Cop Shoots Unarmed Man in the Back Five Times Because He Feared for His Life

Cop Shoots Unarmed Man in the Back Five Times Because He Feared for His Life

Cop Shoots Unarmed Man in the Back Five Times Because He Feared for His Life

Well, what do you know? Another day, another citizen executed by a cop in public. And as it goes – the cop lied about what happened in his report. If there was no video of the incident, you’d think this hero cop battled for his life against a dangerous murderer, and just narrowly escaped death himself – all solely so your kids can come back home from school safely.

On Saturday, April 4, 2015, Patrolman Michael Slager of North Charleston, South Carolina pulled over 50 year old Walter Scott over a broken tail light. Moments later, Michael Slager shot Walter Scott in the back, as the latter was fleeing to get away from being zapped. Walter Scott was unarmed, and was good 15 to 20 feet away from Michael Slager, and with his back turned to him, when the cop decided to go for the kill, like he was hunting big game in the forest.

Michael Slager fired eight shots – three of them missed the target. The other five gunned the victim down. The cop then put handcuffs on the lifeless body, and moved an object – presumably the Taser – from where it fell to the ground some 30 feet away, and placed it next to the victim, quite assuredly in order to plant false evidence.

In his report, Michael Slager said he feared for his life. His police department then said Michael Slager reported the following on the radio:

Shots fired and the subject is down. He took my Taser.

The department also said the officers performed CPR and delivered first aid to the victim.

The video however appears to contradict these statements. Firstly – Michael Slager shot Walter Scott in the back while the latter was moving away from him. Secondly – Taser appears to have been placed next to the victim to make it look as though he “took” it. Thirdly, video shows the officers putting on latex gloves before handling the body, but does not show them administering any medical assistance.

Walter Scott had been arrested several times in the past, mostly for contempt of court and for failing to pay child support. In 1987, he was also accused of an assault and battery.

Michael Slager has reportedly never been disciplined during his 5 years on the force, however that doesn’t mean much, given how unless there is video evidence of their wrongdoings, the cops routinely lie, and support one another’s lies. That he had not been disciplined simply means that in 5 years of abusing citizens, he had not been filmed. Luckily, the importance to film something when one sees something was clear to the person who was around during his latest assault, so hopefully this civilian killer will be removed from the streets once and for all.


Michael Slager was charged with murder! WTF? Did the DA get their shite straight or is this just for show and charges will be dropped later?

Either way, I already hear the old “Officer Safety” being on the table – a catch-all defense for all violent action Police take. Screw citizen safety. Screw citizen life. All that matters is officer safety.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no reason to have any faith whatsoever this cop is getting convicted. Remember the Connecticut cop who repeatedly stomped the tazered man? He was found not guilty despite clear video evidence. Or the Kelly Thomas beating death?

What happens is prosecutors charging cops for show, but then purposely fuck the cases up in court, failing to present sufficient evidence, etc. That’s if the case goes to court in the first place. The feds often drag cases out for years and years, until public outrage dies down, and memories fade.

That the charge is just for show can also be concluded from the simple fact that there’s been no hint of charging the cop with falsifying a police report. Not to mention the act of planting his Taser on the body (at 1:35, but notice how he picks it up again at 2:08 once he realized he had been videotaped), which the cop did right in front of the other cop. If the other cop is not charged with being an accessory to murder, we’ll know for sure this whole charge is just for show. But then again, all the cops on the scene had already lied about providing CPR – what’s one more lie about planting evidence for a cop buddy?

BTW – the broken tail light was just an excuse for the bully cop to harass someone. I just had it confirmed that it is lawful to drive in South Carolina with a broken tail light, as long as the other tail light is working.

