Corpse of Man with Slashed Throat Found Near School

Corpse of Man with Slashed Throat Found Near School

In Novo Gama, a municipality in the state of Goiás, Brazil, a corpse of a man with slashed throat was found near the Alvorada School. The area is known for high rates of violence.

The almost-beheaded victim held a cell phone in his hand, and had one of his legs in a cast. The latter most definitely didn’t help him in defending himself against the attacker.

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    1. Well I liked most of my teachers and it was reciprocated.., however believe it or not., I would have loved this to be my gr.9 math teacher., and if he was taking his last breaths I wouldve spat in his mouth. Fck the thought of it made me chuckle. Now that’s a fckn prick for you.

        1. the 70/80s were certainly great at school in England. Knocked from pillar to post for as little as coughing out of term. all within the law back then.
          Head of year wailed you so hard with a “pump” or stick that the fags and matches flew out of yer blazer inside pocket… then an extra couple for that as well.

          Happy days

          1. @karmen40 She would do that while taking/dragging kids to principal’s office, only to then get cracked on the ass 3 times with a big wooden paddle with those designed holes on it, by the principal himself 😮 That kept him very busy. This was back in ’83 and they stopped doing this shortly after that.

          2. @Re-pete
            at middle school (yes, 9-13) a teacher we had there had a stick he (very proudly) called “the whacker”. A wooden “paddle” like you might get in a kids cricket set – he had crudely carved a hand shape at the end of it, and it had split from the end to about 4-5inches up (i can only guess the split came from the sheer force with which this fat, violent, taffy bastard had hit 11 year old children with it over the years?)

            of course, for us as a children, it was what it was.
            but as an adult years later – one cannot help but wonder at the mental and moral state of a 45 year old man who relished the act of thrashing maybe hundreds of 11-12 year old children with a wooden bat over the years? – and certainly his capacity and suitability to be in a position “nurture” over children in the first place?

          3. @karmen40 Those people were born in the 20’s and 30’s and raised by people from the 1800’s, so I guess that would explain why they tried to discipline us the very old fashioned way. I just hope that 45 year old teacher didn’t take that big wooden paddle home for his kids. BTW, there’s only two (known) people left in the world that lived in the 1800’s.

  1. Maybe he got caught in a kid’s pants or something ……
    Anyone caught that way (sur LE fait.!!) If I could say ” with
    His hand in the basket……should be immediately eliminated.
    Sharia law is really sexy in a way……I just don’t like the name….
    But I trust the Americans to find one…..
    PS like calling a monarchy …..a democracy….. Pffffffffff!!!!!!
    Sacres americains…

  2. E.T. phone home.
    He’s a little too old to be going to elementary school. Unless of course he stayed back a few generations. Looks like he was trying out for the track team. He probably got snuffed out by the opposing school’s track coach. The coach did not want to lose to a guy with one good leg. This reminds me of the Tonya Harding vs Nancy Kerrigan feud.

  3. Everyone suggesting he might have been some pedophile because he was found near a school? Maybe he was just a parent? Or maybe the school grounds give cover for brutal crimes, a maze of buildings to hide around and an oval or remnant bushland to dump/drag the body. It could have been a minor drug-deal gone wrong? If the school doesn’t have CCTV then the cops will have to wait for word of mouth to charge anybody.

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