Convoy Attacked in Lugansk, Ukraine on January 1

Convoy Attacked in Lugansk, Ukraine on January 1

Batman is dead. Got your attention, didn’t it? Actually, this Batman was the code name of one Alexander Bednov, commander of a militia of the Lugansk People’s Republic. Oftentimes his entire unit was referred to as the Batman unit. He was killed on January 1, 2015, when he and his convoy were attacked by Ukrainian forces attempting to arrest him. Being In Lugansk People’s Republic he and his crew are seen as terrorists by Ukraine army. Other bodies found were identified as members “Golden”, “Cat”, “Razor’, “Knight”.

That’s really all the info I have on this, any of our friends in Ukraine who can elaborate are more than welcome to do so. Mad props to Best Gore member Krotov for the info.

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  1. it troubles me when East Ukraine people are being attacked by the mafia-led coup plotters from Kiev..When will NATO acknowledge these atrocities and bomb Kiev for invading Europe’s newest nation, as they bombed Belgrade for invading Bosnia and Kosovo?

    1. NATO is just a political association between those member nations who share a similar economic/financial/political outlook on life.

      This means that NATO will not help Eastern Ukraine just as they did not help Palestine because there would be no gain in it for them. The entire reason why NATO backs western Ukraine in the first place is because there is massive economic/financial/political gain to be had in doing so.

      My conclusion, NATO is not a defender of peace, it is merely a defender of it?s members personal interests.

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  3. American heroism is dead. This made anti-American/Capitalist states including myself to celebrate from their lying actions un-benefits society to collapse. The heroes are dead who are actually villains made our feelings full of joy.

  4. Batman was murdered by his allies. Russian special services trying to create an army of Eastern Ukraine and the bandits, rapists, murderers and marauders will be eeliminated. Batman was one of them. He did not want to submit to the Russian military. So they killed him.

  5. I am happy they kill those rebel mofo’s. Why? First because of mh17. SECOND and maybe more important, they are russians trying to take away ukrainian land. My dad has because of his profession a lot of contacts and patients in ukraine. Innocent people, citizens are taken of the street and being tortutred by those rebels. One of his patients had a big tatoo on his arm with something like “haill ukraine”, the motherfuckers cut his arm with a butchers knife and gave it back to him before they threw him on the street. Ukrainian soldiers have nothing, they fight pro bono because the government can’t even pay for their canned food or blankets. So yay, fuck those rebels!

  6. Batman wasn’t taken out by Ukrainian forces, but by his own people. Look into it. Members of his battalion believe that Igor Plotnitsky had him whacked out. There is a video out there showing an interview with members of his battalion. They say that LNR forces ambushed him, and didn’t even try to take him prisoner.

    The reason given for this in the media is that the LNR forces were going to arrest Bednov for torturing prisoners, but he attacked them, so they had no choice but to take him out. I don’t believe that for a second. Neither that he attacked them, or that they wanted to arrest him for torturing prisoners. No, this was something else, but what? It had to have been one of two things: either he wasn’t going to go along with the program anymore for whatever reason, or there was a rivalry going on, and his rivals convinced others that he was a traitor.

    I know that Strelkov is very upset about all this. He thinks that Russian operatives should pull out because they got sold out.

    Let’s face it, there will be no “Novorossiya” added to the Russian Federation. The Donbas operation was done to create a frozen conflict zone in Ukraine. A Ukrainian Transnistria/ Prednestrovie if you will. The NATO charter states that countries without control over their own territory cannot join. It was originally going to be the Crimea, but Putin saw how easy it was to take it, and he realized the strategic and propaganda importance of adding Crimea to the RF. So the Donbas was the second choice.

    Now you have all those poor people in Donbas who went along with this nonsense, and for what? They get to live in a screwed up conflict zone, with rule by a bunch of assault rifle carrying, drunken fuck-mooks! Those people never would have gone along with this if they knew that Russia doesn’t want them, and they’ll have to live in the new Tiraspol.

    I usually don’t comment on articles, but I feel like I’m obligated to when it comes to Ukraine, since I’m the only one here who has lived there. More specifically, in Donbas. So obviously I understand all this much better than the rest of you. I remember years ago, I believe it was 2008, when there was a rumor going around that Russia was going to invade Donbas, and annex it. I was living there at that time.

  7. Ukrainians killing each other to join the eussr while western Europe steals your women and gold. Ukraine shot down the Malaysian airliner and tried to blame it on Russia. Ukraine military is very tough against commercial aircraft and unarmed civilians.

  8. Tried to blame it on Russia? RUSSIA is godd#mn responsible for the death of my countrypeople. The Dutch don’t say it out loud, but everybody i know hates russia for this. And with hate i mean hate, they are disgusted by russians amd very hostile towards russian tourists. We are not blind, those poor ukranians could’t do anything about it, they had corpses flying through their roofs. They have been traumatized by Russian/rebel souldiers. They have been trained their, they had their supplies from russia. We know, we just shut our mouths because we are too small for this argument.

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