Corpse of Half Naked Woman Littered with Stab Wounds

Corpse of Half Naked Woman Littered with Stab Wounds

Corpse of Half Naked Woman Littered with Stab Wounds

I don’t know how the person who filmed this video sleeps at night. What we have here is a half naked woman with slit out to the world, and he never walks around the corpse to get a shot of it. She had quite cute feet. I betcha she also had well developed labia, as they tend to be mutually inclusive, but we’ll never know cause the vertical fuck would not shoot from the right angle.

The video is an apparent aftermath of a fatal stabbing on a street. The victim appears to be a young woman. The killer went mad on her, seeing as her whole body is littered with stab wounds. Asia?

Props to Best Gore member @lindalovelace for the video:

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76 thoughts on “Corpse of Half Naked Woman Littered with Stab Wounds”

        1. Wow – describing a beautiful woman by saying she is ‘well endowed’ is just not right. It sounds plain weird and I don’t like it. You make her sound like a burly strapping undercover tranny with a hairy chest and a big dick tightly tucked back. Please don’t ever do that again because if you do I may be forced to post a selfie to show you exactly what it is you are describing……

    1. Yep my first thought too @Hamburger Bob . Probably monkey branching and he started stabbing her in bed (hence the stab wounds to the legs and ass, laying horizontal) and she tried to escape but collapsed there

  1. The only question for me is what did she do to provoke or deserve this full body stabbing? I do not believe that this is just an innocent woman who was attacked by some maniacal stranger. I believe that this woman did something that (if vengeance were both moral and lawful) warranted her full body stabbing.

  2. DO YOU EVERY? (cont.) by bad jonny

    Do you ever think about the night you’ll die
    As your soul leaves you body
    To gently go fly?

    You gave life a try
    Had your piece of pie
    Now you are dying
    In the bed where you lie

    Soul floats away
    Like a little gay kite
    Into the dark night
    Shit! What a fright

    You’d been stuggling to breathe
    Then you lost the fight

    All of a sudden
    Your body felt light
    You tried to scream
    As your veins went all tight

    You became an animal
    Viscous with bite
    You no longer cared
    What was wrong or was right

    “Cling on to life ..
    With all of your might ..”

    But green hospital walls
    Were your very last sight
    They tried to save you
    But you died in spite

    While some fat ugly nurse
    On her break
    Drinks a Sprite ..

    Every day
    It’s getting closer
    Your days are numbered, Poontah

    1. I didn’t mind this poem but then you sort of spoiled it with the ‘nurse drinking sprite’ bit. You could have gone a bit deeper there. eg.,
      1. Like death wandering the corridors in the dim night
      2. When the graveyard shift nurse discovers your pasty corpse and gets quite a fright
      3. Now you’ve passed over to the afterlife, tell me is heaven, is it beautiful and bright?
      Just sayin…….for next time

      1. Yes, I agree

        I like these lines:
        1. Like death wandering the corridors in the dim night..
        2. When the graveyard shift nurse discovers your pasty corpse ..
        3. Now you’ve passed over to the afterlife ..

        But it gets hard because I’m writing ‘rhyming’ basic poems, not the ‘prose’
        style, so I’m working with a limited number of exactly rhyming words

        But I might do some prose ones coming up

        PS- Some people like the ‘Sprite’ bit – it shows how deep down inside, the fat
        black nurse doesn’t really care about your body or soul, she just wants to go
        home and stuff her face with junk food and watch shit sit-coms


  3. “A 36-year-old woman was brutally murdered at dawn on Sunday (16), in Vila Nova de Colares, in the Serra (Espirito Santo – Brazil). She was stabbed more than 30 times.”

    Her name was Adriana.

  4. Judging by the chirping birds I say that the time this video was filmed was in the early hours of the am…
    Perhaps 6 am and judging by the freshness of the blood puddle I say that this person has been dead for about an hour or so…
    She was probably a prostitute and was raped and killed by a psychopath.

  5. i am to blame foremost.

    however the actuationer (Him) ((the original particle)) the core…

    is Really the one making it happen.

    by right he writes the life of every one, part of everything, every thing included in everything… forever expanding.

    you are immortal spirit. unless you deny it. then you are not. and ready to implode spiritually into nothing.

    good luck whatever you do, even if it is the will to kill me.

    1. I don’t think they really worry about stuff like child support in Brazil. Just like they don’t worry about taping off crime scenes and the cops usually don’t worry about hundreds of gawkers walking over the body to video it for their private wank bank. Or when they don’t worry about first responders eventually turning up in bare feet and with ungloved hands carry the bleeding by the arms and legs to the back tray of a dirty ute for transport and don’t worry about providing actual first aid like oxygen or IV fluids or pain relief. Or when they don’t worry about an angry mob overtaking a police station and lynching the innocent guy who is seeking protection inside. Etc etc…….

        1. Sorry, I was exaggerating a lil bit. But do you know what I mean? Im Australian and procedures here and what I’ve noticed over the years about Brazil’s legal system are VERY different…….

  6. She is a lady who has obviously died of having a Period. She has become confused after thinking too much and this has caused her to menstruate outta her head. The poor confused bitch then fainted and made a mess on someone else’s patio.
    They only think of themselves eh? Never think of the men who have to come and clean up after them.

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