Corpse of 18 Year Old Indonesian Girl Found in Pond After Being Raped and Killed

Corpse of 18 Year Old Indonesian Girl Found in Pond After Being Raped and Killed

In Serang, Banten, Indonesia, an 11th grade senior high school student named Siti Marhatusolihat went missing for 2 weeks. However, on 15th of December 2017, the search for Siti’s whereabouts reached the sad conclusion with the discovery of her corpse in a pond near a rice field, covered with grass and bamboo.

The day after the discovery of her remains, the police officials announced that their investigation revealed that Siti was killed by her friend named ER, and his three accomplices.

17 year old ER allegedly raped and murdered the 18 year old victim, while the 3 others were just assisting him by holding Siti’s legs and arms.

ER reportedly set up a date with Siri and told her he loved her, but she straightforwardly rejected his proposal which drove him mad. All four perpetrators are facing life imprisonment.

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  1. The yacking i think is the best part!!! Wonder if he tossed his cookies.. Bet it smelled like roses there… opps wrong countries donkey shit and humans piss and shit… Does that not make it great you live in the U. S. Now send Trump there and tell the people he rapes little girls!!! LYNCH TIME!!!

    1. @rex88 : Well, we don’t see this kind of thing happen often . Speaking of which, where did you get that Islamophobia-driven fact?

      Or maybe you’re just being delusional after realizing that the perps and the victim are Muslims, for your good Sake; I must inevitably tell you that there’s currently not even a single active religion-based terrorist group in Indonesia despite its large Muslim population. And apparently Indonesia also has the lowest homicide rate in the world right behind Japan’s and even lower than South Korea’s.
      So we may say that Indonesia is at least the safest & the most civilized country in Asia or maybe the world.

      1. Gorenesia why is it you lot always come out with this stuff whenever a muslim retard rapes and murders, like it hasn’t happened and we’re all wrong and there isn’t a problem with muslims, you’re not fooling anyone you do realise that don’t you, take your little innocent act and go fuck your goat

  2. I see they got their CSI special victims unit there asap to secure the scene and make sure it wasn’t contaminated in order to properly collect all the important evidence. For fucks sake!!! Filthy fucking wastes of space and oxygen.

  3. Gotta love third world countries. Removing a dead, bloated, 2-week old decomposing corpse laying in water with no PPG, surrounded by ignorant, annoying fuckfaces who bring their kids and stand there hooping, hollering, laughing and dancing at the sight of the removal.

    Well worth watching until the end, though, just to hear the people instantly puking their brains out once the corpse is pulled out of the water.

    Indonesia must be a great place to live.

    1. That would be lowkey cool if murderers were not only punished by jail time or death but they also had to recover whatever stinky, rotting, bloated corpse(s) they’ve decided to “hide”. Not only would that be sick revenge but they’d also get to know what a shit job they did at hiding the body!

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