Corpses of Gunmen who Murdered Russian Police Officers in Astrakhan

Corpses of Gunmen who Murdered Russian Police Officers in Astrakhan

Here’s the video showing the corpses of two gunmen after they were hunted down by the Russian security forces following their murder of two policemen in the city of Astrakhan.

No more rewards for them back in Tel Aviv. Props to Best Gore member @bnjv for the video:

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37 thoughts on “Corpses of Gunmen who Murdered Russian Police Officers in Astrakhan”

  1. Again I’m not first :d You vultures need to take it easy on the posts

    Hunted down and dead by concrete slaps? Weird! perhaps someone was trying to make it look like an accident. Are we sure these suspects are the culprits? Anything goes in Russia. hmmm!

        1. Dude get a life, your trolling isn’t even to par with other lurkers, you need some practice. Maybe go back to YouTube for a bit than come back to us when your skills are a little more better than a mentally handicapped boy. SAD

      1. This story reminds me an awful lot of the 2 escaped inmates from USA their pictures popped up here… Zio propaganda again? I mean just coz its zio agenda pushing propaganda doesn’t mean its always fake *coughs*”isisi”!!

  2. Better than arresting the cunt and keeping him alive in prison with luxuries and 3 square meals costing tax payers millions only to free the fucker years down the line to take someone elses life.
    Criminals have no fear because we don’t punish them severe enough and ultimitely allow them to reoffend. This I am happy with when evil people die

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