Corpse of Man with Mutilated Heart, Ears and Penis Found in Lusaka, Zambia

Corpse of Man with Mutilated Heart, Ears and Penis Found in Lusaka, Zambia

Corpse of Man with Mutilated Heart, Ears and Penis Found in Lusaka, Zambia

In Lusaka city’s slums called Zingalume, a corpse of a man was found with signs of having been the victim of a ritualistic killing. The corpse was with ears cut off, heart carved out and penis amputated.

Identified as 21 year old Amon Sichamba, the victim’s body parts were found a day earlier in Lilanda Township, wrapped in a black plastic bag.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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86 thoughts on “Corpse of Man with Mutilated Heart, Ears and Penis Found in Lusaka, Zambia”

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          2. @african-angel
            That’s a nice one… but na!, white people don’t hate you because of your skin colour. Otherwise, like you said, they wouldn’t keep black dogs, horses, they wouldn’t stand bestgore background colour and they wouldn’t make it through each night…

            White people hate black people because they see blacks as simply inferior, weak, unintelligent, unmotivated and unambitious (by Eurocentric / Anglocentric standards of course). For example, in the past Caucasoids managed to invade African countries and enslave the people for over 300 years without any significant backlash and / or repercussions coming from the blacks… With this at the back of their mind, black people are not a challenging race to deal with and don’t deserve any respect.

            Additionally, blacks are generally incompatible with western behavioral expectations, “expectations” here being very subjective… Therefore no matter how much adjustment you make to please white people it will never work, you’re still the “scum” they want you to be, because there are too many things they’re already born and raised to be displeased with, in blacks. To make matters worse, black people themselves don’t seem to be able to craft out their own positive identity and vision to restart their civilisation in their own terms. Rather, they accept what the whiteman gives them: Christianity, British Constitution, Fiat currency, Democracy, Human Rights, Technology, Liberalism, Capitalism etc… These things are not only incompatible with Africans, Not only unmanageable, but will always keep Africans behind. Africans really need to get back to the drawing board and get their shit together. It’s never too late.

            While there are so many other things to be in Africa, so many important challenges, black people still focus on being as westernized as possible – meaning as far from their own supposed identity as possible. I’ve seen black women calling themselves “Feminists”, gay rights movement in Africa, so funny… fighting for the cause of white people’s stupidity, making speeches and delivering seminars on TEDx and condemning their own African culture just because they studied (or got brainwashed) in the west or by some western entertainment or propaganda which they look up to as better than what African culture is about.

            I personally think black people would better represent themselves as pro-nature people, be active in some natural conservation efforts to preserve the order of nature, stand for the rawness of humanity in its purest forms AND allow the whiteman to keep on evolving beyond commonsense… Honestly, this is what I think would serve Africans best as a foundation recovering their civilization, go back to your community lifestyles, pack up the pieces of what the whiteman destroyed and restart your civilisation from scratch. Bring back your style of writing, native medicine, arts, literature, laterite building architecture, magnificent voodoo temples, etc, teach them to your young. If you need to take anything from western civilization, let it be the positive ones, or at least the few ones compatible with your culture and identity.

            If Africa can do this, I guarantee you in the next 100 years, after Cultural Marxism has completely destroyed the west, White people will be the ones going to Africa in boats, this time as refugees…


            “Everyone feels comfortable within their own kind. That’s human nature.” Wrong, that’s white people’s nature. Like every other silly thing they pioneer and promote and then call it human nature, so that it taints everyone else. Example, all those stupid liberal values masked in the “Human Rights” deception. Through the UN, white people have forced everyone else to accept those western values no matter how stupid and illogical they are.

            Tribalism as life in a collection of communities made of families with people who know and care for each other, is in no way worse than the “civilised society” we have here, in which everyone is a stranger to each other but property of the capitalist government. Our western methods are said to be better (again, propaganda) because they make it easier to experiment and apply social re-engineering programs on us, and we’ve seen too much of that in this liberal NWO

            I’m sorry for the west and it surprises me when we still see Africans as inferior while we ourselves are the obsolete race going down the drain much sooner than anyone else. Putin and the last remaining so called “dictators” in eastern Europe are the last remaining white leaders who are not puppets of the liberal NWO. They’re our only hope to stop globalization

          3. @goritian
            You’ve nailed it all. 100% correct on this one. You really sound like a Pro-African black guy. As far as we try to embrace our own culture, values and norms, the same colonizers comes back and kill our vision.

