocities against “infidel” innocents.

    1. They did much much worse as well. They routinely raped daughters in front of their fathers whilst cutting off their father’s heads and cocks at the same time.The Turk bastard head immam screamed out for world jihad and two moslems in aus ,until then kindly ,well- loved and respected small -businessmen ,opened fire on picknickers and i believe killing some children. It is called the Battle of Broken Hill. The townspeople fought back and overpowered them .

        1. Tarrant killed the Moslems in Christhurch but i don’t agree with that. They were too easy a target. He should have shot the pollies who alowed easy opening of mosques and imported imams. They are the guys to shoot first.

          Yes ,look it up. Of course our weak govs never tell us about our history. I had to find it myself. I once would go to anzac day parades but was disgusted with seeing turks marching flying their enormous red crescent moon flags. We even built a statue t o attaturk in albany WA ! They were our enemies ,not our friends! I don’t see germans and italians and japs flying their flags and marching on anzac day!

          1. Yes Nem, you got it right, the whole problem starts with our pissweak politicians (lib or lbr) who seem to have 1 agenda: Bring in as many Moslem scum as they can, which has a 2 prong effect:

            1. The taxpayers money is wasted on supporting their whole extended family on massive dole benefits (they get a new 75k vehicle, plus 25k aussie ‘start up’ costs, plus 9k worth of white/brown goods ie TV, fridge, wash machine

            2. Unemployment is kept high, because due to this discusting influx of scum. there is constantly more people looking for a job than there is jobs

            The official unemployment rates of 5-10pc are all bullshit, because they don’t take into account people who just gave up and went back to school, or gave up and just work casual hours for the rest of their life

            The 5pc figure just makes our dickhead pollies look good, while the reality is unemployment is always about 10-15pc and now it’s gonna be even higher, because many aussies will have no job to go back to

          2. Fucken hell. Is that how much they get? Only business people and moneybags can routinely afford a car like that!

            Correct!, you only need to work one hour a week to be taken off that five percent unemployment figure. Once again,i had to learn that myself. They never tell you that in the news. Only people i lnow that can support themselves with one hour of paid work a week are hawt whores blowing arab sheiks!

          3. Brevik understood , he has been the only one to do the right thing . No point targetting the savages , they breed like bacteria .
            Target the cancerous politicians and police , find their homes ..

        2. Islamist atrocities began with Mohammad’s lethal raids against his neighbors and Islamist atrocities continued throughout the centuries and never stopped. Huge massacre of desperate dirt-poor villagers and refugees yesterday in Burkina Faso and Niger. ISIS and AQ are both claiming responsibility. So proud of butchering mostly women, children and elderly.

        1. @dumbcunt

          I only found the above which is crap. I’m sure i read about it in detail with mention of blacks being buried secretly and their families told they died in action . I think it was in the conservative magazine called “Quadrant.”

          Street Riots between American and Aus troops in Australia

          I can tell you my family friends invited many a Yank home for dinner during the time in Melb but there still was a thinly -veiled cultureclash between US and Aus soldiers nevertheless.

          Street riots between Us and New Zealanders in New Sealand

          1. I suspect the riots were over “our” women, and in the case of the nigger troops, denied access to them, although one Australian woman was raped by them. Still happens today on overseas U.S bases, especially in Japan and Europe, and MSM still sweeps it under the rug because the rape apes aren’t white.

    2. So I didn’t understand. You’re saying the Turks (muslims) CRUCİFY the Armenian girls which didn’t seem 14 y/o to me because of nothing ?

      it sounds legit 🙂

      Oh btw if you just search the image in web you’ll see it’s actually redskins crucified by muricans. (or another shitty country)

      1. O garbage!
        They do look 14.
        And, it’s well known that Moslems still behead innocent Christian schoolgirls to this
        very day in parts of AFrica and Mid East.
        Remember those 2 NOrdic girls that went on holiday to Morroco, Nth AFrica?
        Beheaded in their tent.
        Murderous scum!

      1. Actually it is an actual movie based on witnesses . Many of the girls are living witnesses of the atrocities. There are plenty of photos of crucifictions ,decapitations etc from the actual time.

