Corpse of Missing Man Found in 40 Meter Deep Well in Kalaa Sghira, Tunisia

Corpse Died from Cranial Trauma

Corpse of Missing Man Found in 40 Meter Deep Well in Kalaa Sghira, Tunisia

In the town of Kalaa Sghira, located in state of Sousse, Tunisia, a man who has been missing since December 2019 was found in a 40 meters deep well. How a corpse laying in a shaft 40 meters under ground was discovered is what I want to know.

The corpse bore traces of severe blunt force trauma to the skull. It is not known if the man suicided by jumping in, or was murdered by being thrown in the well.

Best Gore member @suck000 notes:

We are fucking old school here – killing people by throwing them in a well like in a fucking horror movie. Thank youuuuuuu AND I LOVE YOU BESTGORE ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Please mention Kalaa Sghira bro. I wanna show it to my friends that our city is getting famous at bestgore.

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45 thoughts on “Corpse of Missing Man Found in 40 Meter Deep Well in Kalaa Sghira, Tunisia”

    1. not enougth on that country.
      some countries really deserve a cleaning.
      you know…. china, india, brazil,etc.
      the magreb is more and more a piece of shit now… wasnt that bad before, but now… it start to turn shit.

      1. Well the water has some dead bloke’s atoms and molecules all over it. You wouldn’t smell bad, but if you tasted it, it would have that distinctive ‘volcanic ash’ taste so common in most brands of bottled water.

  1. usually you throw a coin… but when you doesnt have coin, you throw some people.

    it work too if you wish to not hear them anymore.

    (also, about how to find them.. i got 2 possibilities…
    1 – the amount of flies coming out and in of the wheel, suspicious as fuck.
    2 – the smell… even in a well, a dead body can smeel miles away.

    combine both of theses with the fact some people (family or else) may search for them to not have news and tadaaa !)

  2. If it had been the old fashion “boy in the well” story. This case WOULD have turned out a lot MORE differently. With all the corruption that occurs in Tunisia however. I’m willing to bet it was either a Military-related incident OR the poor bastard got CAUGHT stealing some copper wire from a Native Coon, and was PUNISHED by being THROWN down Africa’s Asshole. …Anyway. SHOCKED they did NOT pull out a fresh skeleton.

  3. A black hole gottta be looking something similar to this . A long drawn bottom less abyss .A place so unimaginable and intimidating in its depth to return from even if the rescue attempts were to be made .
    Looks like the well has almost dried out & there’s not enough water for a frog to sing even a rain song .
    The Tunisian jack must have slipped and fallen to the depths while fetching a pail of water , broken his crown capering around , and was never able to climb back to the top nor was he able to trot back home to old Dame Dob, who would’ve patched him good to make him see another day .

  4. yeah and I bet the whore wifes of the village don’t swallow cum but drink toxic man goo . wonder how his ball sweat and shit fermented in that well for a few months for all to drink. glad iam on city water.

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