Corpse of Man with Skull Cracked from Hacking in Punjab, India

Corpse of Man with Skull Cracked from Hacking in Punjab, India

A man died after being attacked with sharp objects in Moga, Punjab, India. The video shows his corpse with skull cracked from the savage hacking.

His arms are also littered with what looks like defense wounds. Somebody definitely wanted him dead and swung at him with full force.

Props to Best Gore member @hindustan for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. in the coming new world God and Jesus have promised an Earthly paradise where everyone will get along and we will sing Kumbaya together and everything will be hunky dory. hanging out on best gore as i have all these years since 2010 i really wonder HOW DAFUK IS THAT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! Our core programming is FUCKED UP. We are not redeammable.

    1. Not everyone. Only those who are saved by grace. Everyone whose name is written in the book of life.
      ‘But as many as received him
      To them gave he the power to
      become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:’
      Some people believe that everyone is going to be saved or redeemed but the Bible clearly says there is a lake of fire and the unrighteous are going to be in it.
      Hope you folks are not going there.

      1. Sounds to me a similar ideology that’s being spouted by the Islamic state only they are taking it a step further by slaughtering anyone who is deemed to be unrighteous all religions want money,power to rape and pillage this threat of suffering if you don’t bow and sign up to your god is wrong

      2. very well said, bobby. i pray to god and repent all the time and i am very nice to my fellow human beings. i do not give two fucks what everyone else does. fuck them all. the more evil people do, the more i know they will suffer. i quite enjoy knowing that. cheers, dude and god bless.

          1. I struggle to reconcile being a real man and a Christian. It is a constant battle ranging inside my head. Humility, subservience and obedience to Catholic teachings, got me nowhere in life. They got me stepped on, in fact, because I had failed to know how the real world actually works, until I was about 35.

            However my darker, more masculine traits, i.e. competitiveness, pride, logic, ability to fight tooth and nail, mental toughness, resilience, anger, not knowing WHEN to quit, have got me places.

            Having said that, I’m a believer in Pascal’s Wager, so I do try to have some faith in God.
            Unfortunately, it’s not very big, it’s the size of the proverbial mustard seed, LOL.

          2. We Mr. Spock….that is the point…to become the refuse of all things…not any easy task…and in the end you’re supposed to be beheaded…also you cant have had a lie on your lips or tainted yourself with women…hard task indeed!!

      3. Bullcrap, bullcrap, bullcrap, brullcrap. Lake of fire bullcrap. book of life bullcrap, bullcrap, bullcrap, bullcrap. Going to be saved bullcrap, bullcrap, bullcrap. Bible clearly bullcrap, bullcrap, bullcrap. Silly fucking people. You’ve been brainwashed to believe in this silly idea that this god dude sent his son? to get killed in the land of milk and honey.
        Let me fill you in with some information: First, the jewish bible (gen, exo, lev, deut and numbers, the books that moses wrote) are mainly a copy of information that had been written on clay tablets two or even three thousand years before the jews claimed that this god gave moses all that information. Second, the stories about the creation of earth, the flood and noah, the tower of babel, all those stories you can find in the clay tablets that were left behind by the Sumerian civilization. The Phoenicians, Egyptians, Akkadians and the Jews all copied information that the Sumerians left behind and created their own holy books. Don’t believe me? Go look it up. Go look for the Sumerian Tablets online. Read what it says. Are there stories in these tablets that also appear in the Jewish bible, Egyptian Bible, Greek bible, of course there are. You don’t know this information because you have your head so way up in jesus ass that you are missing it. Ask yourself, who knew about the all the twelve planets that we have in our solar system? who knew about pluto, neptune and uranus long before we found out that those planet were out there? who knew about the precession of the equinoxes before present man started to understand that? who knew about flying machines? Did the jews know any of these? Did the Egyption? or the Phoenician? or the Greeks?
        None of these civilizations knew anything about the world, except for the Sumerians.
        The jews, along with the egyptians and phoenicians and greeks, simply copied and edited the information that the Sumerians left behind. There never was one god that created everything. What there was, was this, extraterrestrials came from another planet, hundreds of thousands of years ago. The rest is a long story, but you can put some effort into finding out about the rest of the story. The god that the jews and christians are proposing is not a god that exists. There are many Gods that exists. They will be back. Every 3600 years they come back. 3600 years is one day for them.

        1. Im pretty sure you got the whole bible part wrong…but if the show ancient aliens is the same as Sunday mass for you so be it…lmk when the aliens annunaki show up at your front door in a Cadillac blowing 7 different kinds of smoke

        2. Yes I heard the sumerians even had supercomputers and antigravity machines.
          Pity they didn’t leave anything behind.
          And these extraterrestrials will be visiting shortly,
          you say. Wow I can’t wait to meet and check out these extraterrestrial babes.