Props to Best Gore members @mujula and @fracazzo for the video:

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210 thoughts on “Cop Shoots Unarmed Man in the Back Five Times Because He Feared for His Life”

      1. so predictable…suspended , then fired , then huge court case , sob story , loads of shit comes out about the victim that has fuck all to do with the case , cop gets off scott free , gets job back with back pay , then given a medal for heroism , while the dead guys kids tend his grave .
        All for a broken bit of plastic

        1. Anyone know how to read? This cop is charged with murder. No he won’t get off. I hope he don’t.. This poor excuse of a cop gives me a bad name…. I don’t even comment on shit anymore… Because of all these unjustified shootings. But what you don’t see is the justified shootings being posted. In 2012- 123 blacks were killed by the police and there were 326 whites were killed by the police. 72 officers were killed in 2011 44 shot dead in 2012. There is 17 officers per 10,000 citizens in the U.S.

          1. @dpdfuzz…. People only see through race tunnel vision in these cases. Whichever event is paraded on the news that day is what the masses care about for a couple days. Like you said @dpdfuzz you need to considerate a range of statistics … There are good or bad people in every profession.

          2. @lovelylemur yes your right… My point is only this. Mark did Open post #15 (police on best Gore) in response to a few email exchanges showing my gratitude to this site. My focus was that it is somewhat “refreshing” to to relate to people on here seeing what I see every day. But with all of these controversial shootings taking place… I feel there is NO longer a place for me to post/be; as I am disgusted as everyone else on here… Being a cop… And this so called kill the police and police state talk is warranted. Just very shitty to see where things have came.

          3. How can a cop reasonably argue that he feared for his life if the suspect was running in the opposite direction?

          1. @MikeyGraves, yes I read the entire article word for word. You are either young or live outside of the U.S.A. We have this little TV show called COPS that has been on the air for about 26 years that has shown us time and time again to NOT run when you are being detained or arrested by the cops. It’s just common sense. Did the black guy deserve a back full of lead? Probably not, but he was familiar enough with law enforcement to know (well maybe not) not to run from a police officer.

          2. @IamOK, I should’ve worded it better. I wasn’t disagreeing with the run from the cops isn’t smart part of your statement, it was that you said that he probably had a rap sheet a mile long. He didn’t, because his crimes were listed in the article.
            And I like to think I am young at 33, but shit, living in Cleveland my whole life taught me what I needed to know about cops & criminals at a very early age as I’m sure you learned too.

      1. We don’t see that the cop had tased him and I am sure he thought he was going to taze him again…it’s the fight or flee response of not wanting to be tazed again….the pig doesn’t even say, stop or I will shoot….sorry there was no justification for shooting this guy 4 times in the back…

        There is a lawyer that travels the country defending pigs and he hasnt lost one case getting guilty pigs off….no doubt the city or rather taxpayers will be paying his family millions…this incident shows that all pigs should wear body cameras based on his false report and planting his taser near his body after he gunned him down…

      2. For nine generations, your family has always been FIRST to surrender to any authority figure. Your family does not even have knees. The knees were destroyed falling on them over and over. When danger reared its ugly head, your son on his knees begging to felate any goon that presented himself.

        Captain SURRENDER!
        Always safe!
        Always within the law!
        Always on your knees groveling.

        Pride is for dead people.

      3. I ran from the cops once .they just tackled me down to the ground and a shitted on myself ..I just finished eating. Had to go to jail like that ..fuck !!!!!since I’m half white these cops didn’t kill me..but that was about 5 years ago..they were to day they just kill black dudes..or anyone else.,.

        1. @Danielray, you made me laugh out loud. Thank you for that. I’m sorry to hear that you scorched your shorts. I highly doubt you survived the incident because you are only “half black”. Most people, whether you are yellow, black, white, female, male, etc. run because there is more to the story than the original stop. Don’t run from the cops…Mmmmkay?

        2. OMG! Strange question danielray did you happen to punch the Cop when You ran? I only ask cause as a Police officer years ago (quit 5 yrs ago) I pulled a guy over Drunk off his ass and just started talking to Him and next thing I know He punch same in the Nose and Bolts and when I tackled Him He Shat all over Himself and with shorts on it got all over My New Urban gear pants so I had blood all over my face and shirt and shit on My pants and I was Laughing my ass of (don’t know why!) but just laughed and the suspect couldn’t help but laugh also thankfully I carried an extra uniform I even declined to Have Him prosecuted I really thought that He will never live this down and He only busted my nose didn’t break it that and He was crying begging forgiveness and even into all that day at Jail and wrote Me an apology letter! It’s was the wrong thing to Run and Punch Me but as Drunk as He was knowing I Knew He got scared and Fight or Flight set in And I hate going to court!

