Compilation of Stabbings by The Cleaners – Russian Neo Nazi Group

Compilation of Stabbings by The Cleaners - Russian Neo Nazi Group

Compilation of Stabbings by The Cleaners - Russian Neo Nazi Group

The Cleaners were a so-called Neo Nazi group from Russia. They were infamous for stabbing people to death. In Moscow, they killed more than 15 people, even in public and during daylight hours. They only got caught by chance.

We had an upload featuring The Cleaners in the past, though at the time it was not known that it involved The Cleaners.

I wonder whose idea it was to label the group “Neo Nazi“. Attacking, murdering and mutilating own countrymen – it doesn’t get more Neo Nazi than that, does it? It’s almost like when bootlickers bitch at black people, when the primary targets of the police brutality are white people.

In active police states like America, for each thousand white people arrested by police, four die, whereas for each thousand black people arrested by police, three die. Likewise, the police take more private property from citizens than all the burglars combined, most of it from white people.

Thus, worshiping police is the most anti-white thing a white person can do. Which should also be apparent from the fact that the cops worship Dear Leader Trump, who himself is as anti-white as they get. Multiculturalism is the problem because the police protect the people who make it the problem. Nothing says opposition to multiculturalism like support for oppression of white people, just as nothing says Neo Nazism like killing one’s own countrymen.


Some members suggested in the comments that the killings, albeit from Russia, may be by other killer groups, not The Cleaners.

Props to Best Gore member @foxtailedcritter for the video. It also contains the footage of the girl we saw before:

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244 thoughts on “Compilation of Stabbings by The Cleaners – Russian Neo Nazi Group”

  1. a factual observation: specifically jews nature:

    they hate nazis because they stood and killed for The Way it All Works.

    Not because they killed other jews.

    if you know jews u know they dont fucking give a shit about each other.

    its all to do with self gain, being resourceful and using anything for self gain.

    and it is Not because of the holocaust they are like that. that is The way They have Always been.

    thats who they are
    thats what they are

  2. So the people on these videos on best gore casually commit murder and we casually watch them commit murder every time we get on best gore OR are these people getting CAUGHT. LMAO. The way these people kill they should be getting capital punishment or serious Jail time.

  3. It’s a decent video and I’m sure they had fun but killing bums is just so utterly pointless its like preying on cats and dogs. They just want to prove to themselves that they can do it and at the same time they’re throwing away their lives and potential and for what? A couple of dead bums?

  4. I read about the cleaners and there not the killers in this video. The cleaners were killing people in 2014-15. The dead girl at the end of the video was first uploaded in 2011 so it couldn’t of been the cleaners.

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