        In fact ,British /Franco Businessmen- manyof them Jews -bought shiploads of human bones from Turkey to use in fertilizer and soap making etc. Yes , what Hitler is accused of ,his hero really did.

        Yes ,so many were butchered they remained as bleached bones like an elephant’s graveyard . So much so ,it was profitable to get people to collect them.

        I bet your school never taught you that and how the UK ,France and the US Did nothing to stop it. Only one brave US Protestant pastor did shit all on his own.

        I will try and find the article for you of the shiploads of bones.



          Just one article. I have done my own research and it appears Dutch ships also took the bones as cargo- some going to Holland. Lever Brothers ,Anglo Dutch Jewish businessmen, makers of detergents ,washing powder ,famous to this day!

          Read this about the Turks in the 1870; part ofthe Bulgarian Horrors. Why didn’t the EU/zionatousa ask any of these countries if they should bring in Pakis,Turks and rapefugees ?

          This by Witnesses at the time

      1. Amen. We’re taught that at a young age (at least in America). “Listen to your elders. Listen to your teachers. Listen to the authorities. Don’t question. Fall in line, don’t think for yourself. Be a lemming. Our opinions are your opinions and you needn’t have a voice or original thought.” And, unfortunately, people get comfortable with others making decisions for them and are scared to think outside that box. I’m not the biggest fan of technology but at least the internet has opened up the eyes of some people to understand we’ve been lied to our entire lives.

    1. Yep, like coming out of JewYork I heard “White Supremacists have been infiltrating peaceful protests, starting fires and throwing bricks to agitate police”, this is coming from a close family member too, so that’s it, she’s too far gone -_-

    2. @hopingfornemesis

      It is not that simple unfortunately. Take cancer for example, we can all agree that cancer is terrible and want it gone but when someone we really fucking hate gets it all of a sudden cancer appears less terrible and we momentarily cheer it on. Well, that’s more or less how the relationship between the public and the police works.

      Black people commit crime at rates far above their own headcount. This is undisputable and where ever they reside be it America or Europe this holds true. Basically, they are a fucking menace. Full stop.

      Now, what happens is the more blacks enter white countries the more the crime rates go up which increases the hatred felt towards them by the white public in general so when along comes the cancer(cops, state actors etc) the public momentarily forgets how terrible it is and cheers it on.

      Its like in 1984 when the constant threat of war keeps people consenting towards the system except our leaders use the threat of niggers instead of war and after all that rioting, burning and looting the niggers are seen to be a threat now more than ever which was kind of the point in stirring them up to begin with, more power to the cops and the system.

      There would be far less consent given if we stopped importing so many savage creatures to begin with.

      1. I agree with your crime figures and all the rest and yes savage emotion takes over. However ,we need to get to the cause of the disease and not just treat the symptoms over and over again.

        Declare martial law in Londonistan. Knife crime and drugs will end . Any and all knife -users and violent drug pushers shot on sight. Duterte!

        Rapefugees ? Any nonsense brought over from the old country -fueding/raping women,violent crime – You get bashed and deported on the spot to the old country and your shithole pays for it. It is called Law and Order ,real law and order and not just the theatrical “dog whistling” used by Trump.

        Like i said ,i am not racialist, i’m culturalist(Chauvinist proper) . If the Black/Moslem/Romanian fits in ,acts civilly and adopts the culture ,i have no problem. That does not mean i want or allow unlimited immigration.

        The police are an expression of the state and Should be our servants ,not the other way around. Once the police and the State officials rule without listening to the people ,well it isn’t a democracy. It is simply an oligarchy in democracy’s clothes. Uk at least since 1980, Aus and Us at least since 1990’s ?

        It seems we want similar things to different degrees. It appears you have lost all hope for the Black whereas i haven’t .
        @admiller 1984 was required reading in High school and Orwell was a genius. No wonder they don’t have it in Aus schools anymore.

        1. @hopingfornemesis

          Every time we attempt to get tough on drugs and gangs the blacks riot and scream racism. Black on black murder is through the roof statistics wise and yet every time we attempt to get knifes off the street the blacks riot and scream racism and here we are again with this dead nigger in America, a violent thug and career criminal, and they riot and scream racism despite the fact that they kill each other all the time and never give a shit whilst also refusing to let us do anything about it.