            Every African leader who comes up with these ideas are murdered. We’ve lost people such as Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Gaddafi to mention a few. Westerners all they want is a puppet African president who operates under their instructions. We had hope in Mandela to restore our identity, still he was a seller out.

          4. @goritian

            “Everyone feels comfortable within their own kind. That’s human nature.” Wrong, that’s white people’s nature“.

            Come on. The above statement is true and you know it.

            You would have to be blind to not see racial tribalism being played out in east-Asia, China and Japan for example.

            You also have religious tribalism in west-Asia where they prefer their own kind to other groups. Africa also has tribalism amongst it’s many peoples and has had it long before the white man ever showed up.

            It cannot be denied that feeling comfortable within your own kind exists globally and that it has existed for thousands of years long before white influence.

            To say “Wrong, that’s white people’s nature” is factually incorrect and therefore nothing but a self delusion on your part.

            I agree with the rest of your argument though. That the only future in which Sub-Saharan Africans are respected is one where they build and promote their own countries and people.

            The Japanese and Chinese were once looked down on by the white race and considered lesser people and yet that changed once the Japanese and Chinese built and promoted their own country and people.

            Interestingly enough the Japanese and Chinese now look down on blacks as lesser people themselves because the truth is that developed peoples see undeveloped peoples as inferior and parasitic regardless of race. Why do you think the eastern Europeans such as the Polish etc are looked down on by many western Europeans even though they share the same skin colour and why the Japanese see the Chinese as lesser people even though they both look similar.

            Blacks forcing themselves into broken old boats and heading for Europe en masse without establishing themselves as a capable people beforehand is only going to massively increase the racism and hatred toward them because they will be considered worthless beggars and sub-human filth.

            I have to admit that I too view such blacks as utterly shameful and pathetic because Sub-Saharan Africans know that white people are evil and racist and hate them and yet these black boat boys desperately want to abandon their own countries and people in order to prostrate themselves before the evil white man and to lick his shoes and be his slave.

            They are utterly pathetic and disgusting to want to run into the arms of a people that hate them so.

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          6. @african-angel

            Yes, I recognize that. Today’s black leaders are mostly sellouts… Even in the US, people like Al Sharpton, you wonder why they’re still recognized and who they represent.. It’s all about the money. Back to Africa, On Mandela I suspected it… no wonder he was exalted by western / white governments. OAU is run by whites as a joke, that’s why the name had to be changed to AU to match EU. I particularly admire the works of Ibrahim Njoya, Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkrumah, … If those 3 pan-Africanists could be found in every black person then there would be a lot of hope… Makes me wonder what Africans are thought in school today. By commonsense African Socialism proposed by Nkruma would have worked better to ensure development in the continent while preserving the culture… Everyone knows that, including whites. Don’t mind hypocrites who accuse you of not being intelligent enough to grow while at the same time being the obstacle to your growth. They know what they’re doing, they know they’re the problem… They just don’t have the moral compulsion to get out of the way… So you have to knock them down as you go, because you have no choice. Africans should buckle up and not give up, if they kill one two more should rise up. That’s the only way…


            Good points by you…. but the Chinese and Japanese are of the same racial origins. They not seemingly uncomfortable with each other because they look different, but because of a power struggle and government fueled hate. In earlier days it was about cultural supremacy, but more recently the 20th century it’s been about regional / economic dominance (which was BTW started by the whites). The area in which I lived in Beijing had Japanese expats as my neighbours. Rarely but we did hangout a few times. I remember they once asked me to help them with getting Chinese female companions 🙂 and luckily enough I knew some young Chinese girls who loved Anime and wanted to study in Japan… The rest is history but things do work out between the people, people to people… The only problem is their governments and their ‘anti-each other’ propaganda they feed their people. Generally the people are comfortable with each other, and left to their original instincts, they’re also comfortable with others…

            Bringing the level of development you mentioned into perspective, again, Eurocentric determined standards of development… Yes, the more developed snob the less developed but that’s not about the people, it’s about the economic class. The same way Jack Ma, Lloyd Blankfein and Opera Winfreh would be comfortable in the same meeting room discussing how to shit on the rest of us down here…

            Talking about being comfortable with each other being a whiteman nature; think about the way the Arawaks in the Americas, the Blacks in Africa, the Ngardoks in Australia, etc.. accepted white people with open arms on their shores, let them live amongst them. These people had no idea what evil plans white people came with… they accepted and became comfortable with them until genocide and Caucasoid savagery at its finest were unleashed on them, to teach those people that whites can never be at ease with anything other than their own race, even on a foreign land.

