Corpse of Cop with Skull Riddled with AK-47 Rounds Found in Culiacán, Mexico

Deflated Cop Mug, They Have Nothing In It Anyway

Deflated Cop Mug, They Have Nothing In It Anyway

A corpse of a cop who was reported kidnapped on Friday July 17, 2020 was found on July 20 on a dirt road that connects the Capistrano subdivision with Giovanni Zamudio Avenue in Culiacán, state of Sinaloa, Mexico.

The cop, identified as 45 year old Jesús Manuel Soto Castelo, reportedly worked as a bodyguard for the secretary of Municipal Public Security (Seguridad Pública Municipal) Óscar Guinto Marmolejo.

More than 50 rounds from an AK-47 rifle, known in Mexico as a goat horn (cuerno de chivo), passed through the cop’s skull.

Any of you guys was the pic of Kurt Cobain with the text on his guitar saying something along the lines of “Vandalism – as beautiful as a rock in a cop’s face“? He knew…

Props to Best Gore member @gustavoavalo for the pics:

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      1. As Colonel Muammar Gaddafi said: “Europa is in danger of turning black”
        With the continent of africa pouring into it.

        It’s time for all of our Fair Skinned Races to unite with Nationalist Vigour and our Rights to take back our countries and lives.
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        1. @JXK777 Sapere Aude ~ Oder leck mich am Arsch..!
          Good Evening my good B G Brother.
          I Could not agree with you more cause Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was a goodhearted, intelligent president that truly loved his people. Actually i take that back as he loved all people, and the way he ran his Country and encouraged other Countries populace to follow his lead spoke volumes on his love of people. This is why the Dirty-Fucking Jew-Bastards made up bullshit, and had him killed.

          1. Here are just some of the many things that he did for his country,,, it’s populace, and for the love of mankind. He did so by spreading his views of what a good, and fair life should be like in all the worlds Country’s. He shared his Country’s wealth with the people who made his Country become so self sufficient, fair, and wealthy his populace that he loved so dearly. May God continue to bless his soul this good, and decent man. In the video below see how much his populace loved him, and exactly why they did. R.I.P My good man.



          2. Bonjour Thèdre, oui vous avez raison c’étais un Homme de cœur, il avais prévenue le monde que si lui ou autre comme lui venais à disparaître, le monde serra envahie .sarkoZyzy est un voleur est un Traître,les sionistes SS on fait leurs travaille d’enculé comme d’habitude.Un grand merci Thèdre , tu est juste.

          3. @monzou z.n.c….Zoulou…Nation….City
            Wow,,, je suis comptant que tu es au courant de cela mon ami, car cetait tres important pour toute les nations Africaine. 🙂
            Merci pour t’on compliment. 🙂

          1. Personally I don’t think Netanyahu should be charged with any wrongdoing. It’s the Israeli people who are to blame. They seem to keep electing Jews into office but never seem to learn their lesson.

          2. That is a valid point and one we can all learn from yet we have evidence he was def a looter!

            Anyway? Why hasn’t he been put to death in the US already! You do know he personally stole the nuclear materials from the Us and thus made Israel a nuclear power ,right?
            Slap on the wrist and yet the US makes a big deal about catching spies.

            For once this is not an anti -American rant from me and the emphasis of my response to you is Def on my first paragraph.

    1. No doubt about that, they are unwanted everywhere, they should stay in their fucking country and keep killing themselves for our entertainment. No fucks given about that fat piece of crap, poor guy, not only he was killed but he died in an embarrasing way, and he is being mocked while dead… xD

  1. There once was a cop from Old Mexico
    Who thought he was smarter than shit.
    Took a job as a bodyguard
    Lookin’ after a tub o’ lard,
    Til his head with hot lead ‘twas it split.
    No shit.
    What a twit.
    Hurts a bit.
    Gotta quit.
    That’s it.

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