Corpse Found with Hands and Feet Cut Off, Face and Ears Removed and Eyes Plucked Out

Corpse Found with Hands and Feet Cut Off, Face and Ears Removed and Eyes Plucked Out

A corpse apparently mutilated by a cartel was found in Mexico. The remains consisted of a dismembered torso with skinned head placed on top of it, and the removed face and ears, cut off hand and feet, and plucked out eyes were arranged neatly on the floor next to it.

The killers left a narcomensaje with the remains, saying:

SR. Sub procurador aquí tiene ah el famoso JOSÉ ARROYO mata mujeres y participó en varios asesinatos incluidos los de los agentes ministeriales que hiban en la lobo blanca aquí en manzanillo!. ni Natanael ni carrillo movieron un solo dedo por detener este lacra!.

No toleraremos secuestros oh extorsiones y cada muerte de mujeres inocentes y rateros!. acabarán como cada jalisco levantemos les dejamos fotos no han hecho nada no se preocupen nosotros estamos trabajando para emparejar la balanza de estos días de paz…

señor secretario de seguridad pública sus patrullas de la PEP en Tecoman andan de aboneros y robando ah los detenidos último aviso la próxima creame acabaremos con sus elementos corruptos nosotros no tenemos problemas con usted pero si no calma y pone orden con esos lacras solo hagan su trabajo no ocupan ROBAR y menos lo hagan ver mál ah usted…. Vamos por los pelones, las momias, CARDIACO,GODI,cachetes en manzanillo… En Tecoman por todos los puente luna, el 20, el tío del baldo, los tajarrillas y en colima por LOS TATANES,MEMO, PEPE Y CAMANEY. Ya llego la barredora la que trabaja las 24 hrs…. ATT : CARTEL DE SINALOA “policías municipales no corten ni toquen las cartulinas evitence la muerte”

According to Google Translate, it means:

MR. Sub procurator here has the famous JOSÉ ARROYO ah kills women and participated in several murders including those of the ministerial agents who hibernate in the white wolf here in manzanillo !. Neither Nathaniel nor Carrillo moved a single finger to stop this scourge !.

We will not tolerate abductions or extortion and every death of innocent women and rateros! They will finish like every jalisco we lift them we leave photos they have done nothing do not worry we are working to balance the balance of these days of peace …

Sir, public security secretary, your PEP patrols in Tecoman are going to be aboneros and robbing the detainees last warning the next creame we will end up with their corrupt elements we have no problems with you but if you do not calm down and put order with those hurts just do your job Do not occupy ROBAR and less make you see you ah ah …. Let’s go by the pelones, mumias, CARDIACO, GODI, cheeks in manzanillo … In Tecoman by all the moon bridge, the 20, the uncle of the bucket, the Tajarrillas and in colima by LOS TATANES, MEMO, PEPE and CAMANEY. I already arrived the sweeper the one that works the 24 hrs …. ATT: POSTER OF SIGNAL “municipal policemen do not cut or touch the cards avoid death”

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149 thoughts on “Corpse Found with Hands and Feet Cut Off, Face and Ears Removed and Eyes Plucked Out”

    1. I think he might have been still alive, just looking at his face expression of pain and terror….wait, what face??.
      It would have been interesting to see a video that is showing the face off work being done…

          1. @Alexander, I liked that movie too. It would be interesting if you really could trade faces with someone. I’d like to trade faces with my next door neighbor…just so I could fuck his wife.

    2. They did such a wonderful job I’m wondering if this dude enjoyed it. Butcher style lines!! Shit. Look at that hairline. Couple fucking crest whitesrips!! Nice set of shades !!! LETS DO THIS!! He could still go out in public and Most def get some ass. following my instructions of course. Lmfao.

      1. the hair on his head instantly reminded me of Wooly Willy. remember him? he came with that tiny red plastic ‘pen’ and you could drag magnetic particles/shavings across his face to create silly beards and funny hair, that guy!

  1. Peace and Love is all that he had said before being chopped to pieces .
    All attempts to thwart his killers actions did fail though although he did try showing sign of Peace with the smartest crew cut

  2. I’m interested at how the face still looks so much like a face in the Second pic. All stretched out on a flat surface, whoever did this must have done it before with that kind of precision. I didn’t even know they had blades sharp enough to do this from there!

  3. He’s not dead!!!
    Ever watched the movie Face Off starring Nicholas Cage vs John Travolta?

    Someone has just borrowed his face and is pretending to be him, whilst screwing around with this man’s wife and daughter, just like the movie!

    1. I would pay to see that real time happening, would be great to request it by paying like you would pay live stream for anything else….how about you?…(even my wife melania agrees..besides I have no money problems eh?)

        1. Yes she agrees on everything I say, someone of the secret service suggested me that melania married me for my money..,i had to fire him, fake news for sure..she married me for my charm and my hairstyle!

          1. She always looks like she just caught a whiff of barf fart.
            I don’t know if it’s your fart, or hers, but someone needs to lay off the beans and broccoli.

          2.’s probably a mix of my farts and melania, I am eating too much beans and sitting at the computer tweeting too much..maybe I should exercise more…and for melania, when she is 45 I’ll change her with a newer woman..she’ll have too many miles under the hood…hehe

  4. Now THIS is gore I can appreciate. It isn’t just mindless slicing and dicing. After dispatching this victim, someone actually took the time to arrange the parts in an artistic fashion. There’s an old video which actually shows a guy scraping off another guy’s face. I wonder if this is the same guy at work.

    The skull and torso were obviously the main focus of this artiste, but my favorite part is that skinned face. THAT is the expression of a man condemned to eternal damnation. Also, that little bit of hair left on the skull somehow makes it more fearsome than just having a plain, bald skull.

    Small, subtle touches like that are what separates an amateur from a master.

    “I now do what other people only dream. I make art, until someone dies.” (The Joker, Batman 1989)

  5. Wonder why these gangs & cartels like to show off flayed victims (besides sending a message…), yet the only evidence is ever after the fact. To see the victim go through that in full video glory, is the kind of gore level the internet needs to aim for.

  6. Nice MANSCAPING! ‘Tis a beautiful, & uncommon thing for a man to shave the Squach! Well… when it comes right down to to it… we all KNOW this poor fucker had his face slowly peeled off & body dismembered, likely in front of a mirror, before having the courtesy of removing his ability to see… followed up with the crescendo of decapitation! C’mon kids! We know so much about death, murder, torture, & serial killers! The kind of sadistic psychopath that’s capable of skinning a man’s face off… ENJOYS his work & reaches climax while the victim screams, cries, begs and prays for mercy. It wouldn’t be worth the time or effort if it weren’t for pleasure. Sure, it’s to send a message. I’m just READING that message, if you can dig what I’m sayin’.

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