Corpse of Man and Woman Found with Narcomensaje in Papantla, Mexico

Corpse of Man and Woman Found with Narcomensaje in Papantla, Mexico

Corpses of a man and a woman were found in a PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos) compound in Papantla, Veracruz, Mexico. Both were tied up, gagged with a tape and with signs of torture, but the man had his pants undone and pulled down to expose the privates. Woman got a pussy pass in this regard.

The man also had a narcomensaje affixed to his body. The message was signed by CDG – Cartel del Golfo (the Gulf Cartel), suggesting that they were the ones behind the double murder.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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41 thoughts on “Corpse of Man and Woman Found with Narcomensaje in Papantla, Mexico”

  1. When I see that male corpse with his pants down, I can’t help but have all kinds of sexual/ masturbating fantasies about turning the corpse over and just sodomizing it.

    I will be looking at this photo for weeks for the fantasies.

    I also would mutilate the genitals of that man and look at the details of the cuts for sexual pleasure.

    1. @ jim . “Civilised Human” is one evil mammal specie.

      The only one to have sex for fun without reproductive intentions,
      The only one with the ability to hide evil motives beneath false emotions,
      The only one that kills what does not bother them / what they do not intend to eat,
      The only one that creates/advances technology to further their foolishness.

      What could go wrong!

      1. @gropella – your statements seem a bit, shall we say – completely made up. A few species love to get their cock wet coz it feels awesome – chimpanzees, gorillas, dolphins, pigs, dogs and humans.
        The only one to hide evil intentions behind false emotions – humans is correct but only because we are the only ones that understand and acknowledge evil. But what is evil ? To the human whose actions have been labelled ‘evil’ , if you we’re to ask the evil person I’m sure they would say its natural for them. But is a crocodile evil for wanting to eat a baby kangaroo , of course not. That is what it was born to do.
        There are also a few species that can intentionally deceive. Like a mother deer that is trying to lead a lurking tiger away from its new born fawn, the mother will fake a limp to make the tiger think its injured and swap its target to her. Once the tiger begins its per suit she leads it in opposite direction to her baby and then tries to outrun the predator, usually successfully………..

    1. Definitely need a video with low-riders, gangsters, hot “narcolita” chicks dancing around with their titty boobs hanging out.
      “You down with C.D.G. … Yeah you know me!”

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    “This is what’s going to happen to anyone that takes part on Kidnappings and Floor Charging.
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