          Remember before the western powers invaded Libya when Gadaffi threatened the west by promising to send millions of niggers over to Europe should Europe not agree to his demands?. Well, that was because even he knew what kind of a race they were. That they are in fact akin to a biological weapon hence why he utilised them as such.

          I am relatively well travelled and have been to much of Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and China in my time and blacks are the same all over and the people of these areas on average view the blacks as violent savages too because they truly are walking stereotypes and walking crime statistics. I have lost all hope for them then because they have been like this all my life and they have never shown a willingness to change. In fact they have gotten worse. Far, far worse.

          No one can look at Londonistan and have good feels about them. No one. It is an impossibility. It is also a fact that my government has been using black people to increase state control over the public for years now. Every time the niggers riot our government passes new laws to limit freedoms over here and no doubt this is what is happening in America right now too. All that shit that just went down. All the riots, the fires, the looting, the violence, all by niggers and the government will come in with more freedom limiting laws now and they will pass with the public’s consent because of how dangerous the nigger race is to all those around them.

          There is no other reason why our governments would keep on importing members of a failed race who go straight on welfare as soon as they arrive if it were not to cause anarchy and destabilisation within white society.

          The police in America have never been more popular right now and I guarantee Trump is getting another 5 years in power and this is all the result of the latest nigger violence, coincidentally happening I might add just a few months away from the American elections.

          1. A lot there mate. So i will stick to just a few points.

            I agree Trump has used this again and will get back in.
            It pains me you see this only as a ” nigger problem “, and not as a police brutality problem that it started from. You know what conflating the issues means .
            Especially ,as you know very well the issue has been hijacked by lefties ,white supremacists and agent provocateurs as you know the evidence of it.
            We are talking about police brutality, not about “niggers “. I know savage emotion takes over as you mentioned and i can understand that but Police brutality transcends race and affects all citizens ,whether we admit it to ourselves or not.
            As a thinking man i expect you to see why i believe it wrong that we just keep judgement of the cops in abeyance simply because the vic is a “nigger”.
            Anyway, we have probably discussed this enough for today. I for one have been on bg too much the last couple of days and am sick of this Us riot bullshit.

          2. @hopingfornemesis

            Yeah, I get you. We all need a break now and then.

            I will end my point then by quoting myself from the agent provocateur thread,

            “There is no contradiction. Contradiction only exists for those unable to think beyond a subjects individual example at hand.

            Those who hate niggers but who also take umbrage with the cops who kill them do so because they know cops don’t stop at niggers when it comes to using excessive force. They do not want to be the Turkey who votes for Christmas”.

            I am against police brutality because I know that it will come for me if I let them get away with it. My entire point and argument then was to show that niggers only serve to increase the positive perception of the police amongst the general public because they are seen to be deserving of the treatment they receive due to their high crime rates and shitty behaviour and this feeds into the public consent shown towards police brutality in general where otherwise there wouldn’t be any such consent.

            Let’s be honest here, after all those niggers rioted looted and destroyed their surroundings do you really think the wider public’s consent towards police brutality has fallen?. Has it fuck, it has increased exponentially and so has the positive perception of them. The only ones pissed off at the police are the libtards and the niggers and they are a loud, magnified minority blown way out of proportion by the lefty media.

            You are now going to see democratic areas turning red come this next election and a Trump victory because the vast majority of people when given the choice will choose a police state over a nigger state and regardless of how one feels that‘s the simple truth of it all which is why I have been making the point that importing niggers by the truckload only serves to hasten the police state.

            Anyway. Thanks for being a good sport with all my drunken rants recently and enjoy your break.

  1. These are typical russian faggots….they are like every russian. They can only be tough against weaker opponents, but they never have the balls to stand up against someone equal. These slav roaches should’ve been nuked along with the japs.

    1. The Soviet Union and Tsarist Russia invaded a million square kilometers of China’s territory. Guess what, our government still loves Putin. Compared to Russia, we prefer anti-Americanism, and I never understand why

    2. Nine out of every ten germans killed in WWII were killed by” slav roaches”. Are you saying those german soldiers were all pussies?
      You are aware that your taxdollars are being hoovered away to feed a lot of those” slav roach “areas right? You are supporting the bullshit “slav roach ” pretend- country of the Ukraine right? Your dollars are also supporting Poland ,another Slav state.