            Being comfortable with own race is an art founded and perfected by white people, others only copied and normalized this art later. That’s why even though Jesus was clearly described in the hebrew bible as with wooly hair and bronze skin (“skin like olive”, in some versions), The Catholic church and every other white denomination of Christianity have always portrayed Jesus as some blond effeminate idiot admirable by eurocentric standards. This portrayal of Jesus was inevitable to prevent the whites from running away from the ultimate brainwashing machine. In other words, western Christianity acknowledged, appeased and fed (still do) the racist tendencies of their white followers. From the Hebrew Bible description of the man, your average Jesus most likely looked like:






            By no means Caucasoid let alone blond. Now, compare that with the far east Asians acceptance of Buddha as a God-like rabbi even though they knew Siddhartha was Indian, Darker skin and curly haired. The Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc do not feel uncomfortable with the fact that Buddha was not from their race. They didn’t run away from Buddhism just because Buddha was from the India Nepal region and had darker skin.

            Being uncomfortable with other races and trying to white-wash everything to eurocentric accepted standards is a Whiteman’s thing and we’ve done it over and over again throughout history. See examples like Cleopatra, and other middle-eastern / African decents that western literature romanticized and became obsessed with. Those people had to be made as white as possible for whites to be comfortable with.

            Closer to home, closer to our time, in entertainment… That same reasoning applies to why someone like Michael Jackson, A black man who revolutionized pop and released the then biggest hits of all time thought he had to switch races, “vitiligo” my butt. No matter how talented he was, white people would just not accept him as a blackman. So, he lived the other half of his life as white, and that’s when his stardom exploded even though the better of his work was done while he was black. Today, museums around mostly the western world have the Caucasian version of his sculptures for remembrance. LOL! Fake idiots!

            That’s why people like Elvis Presley who were trained by blacks in black music genre just had to be the one, a hot white guy. We wouldn’t be comfortable having it any other way would we? 😀 And if Rock music stayed black dominated, like in the times of Jimi Hendrix and Chuck Berry; I wonder if we would come to like it so much today?… hmm! would phrases like “rock star” be commonly used as we do today? hmm…

            That’s why even though people like Tupac Shakur with unbeatable legacy in HipHop existed, most white people started accepting HipHop only after people like Eminem emerged. Eminem, the guy who tries to relive Tupac’s legacy, but most white people have no idea. He’s making albums now and hoping they get released posthumously… trying to be Tupac. So fake and funny.

            White people invented racism. Others who practice it adopted it from whites, as protection of their kind in the inevitable globalization created by whites. I say again: Comfort only with own race is a white people nature, not “human nature”.

            Oh no! not again, not these long comments again. Please don’t reply! I’m out 😀

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      2. I don’t think these comments are meant to be racist but, I’m black and some comments are offensive. Like a comment that says “Dirty black animals.” Or “Now is the rest of them could end up that way…”

          1. Whites were born from lizards in german region of europe before it was named germany.

            Blacks were born in africa and carribbean islands from sea molluscs.

            Jews were born in israel region of the world, and they were born from rats.

            Europeans were not all originally from africa its a misundrstanding and a lie of a statement to make by scientists with simple discoveries.

            This planet that WE ARE ALL FROM is not fucking simple.

    1. apparently all these people fleeing across the med are just poor innocent asylum seekers, this is the reality, they are fleeing people exactly like themselves, these countries are not shitholes because of the weather or geography, they are shitholes because of the PEOPLE

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  1. Heart, penis and ears. Not what I would call a meal. More of a snack really. Done in a light tempura and served with Cous-Cous or wild rice and a Tomato Salad, that light, yet meaty selection could perhaps make a light lunch (for one person), but it would certainly need some kind of dessert like trifle afterwards, otherwise the biscuit-tin will be getting prised open around 3pm.
    Now that meaty lookin’ longpig which was left over… that is more of a 24 October (Zambia National Day) family bucket-feast. Nom nom for the whole family – or a small village.

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