      4. You fucking faggots hide behind these avatars if your proud of being racist how bout you show your face let society know the way you feel don’t be the coward you are and post comments then walk outside like everything’s normal you wouldn’t dare say shit to any black man cuz just like these bitch ass white police you fear for your safety. Bunch of fucking pussies.

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          1. Mr. Slider, FTCW doesn’t “belong here”?
            It’s a free forum, that anyone can join. Everyone belongs here. You’re just trying to say that he doesn’t necessarily share your hatred of Jews, blacks, and women. Prick.

        2. @fuckthecolorwhite……I think what you really meant to say was that …”Your a fucking faggot and I hide behind my avatar .I’m proud of being racist but I’m scared to show my face. I let society know the way I feel but I’m a coward so I post comments then walk outside like everything?s normal. I wouldn?t dare say shit to any white man cuz just like these bitch ass police I fear for my safety. I’m a fucking pussy…” ….I noticed that yes, a lot of people posting hide behind their avatar…you preach not to hide and yet you don’t post your actual picture…be proud of yourself and being racist yourself and post a photo of yourself instead of the little faggy green nut stain avatar that you are representing…..

    1. How can so many fucktards across the country believe this video as real. People getting dummer and summer by the minute. An unknown black man somehow happened to have his phone out at the right time and capture police killing and the police just act like he isn’t there. I might b a human in anerica but im not a retard yet. When the video is real or close to police must recognize your presence as the one filming them, ask u to leave, or try to confiscate your camera. I.e. Eric garner..

    2. This video has been playing on tv non stop in L.A. The only reason the cop even was surprisingly arrested is because this witness had/sold this video. Without it , another cop would’ve got away with another murder. Props to the cell phone owner. And the family of the dead man needs to give the witness his recognition for coming forward and doing the right thing…

      1. Yes I agree with you mamason01,,its the same here in Texas ..over and over.. I mean this fucking cop just plainly killed this unluckily dude for a simple traffic infraction..,but these cops are trained to not use excessive force.but continue to do it anyway. Where did this start..911 was more then 11 years ago .this country stopped looking at black fuckers a few years after there just killing them left and right..

        1. The cynical side of me says this good Samaritan had better go into hiding before this cops fellow officers find him…you know resisting arrest and planting shit on him. the way these bastards close ranks and protect their own I’d want to disappear real quick.

      1. Just shoot the niglet in the dome in the first place, c’mon you stupid pigs quit wasting all the ammo what are all the honest tax paying people gonna say? 8 shots for one nigger! that dont work!

      1. LC….please, as long as I’m around, please don’t change your AVI. This rehab I’m in is co ed but we sleep apart. No female contact make Mr. Slider a very sad man….that pink lipstick puffy lips pose is helping me get by because It’s something nice I recognize from before I entered myself into it’s scoop Damn sexy.

          1. Im good DR… already got a girl to sneak a quicky with before lights out. She even cooks for me and vice versa. Tomorrow shes hooking me up with blueberry and strawberry crepes when I wake up. Tomorrow is our free day so I can sleep in.

    1. ‘Charged’ for now to put on a show on the media to bullshit to sheeple that this guy will get his just desserts and will be cleared by the end of this month of all charges, He is most likely sipping on his latte and munching on his donut with his fat fellow pigs down at the cop shop laughing at the whole hysteria.

  1. Yes, a clear cut case of murder this one. A fleeing suspect is to be chased and apprehended, not shot down from behind without justification.

    To make matters worse the man he killed was black and therefore would have been an aspiring something or another which will no doubt cause more race riots to ensue.

    The “I feared for my life” defence must get taught to cops from day one.

      1. @P Dude, yes, I too get split on the subject of police brutality when the victim is black.