        3. you watch too much ancient aliens and believe the words of men with silly hair. how foolish of you. enoch wrote about the son of man thousands of years before he died for ours sins. the book of enoch was possibly the first book ever written by man. the fallen angel civilizations stole enochs words and perverted them for their own use and only fools believe in their shit. nothing can pass through the firmament. not even an imaginary alien spaceship.

          1. I’m foolish to believe in what is written in the book of Enoch? I never said that I did not believe what was written in that book. In fact, that question never came up. What I had said was this, just about everything that is written in the first five books of the jewish bible is also found in clay tablets written thousands of years before this moses, supposedly, received the same information that had already been written by a civilization in Sumer. The story about the creation of the world can be found in 12 Sumerian tablets called “Enuma Elish” that were found in the ruins of the palace of King Ashurbanipal of Nineveh, in his own library. This story is at least two thousand years older than the so called Jewish bible. The story of the flood can be found in a Sumerian story called “The Epic of Gilgamesh”, which was written at least two thousand years earlier before the jews were even jews.

            The book of Enoch relates an ancient pre-flood story, that entails 200 Watchers, or angels that make a pact amongst themselves. This pact involves taking for themselves the most desirable women of the earth, and mating with them. It also involves using the secrets of heaven and teaching mankind these secrets, that were never to be known to man. These Watchers, had leaders, leaders of 10 and counsel leaders. The most important of the watchers had names that were recorded by Enoch. Semjaza was their leader, and he gathered the Watchers together on Mount Hermon, an ancient place of gathering, where they formulated their plan and swore to it. This story written in the book of Enoch can be found among the clay tablets left behind by the Sumerians. Don’t believe me? Go check out all the major museums in the world, specially in Iraq, Iran, Jerusalem, Paris, Peru, Bolivia, Egypt, England and see if they carry any artifacts related to the Sumerian civilization and you will see that they have many items that prove that these Sumerians left us with all this knowledge.

            Again I ask this question “Who knew about the solar system and the number of planets that orbit the sun, before anyone in Europe or the rest of the world?”, “Who knew that the planets Uranium and Neptune had water? something that we are just beginning to find out”, “Who knew about ‘The precession of the equinoxes’ something that takes 26,000 years to complete?”.
            The answer to these questions are the Sumerians.
            You want knowledge, go all the museums in the world – online of course – and see what artifacts these places have. Go see how much of what I’ve said is true or not.

            If you believe in what the bible says, you already have an idea of what the Sumerians said. The trick is to see how much of what the Jews wrote is actually what the Sumerians said.

            Your mission, SVARG26, should you choose to accept it, involves the boring and uninspiring research of information that could potentially lead you to understand the past and the present with a whole new perspective. You may select any two B.G. members, but it is essential that the third member of your team be Lucythepoosy. She is a civilian, and a highly capable professional smack talker. As always, should any member of your team be caught or killed, the Vulva Eater will disavow all knowledge of your actions. And SVARG26, the next time you go on holiday, please be good enough to not let us know where you’re going. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.

          2. the rulers of sumer were giants from the tribe of anak, offspring of the fallen angels. i can prove giants existed. so, if you have no proof for aliens, then you really should stop believing in ancient mysticism and say your prayers.

    2. Speak for yourself, Mouse. No one programs me. Don’t need anyone redeeming me. This jesus dude, along with his god buddy, can both go fuck themselves and if they were real, I would say it to their faces. We can still sing Kumbaya together.

  2. This hacking must have been the result of some land or property dispute
    He had sown seeds of hell and now he lay lifeless having reaped that harvest .
    There are telling signs that he was someone with a huge built .
    Must have been a farmer

      1. wow what a truly profound thought. that would make excellent screenplay! dueling gore sites where a contributor takes ‘things’ too far, personal even.
        in theaters 2018
        ” Blasphemous”

  3. Damn, dude was wearing a wedding band… someone is going to have a rough time. Hopefully no little ones fatherless- I’ll admit, if something is going to tug at my semi-cold heart, that’s one of the few…

    1. The man was armed with the ability to be seriously misinformed of his chances of survival against a machete wielding habibian and a bonafide will to get gently laid down with a few soft strokes of said machete…his memory lives on and his example is ever before us…

  4. Not even a good chequered shirt could save him from the hacker .
    Hacker wanted that shirt so bad if this guy were to simply gift it to him he would have lived to see another day .
    Now he lay dead with shirt all bloody and stained & that cracked up skull is all because he was listening to the band “MEGADETH ” when this happened.

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