Corpse of Half Naked Girl Found in Tagum City, Philippines

Inviting Ass Was Too Inviting for Some Miscreant

On June 8, 2016, a corpse of a half naked, unknown girl was found in front of Camella Homes in Tagum City, the Philippines. A stash of marijuana was reportedly found by her side.

The person who took the picture said that she had been raped by an unknown individual, though this is at such early stage of the investigation just an assumption. I would however concede that it’s a fair, and probably accurate assumption, given the circumstances under which she was found. The mother of the person who took the picture said she saw the victim the evening before her death with a guy, though the two looked like they were on a date so she didn’t make anything of it.

Props to Best Gore member @foxboy2005 for the pics:

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56 thoughts on “Corpse of Half Naked Girl Found in Tagum City, Philippines”

    1. Well…..they don’t tell you everything these days……here
      Is what really happened
      The matter of fact is that he stuffed her snatch with
      The pleasant herb……let it macerate..3 days….and drunk the juice….
      Then…..then, he thought that, to pay a visit to abbu sayaf ….
      Was a great idea…!!!!…..and…..
      To be continued………
      PS: do not miss” the murderer murdered”
      In all kiosk Saturday……

  1. Nice bit of cheek from our very own sleeping beauty ..Whilst stoned on the dope they found she may have giggled at the size of her dates cock who was named as fu king rapist the short tailed fu has yet to be located

    1. To re Pete……….au contraire Mon frere……
      He took the chocolate first over the bread…..!!!!!
      PS: now the fucker has his fingerprints all over the damn
      Plastic bag……
      PS: my take on that one is that he, Inadvertently lost it

        1. True dat. A peer reviewed academic study on false rape accusations by Stewart et al, published in Cambridge Law Journal 65 on pages 128–158, and quoted in another peer reviewed academic study on false rape accusations by Rumney and Philip, concluded that 90% of all rape accusations are false.

          Abstract (full version needs to be bought):

  2. Didn’t seem like she put up that much of a struggle we barely see any sine of major brushing our guess is that see was killed then raped so we dont think she went through anything worth crying about just one less parasite to deal with

  3. OK, well she looks like she use to be bad asf, so I don’t doubt if she was raped, but the weed, that confuses me, cuz clearly she didn’t get murdered because of the weed, or else the murderer would’ve taken it with him when he looked her, I need updates

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