        My emotional side is telling me that a dead nigger is a prevented crime in the future, a kind of retroactive law enforcement if you will a la Terminator, but my logical side is saying that the police do this shit to white people as well and therefore to defend them on this matter would be to create the possibility that I too may become a victim of police brutality at some point.

        I have no doubt though that the usual suspects, Jessie Jackson and the like, will turn this into a blame the evil white man game again.

        They will say that the dead black guy was a good boy, a gentle giant who would have gone on to invent the cure for multiple sclerosis had he lived and the media outlets will only print photographs of when he was a ten year old cherub.

        It?s the same old game that gets played out time and time again, ad infinitum.

        1. Usually I’d say good job piggy…cutting another waste of air breathing jungle bunny mumble mouth motherfucker. But for some reason, I’m a double winner…civilian killing piglet gets the pinch for murduh…and that video should help put him in the bucket for the rest of his life…he’s gonna have a short shelf life anyway…plus a dead jigaboo…Its a win win all around. OT…my 6th day inside….I haven’t had a drink since last Thursday and so far so good… meds help with the cravings…so I’m still hanging in there…just twitching a lot at night but that’s about it. Still here every day….this is the first day I’ve kinda calmed down and taken a breath and relaxed a little…I had to say my peace on this story it’s so discusting. DR and’ve got my closet under control, right?? Hope all BG SOB’s are well. I might be here a while…I was a little fucked up than I thought but I’m gonna pull through it all…I know I can.

          1. Good work Mr. S.

            Been in rehab twice with alcoholism. I know what you are going through, and you are doing really well.

            The good news for me was that i got 18 months sober after my first time in. So you can do it man.

            I fucked up after that, but i’m only human.

            Stay positive.

          2. All is well @slider keep fighting bro There’s a closet with this problems name on it when you get it in there just be sure to weld the door shut.

          3. @ Alan’s and Ray…thanks bros for the kind words of encouragement. I’m gonna do a little more than weld the closet shut…It’s going into another, larger closet so I can laugh at it and kill it so it doesn’t come back. @ Alan’s……bro, I hear you bud…we are all only human…..I’ve only been here almost a week…….my journey with sobriety is just starting. Any one of us could stumble at any time. I guess we just stand right back up…dust ourselve off…and keep pushing forward. I just tell myself that I only wanna go through this again. Much respect to you as well for making it 18 mo. Your first try..I’m hopefull that I can get that far.

          4. Congratulations on your new journey, @mr.s. I’m sure that you’ll do well and I certainly wish you the best. It’s wonderful to see anyone setting out to better themselves.

            At one point, I had to go to meetings due to a temporary court mandate. I found some of the step work I saw other doing fascinating. It amazed me what the program(s) had done for some people.

    1. “The department also said the officers performed CPR and delivered first aid to the victim”
      well i dunno about “officers”, all i saw in this video (and the longer version of the video theyve been showing on our english news shows) is one cop attending to the guy, while the murderer stands by after arranging his fake “crime scene” by the dropping of tazer and lying via radio.
      dunno how much youve seen of this on tv ewes, but i made me sick when the murderers boss (some charleston chief of police) described it as an “error of judgement by one of our officers..”
      also theyve been showing the guy after charging, in his stripey prison garb…obviously a pathetic ploy to make it look to the world like they are doing something.
      despite all this – like you ewes, i dont think the guy will be getting any TRUE punishment…not in the sense that a civvy would if commiting this crime.

      PS and off topic
      you sick of seeing all of their daft lying faces on our TVs yet? its only been a week and ive had enough already. that farage has the kind of face i would never get sick of stamping on?! 😉

      1. I have yet to see this on TV karmen, but I can guess how it goes. Sad as fuck.

        One good thing to come out of yesterday’s campaigning was that scum bastard Blair coming out of the woodwork. Not because I like him… Obviously !. No, because he put the nail in Milliband’s coffin and right. What a frigging fraudulent, self serving prick he is. And yes mate, I felt like smashing the screen when I saw his smarmy face.
        They’re all the same karmen. Farage is one of the old school tie brigade after all. I do believe he’s the best of a bad bunch mind you. 😉

