Corpse of Man Hacked in Face, Arms and Legs Found on Dirt Road

Corpse of Man Hacked in Face, Arms and Legs Found on Dirt Road

Corpse of a man hacked in multiple parts of his body, including arms and legs, but mostly the face, was found on a dirt road in an unspecified country. Most of the attacker’s rage went into the victim’s face, which was turned into a mushy mess by the slashing tool (machete?).

While we don’t have any backinfo about the video, and thus don’t know where this was filmed, I tend to agree with Best Gore member @african-angel who speculates that it’s from South or Central America. Those flip flops are very telling.

Thanks a lot for the video @african-angel:

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    1. No. At one point t you can hear the word ‘ferrado’ (fe-ha-do) …means ‘completely fucked up’ and their accent is definitely BP. I’ve lived there for a couple of years and speak the language.

      1. @African Angel, how awful would it be to have someone in a rage come at you with a sharp machete? Imagine putting your arms up to defend yourself and having them hacked through – the bones! That’s what it looks like happened here? His arms are hacked through. I bought a couple of machetes around a year and a half back (I was shocked to see them for sale where I live!) anyway if I ever caught anybody robbing my house, if I caught someone in my home in the middle of the night, I would have no trouble using one on them, I keep a couple of lights on, I’m not about to chop my children!

        1. @tas-tiger, ”Imagine putting your arms up to defend yourself and having them hacked”… human beings are just other creatures, not matter how bad the thing that comes to hit us be a bullet, machete or train, we always use our hands as a shield.

          I’d rather die than loosing my both hands.

          1. I always get a little chill when I read of defensive wounds (to hands) because it means the person was alive and alert when being attacked, 🙁 No-one wants to die like that, and you’re right even other creatures turn at the last minute to try defend themselves, a cornered animal will try to defend itself.

        2. Yea i have one to, and one side is serrated, nasty little beasty with a two foot long solid blade. Very hard to defend against.

          Ive already given thought that if i ever used it against , say a burgler or whatever that i would attempt to use the flat side.

          These things do some crazy damage, they were basically designed for chopping through jungley places……but like baseball bats, have evolved into a formidable weapon.

  1. His pants are pulled down but it seems to be a very passionate, over-kill type crime. Maybe this guy was sniffing around the wrong lady? He was told to back off, but he thought he knew better, that he could possibly steal the girl from her partner? Then he pinched her on the bottom and the husband saw red, literally as he chopped his foe to bits.

  2. Who the fuck wears pink underwear to a machete fight.
    If I were a betting man, which I am, I would have to say that the dude that rode in on that motorcycle was probably the guy that gave him those nicks and cuts.

    It was nice of the dude filming to show off his brand new flip-flops.
    It looked like he was walking towards a swimming pool. Was surprised to see that he was walking towards a pool of blood.

    I’m not “Los Angeles homicide detective Lieutenant Columbo”, but it seems to me that someone hated this dude’s face.

    Party on Wayne. Party on Garth.

  3. Do any of these fucking idiots in any of these third world countries ever wear shoes while everywhere they go is a dirt fucking road? I swear I get so tired of looking at all these dudes nasty ass fucking feet. I’d kill them myself for being so fucking stupid.

  4. Oh boy…….this guy fucked up big time………id say a woman could have done that……..she went psycho on his face, but she had her wild shots that hit any thing else, arms legs……damn….ya know, when your other half is prone to throwing things at you in anger.. ..and like only 7 things come close……the 23 other kitchen utensils go all over the place….bit like that.?

    Have the cops claimed it was a suicide yet?

  5. I might might rule out suicide, if he had been packing a pair of tweezers he might still be alive today. Tweezers, if used properly, can do a lot more damage than a machete. If not, you can always pluck your pubes out.

  6. I think this might of happened in Colombia because of that music with accordion sounding in the background is called vallenato which is from the city of Valledupar Colombia. Doesn’t mean it happened in that region but possibly somewhere in Colombia.

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