      If you are American ,your Fist Lady is also a Slav…just saying.

  2. i remember theses assholes, they always stab poor hobos around. and some even used alchool to drunk the hobo before stabbing them as the hobo couldnt defend himself.

    dipshit fuckers…

      1. Yeah those fucking hobos and camel fuckers dont do a shit for us just keep raping hard working tax payers in our land.
        Who gives a shit about war over imaginary sand nigga god and territories.
        Need a new virus for sand niggers and hobos

  3. We need something like that in San Francisco and other US cities , except without the killing, to run off the fuckers shitting on the sidewalks and leaving their used dirty needles in front of elementary schools, not to mention the heaps of trash and filth they leave behind causing rat infestation and the problems associated with it.. In California these assholes are treated better than the productive tax payers.
    I don’t condone killing or severe beating, but, in so many words, letting them know it’s time to move on.

    1. Just to be absolutely clear, I do not condone this kind of violence, murder rape, etc.
      But something needs to be done so I suggest “gentle’ persuasion to clear out the homeless animals camped out on sidewalks, in front of businesses etc. shitting on the sidewalk when the city has spent thousands to build outside toilets.
      For those who have been around a while remember the bitch with the prolapsed rectum squirting diarrhea against the side of an apartment building? That’s what I’m talking about. Get rid of this vermin.

    1. Correction: “killing helpless people” cause I am sure that most people will surely defend against knives, I would beat the crap out of them if they tried that to me, and if I had a gun I would blow their fucking brains out

    1. Have one take a dump on your doorstep, step in it and then see if the issue becomes clearer to you. This is happening every day in many cities.
      I think a good kick in the ass should do it definitely not killing or maiming though.

      1. Well, why government then? What is their fckn’ purpose? Why tax money.. if not to put things in order, homeless included. I mean-they are fckn’ homeless dude, what should they do man? This mofo’s just trying to survive in their fucked up lifes.
        Government: They are to be blamed for letting this happened.

        I know man, i understand, homeless can be disgusting with their stink and lice, drugs and alcohol, roaming around and stinking like corpse…Im telling you my friend, that is government fault.

        -Homeless people should be removed from street into some home for poor, financed by the state.

        1. I agree the government is to blame for allowing these people to do what they do without consequence. There are permanent facilities but many don’t go to these because they are unwilling to follow the rules including curfew, no alcohol or smoking.
          These are people who by definition will not follow rules or the law for the most part.
          I agree, most just want to be left alone and are relatively harmless, but if I don’t pay my tax’s or shit on a sidewalk or camp on the sidewalk in front of a store I go to jail. Why do we not hold them to this standard.
          Because they thrive in liberal cities who turn a blind eye. You don’t see this where I live in south Texas because it couldn’t happen. Citizens here will not tolerate our city being destroyed by these people. We do have some who are housed at night but not allowed to build encampments. We are not unsympathetic, there are food kitchens, medical clinics, social services etc.
          Except for the psychiatric homeless the rest are just trash who won’t follow the rules and want to live the nomads life.

          1. There is possibility of gov. not care because this ruin morality in people. They just order police not to intervene..Also(btw), morality dying when you put idiots on higher places. It usually happens in colonies(Serbia is occupied by US and UK and guess what politicians siting on big positions…).

            Now, we talking about roaming homeless in dense cities:
            Beggars with open wounds(they are most disgusting ones), drug addicts, alcoholics, shitty looking, stinking people that siting on streets and parks…We talking about floods of these people.

            In Yugoslavia, during communism and later, Socialism when Tito rules and later, there was nothing even close to this but now, when everything is privatized we have situation that goes close to USA with all those poor people on streets.