        1. ah yes, out HE popped – our “middle east PEACE envoy”

          that very title given to that particular man (and i use description “man” very loosely) absolutely typifies what a horrendous joke our whole system has become.

          i really dont know what to do. i wish there was a “non of the above/no confidence” option? of course by not voting at all one could say they were taking that option – but i mean an ACTUAL option, on the form, that if marked by voters would have some kind of effect on the outcome…. we could debate this for hours (and pages) couldnt we?

          i really dont know what to do. the whole nationalist option frightens me a little – nothing wrong with loving ones country, and wanting to protect and uphold its values of course – but i just look back into history at how some nationalist stories have played out and….well,….i just dont know mate

          1. Being back home in Norn Iron means i don’t get to vote for any of these pricks, but if i was still living in England i would vote for Farage. As @Ewes said, he is the best of a bad bunch.

    1. …lying or trying to cover up something. Too bad they don’t investigate their own with the diligence they investigate the private citizen. Without video proof, this murder would’ve been swept under the rug just like thousands of others that have taken place that we’ve never heard of.

      1. @amnyc
        exactly. like acne-ska always says “if you see it, film it”
        this “spate” of police killing reports this last year or so worries me in one particular way – as far as MSN is concerned it is a race thing, and (because of that) as far as black america is concerned, it is a race thing.
        but those of use who seek our news from “alternative” sources know that this kind of shit happens to white, red, yellow, and brown guys/women/children as well as it does to blacks.
        i really think that USA as a people have to see this as police against CIVILIANS not just police against blacks….. but thats just my two peneth worth, as an english guy seeing this situation from across the pond

        1. yea im english and live here……….the yanks need to stop watching their media outlets for news about america those outlets are so scared to upset anyone that it actually gets comical if youve done the research on a topic fisrt………..sometimes they even get it wrong with live feeds………….funny shit

  2. That was a cold blooded execution.
    Race will likely become an issue in this and this time I don’t think I’ll scoff at them like I did the Ferguson Protesters.
    That was one sorry ass MFer wearing a badge.

    1. i wonder rayf – did you ever attend a situation like this? a situation where it was left to you and your partner/co-worker to do your fucking best to save the live of someone who you KNEW had been wrongly gunned down by a cop/ cops?

      1. @Karmen Nothing even remotely like this. Not saying the cops in the city were 100% clean they would beat people up I have seen them tell towing contractors to destroy the gypsy driveway and roofer scam artists vehicles on their way to the impound yard shit like that, 2 cops fired in the 20yrs I worked there one for abuse of his powers the other for abandoning his post during flooding while he went home to secure his family’s safety. No sir @Karmen nothing like this.

  3. They just held a press conference, 1:00 pm. Police chief and the mayor confirmed. The officer is in custody. Charged with 1st degree murder. Investigation has been turned over to outside agencies. Additional charges are pending. Dropping his stun gun next to the victim will get a tampering with evidence charge, and an obstruction of justice charge. I don’t always agree with posted narratives here, but this one is a slam dunk. Prison for life, or death penalty.

    1. who knows why the heck he jogging away.
      might get a spare out of his car, might have been afraid to get beaten in jail.

      point is, their is no reason to bullet hole him.
      he clearly was not a threat or even try to escape, while your car license plat is 10 meters away.

      this cop was out for killing no matter the race so long the blood was red.

  4. Justice is only as strong as the battery of the camera filming it.
    Cops aware of their surroundings commit crimes when they know no one is watching.
    This happenchance recording shows that integrity is not always found in the word of a cop, but in a camera instead.
    This lack of control is a clear and present danger to my people: the white, beige, brown, and black citizens at the mercy of a police force who swears an oath to a God not all police believe in.
    If body cameras were needed to protect a cop from danger, every cop would have a cam as quick as yesterday.
    Yet cameras devalue the word of a cop, thus they see a body cam as a threat to their ability to control a situation.
    Mandatory body cameras nationwide. Stop these pigheaded monsters from creating their own laws and the citizens’ misery.

