Corpse of Alleged Thief and Kidnapper Shot Up by Cartel in Mexico

Corpse of Alleged Thief and Kidnapper Shot Up by Cartel in Mexico

Corpse of Alleged Thief and Kidnapper Shot Up by Cartel in Mexico

This took place in Mexico, though I’m not sure where exactly. Presumably, the dead man who’s being shot at was a thief and a kidnapper who got caught by cartel members, though I got no info about which cartel they belong to.

I also have no idea how they killed him before blowing his head off, but in the beginning of the video one sicario takes a rope off the corpse’s neck, as if they dragged him there behind a vehicle. You can hear the main shooter reload shotgun that blew the brains out of the skull.

Props to Best Gore member @r88nkr for the video:

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