            The best solution is to run into village, into nature but..Many of us don’t have knowledge of life out of cities.. Cheers bro and be empathetic, put yourself into skin of damned..You will understand how horrible their situation is. God bless

          2. @hopingfornemesis @srbijabgd

            Yes I understand what you say, but in the US esp California the liberal gov has gone the other way, turning a blind eye to the drug use that’s keeping many in this situation, allowing them to piss and shit on sidewalks causing tax paying businesses to close, leaving mound of trash including used needles.
            It’s no wonder most are at the breaking point, but certainly do not advocate violence . There are sanitary gov encampments but most won’t go because drugs and alcohol are not allowed and there is a curfew.
            Downtown LA is on the verge of a plague outbreak because of the rat outbreak with hantavirus and 30 some other diseases carried by rat.
            Yes we have sympathy but only so much. I am adding a link of skid row LA if you never seen it. You can put any liberal west coast cities name on it.
            And mems of course I have extra sympathy for the people with psychiatric illness. It’s unfortunate there are almost no treatment or housing for them, and the law says you can’t force them unless a danger to self or others.

            Srbijabgd I think the situation you write about is different . If someone is displace do to war, insurrection etc and homeless that is different that the situation in most liberal US cities, esp on the west coast.
            One more thing on the governments role in this then I’m gonna leave a post to skid row LA. Of the money allotted to the homeless problem


          3. @srbijabgd. @hopingfornemesis

            Ah yes, the good old days of Tito. Don’t make excuses, your mind set is still in the commie days.
            How come Germany, Japan, and Korea countries occupied by the US and others are now economic world powers. (Not to mention the US occupied by Britain)
            When you think like a victim you will be a victim.
            And nems liberals don’t have the monopoly on sympathy, they just believe in giving that power to the government who they think can manage people’s live better than the individual. The homeless situation in the US is almost exclusively in liberal cities and states and getting worse by the day.

            As a side note getting off the subject:
            Have you been following SpaceX. The have developed and sent rockets and astronauts into space at a fraction of NASA. Meanwhile nasa’s SLS and Orion keep slipping back and over budget. One good example of government vs private sector.

          4. @hopingfornemesis

            No need to reply, I know I was rambling and all over the place, not feeling up to par, but I would like to pick your brain and hear what you think, especially about the link at the bottom.
            You had mentioned awhile back how the yewish press sets the narrative and I was just making the point that this Floyd thing is being used to whip up violence and decent.
            Meanwhile almost no news on a positive events such as SpaceX sending the first private rocket and crew into space.

            I also have this.
            Do a search on Tony Timpa, a white guy killed by the Dallas police a few years back. That only made the local news and no riots no call for for reform, firings or arrests.
            Here’s a link to a local news station
            If you or anybody else can find a way to get a version to post it, that would be great .


          5. @hopingfornemesis

            No need to reply to my disjointed ramblings.
            I had to many thoughts spilling out like pick up sticks.
            And the tony timpa thing was found and already posted.
            Thanks again, and as you say down under…. Cheers Mate

  4. This Nazi Ass Licking Bitches always blame their own fuckin problem to others. Everytime Their fathers can’t fuck hard thir Moms they blame Niggars! They can’t satisfy their Cousins they blame Niggars! They are week bodied got cancer they blame Niggars! I mean why this bitches always Whining ?

  5. Battering and murdering helpless white people from their own country is the least nazi thing you can do it is what i would expect from their criminal mestizo snacbarist leftist boyfriends not real white nazis…

  6. These little shit heads seem more like heartless savages than suppose neo-nazi’s I’m just glad they got these little devils off the street. I’m not surprise people are still demonizing nazism as if it was the most evil idealism from the last century when in reality nazism was a nationalist movement by German people for the German people adapting it into neo-nazi movements is a joke and an insult to nazi Germany.

  7. the reason for the raising of the hand by AH was all to signal who has the upper hand.

    he was on top.

    he had the upper hand.

    no one was above him, in his era.

    it was reciprocated by everyone else and became known as a salute and rightly AH played on it.

    clever man.

    he done it seamlessly.

    its not a secret.

  8. the twist of the world wars and nazism was that it wasnt meant to be for various purposeful converging reasons -> to the way it has to be -> to the end.

    jews were the massive problem at the time. they did business antidevelopmentally, antifuture, antithewayitworks.

    the swastika is about good health and the way it All works. including microsystems. theres only one way forward and AH did what the god made him to do.

    end of the story of nazism.

  9. Russian neo nazis… lmfao

    Germany wasnt even interested in that um… place

    And btw, Hitler was never into killing homeless in fact Hitler himself was homeless for quite a while, but these twats dont seem like history buffs

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