    Wonder What Would Malcolm Do?

    1. Body cams are controlled by the police, both in terms of being disabled, and in terms of video distribution, thus they only offer a false sense of acting as watchdogs.

      You have cases like Windermere cop Robert German, who’s body cam turned off during fatal shooting, with no indication that the camera malfunctioned. Or New Orleans cop Lisa Lewis who shot a guy in the head and said she had turned her body camera off because her shift was about to end and she was on her way back to the station.

      One must always remember that we are dealing with a gang of thugs looking to get around the system. Our only recourse is to film them ourselves. Don’t rely on their body cams.

      1. yea your right, i thought this when new yorks ass wipe mayor went on the telly saying that they will be trying the cameras.

        then in the report it said that the cops can turn them on and off when they want to…………really.

        so dont waste my fuckin tax dollars on them you idiot.

        if the cop can control what is being filmed then there is no point in having them.

        what should happen is that the recording goes to somewhere independant that will store the video in case of incidents like this.

        and as an aside……….that nypd cop who was filmed yelling at a cab driver.,,,,,,the commish went on the telly saying how disgusting the cops behaviour was//

        heads up///////////if you see a cop driving or badly parking and you say something……… will get the same retort.

  5. Howdy people, my first post… These cops are likely returned soldiers who have the basic training to be cops. Once, they get a taste for blood like all psychopaths, there’s no going back. Seriously, this cop was just out for target practice, looks like he needed it too.

  6. I don’t have a lot of faith in the judicial system actually punishing this pig. In the United States, we’ve seen many cops (Kelly Thomas killing, Rodney King beating, etc…) brought to trial only to be acquitted. At least he’s off the street for now though…worthless cunt.

  7. That was cold blooded execution…………………………and I liiiiiiiiiiiike it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One less ghetto monkey. If he was innocent today (unlikely), he did something yesterday or will commit crime tomorrow. No loss.

  8. One of my most favourite things about this site is how the article-authors link so many relevant things on the go which can help enlighten us. It’s pretty much impossible for someone who hasn’t checked BG everyday to have seen every single thing on this site, and linking previous articles whenever you can helps us out so much. Cheers, authors! Just thought I’d throw that in there. 😉

  9. What always freaks me out when I see stuff like this, (when it’s so obviously not justified and is just straight up murder), if this; Imagine how many times this has happened in the past. Like back in the 60’s, or pick a decade, when there were no camcorders, smartphones, blah blah. The body count has got to be insane.

  10. “Run… Run as fast as you can… You can’t catch me… I’m the Gingerbread Man!…” – Victim

    Pow!… Pow!… Pow!… Pow!… Pow!… Pow!… Pow!… Pow!…

    “Fuck!… He don’t taste like Gingerbread…”

  11. Things have obviously changed since the days of the tv show “Cops”. When I was a kid and watched it i actually had respect for the job cops did. Now they’re getting sloppy covering their tracks when they kill. Check if someone is filming you when you manipulate a crime scene. Classic schoolboy error, but I’m sure he’ll get away with it when the sheep turn their heads away after a week or 2. Not like we dont have a precedent for this type of shit.

    1. @stagedoor jonny Kudos to the guy that stood there and filmed this.
      I have to say about 20 seconds before the end of it had I been him I would have hauled ass out of there thinking maybe I’m next.
      But with his actions he prevented police from being able to plant a weapon or other contraband on him.

      1. Absolutely agree man, he had some stones to continue filming after the shots were fired. I guess now we’ll get to see whether a video of a cop murdering someone makes any difference to whether they get away with it. Nothing will surprise me at this stage.

  12. Redneck motherfucker! Shot the man..EMPTIED his fucking gun into him! For what??? The man could barely run, as a 50 year old..He had that “old man” run if you watch it! How can people do this and lay their head down and sleep at night? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE????

