Confiscated Cell Phone Footage of Kern County Deputies Beating David Silva

Confiscated Cell Phone Footage of Kern County Deputies Beating David Silva

Remember David Silva who was beaten to death by Kern County sheriff deputies in Bakersfield, California in May 2013? After they murdered him, the cops confiscated the cell phones of eye witnesses to prevent the evidence of what really happened from being seen. Later on, after the cell phones had been in their custody for some time, they released this video, apparently to make it look as though the beating wasn’t all that bad (nevermind the fact that the guy died, they beat him so bad).

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that after careful review of videos in each cell phone, the cops selected one that showed their abuse of power the least and truncated it by removing the part showing the actual murder before releasing it. I mean comon – they beat David Silva to death. Do they really want me to believe that there was nothing more to their conduct than what’s shown in this video?

Am I the only one who notices the alarming spike in cases of cop on civilian violence? Could it be that people with power to initiate force shape police to comply with the use of deadly force against civilians so they don’t second guess about killing the very people they swore to protect when ordered to do so?

Fucking Iphone filmed vertical videos:

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33 thoughts on “Confiscated Cell Phone Footage of Kern County Deputies Beating David Silva”

  1. No one who taped this beating held their phone the right fucking way? Shows how full of shit the cops handling this investigation are. And when taping something like this, video message a friend with the footage before your phone gets taken away, illegally. Usually I like to give cops the benefit of doubt in situations like this, but how they’ve handled this just reeks of guilt.

      1. The CHP, California Highway Patrol, the equivalent to state cops, have superiority over the local cops every time, a fact these assholes seem to forget. In order to have helped the guy someone would have needed to report it to the chp. Not a lot of people would know that, so they couldn’t have helped him. Trying to intervene with a mop of sick fuck good old boy cops would have put them in the same positions as the victim.

  2. What do you expect from those dickheads, everytime I get pulled over the first they say to me is “Are you drunk? Are you high? ” They really have nothing else better to do, why do you think 90% of them are fat as shit and dress like dikey bitches. I thought it might be cool to be a cop, I even went to my cities Correctional Officers training and this sheriff came up to me and told me my hair was to long, I need to shave all my facial hair off, and then gave a speech to us about our new family and that THEY told us who are friends were. After noticing I had a nice stash going, and my hair wasn’t even that long I realized I didn’t want to work with a bunch of faggots with bad haircuts. I wasn’t about to cut my hair into the shape of a bowl to boss prisoners around.

  3. I really think a big part of the problem is also that the prosecutor’s office in many areas is very reluctant to file charges against police officers. Cops feed prosecutors cases every day so they work together and profit together in the system. Cops continue to get away with a lot because of the biased favortism they receive from the prosecutor’s office decision to not file charges against dirty cops. This only emboldens cops and reinforces their belief that they can just lie in reports and continue brutalizing people.

  4. Beyond the obvious excessive force/abuse, eight fucking pigs to take down one guy? If i was one of them i’d go home feeling like an incompetent tool. What a bunch of bums. I guess they all lost their self-respect in high school though…

  5. Kern county pd and sheriffs aren’t the brightest bulb in the package so they think everyone is as stupid as they are. The vid proves it. In a nutshell they are fucking idiots who don’t care about anyone unless they are white.

  6. Those are screams of EXTREME PAIN and nothing less. It does not take a rocket scientist to come up with this conclusion. This man was beaten up so badly & repeatedly he died. Sick and sad. 🙁

  7. I live in Kern County and this is very common. It’s well known that officers encourage one another to beat up people they arrest. The Kern County Sheriff department actually was investigated because a group of officers had a special beating club. Kern County officers are all rejects from other cities, officers that fucked up somewhere else, etc. It’s unfortunate that the filmer of this video couldn’t capture better footage.

  8. Everywhere is becoming a total police state, parents are getting arrested for picking there kids up at school. Homeland security just hired 200 ex cops who were fired from the force for tampering with evidence to having sex with under age girls. Its only gonna get worse, pretty soon it will be happening in your back yard

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