Corpse of Alleged Rapist Found with Message Pinned to It with Knife

Corpse of Alleged Rapist Found with Message Pinned to It with Knife

Corpse of a man in the early stages of decomposition was found in a brush somewhere in Brazil. The man had a narcomensaje style message pinned to his body with a knife, in which he was accused of having been a rapist.

The alleged ex-rapist looks strangely composed with his arms up and one leg way to the side (can’t see his other leg). There may have been some degree of sexual violation he had been subjected to prior to his killing.

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      1. Hooray for Mob Justice! Let’s bring it home for rebelk just cos she hates some people she can’t prosecute. Most of you applaud this shit becuse it happens in another country… I’m sure plenty would welcome it in their home country too

      1. Silly people always say that, however if it wasn’t about sex, they wouldn’t be raping now, would they? They’d just torture like they do at Guantanamo. I know there was some sexual stuff going on there too, but that was obvious sexual humiliation

    1. That’s NOT the way to suck your own dick. I used to suck myself off all the time. Wife often joined in by sucking my balls at the same time. I’m positive the way we did it was the correct way.

      PS: Then I got older and put on some weight. That stopped the fun.

  1. This one is an enigma, a real challenge. Actually I think his head is still attached as well as his right arm. His left arm and right leg have been chopped off and switched….. I think

  2. ok, the riddle was figured out already…..maybe better to read the comments BEFORE stating what became the obvious. HOWEVER, WE, the Students Of Best Gore can figure out the most interesting of morbid circumstance. It’s what we do.

  3. Sorry that stuffed up – To become a normal man in life, he didn’t quite get the jist, that it isn’t normal to play with little girls breasts and so he died as a rapist. That’s my poem for the day.

  4. I wonder if it was more than one person involved in killing him? Whether I’d committed a crime or not, I’d be suspicious of anyone carrying a big, blank poster trying to get me to take a stroll into the jungle with them. O_o

  5. Stupid! That’s not his leg dummy. That’s his arm. He was beheaded. And his head was put between his legs. It also looks like his eyes were gauged out. Very creepy scene. He was obviously subjected to torture before he died

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