    1. Hey @kathay57 ……are you African American.? I’ve read a few of your comments .concerning black Americans.I’m not targeting you what’s so ever ! Every right is giving here on BG! Just don’t make harmful threats.but anyway I do feel your opinion is warrant.. Thanks

  13. And you dumb inbred motherfuckers posting on here about how the nigger deserved it cuz he’s a nigger, you dumb fucking retards! What the fuck is erongnwith YOU?! These cops don’t have any respect for race, color or creed! They’ll fucking shoot you as fast as they did that poor old guy! I really don’t get the mentality of the posters on here. I know its a shock site and we’ve all become a bit more numb to what’s grizzly and what’s not, but what about the common decency of one human towards another thats just a God given trait among human beings? There will always be a right and a wrong, and no amount of exposure to shit on this or any other shock site will ever change that. Its time to get back in touch with yalls humanity for Gods sake!

    1. I don’t want to be nit picking on the part of your whole paragraph, but your choice of “shock site” label is quite inappropriate. Because we show what mainstream media filters out doesn’t make it a shock site. Videos and photos that are published on Best Gore depict events that really happened. We believe people have the right to see what goes on in the world, so we publish it here so those who wish to be informed, can be informed. None the less, these are real life events. How you made a connection between allowing the public to see the reality of life on this planet with “shock site” is beyond me.

      1. As I stated below, I agree with what @kathay57 said.
        But true Acneska, shock site is not the right way to describe BG at all. Backed up by the fact that this incident probably didn’t shock any regular viewer of the site one iota. Which is shocking in itself when one thinks about it.

    2. Well said.
      The colour of the bloke had bollocks all to do with it. The fact that this rogue among rogues cop is a wanton murderer, is the point. He would have clipped the first bloke or women he got the chance to.
      Hate breeds hate, and those that hate either have a very good reason to do so, or are far from happy in their Own skin.
      Bottom line is, it is easier to hate than to love, it is easier to be bad than to be good, and so on.

      There is NO excuse for the actions of this so called Cop.

    3. @kathay57,

      The problem is that black people(or niggers depending on your disposition)commit a disproportionate amount of crime for their population count which is evidenced by many statistical platforms such as prison demographics, court demographics etc.

      Instead of actually facing these issues head on with self reflection and action the black community prefer instead to blame everything and everyone else for their own manifested behaviour.

      Blaming poverty for black peoples life of crime is worthless because there are many races of people living in poverty who do not turn to crime at the same rates as black people seem to.

      Stating that white privilege is to blame for all the inequality is also worthless because Chinese people tend to excel in our societies and nobody says that this happens because of yellow privilege. Indians excel as well and not because of brown privilege either.

      Not all black people commit crimes of course but because many do it causes the whole group to be judged together and this overshadows any individual effort to the contrary because like it or not human beings judge on group format because it aids our survival to be that way just as a single lion may not wish to attack and eat us the fact that many would causes all lions to become suspect.

      To the point then, the reason why so many posters hate niggers and don?t care whether they live or die as nothing to do with being inbred and everything to do with the above.

      Life experience has taught them to view black people as a threat to society and I honestly cannot blame them because the evidence, both personal and statistical, shows that a lot of them are.

      If black people don?t like how they are viewed by non blacks they should start to distance themselves from the criminally inclined blacks by condemning their criminal actions rather than supporting them whilst crying racism at every opportunity because by not condemning you are only encouraging and by encouraging you are only further exasperating the problem. Cause and effect.

      1. The problem is you make immense generalizations from slanted statistical data. For example….This huge disproportionate rate of incarceration started in the late 70’s and 80’s with the emerging war on drugs. The vast majority of blacks are in jail on DRUG offenses which if stopped for “broken tail lights” and generally harassed by police would explain the SKYROCKETING incarceration rates. You mention other races success here but ignore the fact that 150 years ago most american blacks were slaves without property, education or rights of any sort. Within 150 years blacks are in every echelon of our country, financially and politically. LITERALLY started from nothing. So to say “blacks” lack success here is ignorant. Is there issues and problems. Absolutely…….but perhaps you should open your eyes and see you don’t exist on an even playing field with blacks. THIS is 100’s of times more likely to happen to a black person, being stopped and checked for drugs etc, aggressive sentencing, poor schools and education opportunities. Much of the stats you site are real but they don’t exist in a vacuum. White people nearly exterminated the indians, enslaved an entire race, forced there religion on the world and began an imperial march that turned many sovereign nations into colonies…….yet blacks….are a threat to whites. The only thing that every has been a threat to white people is BUBONIC plague. 83 percent of murdered white people are murdered by WHITE people. Blacks are a danger to the white race as much as the guy on this video is…….

  14. May he rest in peace!
    Too bad… back in the days I used to have respect for cops..
    You can’t justify this! It’s cold blooded murder!
    Don’t know what was running trough the mind of that bastard??
    Unfortunately a man lost its life for nothing lets hope and pray the man gets justice!

  15. I’m a white man and support my race. But I don’t support immorality. If white nationalists want to be supported, we must always take the moral high ground. That white cop shot him in the back. It was wrong. He should go to jail. Don’t support immorality even if he is our white brother. Condemn him. He is an embarrassment to white people.

  16. IF if if…this cop gets convicted, he’ll have no choice but to be in “protective custody” with the rats and child molesters…He wouldn’t last a day with the prison population, so whatever sentence he gets will be solitary confinement….Good! I hope he fucking suffers…

    1. There is a lawyer that travels the country getting guilty pigs off…he hasn’t lost one case yet so I doubt this pig will be convicted but who knows since more people are opening up their eyes….just like the rest of the public sector’s becoming us vs them…

  17. Who would have thought that the simple combination of cell phone and camera would turn out to be one of the greatest tools for defending civil rights and liberties? Bravo to the cameraman! Rot in jail or die, murderin’ pig fuck scumbag!

  18. The cops handcuffed him so it looks like he was alive still. It was an act. He tried to get away with murder like all these other cops have been! Instead they are gonna make an example out of him. They had to arrest a cop an charge with murder at some point and at the rate the police are going. He also has to get convicted first. Grab your popcorn and snow caps and enjoy the show if they give him house arrest. these nig nogs will be pissed! it would just be funny .

    1. I agree…but I honestly think the chief of police and mayor thought if we don’t make an example out of him at least for now…our town is going to get looted and burned like the ferguson case….blacks seem to travel all across American just at this very kind of chance to be able to burn and loot…get that couch and tv out of the store they’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford…what better way then to have some black dude shot by a white cop…to come and start looting and burning…they majority of the black demonstrators could have cared less about the ferguson guy…they just came to loot and used that poor bastard as an excuse…

  19. First of all a nigger running from the police is not new,however niggers in the first world countries have a combination of arrogance,physical strength,stupidity,unpredictability,and an urge to turn to violence at the flick of a switch for no reason.Unless the nigger is educated and has a proper job you are always always always going to get the shitty end of the stick.American niggers seem to be the worst in any of the modern developed countries I honestly believe this because of their size primarily which is very intimidating due to the area of Africa they came from.When I lived in Brazil the niggers were generally smaller obviously the Portuguese brought them from a different part of Africa to the American ones……

  20. This story has been all over the news and apparently the cop has been fired.
    Now that could be propeganda to make the public think something is being done, but if it is true I would like to think that BG, with publishing the number of videos it has, has something to do with the powers that be finally realizing that cops have been lying through their asses for a long time. The video is here to stay so to all cops, your lying spree is over!!!

  21. In the A.C.E., Negroism, Authoritarianism and Americanism are murderers against Democracy. More than 20,000,000 Negros should be deported or killed, more than 10,000,000 authoritarian soldiers should be imprisoned and executed and more than 300,000,000 psychopaths must surrender or die from Democracy cannot suffer.

    1. Like the New Mexico cops who supposedly were charged with murdering the camper in the hills, who were obviously Jews, this Jew will face a Jew judge with Jew lawyers, and Jews help Jews so they’ll rack up huge legal fees and drop the case, and the Jews will be responsible for it all.

  22. The cop has been arrested for first degree murder, he’s been fired from the force, and he gets to face all this by himself. His health insurance is being allowed for his pregnant wife. So the prick gets to face charges like the criminal he is.

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